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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-12-31 FDA approves Prevnar 13 pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for adults 50 and older 0 None
2011-12-31 HimalayaUSA recalls two batches of Organique by Himalaya Nourishing Night Cream 0 None
2011-12-31 ProStrakan announces FDA approval for Transmucosal Immediate Release Fentanyl REMS Access program 0 None
2011-12-31 ARCA biopharma extends pharmacogenetic intellectual property protection around bucindolol 0 None
2011-12-31 FDA approves Pfizer's Prevnar 13 pneumococcal conjugate vaccine as a single dose for adults 0 None
2011-12-31 Patented ribose for food, beverage and supplement applications 0 None
2011-12-31 No Cronobacter detected in Mead Johnson products 0 None
2011-12-30 Single shared REMS for TIRF products receives FDA approval 0 None
2011-12-29 Avastin fails to live up to expectations for extending survival in ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-12-29 Bevacizumab delays disease progression in ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-12-28 Powerful painkiller on its way to the market: Experts worry about addiction woes 3 4
2011-12-28 Mylan receives final FDA approval for Levetiracetam ER Tablets ANDA 0 None
2011-12-28 Mylan receives final FDA approval for Eprosartan Mesylate ANDA 0 5
2011-12-27 Perrigo receives final approval from FDA for Desloratadine ANDA 0 None
2011-12-26 Eisai resubmits NDA for perampanel to treat epilepsy-associated seizures 0 None
2011-12-26 Synthetic drugs treat Crohn's disease in mice 0 4
2011-12-26 AJHP examines pharmacists' prescribing medications in current issue 0 None
2011-12-26 Wolters Kluwer sells pharma-related business to Springer Science+Business Media 0 None
2011-12-26 FDA accepts Gilead's Quad HIV regimen NDA for review 0 None
2011-12-26 TheraBiogen launches Social Media campaign 0 None
2011-12-26 Researchers report how sildenafil can alleviate heart problems 0 None
2011-12-26 FDA EMDAC schedules to review VIVUS' Qnexa NDA for treatment of obesity 0 None
2011-12-23 Researchers report how sildenafil can alleviate heart problems 0 None
2011-12-23 ARV drugs can prevent transmission of HIV 0 3
2011-12-23 N.Y. Times review finds misuse of psychotropic drugs in disabled patients 0 None
2011-12-23 Injected meth users at greater risk of attempting suicide 0 None
2011-12-23 Veloxis, Athena partner to establish competitive presence for AtorFen in emerging markets 0 None
2011-12-23 BBC News Magazine examines antiviral drug research 0 None
2011-12-23 Anti-cancer drugs may also fight antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-12-23 Researchers reveal what cells respond to anesthesia in C. elegans 0 None
2011-12-23 Walgreen expecting sharp drop in prescription business 1 None
2011-12-23 Religious leaders should come together to ensure access to NTD medicines for world's poorest 0 None
2011-12-23 First study to explore impact of crowding on children with fracture-related pain 0 None
2011-12-23 Russia will not use HIV spending to fund needle exchange, methadone therapy, Reuters reports 0 None
2011-12-23 Momenta, Baxter partner to develop and commercialize biosimilars 0 None
2011-12-23 Oak Pharmaceuticals acquires three Lundbeck hospital-based injectables 0 None
2011-12-23 Botox can have unsuspected 'systemic' effects on muscles 0 None
2011-12-23 ThromboGenics submits ocriplasmin BLA with FDA to treat symptomatic VMA 0 3
2011-12-22 New way to awaken paternal Ube3a allele linked with Angelman syndrome 0 5
2011-12-22 Effects of allopregnanolone in women with severe pre-menstrual syndrome 0 5
2011-12-22 Drugmaker Merck to pay $24M to settle Medicaid case 0 None
2011-12-22 HPV vaccine support by GAVI example of 'equity in health' 0 None
2011-12-22 New silk-based microneedle system for controlled-release drug delivery 0 None
2011-12-22 JAMA commentary argues that vitamin therapy still plays a role in reducing stroke 0 None
2011-12-22 FDA approves Merck's Isentress to treat HIV-1 infection in children, adolescents 0 None
2011-12-22 ACTF, Merck announce new HIV initiatives 0 None
2011-12-22 Impax submits IPX066 NDA to FDA for treatment of Parkinson's 0 None
2011-12-22 Leishmania parasite develops combined resistance against drug, human immune system 0 None
2011-12-21 Malaria vaccine shows early success 0 None
2011-12-21 CutisPharma introduces FIRST - Mouthwash Kits 0 None
2011-12-21 Actavis enters LOI with QRxPharma to commercialize MoxDuo IR in the U.S. 0 None
2011-12-21 Optical imaging can visualize cultured cancer cells' response to particular drug 0 None
2011-12-21 Low-income neighborhoods often misinformed about emergency contraception access 0 None
2011-12-21 Ranbaxy signs consent decree with U.S. FDA 0 None
2011-12-21 FDA accepts Pfizer's tofacitinib NDA for review 2 None
2011-12-21 University of Oxford scientists develop new candidate malaria vaccine 0 None
2011-12-21 Takeda receives FDA approval for EDARBYCLOR to treat hypertension 0 None
2011-12-20 Amgen and Watson to collaborate on biosimilar anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2011-12-20 Drug prices may fall by up to 82 percent in Australia 0 None
2011-12-20 WHO approves three Mylan ARV therapies to treat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-12-20 MacroGenics to receive milestone payment from Boehringer Ingelheim 0 None
2011-12-20 Immunosuppressant combination improves survival of human spinal stem cells in ALS rat model 0 None
2011-12-20 SCYNEXIS, MMV assemble Malaria Box of 400 compounds with antimalarial activity 0 None
2011-12-20 Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline to increase sales of pneumococcal vaccines through GAVI 0 None
2011-12-20 Three-dose artesunate therapy effective in treating children with malaria 0 None
2011-12-20 Eculizumab protects children from severe Shiga toxin-associated HUS 0 None
2011-12-20 Lostartan can reduce cigarette smoke-induced lung injury 0 None
2011-12-20 EETs promote primary tumor growth and metastasis in mouse models of cancer 0 None
2011-12-20 Routine criminal prosecutions for HIV nondisclosure should be abolished, say experts 0 None
2011-12-19 Weight loss pill without major side effects coming soon 1 None
2011-12-19 Yissum introduces novel technology for manufacturing an anti-malaria drug in tobacco 0 None
2011-12-19 Bloomberg TV to air segment on Antigen Express' immunotherapeutic breast cancer vaccine 0 None
2011-12-19 EMA CHMP recommends approval for BioMarin's Novato manufacturing facility expansion 0 None
2011-12-19 Fluoride supplements not found to be safe or effective 0 None
2011-12-19 HA fillers will see highest growth among facial injectable products in 2013 rebound 0 None
2011-12-19 Affordable artemisinin using tobacco plants 0 None
2011-12-19 arGEN-X to advance SIMPLE Antibody platform for treatment of autoimmune disorders 0 None
2011-12-17 Baxter receives FDA approval for ADVATE to prevent hemophilia A 0 None
2011-12-17 Pfizer enters Prevenar 13 supply agreement to protect children from pneumococcal disease 0 None
2011-12-16 Research reveals role of government funding in pharmaceutical R&D 0 None
2011-12-16 First reliable method to predict whether SSRIs work on depressed patients 0 None
2011-12-16 Drugmakers get more time to record gifts to doctors 0 None
2011-12-16 Vaginal progesterone decreases odds of premature delivery in women 0 None
2011-12-16 Major metropolitan areas show variation in rates of drug-related ED visits 0 None
2011-12-16 Glucocorticoid inhalation during pregnancy does not increase risk of diseases in offspring 0 None
2011-12-16 Almost two-thirds of pregnant women in B.C. consume prescription drugs 0 None
2011-12-16 IQWiG publishes report on Esbriet benefit assessment for treatment of IPF 0 None
2011-12-16 FDA accepts Vertex KALYDECO NDA for six-month Priority Review 0 None
2011-12-16 Antimalarial drugs administered during pregnancy safer than contracting malaria, study suggests 0 None
2011-12-15 Study: Many prescription drugs use phthalates as inactive ingredients 0 None
2011-12-15 ONC gives gift with vision to reduce blindness and mortality among children 0 None
2011-12-15 Roundtable discussion about caffeine and physical performance 0 None
2011-12-15 MTF survey shows large decline in teen smoking 0 None
2011-12-15 New drug candidate may halt mental decline of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-12-15 GeneKey launches personalized medicine service for cancer patients 0 None
2011-12-15 FDA approves modernized labeling for ViroPharma's Vancocin Capsules 0 None
2011-12-15 Experts warn expectant moms about dangers of common cold medicines during pregnancy 0 None
2011-12-15 Scientists evaluate toxicity of Peruvian plant species in traditional medicine 0 None
2011-12-15 Nitroglycerin can boost body's natural immune response to cancer 0 None
2011-12-14 Salix submits Crofelemer NDA to FDA for treatment of HIV-associated diarrhea 0 None
2011-12-14 Hydrogel regenerates healthy, scar-free tissue on skin damaged by severe burns 0 None
2011-12-14 Researchers discover how statins promote breakdown of plaque in arteries 0 None
2011-12-14 People in Swaziland protesting shortages of ARVs amid government financial crisis 0 None
2011-12-14 With federal court action looming, Sebelius says Plan B decision 'not about politics' 0 None
2011-12-14 Researchers create vaccine that reduces tumors in mice 0 None
2011-12-14 Study finds underutilization of warfarin among Kentucky women with AF 0 None
2011-12-14 Study reveals key role of melatonin receptor in sleep regulation 0 None
2011-12-14 Individuals with mood and anxiety disorders may be more likely to abuse opioids 0 None
2011-12-14 Statins linked with reduced risk of death among hospitalized flu patients 0 None
2011-12-13 Research describes advantages of new vaccine adjuvant 0 None
2011-12-13 Drug users with HIV infection have 74% higher risk of overdose 0 None
2011-12-13 Plant world has great potential as a source of new medicines, says NYBG scientist 0 None
2011-12-13 Scientists create antigenic myeloma peptide 'cocktail' 0 None
2011-12-13 Quintiles launches Kun Tuo to service unique needs of biopharma companies in China 0 None
2011-12-13 Supply chain map could help improve access to anti-malarial drugs 0 None
2011-12-13 Consistent asthma medication use could prevent severe attacks 0 None
2011-12-13 KPT-SINE shows promise against CLL 0 None
2011-12-13 FDA approves Lannett's ANDA for Triamterene with Hydrochlorothiazide Capsules 0 None
2011-12-12 ADHD drugs not bad for the heart: Study 0 None
2011-12-12 Parents blame swine flu vaccine for son’s narcolepsy 0 None
2011-12-12 Bone drug effective in improving breast cancer survival 0 None
2011-12-12 Neutra begins to test new proprietary nutrient formulas 0 None
2011-12-12 Reata, Abbott partner to develop and commercialize AIMs for chronic diseases 0 None
2011-12-12 Immunomodulators show promise against multiple myeloma 0 None
2011-12-12 BioInvent announces new BI-505 preclinical data on multiple myeloma 0 None
2011-12-12 Suppressing STARD9 protein could be a novel strategy to fight cancers 0 None
2011-12-12 Onyx receives FDA Standard Review designation for carfilzomib NDA to treat RRMM 0 None
2011-12-12 HER2 proteins do not predict breast cancer patient's outcome after Herceptin treatment 0 None
2011-12-12 Many postmenopausal women quit breast cancer drugs early because of side effects 0 5
2011-12-12 Study describes miR-124 can prevent and treat liver cancer 0 None
2011-12-11 Positive data from Aeterna Zentaris AEZS-131 preclinical study on TNBC 0 None
2011-12-11 FDA panel supports birth control Yaz but advises labeling changes 0 None
2011-12-09 Signal Genetics to launch second generation Myeloma product, MyPRS Plus 0 None
2011-12-09 Obama defends limit on morning-after pill 0 None
2011-12-09 New pediatric formula for Chagas disease treatment developed in Brazil 0 None
2011-12-09 FDA panel: Some birth control pills should carry stronger warning labels 0 None
2011-12-09 The contraceptive pill could reduce risk of ovarian and uterine cancer in nuns 0 None
2011-12-09 Trastuzumab improves long-term outcomes in obese patients with HER2-positive breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-09 ZEN bust-enhancing supplements may increase risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-09 First Edition: December 9, 2011 0 None
2011-12-09 Sebelius overrules FDA on 'morning after' pill's OTC availability 0 None
2011-12-09 Experimental sublingual vaccine shows promise against influenza infection 0 None
2011-12-09 Dramatic rise in substance abuse treatment admission rates from 1999-2009 0 None
2011-12-09 Paper calls for strong steps to control global crisis of antibiotic-resistant infections 0 None
2011-12-09 Gilead Sciences to donate $8M in visceral leishmaniasis drug to WHO 0 None
2011-12-09 caprotec's CCMS technology identifies novel co-targets of three anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2011-12-09 The Hormone Foundation publishes fact sheet about harmful hCG diet 1 None
2011-12-09 Menarini, Moberg Derma partner to distribute Emtrix in Italy 0 None
2011-12-09 Pharmaceutical spam leads patients to seek out online information about prescription drugs 0 None
2011-12-09 Combination of MEK inhibitors and nilotinib can overcome CML resistance to targeted drug 0 5
2011-12-09 USPTO issues Diabetes Patent to Omni Bio 0 None
2011-12-09 Pharmacyclics, Janssen partner to develop and market PCI-32765 anti-cancer compound 0 None
2011-12-08 FDA advisory panel OKs anemia drug peginesatide 0 None
2011-12-08 Zoledronic acid increases bone mineral density, reduces recurrence in postmenopausal breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-08 Ixabepilone-sunitinib combination holds potential against chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-12-08 BCX4945 proves effective at clearing malaria infections 0 None
2011-12-08 Ecstasy drug associated with chronic changes in human brain 0 5
2011-12-08 Euthymics presents EB-1020 preclinical data on ADHD at ACNP annual meeting 0 None
2011-12-08 Study shows how mothering can strengthen offspring's immune system in brain 0 None
2011-12-08 Janssen Biotech, Molecular Partners collaborate to develop DARPins for immunological diseases 0 None
2011-12-08 Watson introduces Amethia Lo and ethinyl estradiol tablets 0 None
2011-12-07 Vaccine against Ebola developed 0 5
2011-12-07 FDA approves changes to REMS for Nplate and Promacta 0 None
2011-12-07 Antenatal corticosteroids reduce risk of death in extremely preterm infants 0 None
2011-12-07 AmLactin can help the skin through menopause 0 None
2011-12-07 Ampio awarded composition of matter patent for Ampion in Europe 0 None
2011-12-07 Relaxin improves poor blood flow and kidney function in a rat model of PKD 1 4
2011-12-07 AFECTAIR may be an effective alternative to SoC for delivery of inhaled nitric oxide 0 None
2011-12-07 Future of drug discovery and development to be highlighted at 2011 BPS Winter Meeting 0 None
2011-12-07 Combination of cannabinoids and opiates could help reduce chronic pain 0 4.5
2011-12-07 Pretreatment fasting glucose could block breast cancer progression 0 None
2011-12-07 Health Alliance, Bayer sign outcomes-based contract to support MS patients 0 None
2011-12-07 Vietnam should shut compulsory rehab centers for drug users, sex workers, U.N. expert says 0 None
2011-12-07 New method improves accuracy of AF risk assessments 0 None
2011-12-07 Fake, poor-quality drugs boosting malaria drug resistance in Southeast Asia, U.S. experts say 0 None
2011-12-07 INT-777 shows promise against metabolic syndrome 0 5
2011-12-06 Ranbaxy introduces Atorvastatin-Amlodipine besylate tablets in the U.S. 0 None
2011-12-06 Combination of metformin and exercise can prevent Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-12-06 FDA assigns CTIs' pixantrone NDA new PDUFA action date 0 None
2011-12-06 Prenatal exposure to valproate may increase risk of autism in children 0 None
2011-12-06 Fetal exposure to valproate impairs IQ till age six 0 None
2011-12-06 MorphoSys unveils next-generation antibody technology Ylanthia 0 None
2011-12-06 Bold move by Astra Zeneca to share 22 early stage potential drugs with MRC 0 None
2011-12-06 Aspirin decreases risk of major complications from cardiac surgery 0 None
2011-12-05 Biogen, Samsung partner to develop and market biosimilars 0 None
2011-12-05 Converting patients to lamotrigine extended-release for epilepsy treatment found effective and safe 0 None
2011-12-05 Spectrum seeks FDA IND approval for SPI-014 to treat hyperphosphatemia 0 None
2011-12-05 CTI seeks license to market Pixuvri in the E.U. for treatment of NHL 0 None
2011-12-05 Bromide shows promise against SCN1A-associated Dravet syndrome with intractable seizures 0 None
2011-12-03 Latin American, Caribbean national rotavirus immunization campaigns show success, CDC report says 0 None
2011-12-03 FDA approves Mylan's Tranexamic Acid Injection ANDA 0 None
2011-12-03 MK 1775 shows promise against sarcomas 0 None
2011-12-02 Mylan's NDA for Atazanavir Sulfate and Ritonavir Tablets receives tentative FDA approval through PEPFAR 0 1
2011-12-02 Assembly Bill 5502-B would raise cost of many prescriptions in NY by 10% 1 1
2011-12-02 New insight into why aminoglycoside antibiotics cause deafness 0 5
2011-12-02 U.S. Marshals seize all Syntec's dietary supplements for false claims 0 None
2011-12-02 The Lipitor story: Drug companies brace for losses as patents expire on this and other popular medications 0 None
2011-12-02 Mylan confirms generic Generess Fe patent challenge 1 None
2011-12-01 EGCG may prevent HCV reinfection after liver transplantation 0 None
2011-12-01 Government inspectors to lawmakers: More must be done to stop prescription of powerful psych drugs to nursing home patients 0 None
2011-12-01 Botulism toxins could be re-engineered for treating RA, asthma, psoriasis 0 None
2011-12-01 Lipitor going generic, Pfizer making deals to keep consumers 0 None
2011-12-01 Treatment cost savings under PEPFAR can be re-invested to increase ARV reach 0 None
2011-12-01 Taking sleep medication or drinking alcohol does not benefit people with insomnia 0 None
2011-12-01 Santaris Pharma wins two LNA patent re-examination cases in the U.S. 0 None
2011-12-01 Harvard SEAS, BASF to co-host symposium on pharmaceutical nanoformulations 0 None
2011-12-01 Ranbaxy receives FDA approval to manufacture and market generic Lipitor 0 None
2011-12-01 Neuropharmacology to publish Nutra Pharma's Alpha-Cobratoxin mechanism study on chronic pain 0 None
2011-12-01 Ranbaxy and Teva announce generic Lipitor agreement 0 3
2011-12-01 Oral ingestion of apple polyphenols can prevent colitis in mice 0 5
2011-11-30 Watson commences shipping of generic LIPITOR 0 None
2011-11-30 One-time injection after spinal cord injury can limit pain for 8 months 0 None
2011-11-30 Ranbaxy receives FDA approval for first generic version of cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor 0 None
2011-11-30 Pfizer backs its highest grosser Lipitor 0 None
2011-11-30 Dramatic nationwide rise in opioid use for chronic abdominal pain 0 None
2011-11-30 Groups push for legislation to encourage Medicaid programs to use generic drugs 0 None
2011-11-30 Lapatinib could extend survival in women with Her2-positive breast cancer 0 None
2011-11-30 Associated Press examines Chinese vaccine makers' entry into international market 0 None
2011-11-30 Legalization of medical marijuana reduces traffic fatalities, alcohol consumption 0 None
2011-11-30 DNA gyrase B could rapidly eliminate TB, shorten treatment time 0 None
2011-11-29 FDA approves Watson's ANDA for generic Yaz oral contraceptive 0 None
2011-11-29 FDA assigns priority-review designation for ELIQUIS NDA for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-11-29 EC extends therapeutic indication for Soliris to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome 0 None
2011-11-29 UIC recruiting volunteers for study on effectiveness of vitamin D in addition to asthma medication 0 None
2011-11-29 Avita Medical announces acquisition of intellectual property from McComb Foundation 0 None
2011-11-29 launches pre-order program for generic Lipitor 0 None
2011-11-29 Ferrer introduces citicoline oral solution medical food 0 None
2011-11-29 Seizure drug slows spread of uveal melanoma 0 None
2011-11-29 Combination of other opioids with methadone therapy can lead to overdose or fatal consequences 1 None
2011-11-28 FDA approves Mylan's generic Dexrazoxane for Injection ANDA 0 None
2011-11-28 European Commission approves ONGLYZA as combination therapy with insulin for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-11-28 FDA grants Perrigo final approval for Guaifenesin Extended-Release Tablets ANDA 0 None
2011-11-28 New creative uses of DNA 'barcoding' 0 None
2011-11-27 Drug for midnight waking gets FDA approval 0 None
2011-11-25 Moleac launches NurAiD II in France and Belgium 0 5
2011-11-24 Just a few drugs responsible for majority of emergency hospitalizations 0 None
2011-11-24 Acetaminophen over-use can lead to serious liver damage 0 None
2011-11-24 Merck agrees to pay $950 million in Vioxx settlement 0 None
2011-11-24 Obama should announce scale-up of AIDS treatment programs 0 None
2011-11-24 Study looks at effects of antipsychotic drugs on two brain receptors linked to schizophrenia 0 None
2011-11-24 Five ways pharmaceutical companies can address NTDs 0 None
2011-11-24 Combination of radiation treatment and LY2109761 can prevent glioblastoma 0 None
2011-11-24 Anesthesia drug shortages can have devastating impact on patient care 0 None
2011-11-24 Takeda submits alogliptin plus metformin NDA to FDA for treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-11-24 Two-drug combination may alleviate radiation sickness in people 0 None
2011-11-24 Metformin prevents growth of breast cancer cells in human cultures 0 None
2011-11-24 Bloomberg examines Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative and potential impact to U.S. global efforts to tackle HIV 0 None
2011-11-24 FDA takes legal action against dietary supplement manufacturer in Pennsylvania 0 None
2011-11-23 Advaxis completes ADXS-HER2 pre-IND meeting with FDA 0 None
2011-11-23 Transcept receives FDA approval for Intermezzo to treat insomnia 0 None
2011-11-23 Cancer medicine component could prevent heart attacks 0 None
2011-11-23 University of Rochester receives U.S. patent for HPV vaccine research 0 None
2011-11-23 Study reveals principal mechanism of action for paracetamol 0 4
2011-11-23 Medicare to cover infusion costs for prostate cancer vaccine, company says 0 None
2011-11-23 Families with chronically ill member less likely to benefit from employer-sponsored insurance 0 None
2011-11-23 USPTO issues patent to BioFactura's StableFast platform 0 None
2011-11-23 Oral antibiotics might treat Buruli ulcer 0 None
2011-11-22 FDA accepts Regeneron's ARCALYST sBLA for review 0 None
2011-11-22 Naltrexone for problem gamblers 0 None
2011-11-22 Merck agrees to pay $950 million in Vioxx safety probe 0 None
2011-11-22 Essence Healthcare, CompCare sign new multi-service agreement 0 None
2011-11-22 Eating fish before age of nine months reduces risk of pre-school wheeze in children 0 None
2011-11-22 New way to exploit expression of BRAF by papillary carcinomas for therapeutic purposes 0 None
2011-11-22 Medicare will still cover Avastin for breast cancer, despite revocation of FDA approval 0 None
2011-11-22 Decanoic acid can modulate glucose control 0 None
2011-11-22 FDA accepts Otsuka's aripiprazole depot formulation NDA for review 0 None
2011-11-22 New way to enhance effects of anandamide in the body 0 None
2011-11-22 'WHPA Prague Call to Action' fights against falsified medicines 0 None
2011-11-22 Researchers identify EGFR protein as therapeutic target for Cushing disease 0 None
2011-11-22 Oral delivery of PYY hormone can help obese people lose weight 0 4
2011-11-22 Older home health care patients are prescribed PIMs three times higher than others 0 None
2011-11-21 Cisplatin anti-cancer drug binds pervasively to RNA 0 None
2011-11-21 USPTO to issue patent for CU's DCA to treat cancer 0 None
2011-11-21 Regeneron’s Eylea for treating age related macular degeneration gets FDA nod 0 5
2011-11-21 Breast cancer drug Avastin loses FDA support 0 None
2011-11-21 Despite market constraints, the drug market for key hospital-treated infections will increase: Report 0 None
2011-11-21 Viewpoints: Finding savings in Medicare; The Avastin saga; Changes in health care business 0 None
2011-11-21 The Chinese acute coronary syndrome drug market to grow from $326M in 2010 to $448M in 2015 0 None
2011-11-21 ChanRx to evaluate AFIB drug, vanoxerine with closed Series A funding 0 None
2011-11-21 SAFC commences process validation activities for Oncolytics' REOLYSIN 0 None
2011-11-21 Australia's TGA grants market authorisation for Pierre Fabre Médicament's milnacipran to treat fibromyalgia 0 None
2011-11-21 PLoS ONE publishes study on darinaparsin, a multivalent chemotherapeutic 0 4
2011-11-21 Impax initiates patent challenge related to Fentora 0 None
2011-11-21 IGI develops and submits two more ANDAs to the FDA 0 None
2011-11-21 Swissmedic approves REVLIMID for treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes 0 None
2011-11-21 Cambridge Theranostics' liquidators set deadline for offers 0 None
2011-11-21 Mylan settles Vivelle-Dot patent litigation lawsuit with Novartis 0 None
2011-11-21 ZEVALIN treatment for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma becomes simpler with removal of bioscan requirement 0 None
2011-11-21 ICON selected as CRO for Tasly's Dantonic pill global Phase III studies for chronic stable angina pectoris 0 None
2011-11-21 Almac collaborates with Alexion for packaging and distribution of Soliris during German E. coli outbreak 0 None
2011-11-21 Avidocin protein could prevent or treat E. coli O157:H7-induced diarrhea 0 None
2011-11-19 Switching or adding antidepressants does not exacerbate side effects 0 None
2011-11-19 Omega-3 linked with reduced joint pain and cognitive side effects of breast cancer therapy 1 3.3
2011-11-19 New class of malaria drugs could be used as both prevention, treatment, study shows 0 None
2011-11-19 Avastin drug not safe and effective for breast cancer patients: FDA Commissioner 0 None
2011-11-19 FDA approves EUSA's orphan drug ERWINAZE for acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2011-11-19 Shire, Shionogi enter agreement to co-develop and co-commercialize ADHD medicines in Japan 0 None
2011-11-19 FAMEDS founder condemns FDA decision on Avastin for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-11-19 FDA revokes approval of Avastin for breast cancer 0 None
2011-11-19 FDA approves EYLEA for treatment of wet Age-related Macular Degeneration 0 None
2011-11-18 Regeneron receives FDA approval for Eylea to treat wet AMD 0 None
2011-11-18 EUSA Pharma receives FDA approval for Erwinaze to treat ALL 0 None
2011-11-18 H2S plays a major role in protecting bacteria from effects of different antibiotics 0 None
2011-11-18 Multi-drug resistant bacteria widespread in Europe, report says 0 None
2011-11-18 VSL#3 classified as refrigerated medical food for three GI conditions 0 5
2011-11-18 IDSA supports 'Get Smart About Antibiotics Week' 0 None
2011-11-18 South African public health experts urge countries to use TRIPS to produce generic drugs, IPS reports 0 None
2011-11-18 Norway to focus on unnecessary use of antibiotics for asymptomatic UTI 0 None
2011-11-18 Two RegeneRx cardiac-related patents receive notice of allowance in Australia, Mexico 0 None
2011-11-18 Chloroquine-chemotherapy combination holds potential for metastatic breast cancer treatment 0 None
2011-11-17 Scientists discover family of chemical compounds that could prevent malaria 0 None
2011-11-17 EC approves Pfizer's Vyndaqel to treat Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy 0 None
2011-11-17 Psychiatric medication use soaring among women: Report 1 None
2011-11-17 Tripling clopidogrel dosage improves platelet reactivity in cardiac patients 0 None
2011-11-17 Kentucky Circuit Court rules in favor of Watson in drug pricing litigation 0 None
2011-11-17 20% of U.S. adults take psychiatric drugs 0 None
2011-11-17 New treatment may be on the horizon for neuroendocrine prostate cancers 0 None
2011-11-17 Probiotic before radiation therapy can protect intestine from damage 0 5
2011-11-17 Male breast cancer patients report tamoxifen side effects 0 None
2011-11-17 TNF inhibitors may minimally increase risk of serious infections 0 None
2011-11-17 WSU researchers to study novel antibiotic that may treat VRE infection 0 None
2011-11-17 Mannosides show promise against urinary tract infections 0 5
2011-11-17 Multivitamin use linked to less healthy behaviors 1 1
2011-11-17 Malawi government addressing drug, medical supply shortages in wake of aid withdrawals 0 None
2011-11-17 People with prior stroke or diabetes benefit from thrombolytic therapy 0 None
2011-11-17 Dipyrone may reduce brain damage after stroke 0 None
2011-11-17 Incyte receives FDA approval for Jakafi to treat intermediate or high-risk MF 0 None
2011-11-16 Excessive vitamin D levels can lead to onset of AF 1 None
2011-11-16 Mirna reports new preclinical data of miRNA-based therapeutic candidate for hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2011-11-16 Cholesterol drugs clash head on 0 None
2011-11-16 Geron bows out of stem cell research 0 None
2011-11-16 Atherosclerotic plaques spread downstream in coronary arteries 0 None
2011-11-16 ZIOPHARM announces new preclinical data from two darinaparsin studies on solid tumors 0 None
2011-11-16 Amgen receives EC approval to extend therapeutic indications for Vectibix 0 None
2011-11-16 Advaxis licenses ISG15 tumor antigen from University of Pennsylvania 0 None
2011-11-16 Niacin not effective in reducing risk of stroke, heart attack in stable CV patients 0 None
2011-11-16 Combination of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs may increase risk of CV mortality 0 None
2011-11-16 International consortium develops first-in-class adiponectin receptor agonist 0 None
2011-11-16 Evacetrapib drug may increase HDL-C and decrease LDL-C levels 0 None
2011-11-16 Changing priorities for major generic drug producers could lead to rising drug prices in developing countries 0 None
2011-11-16 Silibinin stops spread of lung cancer in mice 0 None
2011-11-15 EPO-secreting engineered vessels could reverse anemia 0 None
2011-11-15 Pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar13 effective in seniors 0 None
2011-11-15 Xarelto (rivaroxaban) shows success as blood thinner in acute coronary syndrome 0 None
2011-11-15 Moberg Derma receives Vinnova grant to develop Limtop for actinic keratosis, genital warts 0 None
2011-11-15 Scil Proteins completes manufacturing agreement with Lundbeck 0 None
2011-11-15 Long-term AED therapy may increase risk of atherosclerosis in epilepsy patients 0 None
2011-11-15 Tigecycline antibiotic shows promise against leukemia 0 4.7
2011-11-15 Eliminating drug co-pays improves medication adherence in heart attack patients 0 None
2011-11-15 CDC launches new antibiotic tracking system 0 None
2011-11-15 Experts discuss treatment as prevention at USAID-, World Bank-sponsored debate 1 None
2011-11-15 Multiple medication use may increase severity of erectile dysfunction 0 None
2011-11-15 PROMETAT no more effective than placebo in reducing methamphetamine use 0 None
2011-11-15 New technology speeds up 'near real-time' vaccination data collection 0 None
2011-11-15 Scientists discover promising approaches for treatment of pain 0 None
2011-11-14 Yissum Research and other investors complete additional investment round of $3 million in Avraham Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-11-14 Stem cell bandage human clinical trial for torn meniscal cartilage 0 None
2011-11-14 Cancer drug joins list of medicines in short supply 0 None
2011-11-14 BIDMC researcher says improvement in survival rates best 'since introduction of aspirin' 0 None
2011-11-14 Dyax and Defiante decide to withdraw KALBITOR MAA filed with EMA 0 None
2011-11-14 Scientists discover molecular basis for tamoxifen resistance and potential way to defeat it 0 None
2011-11-14 Scientists create new phenotypic cancer drug screening platform 0 None
2011-11-14 Next-generation drugs may prevent skin lesions in BRAF mutation-positive melanoma 0 None
2011-11-14 ZIOPHARM announces darinaparsin preclinical data on prostate cancer 0 None
2011-11-14 Combination of REGN910 and aflibercept inhibits tumor angiogenesis in animal models 0 None
2011-11-14 Researchers show how ER-positive breast cancer tumors become resistant to tamoxifen 0 None
2011-11-14 Low levels of vitamin C associated with worse outcomes for heart failure patients 0 None
2011-11-13 Older patients less likely to receive pain medication in hospital EDs 0 None
2011-11-13 IVI receives WHO prequalification for new oral cholera vaccine 0 None
2011-11-13 Opioid-dependent patients have worse outcomes before knee replacement surgery 0 None
2011-11-13 Brazilian Ministry of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb sign technology transfer agreement for Reyataz 0 None
2011-11-13 NICE refuses AstraZeneca breast cancer drug on NHS 0 None
2011-11-11 Inflammatory arthritis or autoimmune disease ruled out as cause for joint pain associated with AIs 0 None
2011-11-11 Actavis begins shipping Morphine Sulfate Extended-Release Capsules 0 None
2011-11-11 Vaccination dramatically reduces incidence of Hib disease in young children 0 None
2011-11-11 Worm model to evaluate drugs for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-11-11 New process allows for more rapid and cheaper separation of enantiomers 0 None
2011-11-11 Pharmaceutical industry should invest more in NTDs 0 4
2011-11-11 N-acetylcysteine plus cortisone shows promise against acute alcoholic hepatitis 0 1
2011-11-11 Watson receives FDA approval for generic Kadian ANDA 0 None
2011-11-11 Intelligent Fingerprinting launches prototype of hand-held drug testing device 0 None
2011-11-11 Novartis files suit against Watson over generic Exelon 0 None
2011-11-10 CCCBD scientist to receive 2011 V Foundation Translational Research Grant 0 None
2011-11-10 Mylan acquires rights to Pfizer's inhalation technology platform 0 None
2011-11-10 HFHP now able to offer two stand-alone prescription drug plans statewide 0 None
2011-11-10 APS supports CDC's call for multifaceted approach to address prescription drug misuse 0 None
2011-11-10 Aristolochic acid leads to kidney failure, upper urinary tract cancer 0 None
2011-11-10 Merck's NEXPLANON 68 mg now available in the U.S. 0 1
2011-11-10 Study: Omega-3 supplements can decrease inflammation, anxiety 0 None
2011-11-10 PCMD researcher receives Alzheimer's Association grant to study dementia 0 None
2011-11-10 Patients with Parkinson's may have increased risk of leg motor restlessness 0 None
2011-11-10 New epigenetic therapy may treat recurrent metastatic NSCLC 0 None
2011-11-09 Another tool to fight pharmacy crime through Twitter 0 None
2011-11-09 Study reveals need for defining optimal amount of iron in infant formula 0 None
2011-11-09 Salix third quarter total product revenue increases 81% to $146.2 million 0 None
2011-11-09 Viagra may improve antitumor immunity in people with melanoma 0 None
2011-11-09 Amylin and Lilly terminate exenatide alliance, resolve litigation 0 None
2011-11-09 FDA accepts Genentech's vismodegib NDA for review 0 None
2011-11-09 QRxPharma receives FDA written acceptance for review of MoxDuo IR NDA 0 None
2011-11-09 Micell announces preliminary data from MiStent Sirolimus DES clinical study 0 None
2011-11-09 BioSpecifics reports $0.3M net income for third quarter 2011 vs. $0.5M net loss for third quarter 2010 0 None
2011-11-08 Lapatinib drug could also treat head and neck cancers 0 None
2011-11-08 FDA grants Fast Track designation to Opexa's Tovaxin for treatment of SPMS 1 None
2011-11-08 UM launches campaign on medication adherence in Baltimore 0 None
2011-11-08 QRxPharma receives date for US pain drug launch, pending approval 0 None
2011-11-08 Congress examines options to improve availability of prescription drugs 0 None
2011-11-08 Children's Hospital project to investigate effectiveness of BET antagonists against HIV 0 None
2011-11-08 Live virus used in polio vaccine can evolve and infect, warns TAU researcher 0 5
2011-11-08 Georgia Tech/CDC project focuses on microneedle patches for polio vaccination 1 5
2011-11-08 Link between heavy methamphetamine use and schizophrenia 0 None
2011-11-08 Bristol-Myers Squibb receives FDA approval for Erbitux to treat head and neck cancer 0 5
2011-11-07 A prescription for prevention 0 None
2011-11-07 DSM and Svelte Medical Systems enter into license and supply agreement 0 None
2011-11-07 Perrigo and Synthon commence shipping generic Xyzal Oral Solution 0 None
2011-11-07 Prostate cancer drug market forecast to grow from $3.6 billion in 2010 to $10.1 billion in 2020 0 None
2011-11-07 DuoCort Pharma granted marketing authorization for adrenal insufficiency drug, Plenadren in Europe 0 None
2011-11-07 MILV subsidiary acquires formula to restore proper kidney function 0 None
2011-11-07 Study: Young adults in the north west of England consume illegal drugs after mephedrone ban 0 None
2011-11-07 Scientists achieve major step toward goal of producing synthetic Taxol 0 None
2011-11-07 Study evaluates JIA disease activity after treatment with etanercept 0 None
2011-11-07 PKM2 enzyme has important non-metabolic functions in cancer formation 0 None
2011-11-07 Narcotic analgesics increase risk of falls and fractures among elderly 0 None
2011-11-07 Anti-TNFs, methotrexate may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease in people with RA 0 None
2011-11-07 Biologics reduce fatigue in people with RA 0 None
2011-11-07 IFNa-kinoid shows promise against lupus 0 None
2011-11-07 Link between use of anti-TNF therapy and malignant melanoma in RA patients 0 None
2011-11-06 Doctors may stop anti-TNF medications for RA patients before surgery to reduce disease flares 0 None
2011-11-05 Supplemental dose of pneumonia vaccine recommended for age-eligible patients 0 None
2011-11-05 APF launches new online educational module on safe use of CAM 0 None
2011-11-05 Octapharma receives FDA approval for octagam to treat disorders of immune system 0 None
2011-11-05 Janssen receives FDA approval for Xarelto to prevent stroke in people with AF 0 None
2011-11-04 Vitamin D levels not related to acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2011-11-04 Baxter launches NUMETA emulsion for infusion in Europe 0 None
2011-11-04 Kenyan company receives WHO prequalification for generic ARV 0 None
2011-11-04 Avoiding sun may increase risk of vitamin D deficiency in light-skinned people 0 None
2011-11-04 Financial investment, progress in HIV/AIDS treatment must be protected by international patent law 0 None
2011-11-04 Cancer drug shortage relates to economics 0 None
2011-11-04 Glaxo pays $3 billion to settle investigations involving alleged marketing missteps and Medicaid fraud 0 None
2011-11-04 Media coverage of potential link between hormonal contraception, HIV risk needed more 'critical thinking' 0 None
2011-11-04 Amphetamine use in adolescence can affect brain chemistry and behaviour 0 None
2011-11-04 TPI announces formulation expansion program for GMOL 0 None
2011-11-04 Escitalopram reduces pain severity, interference in opioid-dependent patients 0 None
2011-11-04 FDA accepts VIVUS' Qnexa NDA for filing and review 0 None
2011-11-04 Bristol-Myers Squibb, ASLAN partner to develop BMS-777607 for solid tumors 0 None
2011-11-04 A prescription for prevention 0 None
2011-11-03 Merck’s cholesterol lowering drug gets FDA panel’s vote 0 None
2011-11-03 Savient third quarter net loss decreases to $27.4 million 0 None
2011-11-03 POZEN third quarter revenue increases to $4.9 million 0 None
2011-11-03 CMS issues J-code for Savient's KRYSTEXXA 0 None
2011-11-03 FDA EMDAC votes to recommend approval of Merck's VYTORIN for pre-dialysis CKD 0 None
2011-11-03 EBV vaccine could prevent mononucleosis and cancers linked to virus 0 4
2011-11-03 Exendin-4 drug could prevent later development of diabetes in children 0 5
2011-11-03 Synthetic artemisinin discovery could make malaria treatments more affordable, accessible 0 None
2011-11-03 Benefits of combined therapy for men with high-risk prostate cancer 0 None
2011-11-03 Exenatide's rapid anti-inflammatory effect may inhibit atherosclerosis 0 None
2011-11-03 Researchers use diabetes drug to permanently reprogram insulin-producing cells 0 None
2011-11-03 Allergy shots are cost-effective and deliver relief in weeks 0 None
2011-11-03 Promedior's Pentraxin-2 effectively suppresses liver fibrosis 0 None
2011-11-03 UC Merced professor designs powerful chemical inhibitor against HIV 0 None
2011-11-03 Nicotine might prime the brain to enhance behavioral effects of cocaine 0 None
2011-11-03 Many spinal fusion surgery patients have low levels of vitamin D 0 None
2011-11-03 FDA approves Endo Pharmaceuticals' Felodipine Extended-release Tablets 0 None
2011-11-02 ADHD drugs don’t raise risk for heart attacks or stroke: Study 1 None
2011-11-02 Americans overdosing on prescription pain killers 0 None
2011-11-02 Prescription drug shortages: Endocrine Society calls for mandatory reporting by manufacturers 0 4
2011-11-02 Scientists identify distinct tobacco transporter for nicotine metabolism 0 None
2011-11-02 Researchers identify small-molecule drug candidates for many metabolic conditions 0 None
2011-11-02 Obama takes action to address drug shortages 1 None
2011-11-02 Prostate cancer patients with bone metastases benefit from repeated 188Re-HEDP therapy 0 None
2011-11-02 ADHD medications do not increase risk of heart attack in children, young adults 0 None
2011-11-02 Birth control shot may impair a person's memory 0 1
2011-11-02 No link between anti-clotting drugs and increased risk of bleeding in GI procedure 0 None
2011-11-02 SurModics to sell Pharma assets to Evonik for $30 million 0 None
2011-11-02 SmartTots sets agenda for research on anesthetic safety in children 0 None
2011-11-02 High dose of vitamin D3 safe and effective for obese adolescents 0 None
2011-11-02 Takeda receives FDA approval for VELCADE sNDA to treat MM 0 None
2011-11-02 Glyphosine can prevent development of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-11-02 FDA approves Abbott's XIENCE PRIME Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System 0 None
2011-11-02 Perrigo's partner receives final approval for Epinastine HCl ophthalmic solution 0 None
2011-11-01 ProPhase Labs introduces new Cold-EEZE Oral Spray 0 None
2011-11-01 National lupus organizations urge NICE to recommend Benlysta for coverage 0 None
2011-11-01 Internet-based communication improves teenagers' use of topical acne therapy 0 None
2011-11-01 LA BioMed's lead investigator hopes to bring PAH awareness this November 0 None
2011-11-01 Potential role for UV light exposure, vitamin D levels in chronic digestive conditions 0 None
2011-11-01 Azantis introduces reduced glutathione and vitamin C liposomal products 0 None
2011-11-01 PerkinElmer launches new NexION ES Software for pharma companies 0 None
2011-10-31 Panel backs anthrax vaccine testing on children 0 None
2011-10-31 Cardinal Health launches Protexis Latex Blue surgical gloves with emollient coating 0 None
2011-10-31 J&JPRD submits NUCYNTA ER sNDA to FDA for DPN associated neuropathic pain 0 None
2011-10-31 Avanir seeks EMA marketing authorization for NUEDEXTA to treat pseudobulbar affect 0 None
2011-10-31 New antibiotic regimes may increase infections after specific surgical procedures 0 None
2011-10-31 PPRT publishes study that evaluates pharmacist provision of clozapine 0 None
2011-10-31 GC-C agonists have potential to delay progression of colitis into colon cancer 0 None
2011-10-31 Pacira's third quarter total revenues decrease to $4.0 million 0 None
2011-10-31 Astex to present data on direct acting antiviral agents against HCV at 62nd AASLD meeting 0 None
2011-10-31 FDA approves Pacira's EXPAREL for postsurgical pain management 0 None
2011-10-31 BerGenBio commences preclinical development of BGB324 anti-cancer drug 0 None
2011-10-31 Hercules Pharma granted rights to license 22nd Century's X-22 smoking cessation aid 0 None
2011-10-31 Study examines link between hormonal forms of contraception and sexual functioning 0 None
2011-10-31 Neutralization approach appears to prevent proliferative vitreoretinopathy 0 None
2011-10-31 Renowned obstetrician receives March of Dimes 2011 Agnes Higgins award 0 None
2011-10-31 New library for development of targeted cancer drugs 0 None
2011-10-30 Oral hormonal contraceptives linked to blood clots: Study 0 None
2011-10-29 VUMC doctors to begin statin drug screening for rare genetic variation 1 None
2011-10-29 ZIOPHARM reports promising preclinical data with palifosfamide in pediatric sarcoma model 0 None
2011-10-29 NYUCN to study 'Test and Linkage to Care Among Injecting Drug Users Kenya' 1 None
2011-10-29 Massachusetts court awards injunction preventing Watson from selling Amphastar's generic LOVENOX 0 None
2011-10-29 White Smile Global introduces new at-home, foaming teeth whitening product 0 None
2011-10-29 MEDA files marketing authorization application for Dymista in Europe 0 None
2011-10-29 Preventive use of ACZ may reduce risk of severe high altitude illness 0 None
2011-10-29 EC approves Lilly's ALIMTA as continuation maintenance therapy for NSCLC 0 None
2011-10-29 New drug could combat cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-10-28 New vaccine to eradicate meningitis 0 None
2011-10-28 GAVI Alliance brings life-saving pneumococcal vaccine to Nicaragua 0 None
2011-10-28 Researchers announce new method to build important heparin drug 0 None
2011-10-28 Swapping IV medications with oral equivalents may save millions 0 None
2011-10-28 Virtual platform for intellectual property sharing aims to speed development of drug treatments 0 None
2011-10-28 Fasudil drug shows promise against cerebral cavernous malformation 1 None
2011-10-28 RA drug reduces kidney cyst growth in ADPKD mouse model 1 4
2011-10-28 Over-the-counter 'thyroid support' supplements could be dangerous 0 None
2011-10-28 Taking regular aspirin halves risk of hereditary cancers 0 None
2011-10-28 Enoxaparin can reduce risk of VTE in plastic surgery patients 0 None
2011-10-28 Gilead submits Quad NDA to FDA for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2011-10-27 HDM and SCT increase overall survival for patients with AL amyloidosis 0 5
2011-10-27 Mylan receives final FDA approval for Morphine Sulfate ER Tablets ANDA 0 None
2011-10-27 Nanoparticles could help increase retention of osteoarthritis drugs in knee cavity 0 None
2011-10-27 EC approves Pfizer's pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, Prevenar 13 0 None
2011-10-27 E. coli asparaginase linked to relapses in ALL patients with special form of ATF5 gene 0 None
2011-10-27 Gilead, Bristol-Myers Squibb to develop and commercialize fixed-dose combination for HIV 0 None
2011-10-27 New potential leukemia therapy targets and kills cancer cells 0 None
2011-10-27 Clinical and genetic risk factors associated with early stent thrombosis 0 None
2011-10-27 Study: pGJA-P/VAX vaccine shows promise against dental caries 0 None
2011-10-27 FDA responds to Delcath's request for pre-NDA meeting 0 None
2011-10-27 WSU researcher to learn more about links between stress and drug use 0 None
2011-10-27 Medco, Pfizer and UBC collaborate to enhance precision medicine approach 0 None
2011-10-27 Taking the Pill for 10 years can reduce risk of ovarian cancer by almost half 0 None
2011-10-25 No link between Chantix and mental health problems says FDA 1 None
2011-10-24 Viewpoints: Health law curbs savings from OTC meds; Calif. wrestles with managing medical marijuana 0 None
2011-10-24 Scientists, WHO warn of public health implications of proposed mercury ban due to its use in vaccines 0 None
2011-10-24 Macular degeneration drug may cause increased IOP 0 None
2011-10-24 FDA's ODAC to review Affymax peginesatide NDA for treatment of CKD-associated anemia 0 None
2011-10-24 SafeMinds praises UNEP's draft treaty ban on use of mercury in pharma products 0 None
2011-10-24 Bioject receives FDA communication on use of jet injectors with flu vaccines 0 None
2011-10-24 Arrowhead acquires RNA therapeutics assets from Roche 0 None
2011-10-24 to provide prescription medications for WhiteGlove 0 None
2011-10-24 Encap Drug Delivery and Lena Nanoceutics to develop new drug delivery technology 0 None
2011-10-24 FDA accepts Ironwood and Forest Laboratories' linaclotide NDA for review 0 None
2011-10-24 Use of bath salts as recreational drugs has greatly escalated in recent years 0 None
2011-10-24 Potential deadly consequences of silicone injections 0 None
2011-10-24 Children with PAH may benefit from sildenafil treatment 0 None
2011-10-24 Playing video games may treat amblyopia in children 0 5
2011-10-24 First step in the development of new drug combinations against diseases, conditions 0 None
2011-10-24 Genetically engineered clotting factor shows promise against hemophilia 0 None
2011-10-24 DFMO appears to protect against nonmelanoma skin cancers 0 None
2011-10-24 NSAID may lower risk of death from colorectal cancer among postmenopausal women 0 None
2011-10-22 Janssen announces FDA label update approval for PREZISTA HIV tablets 0 None
2011-10-22 Brazil to become world supplier of Chagas disease treatment 0 None
2011-10-22 Specific dopamine system gene variants linked to ADHD medication response in children 0 None
2011-10-22 VTT to develop next-generation vaccines against allergy 0 None
2011-10-22 Blood pressure-lowering medication appears to kick start brain recovery after stroke 0 None
2011-10-21 Participants invited for DHA-rich fish oil supplement study on mental performance 0 None
2011-10-21 Watson receives FDA approval for Androderm lower-dose formulations 0 None
2011-10-21 RSV medication from specialty pharmacies increases likelihood of children receiving recommended doses 0 None
2011-10-21 Pradaxa for stroke treatment results in higher costs 0 None
2011-10-21 NPR: The Abbott Lab breakup 0 None
2011-10-21 Preclinical data from Teva's COPAXONE study on multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-10-21 The Guardian interviews GlaxoSmithKline lead researcher about new malaria vaccine 0 None
2011-10-21 Aid groups, health ministry plan to administer oral cholera vaccine to 100,000 Haitians 0 None
2011-10-21 No unique link between first-trimester ACE inhibitor use and birth defects 0 None
2011-10-21 Treating TB, HIV co-infections early, aggressively can save lives, multiple studies show 0 None
2011-10-21 Gastroenterologist cautions against over-prescription of acid-suppressing drugs in infants 0 None
2011-10-21 Soy protein can help lower blood lipids in healthy individuals 0 None
2011-10-21 CERT gene silencing makes breast cancer cells more sensitive to drugs 0 None
2011-10-20 Byetta combination with insulin glargine gets FDA nod in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-10-20 Study: Women still have hot flushes/night sweats years after menopause 0 3
2011-10-20 Study examines potential benefits of discordant couple HIV therapy 0 None
2011-10-20 Three factors appear to correlate with mortality for a patient after surgery 0 None
2011-10-20 Tenofovir gel shows promise against HSV infection 0 None
2011-10-20 Ipsen, Syntaxin collaborate to develop new botulinum toxins 0 None
2011-10-20 Breakthrough in development of effective therapy against Hendra virus 0 None
2011-10-19 SAIC receives NIAID contract to develop biopharmaceutical products for infectious diseases 0 None
2011-10-19 Famy Care, Mylan resolve Femcon Fe Chewable Tablets litigation with Warner Chilcott 0 None
2011-10-19 Multimodal analgesia is used less than 25% of the time prior to surgery 0 None
2011-10-19 Medication therapy management in interprofessional heath care 0 None
2011-10-19 Research points to ineffective and incomplete drug education as factor in heroin initiation 0 None
2011-10-19 Study finds why corticosteroids do not work well for COPD patients 0 None
2011-10-19 Sam Houston State receives NIJ/FSF grant to investigate BKA designer drugs 0 None
2011-10-19 King's researchers create traditional Chinese medicine database 0 None
2011-10-19 JPO issues new patent for Genprex's lead lung cancer candidate 0 None
2011-10-18 Commercialization strategies for next-generation medicines 0 None
2011-10-18 HMS launches Initiative in Systems Pharmacology 0 None
2011-10-18 Older patients drive more safely after surgery and anesthesia care 0 None
2011-10-18 Hypertension drugs might reduce occurrence of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-10-18 Obese children require much smaller doses of anesthetic propofol 0 None
2011-10-18 Accera identifies genetic profile of AD patients with heightened response to Axona 0 None
2011-10-18 AHRQ: Asthma drug usage among children doubles 0 None
2011-10-18 HSV1 drugs could slow progression of Alzheimer's disease 0 5
2011-10-18 Nearly 30% of homes with young children have acetaminophen products stored unsafely 0 None
2011-10-18 VIVUS announces Qnexa NDA resubmission for treatment of obesity 0 None
2011-10-18 Inhaled anesthetics do not increase incidence of postoperative delirium 0 None
2011-10-15 MRI scans may become useful tools for assessing cholesterol drugs 0 None
2011-10-15 New onset tenderness after combo hormone therapy increases risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-10-15 Achievement of pre-clinical milestone triggers $4M payment from GSK to Epizyme 0 None
2011-10-15 Watson confirms patent challenge of generic Daytrana 0 None
2011-10-15 Brain scans can evaluate new treatments for attention deficit disorder 0 None
2011-10-15 NextBio predicts mechanisms underlying drug toxicity and identifies new cancer biomarker 0 None
2011-10-15 ApoPharma receives FDA approval for Ferriprox to treat transfusional iron overload 0 None
2011-10-14 Penn scientist tracks attitudes and H1N1 vaccination rates on Twitter 0 None
2011-10-14 IRMS tracks course of designer 'legal high' drugs manufacture 0 None
2011-10-14 Scientists conclude pesticide contamination as a major problem in Europe 0 2
2011-10-14 Survey analyses management of patients suffering from EGFRI toxicities 0 None
2011-10-14 Insight into how powerful anti-HIV antibody grabs hold of the virus 0 None
2011-10-14 Researchers control itch without dulling morphine's pain-killing effects 0 None
2011-10-14 Oncobiologics signs two major pharmaceutical agreements 0 None
2011-10-14 Cylene advances preclinical development of CX-5461 for treatment of cancer 0 None
2011-10-14 Noven claims patent infringement over Daytrana, files lawsuit against Watson 0 None
2011-10-14 New technique stimulates stem cells after liver transplant to prevent rejection 0 None
2011-10-13 UofL researchers to develop treatments for chlorine-induced lung injuries 0 None
2011-10-13 Simmons Center to evaluate CGEN-25009 for treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2011-10-13 USPTO issues patent to Rexahn's new anti-cancer arylisoquinolinamine compounds 0 None
2011-10-13 Estrogen may prevent strokes in premature or early menopausal women 0 None
2011-10-12 Counterfeit drugs risk lives, threaten pharmaceutical industry in India 1 None
2011-10-12 Study finds experimental vaccine protects monkeys from blinding trachoma 0 None
2011-10-12 NCCN Oncology Research Program wins two GSK grants 0 None
2011-10-12 India's Aurobindo Pharma first major generic drugmaker to Join UNITAID's Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-10-12 Vitamin D plays an essential role in the body's fight against TB 0 None
2011-10-12 Roundup: Calif. insurer's Avastin decision; Kansas dental care; Gov. Brown vetoes nursing bill 0 None
2011-10-12 Study: Emerging pharmaceutical platform may produce undesirable effects on eye function 0 None
2011-10-12 PROLOR receives U.S. patent allowance for CTP-modified interferons 0 None
2011-10-12 FDA approves NDA for Edgemont's Fluoxetine 60 mg tablet 0 None
2011-10-11 NovaSterilis awarded patent for sterilization process for pharmaceutical API using supercritical carbon dioxide 0 5
2011-10-11 Vertex announces availability of INCIVEK to treat hepatitis C in Canada 0 None
2011-10-11 Aspirin desensitization procedure can benefit patients with sinusitis, asthma and AERD 0 5
2011-10-11 Diethylstilbestrol in utero affects immune system of the fetus 1 None
2011-10-11 96% Campaign asks Obama to 'pay attention to science' and scale up global access to ARVs 0 None
2011-10-11 Gantenerumab appears to reduce brain amyloid levels in patients with AD 0 None
2011-10-11 Dietary supplements may increase risk of mortality in older women 0 None
2011-10-11 Statins hold promise against traumatic brain injury 0 None
2011-10-11 Selected prescription drugs contribute to 10% of lower urinary tract symptoms among men 0 None
2011-10-11 FDA clears Cardium's new Excellagen topical gel for diabetic foot ulcers 0 5
2011-10-11 FDA to review Banner's Bexarotene ANDA for CTCL skin cancer treatment 0 None
2011-10-10 Merck’s diabetes combo pill gets FDA nod 0 None
2011-10-10 Cardium's Excellagen topical gel for diabetic foot ulcers receives FDA 510(k) clearance 0 None
2011-10-10 VGX International, Inovio partner to co-develop SynCon vaccines for hepatitis B and C infections 0 None
2011-10-10 Novo Nordisk introduces new disposable prefilled insulin pen 0 None
2011-10-10 Osteoporosis drug protects against bone damaging side effects of breast cancer medications 0 None
2011-10-10 Researchers examine effects of antirejection drugs in kidney transplant patients 0 None
2011-10-10 Boehringer Ingelheim receives FDA approval for COMBIVENT RESPIMAT to treat COPD 0 None
2011-10-10 Merck receives FDA approval for JUVISYNC to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-10-10 Caffeine may predict risk of drug abuse 0 None
2011-10-10 Experts take study on contraceptive use, HIV risk seriously but warn about drawing conclusions prematurely because of study's 'methodological weaknesses' 0 None
2011-10-07 First combination drug to treat type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol receives FDA approval 0 None
2011-10-07 MSF calls on Brazilian government to step up production of only drug for Chagas disease 0 None
2011-10-07 PEPFAR ART cost model data presented to PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board 0 None
2011-10-07 examines counterfeit pharmaceuticals in special report 0 None
2011-10-07 Bedtime consumption of blood pressure medications improves control of hypertension 0 2
2011-10-07 Calcium supplementation does not benefit pregnant women, except for hypertension 0 None
2011-10-07 House lawmaker looks into drug shortages, price markups 0 None
2011-10-07 Keeping HIV patients on ART will have long-term economic benefits, study shows 0 None
2011-10-07 Cannabidiol could prevent onset of pain associated with chemotherapy drugs 0 None
2011-10-07 Tips on how to prevent unnecessary medication/supplement mishaps 0 None
2011-10-07 Link between marijuana use and crash risk among drivers 0 None
2011-10-04 Blue Shield of California refuses to pay for breast cancer drug Avastin 1 None
2011-10-04 Merck wins fourth FOSAMAX trial 0 None
2011-10-04 Canada Supreme Court rules Vancouver's safe drug-injection site can stay open 0 None
2011-10-04 Quick injection of cortisone can prevent PTSD 0 4
2011-10-04 TriLogic, Mission Pharmacal partner to develop new drug delivery system 0 1
2011-10-04 Study: Fair-skinned people may need to take vitamin D supplements 0 None
2011-10-03 Novel drug shows promise for MLL leukemia 0 1
2011-10-03 Adaptimmune announces new board appointments as clinical programmes get underway 0 None
2011-10-03 Drug shortages lead to rationing of critical medicines 0 None
2011-10-03 Emergent BioSolutions receives $1.25B contract to supply 44.75M doses of BioThrax 0 None
2011-10-03 New data on long-term use of antidepressant drugs 0 3.5
2011-10-03 Health Canada approves Trajenta (linagliptin) for type 2 diabetes 0 2
2011-10-03 General anesthesia linked to learning disabilities in children 1 None
2011-10-03 EMA accepts Inspiration's IB1001 MAA for treatment of hemophilia B 0 None
2011-10-03 FDA releases new PSA on safe medication use 0 None
2011-10-03 Marken introduces new global brand and advertising campaign 0 None
2011-10-02 Prostate cancer medicine deemed too-expensive by NHS 0 2
2011-10-02 CSL pays heed to FDA observations on faulty manufacturing processes 0 None
2011-10-01 AHF protests J&J over AIDS drug prices 0 None
2011-10-01 Combination therapy improves outcomes for liver cancer patients: Study 0 None
2011-10-01 Public health officials should determine community storage of anthrax-preventing antibiotics 0 None
2011-10-01 Tips for seniors to avoid serious complications from prescription meds 0 None
2011-10-01 Walgreens, Walmart partner with Coventry to offer First Health Value Plus in the U.S. 0 None
2011-10-01 CorMedix to primarily focus on commercialization of Neutrolin in Europe 0 None
2011-10-01 ViroPharma licenses worldwide rights from Intellect Neurosciences to OX1 for treatment of FA 0 5
2011-10-01 Blueberry powder may control triple negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-10-01 Express Scripts launches suite of services through HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech 0 None
2011-10-01 CMA welcomes Supreme Court ruling on Vancouver's supervised injection facility 0 None
2011-10-01 Poll: 21.4% of Americans believe vaccines can cause autism 1 None
2011-10-01 UCI study shows promise of metabolic therapy for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-10-01 Circadian subsidiary submits IND application to FDA to initiate VGX-100 study against cancer 0 None
2011-10-01 ADVENTRX holds Type A meeting with FDA to discuss Exelbine NDA 0 None
2011-09-30 Galectin posts new corporate video on galectin-inhibiting therapeutics to treat fibrosis and cancer 0 None
2011-09-30 FDA, other regulatory and international partners complete International Internet Week of Action 0 None
2011-09-30 MU researchers examine use of propranolol to improve primary traits linked with autism 0 None
2011-09-30 Study highlights importance of prior planning before introduction of new vaccines 0 None
2011-09-30 Patients with chronic hepatitis C less likely to take medications over time 0 None
2011-09-30 APhA encourages patients to discuss with pharmacist about pain and medications 0 None
2011-09-30 Survey: 25% of employers have little or no understanding of specialty pharmacy, costs 0 None
2011-09-30 Resveratrol inhibits proliferation of hormone resistant breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-30 Cocaine use linked to increased risk of open-angle glaucoma 0 None
2011-09-30 Oral steroid users twice as likely to have severe vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2011-09-30 Invida, Sinclair IS launch two dermatology products in seven Asia-Pacific markets 0 None
2011-09-30 AstraZeneca settles SEROQUEL XR patent infringement litigation 0 None
2011-09-30 Beta-blockers can prevent breast cancer metastasis and improve survival 0 None
2011-09-29 Circadian files IND with FDA for VGX-100 for the treatment of cancer patients with solid tumors 0 None
2011-09-29 Bulgaria’s decades old anti-smoking pill could be a cheap and effective answer to smoking cessation 0 5
2011-09-29 FDA CDER assigned for pre-market review of CorMedix's Neutrolin 0 None
2011-09-29 Almirall seeks European approval for linaclotide to treat irritable bowel syndrome with constipation 0 None
2011-09-29 Oral tenofovir discontinued in HIV clinical trial 0 None
2011-09-29 Public lecture on children's medicines to be launched on October 5 0 None
2011-09-29 SIS becomes an Industry Supporter of ASA 0 None
2011-09-29 New report finds little evidence to support off-label use of atypical antipsychotics 1 None
2011-09-29 AASLD publishes updated practice guidelines on hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-29 Prototype drug shows promise against chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 5
2011-09-29 Acetyl-L-carnitine likely to improve outcomes and recovery for individuals with SCI 0 None
2011-09-29 Johns Hopkins researchers discover oxaliplatin-based nerve damage 0 None
2011-09-28 Valeant's colesevelam New Drug Submission for hypercholesterolemia receives Canadian approval 0 None
2011-09-28 FDA: Study suggests increased risk of blood clots from drospirenone-containing contraceptives 0 None
2011-09-28 'Urgent action' needed to prevent resistance to antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2011-09-28 Americans cutting back on health spending by skipping prescriptions, procedures 0 None
2011-09-28 Postmenopausal HRT linked with increased risk of asthma hospitalisations in women 0 None
2011-09-28 UCI professor wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers 0 None
2011-09-28 Stimulant prescription use for ADHD has increased steadily from 1996-2008 0 None
2011-09-28 Transcept announces resubmission of NDA for Intermezzo to FDA 0 None
2011-09-28 Benefits and harms vary among atypical antipsychotics for off-label use 0 None
2011-09-28 DMARDs appear to be more effective for children with arthritis 0 None
2011-09-28 Asians struggling with alcoholism may benefit from naltrexone 0 None
2011-09-28 Study sheds light on when to start antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2011-09-27 Photocure, Ipsen partner to commercialise Hexvix for diagnosis of bladder cancer 0 None
2011-09-27 MSU creates new malaria vaccine with immune-stimulating gene 0 None
2011-09-26 Link between changes in malaria parasite and absorption of pharmaceutical compounds 0 None
2011-09-26 New insights into actions of NSAIDs 0 None
2011-09-26 Vaxent, PREVENT sign license agreement to develop and commercialize Strep-A vaccine 0 None
2011-09-26 Isis files patent infringement lawsuit against Santaris for antisense drugs 0 None
2011-09-26 Cannabidiol may help prevent paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy 1 None
2011-09-26 No link between duration or depth of general anesthesia and subsequent cancer risk 0 None
2011-09-26 Self-reported mental health disability more prevalent among U.S. adults 0 None
2011-09-26 Sodium Stibogluconate & Paromomycin combination treatment for Kala azar 0 1
2011-09-26 Rotavirus vaccine saved 65,000 hospitalizations and $278 million in healthcare costs: Study 0 None
2011-09-26 Primatene inhalers to be phased out this December: FDA 2 None
2011-09-26 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for Optimer's DIFICLIR to treat C. difficile infection 0 1
2011-09-26 CytoDyn files provisional patent application for humanized version of Cytolin to treat HIV 0 None
2011-09-26 Janssen Biotech receives FDA approval for Remicade to treat UC in children 0 None
2011-09-26 Alexion receives FDA approval for Soliris to treat atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome 0 None
2011-09-23 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for Soliris to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome 0 None
2011-09-23 Gilead announces EMA CHMP positive opinion for HIV-1 drug, Eviplera 0 None
2011-09-23 Drug shortages fuel increases in cost of care, poor outcomes 0 None
2011-09-23 FDA denies FOIA regarding Gilead Sciences' Truvada correspondence, AHF sues 0 None
2011-09-23 Bachmann, Perry wrestle over HPV issue 0 None
2011-09-23 Momenta, Sandoz file patent suit against Amphastar and Watson over Enoxaparin Sodium Injection 0 None
2011-09-23 Study identifies genetic mutations that affect immune response to measles vaccination 0 None
2011-09-23 IU professor to study factors influencing young women's adoption of HPV vaccine 0 None
2011-09-23 CoPlex, Hawthorn sign license agreement for hawAD14 Alzheimer's drug 0 None
2011-09-23 Adamis receives patents for APC-200 prostate cancer drug in South Africa, Singapore 0 None
2011-09-23 Shire announces update on approval status and availability of ProAmatine SOH drug 0 5
2011-09-23 Bortezomib drug may also treat pulmonary fibrosis or scleroderma 0 None
2011-09-23 Study: Opioid drugs can increase risk of pneumonia in older adults 0 None
2011-09-23 USPTO issues patent for Lixte's LB-100 to treat cancer 0 None
2011-09-22 Anti-obesity drug Contrave may get another chance to prove itself 0 None
2011-09-22 Jefferson experts review most commonly used CAM practices for mood disorders 0 None
2011-09-22 New portable test can quickly and economically detect adulterated heparin 0 None
2011-09-22 Early ART cost effectiveness in resource-poor settings 0 None
2011-09-22 Humour therapy as effective as antipsychotic drugs in managing agitation in dementia patients 0 None
2011-09-22 Cannabinoids may block development of PTSD symptoms after traumatic experience 0 None
2011-09-22 Methylphenidate drug may induce arousal from general anesthesia 0 None
2011-09-22 Early ART can be cost-effective and decrease mortality in HIV patients 0 None
2011-09-22 Digna Biotech receives FDA Orphan Drug status for cardiotrophin-1 to treat ALF 0 None
2011-09-22 Ariel Pharmaceuticals in-licenses AP-1531 from BTG for acute migraine attacks 0 None
2011-09-22 Hoffman La Roche, Mylan enter settlement and license agreement for XELODA Tablets 0 None
2011-09-22 Peptide receptor radiolabeled therapy shows promise against neuroendocrine tumors 0 None
2011-09-22 NIH to honor IGB faculty member with innovator award 0 None
2011-09-21 Combination of SRIs and cognitive behavior therapy reduces pediatric OCD symptoms 0 None
2011-09-21 Long-term immunosuppressants improve survival for lupus patients with ESKD 0 None
2011-09-21 Influential leaders hold high-level discussions on biomedical S&T initiatives 0 None
2011-09-21 New FDA-approved antiviral drugs offer treatment hope for hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-21 St. Jude Medical pledges $100,000 to support SIR Foundation's Discovery Campaign 0 None
2011-09-21 UNC's new nanoparticle shows potential for cancer chemotherapy 0 None
2011-09-21 African-American men living in low sunlight areas more likely to have Vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2011-09-21 Matrix receives FDA's tentative approval for novel co-packaged version of HIV/AIDS therapy 0 None
2011-09-21 Beta-blocker drugs may improve survival time for melanoma patients 0 None
2011-09-20 Nuevolution announces collaboration in drug discovery with Boehringer Ingelheim 0 None
2011-09-20 Whooping cough vaccine may lose protective capacity in 3 years: Study 0 None
2011-09-20 Qualitest recalls birth control pills citing “packaging error” 0 None
2011-09-20 Regulatory bias against taking oral anti-cancer medications with food places patients at risk of overdose 0 None
2011-09-20 Medication non-adherence interventions should be based on personal systems approach 0 None
2011-09-20 Combination of lunasin and oxaliplatin prevents colon cancer from metastasis 0 None
2011-09-20 FoxM1 protein plays a critical role in development of medulloblastomas 0 None
2011-09-20 New UTHealth toll-free helpline for pregnant women to avoid dangerous medications 0 None
2011-09-20 Powerful new antibiotic treatment for MRSA and C. difficile bugs 0 None
2011-09-20 FDA approves Amphastar's ANDA for Enoxaparin Sodium Injection 0 None
2011-09-19 Revolution in drug discovery underway in West Midlands, UK 0 None
2011-09-19 Too many kids poisoned with prescription drugs: Study 0 None
2011-09-19 Amgen's Prolia receives FDA approval for new indications to treat cancer patients 0 None
2011-09-19 Amneal announces availability of generic antiepileptic drug, Felbamate 0 None
2011-09-19 Meda acquires exclusive licensing rights to Nalox from Moberg Derma 0 None
2011-09-19 Alkermes establishes business operations in Ireland 0 None
2011-09-19 Low-dose anticholinergic drugs do not appear to cause cognitive impairment in dementia patients 0 None
2011-09-19 USPTO issues notice of allowance to Cenestra Health's omega-3 fatty acid formulations 0 None
2011-09-19 Meda, Moberg Derma enter license agreement for Nalox to treat onychomycosis 0 None
2011-09-19 Safety tips to prevent unintentional pediatric medication poisonings 0 None
2011-09-19 Two newer Type 2 diabetes drugs could be linked to increased risk of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-09-17 Bioethicists up the ante in Bachmann's HPV brouhaha 0 None
2011-09-17 BARDA awards Vaxin $21.7M contract to accelerate development of novel anthrax vaccine 0 None
2011-09-16 Anti-nausea drug Zofran being tested for its potential heart rhythm side effects 0 None
2011-09-16 DryDiapersPlus joins Unique Wellness and BIOTX to provide incontinence products 0 None
2011-09-16 ONGLYZA used with insulin maintains improvement in glucose control in adults with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-09-16 HHS' BARDA contract advances development of novel anthrax vaccine, antitoxin 0 None
2011-09-16 Researchers develop polymers that fluoresce in the presence of bacteria 0 None
2011-09-16 Karolinska Institutet professor earns 2011 ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award 0 None
2011-09-16 Study shows increase in pediatric medication poisoning 0 None
2011-09-16 Estrogen therapy can reverse progression of pulmonary hypertension 0 4.5
2011-09-16 New paper describes unique process that is central to induction of MSRA antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-09-16 Teva to invest in CDI for development of novel antiviral drugs 0 None
2011-09-16 GSA's two forthcoming publications focus on pain relief and medication for seniors 0 None
2011-09-16 New study aims to reduce number of pediatric pharmaceutical poisoning 0 None
2011-09-16 Medicated stents lower likelihood of heart attacks in cardiac patients 0 5
2011-09-15 Synthon announces European approvals for Eplerenone 0 None
2011-09-15 VBI Vaccines completes acquisition of Epixis 0 None
2011-09-15 Positive results from PROLOR Biotech's Factor VIIa-CTP preclinical study on hemophilia 0 None
2011-09-15 Pfizer awards 2011 fellowship to UH Case Medical Center for pain medicine and epilepsy 0 None
2011-09-15 JCPT publishes 'The Need for Increased Utilization of Statins After Occlusive Stroke' study 0 None
2011-09-15 CHK Nutrition, NeuroResearch Clinics sign consent to halt sale of unapproved amino-acid products 1 4.5
2011-09-15 ODAC recommends ApoPharma's Ferriprox for FDA approval to treat transfusional iron overload 0 None
2011-09-15 Scientists report development of three new formulations against methamphetamine abuse 0 None
2011-09-15 UIC researchers to conduct study on televised drug commercials 0 None
2011-09-15 Viewpoints: Shredding Bachmann's vaccine argument; 'super' or 'stupor' committee; Bennet on outmoded drug safety rules 0 None
2011-09-15 Researchers discover several chemical compounds against human prion diseases 0 5
2011-09-14 New Zealand biotechnology company moves to US 0 None
2011-09-14 Lucentis receives Health Canada approval to treat vision loss from DME 0 None
2011-09-14 Cohera's TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-09-14 Celecoxib inhibits GSK3 enzyme in lung cancer cells 1 None
2011-09-14 Reminder packaging improves adherence to long-term hypertension medications 0 None
2011-09-14 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation for Accentia's Revimmune to prevent GVHD 0 None
2011-09-14 Biotica, Buck Institute collaborate to investigate polyketides in diseases of aging 0 None
2011-09-14 Natural S-equol supplement does not increase risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Merck issues statement on GARDASIL human papillomavirus vaccine 0 None
2011-09-14 Prescription drugs expensive in Australia and likely to increase 0 None
2011-09-14 Avedro acquires proprietary and patent pending transepithelial ParaCel riboflavin formulation 0 None
2011-09-14 Health Canada approves Afinitor for treatment of brain tumours caused by TSC in children 0 None
2011-09-14 Kremers Urban reaches settlement agreement with ALZA over Concerta patent litigation 0 None
2011-09-13 FDA’s response to Tobacco company’s allegations on graphic cigarette labels 0 None
2011-09-13 Older drugs may be better than newly approved ones 0 None
2011-09-13 FDA announces organizational changes within CDER's Office of Oncology Drug Products 0 None
2011-09-13 New drug combination may treat two aggressive cancers 0 4
2011-09-13 Researchers identify new type of potential anticancer drug 0 None
2011-09-13 Cardiotrophin 1 has marked effect on fat and glucose metabolism 0 5
2011-09-13 Hawthorn, CoPlex Therapeutics sign licensing deal to develop and commercialize hawAD14 for Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-09-13 Impax confirms JALYN patent challenge 0 3
2011-09-12 Micronutrient powder helps prevent malnutrition in children up to two years old, study review shows 0 None
2011-09-12 Lantus initiation may help limit weight gain in type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2011-09-12 Low-dose aspirin increases risk for GI bleeding 0 None
2011-09-12 Health Canada approves Merus Labs' advanced wound care product, Collexa 0 None
2011-09-12 Genentech submits NDA to FDA for vismodegib to treat advanced basal cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-09-12 InterMune to launch Esbriet for German patients with IPF 0 None
2011-09-12 Genentech submits vismodegib NDA to FDA for treatment of advanced basal cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-09-12 Spinifex announces new data from EMA401 pre-clinical study on diabetic neuropathy 0 None
2011-09-12 EpiCept announces FDA's feedback on Ceplene clinical development for AML 0 None
2011-09-12 FDA advisory panel suggests warning for bisphosphonates but does not specify wording 0 None
2011-09-12 Pew Health Group to ensure safety of U.S. drug supply 0 None
2011-09-12 General anesthesia can cause cognitive impairment in children 0 None
2011-09-12 Diamyd receives NIH grant to develop NTDDS for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 0 None
2011-09-12 FDA grants orphan drug designation for Avedro's VibeX to treat Keratoconus 0 None
2011-09-12 PharmAthene completes 1,500 liter engineering production run for SparVax anthrax vaccine 0 None
2011-09-12 Candidate malaria vaccine represents 'potentially encouraging anti-malaria strategy,' researchers say 0 None
2011-09-12 Access to lifesaving generic medicines threatened by U.S. trade pact 0 None
2011-09-12 Study pinpoints relationship between primary brain tumors and onset of epileptic seizures 0 None
2011-09-09 FDA panel votes 9-2 in favor of new blood thinner drug 0 None
2011-09-09 HPV vaccination updates 0 None
2011-09-09 AstraZeneca Canada introduces new NEXIUM Patient Support program 6 2
2011-09-09 FDA grants final approval for Mylan's Promethazine HCl Tablets 0 None
2011-09-09 Astex selects PharmaVentures to assist in divesment of CMC & Formulation Facility 0 None
2011-09-09 SAMHSA survey finds increase in use of illicit drugs among Americans between 2008-2010 0 None
2011-09-09 Elusys receives federal contract to develop prophylactic treatment against anthrax 0 None
2011-09-09 Possible link between mother's diet and risk of allergies in children 0 None
2011-09-08 Auxilium reports positive data from XIAFLEX retrospective commercial patient chart review 0 None
2011-09-08 Naturopathic medicine helps reduce doctors' use of prescription drugs 0 None
2011-09-08 EC grants orphan drug status for Santen's sirolimus to treat chronic non-infectious uveitis 0 None
2011-09-08 Researchers uncover new and safe contraceptive pill for women 0 None
2011-09-08 Scientists discover backup circuits in cetuximab-resistant cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-08 Inhibition of Sab protein protects liver from acetaminophen toxicity 0 None
2011-09-08 First-ever comprehensive study of species origins of nature-derived drugs 0 None
2011-09-08 Beta-glucans can help wounds to heal quickly 0 5
2011-09-07 Researchers rethink fenretinide for prevention of oral cancer 0 None
2011-09-07 BioLineRx, Tel Aviv University sign license agreement to develop and commercialize BL-7050 0 None
2011-09-07 Cheap medicines could prevent huge number of deaths from heart attacks, strokes 0 None
2011-09-07 Genetically modified M. smegmatis vaccine shows promise against TB 0 None
2011-09-07 Use of nonaspirin NSAIDs during early pregnancy raises risk of miscarriage in women 0 None
2011-09-07 Drugs produced in offshore manufacturing plants more likely to have quality problems 0 None
2011-09-07 Oxycodone no safer than codeine for breastfed infants: New study 0 None
2011-09-06 FDA reviews safety issues of bisphosphonates for osteoporosis 0 None
2011-09-06 FDA stalls the blood-thinner Xarelto’s approval citing inadequate evidence 0 None
2011-09-06 Discovery Labs files Complete Response to FDA for SURFAXIN to treat RDS in premature infants 0 None
2011-09-06 NanoViricides selects NV-INF-1 anti-influenza drug for FDA submission 0 None
2011-09-06 Amakem receives €18m in Series A round of funding 0 None
2011-09-06 Scale-up Systems establishes new office in India 0 None
2011-09-05 Study aims to describe and understand current issues on OTC medicine addiction 0 None
2011-09-05 IKEPLUS immunization completely eliminates TB bacteria from infected tissues 1 None
2011-09-05 Berlin to market wide range of Acino Pharma's current and future products in Thailand 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers discover mechanism of low-dose LDN on cell proliferative-related disorders 0 5
2011-09-03 Resveratrol helps prevent metabolic syndrome in offspring 0 None
2011-09-03 Finland national health institute finds link between H1N1 flu vaccine and children's narcolepsy 0 None
2011-09-03 Plerixafor drug shows promise against WHIM syndrome 0 None
2011-09-02 Mayo Clinic and IC-MedTech enter collaborative research agreement with Summa Health System 0 None
2011-09-02 PTC restructures collaboration with Genzyme 0 None
2011-09-02 Western, Midwestern states register higher methamphetamine usage 0 None
2011-09-02 Researchers modify toxic chemical of marine cycyanobacteria to treat colon cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Florida steps up efforts against pill mills; Hospital executives under scrutiny 0 None
2011-09-02 Microtubule stability linked to increased sensitivity to paclitaxel 0 None
2011-09-02 Contraceptive pill prevents loss of eye sight 0 3.5
2011-09-02 Pemetrexed treatment produces better outcomes in ALK-translocated NSCLC patients 0 None
2011-09-02 Short-term glucocorticoid treatment may prevent osteoarthritis after joint injury 0 None
2011-09-02 'Sustainable global pharmacovigilance' systems needed to monitor ARVs, other drugs 0 None
2011-09-02 UC Davis computer model can test effects of anti-arrhythmia medications 0 None
2011-09-02 FTC presses for more competition on generic drugs 0 None
2011-09-02 Ancient antibiotic resistance findings leads experts to stress need to use antibiotics sparingly 0 None
2011-09-02 FDA approves crizotinib for treatment of ALK-positive lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Dendritic cells play central role in regulation of acetaminophen's toxicity 0 None
2011-09-02 Stomach acid-reducing drugs appear to cause small intestine damage 0 None
2011-09-02 LCA applauds FDA approval of Xalkori for ALK positive non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 FDA may be allowed an extra 2 months to review new drugs 0 None
2011-08-31 Study reveals how pharmaceutical managers can maximize the return on marketing investments 0 None
2011-08-31 SAIC awards Selecta a subcontract to develop synthetic nanoparticle vaccine for malaria 0 None
2011-08-31 Research shows numerous health benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin 0 None
2011-08-31 Comprehensive review on non-drug interventions for treatment of high blood pressure 0 None
2011-08-31 Cost of second-line ARVs a 'huge barrier to care' in resource-poor countries 0 None
2011-08-31 Insight Pharmaceuticals announces acquisition of MONISTAT business from McNEIL-PPC 0 None
2011-08-31 Perrigo's ANDA for Ketoconazole Foam, 2% receives final FDA approval to treat seborrheic dermatitis 0 5
2011-08-30 FDA accepts Salix and Progenics' sNDA filing for RELISTOR to treat opioid-induced constipation 0 None
2011-08-30 AAMPS, ChromaDex sign exclusive marketing agreement for African Herbal Pharmacopoeia 0 None
2011-08-30 DNA sequencing pioneer, two pharmaceutical researchers recognized as ACS 'Heroes of Chemistry' 0 None
2011-08-30 Vitamin A supplements could save the lives of 600,000 children a year, researchers say 0 None
2011-08-30 AstraZeneca: BRILIQUE receives Class I recommendation from ESC 0 None
2011-08-30 Everolimus-eluting stent reduces incidence of stent thrombosis 0 None
2011-08-30 Ipsen, Inspiration partner to launch hemophilia product portfolio in Europe 0 None
2011-08-30 Vitamin C supplementation might benefit children with asthma 0 None
2011-08-30 High risk of serious complications or death in children with SP-HUS 0 None
2011-08-30 Study indicates large gap in use of proven therapies for heart attack or stroke 0 None
2011-08-30 Ivabradine reduces heart volume among patients with cardiac insufficiency 0 None
2011-08-29 Pfizer receives FDA approval of XALKORI for ALK-positive NSCLC 0 None
2011-08-29 UCLA-Harvard medication study highlights 3 types of confusing outcome measures 0 None
2011-08-29 Health Canada approves Bayer's STAXYN for treatment of erectile dysfunction 1 3
2011-08-29 Infrared Systems completes several internal projects, discusses corporate strategies 0 None
2011-08-29 Researchers use metformin to effectively starve cancer cells 0 5
2011-08-29 Leucine may help people burn fat during periods of food restriction 0 None
2011-08-29 One in three AF patients at high risk of stroke are not being prescribed VKA therapy 0 None
2011-08-29 Pfizer's Xalkori receives FDA approval to treat late-stage NSCLC patients with abnormal ALK gene 0 None
2011-08-29 LUNGevity Foundation applauds FDA's recent approval of XALKORI lung cancer drug 0 None
2011-08-29 Astellas seeks regulatory approval for mirabegron to treat overactive bladder in the U.S., Europe 0 2
2011-08-29 Researchers identify molecule that can stop the formation of amyloid fibrils 0 None
2011-08-29 Pfizer receives FDA approval for XALKORI capsules to treat ALK-positive NSCLC 0 5
2011-08-26 Nurofen mix up with Seroquel schizophrenia drug warns MHRA 0 None
2011-08-26 Autism link to vaccines dispelled by a large review of studies 1 5
2011-08-26 Rotavirus vaccine still effective in reducing diarrhea-related deaths in Mexico, researchers say 0 None
2011-08-26 Viewpoints: Drug shortages = rationing; Changing forces in health marketplace; Birth control mandate 0 None
2011-08-26 IOM report: Few health problems are clearly associated with vaccines 0 None
2011-08-26 Yale scientists synthesize huperzine A to combat Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-26 Google pays $500 million settlement in pharmacy ad probe 0 None
2011-08-26 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to surgery can benefit women with lobular breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-26 Researchers develop single vaccines to prevent rabies, Ebola infection 0 None
2011-08-26 IOM issues new report on evidence and causality of vaccine harms 0 None
2011-08-26 Firazyr receives FDA approval for treatment of HAE acute attacks 0 None
2011-08-26 Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly receive EU approval for linagliptin to treat type 2 diabetes 0 4
2011-08-26 Shire receives FDA marketing approval for FIRAZYR to treat acute attacks of HAE 0 None
2011-08-25 Antidepressant alert – Citalopram associated to heart rhythm disturbances 0 None
2011-08-25 Allergan gets FDA nod for use of Botox in urinary incontinence 0 None
2011-08-25 Simcere receives Chinese SFDA approval for Iremod to treat active rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2011-08-25 Removal of OTC drugs for toddlers from the market reduces therapeutic errors 0 5
2011-08-25 AHF shares The Lancet's concerns over use of Gilead's Truvada as HIV prevention pill 0 None
2011-08-25 Redesigned vancomycin can kill deadliest antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2011-08-25 Webinar on Prescription Drug Abuse in Workers' Comp 0 None
2011-08-25 Foreign drug manufacturing, testing raise regulatory and ethical concerns 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers discover how antipsychotic drugs manage symptoms of schizophrenia 0 5
2011-08-25 Allergan receives FDA approval for Botox to treat specific form of urinary incontinence 0 None
2011-08-25 NMS Labs develops substance identification tests for nine 'bath salts' compounds 0 5
2011-08-25 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for Cortex AMPAKINE molecules to treat respiratory depression 0 None
2011-08-25 FDA approves Allergan's BOTOX to treat specific form of urinary incontinence 0 None
2011-08-24 Mylan subsidiary to exclusively offer EpiPen 2-Pak and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak Auto-Injector 0 None
2011-08-24 A pain-free way of tackling dental decay 0 None
2011-08-24 Call for open challenges in nanomedicine 0 None
2011-08-24 FDA grants fast track designation for Pharmasset's PSI-938 to treat chronic HCV infection 0 None
2011-08-24 New invasive procedures may help patients with chronic refractory headache 0 1
2011-08-24 New Pressurized Olfactory Device shows direct CNS effect of morphine 0 None
2011-08-24 First international conference on developmental, translational and clinical pharmacogenomics 0 None
2011-08-24 Health Canada accepts Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada's lurasidone NDS for review 0 None
2011-08-24 Research may help explain why live attenuated influenza vaccine elicits protection 0 None
2011-08-24 Daily exercise can work as well as second antidepressant drug 0 None
2011-08-24 Simvastatin may reduce spinal cord damage from ischemia/reperfusion injury 0 None
2011-08-24 Only 20.6% of Medicaid-covered Ohio youths complete full six month antidepressant treatment 0 None
2011-08-23 Trophos awarded US patent covering use of novel cardioprotective compound 0 None
2011-08-23 Seattle genetics new blood cancer drug Adcetris comes with a hefty price tag 0 None
2011-08-23 Kerr, Family Health Network partner to reduce medication non-adherence 0 None
2011-08-23 Prescription drug shortages forcing docs, pharmacists to scramble 0 None
2011-08-23 Radium-223 chloride granted FDA Fast Track designation for treatment of CRPC 0 None
2011-08-23 Research into TB medication may shorten treatment regimen 0 None
2011-08-23 Santarus, Depomed enter new commercialization agreement for GLUMETZA 0 None
2011-08-23 CTI responds to EMA's Day 120 letter for pixantrone MAA 0 None
2011-08-23 New report on the immunomodulators market outlook to 2016 0 3
2011-08-23 NovaDel, Rechon enter license and distribution agreement for Zolpimist 0 None
2011-08-23 Isconova expands Matrix M collaboration with Genocea to treat infectious diseases 0 None
2011-08-23 AstraZeneca announces availability of BRILINTA tablets in the U.S. pharmacies 0 None
2011-08-23 Vertex receives Health Canada approval for INCIVEK to treat hepatitis C 0 None
2011-08-22 Drug co. executive gives pharma a sunny forecast 0 None
2011-08-22 Modified Ecstasy could be effective against cancer: Study 0 5
2011-08-22 New technique can detach sugars from carrier molecule, reattach them to drugs 0 None
2011-08-22 Decline in HT use could lead to lower mammogram rates among women 0 None
2011-08-20 AHF: Gilead's campaign for FDA approval of Truvada leads to black marketing in Florida 0 None
2011-08-20 VOA News examines new drug compound that shows broad-based efficacy in lab tests 0 None
2011-08-20 FDA accepts Alexza ADASUVE NDA, assigns PDUFA action date 0 None
2011-08-20 EBD Group, MassBio announce plenary sessions program for BioPharm America 2011 0 None
2011-08-20 Statin therapy may not be appropriate for certain patients at risk for stroke 0 None
2011-08-20 Scientists shed light on the dark secret of Queen Hatshepsut's deadly medication 0 None
2011-08-20 Combination of exercise and metformin less effective for people with diabetes 0 None
2011-08-20 FDA approves Seattle Genetics ADCETRIS drug to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, ALCL 0 None
2011-08-20 Seattle Genetics receives FDA approval for Adcetris to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, ALCL 0 None
2011-08-19 High levels of calcium in coronary arteries increase risk of stroke, heart attack 0 None
2011-08-19 Study confirms tamoxifen is superior to fulvestrant in blocking estrogen 0 None
2011-08-19 Cannabis Science enters distribution agreement with PVM for marijuana dispensing machines 0 None
2011-08-19 Only 15 U.S. pharmaceutical ads adhere to FDA Prescription Drug Advertising Guidelines 0 None
2011-08-19 Dissimilar interaction of opioid receptors may explain why men, women experience pain differently 0 None
2011-08-19 ASA launches new video that highlights need for responsible use of pain medication 0 None
2011-08-19 H1N1 vaccine safe, effective for hemodialysis and kidney transplant patients 0 None
2011-08-19 Powerful X-rays help develop new drug treatment for malignant melanoma 0 None
2011-08-19 High blood phosphate levels can set CKD patients on a rapid path to kidney failure 0 None
2011-08-19 Study: U.S. health care workers often use complementary and alternative medicine 0 None
2011-08-18 NPS submits NDA CMC section to FDA for GATTEX 0 None
2011-08-18 Lucentis receives Health Canada approval for treatment of retinal vein occlusion 0 1
2011-08-18 EMA accepts Merck and ARIAD's MAA for ridaforolimus to treat metastatic bone sarcomas 0 None
2011-08-18 IU scientist to investigate salubrinal drug against osteoporosis 0 None
2011-08-18 SAMHSA-funded project to develop a Prescriber's Clinical Support System 0 None
2011-08-18 Winner Medical receives CCI's COTTON USA Mark license 0 None
2011-08-18 Herbal supplements may weaken the effect of chemotherapy drugs 0 None
2011-08-18 Positive link between fish oil supplements and cognitive function 0 None
2011-08-18 ACS honors MIT professor with Priestley Medal for controlled-release drug discovery 0 None
2011-08-18 Unexplained hospital factors have impact on radioactive iodine use for thyroid cancer: Study 0 None
2011-08-18 Scientists turn drug-disease match makers 0 None
2011-08-18 FDA approves Zelboraf (vemurafenib) for advanced skin cancer 0 3
2011-08-18 EMA accepts Pfizer's regulatory submissions of two investigational cancer drugs for review 0 None
2011-08-18 Syndax receives European patent allowance for entinostat to treat metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-18 Roche receives FDA approval for Zelboraf to treat BRAF mutation-positive metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-08-17 New gout drug may help severely affected: Study 0 None
2011-08-17 Zelboraf receives FDA approval for treatment of metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-08-17 FDA accepts Protalix taliglucerase alfa NDA resubmission for review 0 None
2011-08-17 Mylan confirms Frova patent challenge 0 None
2011-08-17 FDA, USP co-sponsors OTC drug products workshop 0 None
2011-08-17 PAREXEL recognized as Company of the Year for the Pharmaceutical Industry 0 None
2011-08-17 Bayer Healthcare to provide over 600,000 moxifloxacin tablets to fight MDR-TB in China 0 None
2011-08-17 Study finds broadest immune response from LAIV nasal spray vaccines for children 0 None
2011-08-17 FDA approves two new strengths of Lupron Depot-PED for central precocious puberty 0 None
2011-08-16 Inflammation linked with RA increases patients risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-08-16 Scientists demonstrate how Modified Citrus Pectin enhances immune function 0 None
2011-08-16 AHRQ's new Spanish-language guide on heart medications 0 None
2011-08-16 Combination immunotherapy more effective for patients with Sezary Syndrome 0 None
2011-08-15 Starpharma starts bacterial vaginosis prevention study of VivaGel 1 None
2011-08-12 NAI reaches settlement with VPX over beta-alanine patent litigation 0 None
2011-08-12 Thorne acquires global rights to Q-Cell, an advanced formulation Coenzyme Q10 0 None
2011-08-12 Fibrate drugs may not prevent heart attacks in diabetes patients with elevated cholesterol 0 None
2011-08-12 Benefits of nanoparticle sunscreens outweigh risks 0 3.7
2011-08-12 Advaxis completes ADXS-PSA prostate cancer construct pre-IND meeting with the FDA 0 None
2011-08-12 Pyrazinamide inhibits trans-translation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0 None
2011-08-12 Mylan introduces generic version of Uroxatral for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2011-08-12 G-CSF therapy does not induce chromosomal instability in healthy stem cell donors 0 2
2011-08-12 NSAIDs like ibuprofen slow the spread of breast cancers 0 None
2011-08-12 Endothelial progenitor cells may repair leaky blood-brain barrier 0 None
2011-08-12 Pregnant women lack enough vitamin D despite use of prenatal supplements 0 None
2011-08-12 Researchers discover key reason why pyrazinamide shortens duration of TB therapy 0 1
2011-08-12 FDA assigns PDUFA action date for review of Affymax peginesatide NDA 0 None
2011-08-12 Nephros submits new 510(k) application with FDA for clearance of hemodiafiltration system 0 None
2011-08-11 Anticoagulation service improves quality of care for patients treated with warfarin 0 None
2011-08-11 Higher protein intake helps postmenopausal obese women lose more weight 0 None
2011-08-11 PUFA intake linked to reduced risk of heart failure, kidney disease and preterm delivery 0 None
2011-08-11 BCG vaccine can help immune system recognise cancer cells as 'foreign' 0 4.8
2011-08-11 Merck receives Oliver Wight Class A certification 0 None
2011-08-11 Pharma IQ to launch Compound Management and Integrity Online event 0 None
2011-08-11 Caffeine can treat postdural puncture headaches 0 5
2011-08-11 Study: AAKG supplementation has no significant impact on increased blood flow 1 2.7
2011-08-11 Paper outlines anticancer drug curaxins' mechanism of action 0 None
2011-08-11 Herbal remedies fail to provide safety information on labels 0 None
2011-08-11 FDA approves Gilead's Complera for treatment of HIV-1 infection 1 None
2011-08-11 Once daily HIV ‘combo’ drug approved in U.S. 0 None
2011-08-11 Neoprobe seeks FDA marketing approval of Lymphoseek for use in ILM oncology procedure 0 None
2011-08-10 FDA acceptance of peginesatide NDA triggers $10M milestone payment to Affymax 0 None
2011-08-10 Patients receive inadequate medical monitoring for prescribed drugs in psychiatric settings 1 None
2011-08-10 YASOO Health launches grape flavored liquid iron supplement for children 0 None
2011-08-10 Acorda Therapeutics receives U.S. patent allowance for aminopyridine compositions 0 None
2011-08-10 Moberg Derma receives first order for Emtrix from Walmart 0 None
2011-08-10 Erythromycin can prevent and treat aseptic loosening of total joint replacement 0 None
2011-08-10 Medications can be harmed by excessive heat 0 2
2011-08-09 Akela announces new corporate focus on PharmaForm 0 None
2011-08-09 New preclinical approach can guide more efficient drug development for brain-related conditions 0 None
2011-08-09 EPO issues European patent for Rexahn's neurotherapeutic compositions 0 None
2011-08-08 Covalon to showcase latest line of innovative wound care and coating products at FIME Expo 0 None
2011-08-08 FDA accepts Teva's NDA for BDP Nasal HFA to treat allergic rhinitis 0 None
2011-08-08 Pre-emptive insulin therapy reduces risk of diabetes mellitus after kidney transplantation 0 None
2011-08-08 U.S. District Court rules in favor of POZEN in Treximet patent litigation 0 None
2011-08-08 Medicare prescriptions premiums expected to decrease for seniors 0 None
2011-08-06 USDA scientists develop new food aid product 0 None
2011-08-06 Intralipid may protect patients from heart attacks 0 None
2011-08-06 Simcyp extends application in areas of PD modelling and drug distribution within CNS 0 None
2011-08-05 Scientists confirm feasibility of new battery-powered skin patch drug delivery system 0 None
2011-08-05 First anti-venom for scorpion bites approved by FDA 2 None
2011-08-05 New polymer effectively captures nicotine molecules and analogues 0 None
2011-08-05 Study stresses importance of broad-spectrum sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer 0 None
2011-08-05 Health Affairs report describes ground-breaking effort that aims to prevent opioid abuse 0 None
2011-08-05 Levels of body chemical PCT influence duration of antibiotic use 0 None
2011-08-05 PharmOut creates online database of Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines 0 None
2011-08-05 FDA approves first scorpion antivenom 0 None
2011-08-04 Boston Therapeutics files chewable metformin ANDA with FDA to treat diabetes 0 None
2011-08-04 Scientists say antibiotic-resistant salmonella strain may spread worldwide 0 None
2011-08-04 U.S. PTO to reissue two patents for Dey Pharma's Perforomist Inhalation Solution 0 None
2011-08-04 SynCo Bio commences release of drug products after expansion of Class A zone 0 None
2011-08-04 New research highlights urgent need to develop specific guidelines for HIV-infected children 0 None
2011-08-04 Avaxia receives BARDA contract to develop new radiation mitigation drug 0 None
2011-08-04 NIH, NanoBio sign licensing agreement to develop vaccine against RSV infections 0 None
2011-08-04 ImmunoCellular receives new patent for ICT-69 to treat multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-08-04 ICORE Healthcare receives URAC Accreditation for Specialty Pharmacy 0 None
2011-08-04 Instituto Bioclon receives FDA approval for Anascorp to treat Centruroides scorpion sting 0 None
2011-08-03 Incyte announces FDA acceptance of NDA filing for ruxolitinib to treat myelofibrosis 0 None
2011-08-03 Researchers discover biological mechanism behind sarcopenia 0 None
2011-08-03 Biomoda to receive European patent for porphyrin-based compound to detect cancer 0 None
2011-08-03 Biotica acquires full rights to rapamycin analogue program from Pfizer 0 5
2011-08-03 New alternative to immunosuppressive treatment after kidney transplants without severe side effects 0 4
2011-08-03 New generation antidepressants may increase risk of adverse outcomes in elderly 0 None
2011-08-03 Needle-free nanopatch vaccine delivery system 1 4.8
2011-08-02 Lipid nanocarriers in cancer diagnosis and therapy: New book 0 None
2011-08-02 Smokers taking multivitamins offset their healthy behaviour by smoking more cigarettes 0 None
2011-08-02 FDA accepts MAP Pharmaceuticals' LEVADEX NDA for filing 0 None
2011-08-02 Race and the personalized medicine debate 0 None
2011-08-02 Teva's ZOELY oral contraceptive receives EU Marketing Authorization 0 3.8
2011-08-02 Azithromycin may predispose cystic fibrosis patients to mycobacterial infection 0 None
2011-08-02 Methamphetamine use can fuel HIV infection risk among young MSM 0 None
2011-08-02 To eliminate germs in contact lens, 'rub and rinse' works best 0 None
2011-08-02 FDA warns U.S. consumers not to use Evital emergency birth control medicine 0 None
2011-08-02 Nicotine protects against Parkinson's disease 0 5
2011-08-02 Taxoxifen combined with dasatinib reverses chemo-resistance in breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-08-02 Statins may help protect young people from future strokes 0 None
2011-08-02 Merrimack receives FDA orphan drug status for MM-398 to treat pancreatic cancer 0 5
2011-08-02 Ursodeoxycholic acid could help prevent disturbances in heart's normal rhythm 0 None
2011-08-02 FDA clears Derma Sciences' MEDIHONEY Hydrogel Wound and Burn Dressing 0 None
2011-08-01 Fera adds four ointments to ophthalmic product portfolio 0 None
2011-08-01 FDA approves Covidien's morphine sulfate oral solution for chronic pain in opioid-tolerant patients 0 None
2011-08-01 Vanda, Biotoscana Farma partner to commercialize Fanapt in Argentina 0 None
2011-08-01 Merck submits ridaforolimus MAA with EMA for treatment of metastatic soft-tissue, bone sarcomas 0 None
2011-08-01 Fischer retains TransMedia to launch Israel's most popular sunscreen in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-31 Universal flu vaccine based on “super antibody” coming soon 0 None
2011-07-30 Demonstrators in Swaziland express concern over possible antiretroviral shortages 0 None
2011-07-30 Labopharm, Angelini enter into agreement to reorganize partnership 0 None
2011-07-30 U.S. appeals court rules in favor of Lilly over Strattera patent case 0 None
2011-07-30 PPTA applauds introduction of 'Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act' 0 None
2011-07-30 AHRQ: Average annual prescription drug expenses for children with asthma have doubled 0 None
2011-07-30 LA Times: Robots and pharmacies 0 None
2011-07-30 Lupin, Lilly partner to promote and distribute Huminsulin products in India and Nepal 0 5
2011-07-30 Humira defect lawyers file lawsuit against Abbott in Texas state court 0 None
2011-07-30 Pharmalucence selects Bosch to provide isolated filling line for Billerica production facility 0 2
2011-07-30 FDA issues 90-day extension for Pfizer's Prevnar 13 sBLA to treat pneumonia in adults 0 None
2011-07-30 WARFARIN Study initiated to assess utility of genetic testing to reduce warfarin-related adverse events 0 None
2011-07-30 ORENCIA SC formulation receives FDA approval for treatment of adults with RA 0 3
2011-07-30 Researchers examine drug that has potential to stop Parkinson's progression 0 None
2011-07-30 CJ, RaQualia sign license agreement to develop and commercialize RQ-00000010 Partial Agonist 0 None
2011-07-29 FDA approves Lannett's ANDA for Phentermine Resin Extended-Release Capsules 0 None
2011-07-29 Cadence confirms FDA dosing recommendations for OFIRMEV 0 None
2011-07-29 Pew director issues statement on Prescription Drug User Fee Act hearing 0 None
2011-07-29 New tool can effectively determine likelihood of drugs in the environment 0 None
2011-07-29 Book examines impact of new racial science 0 None
2011-07-29 Ivabradine effective in reducing risk of cardiac fibrosis, diastolic heart failure 0 None
2011-07-29 NIH selects Viamet's novel antifungal compound for inclusion in the TRND program 0 None
2011-07-29 FDA issues Refusal to File letter for Eisai's perampanel NDA to treat partial-onset seizures 0 None
2011-07-29 BTI's IPOXYN data on traumatic shock and ischemia to be presented at XIIIth MGH symposium 0 None
2011-07-29 Sigma-Tau, Soligenix expand partnership to develop and commercialize orBec in Europe 0 None
2011-07-29 Oral chicken interferon-alpha may significantly reduce influenza infection 0 None
2011-07-28 Yaupon seeks FDA marketing approval of mechlorethamine gel for mycosis fungoides 0 None
2011-07-28 Amylin, Lilly and Alkermes submit reply to FDA complete response letter for BYDUREON 0 None
2011-07-28 All Canadian provinces except Quebec announce funding agreement for PNH drug, Soliris 0 None
2011-07-28 Solazyme launches anti-aging skincare line, Algenist at Space NK stores 0 None
2011-07-28 Natural recycling system, PPAR agonists can help protect children with heart defects 0 None
2011-07-28 Pharmaceutical companies' profit protection hurts global AIDS fight 0 None
2011-07-28 Smokers are misinformed about safety and efficacy of nicotine replacement therapy 0 None
2011-07-28 Dr. Reddy's, FUJIFILM sign MoU to enter partnership in the generic drugs business 0 None
2011-07-28 Isis, Genzyme submit European MAA for mipomersen to treat familial hypercholesterolemia 0 None
2011-07-28 Watson to acquire portfolio of divested generic pharmaceutical products 0 None
2011-07-27 Britain’s prescription drug use statistics revealed 0 None
2011-07-27 FDA accepts peginesatide NDA for anemia associated with CKD 0 None
2011-07-27 Cocaine-free topical anaesthetics can effectively treat pain caused by torn skin 0 None
2011-07-27 Surge of generics will trigger drop in drug prices 0 None
2011-07-27 Merck secures worldwide rights to vernakalant i.v. 0 None
2011-07-27 Nano-emulsion shows promise for Viagra patch 0 None
2011-07-27 Follow-up dose recommended to defend children against pandemic virus outbreaks 0 None
2011-07-27 EMA accepts to evaluate Vanda's MAA for oral iloperidone tablets 0 4
2011-07-27 High-dose vitamin D reduces musculoskeletal pain in breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-07-27 Methamphetamine users more likely to develop Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-07-27 New preclinical data suggests microRNA-15 inhibits cardiomyogenesis 0 None
2011-07-27 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation for Diffusion's TSC to treat glioblastoma multiforme 0 None
2011-07-27 PACA study: Adrenaline can treat cardiac arrest 0 None
2011-07-27 Health Canada issues notice of compliance for OCPI's SAMSCA to treat hyponatremia 0 5
2011-07-26 Anavex presents data on neuroprotective evidence for lead compound for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2011-07-26 Physician-targeted education campaign reduces outpatient antibiotic use in Quebec 0 None
2011-07-26 TikoMed receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for TM-400 to treat hematological cancers 0 None
2011-07-26 VeganZyme supplement may aid in reducing digestive discomfort and symptoms 0 None
2011-07-26 'Core-shell' nanoparticles for effective intracellular delivery of RNAi therapeutics 0 None
2011-07-26 Anesthetic agent isoflurane may treat intracerebral hemorrhage 0 None
2011-07-26 EMA recommends orphan drug designation for 4SC's resminostat to treat HCC 0 None
2011-07-26 Takeda resubmits alogliptin and fixed-dose combination therapy NDA to FDA 0 5
2011-07-26 Diabetes drug rosiglitazone can reduce development of neuropathic pain 0 None
2011-07-25 Prasco to market and distribute authorized generic of Shionogi's PONSTEL 0 None
2011-07-25 Threshold reports initiation of TH-302 and bevacizumab clinical trial for astrocytoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Ranbaxy announces launch of Letrozole Tablets in UK, Romania and France 0 None
2011-07-25 Biogen Idec's FAMPYRA receives EU conditional approval for treating functional impairment in MS 0 4.5
2011-07-25 Baxter GAMMAGARD LIQUID for PI receives FDA approval for subcutaneous administration 0 None
2011-07-25 Swaziland government, Vantage plan to construct pharmaceutical manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-07-25 Better targeting of pharmaceuticals to patient's genetic profile could save around $110B annually 0 None
2011-07-25 Study: Mail-order pharmacy use linked to improved cardiovascular risk factor outcomes 0 None
2011-07-25 Intravenous fluids appear to lower severity of kidney failure in children with E. coli infection 0 None
2011-07-25 Study explores factors for misuse of prescription opioid in young injection drug users 0 None
2011-07-25 Health Canada approves Valeant's NDA for Sublinox to treat insomnia 3 None
2011-07-25 Medicines Patent Pool can help many but has potential limitations for AIDS drug access in middle-income countries 0 None
2011-07-25 PNH patients applaud pan-Canadian approach to providing equitable access to Soliris 0 None
2011-07-25 Janssen receives FDA Complete Response letter for SIMPONI sBLA to treat RA 0 None
2011-07-22 CDR recommends reimbursement for schizophrenia drug, ABILIFY 1 None
2011-07-22 Health Canada approves SPRYCEL as first-line treatment for life-threatening blood cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 Medicare Part D prescription drug rebates would increase monthly premiums for seniors 0 None
2011-07-22 FDA approves Merz Aesthetics' XEOMIN for temporary improvement of glabellar lines 0 None
2011-07-22 Perrigo's coated cinnamon nicotine gum receives FDA marketing approval 0 None
2011-07-22 Study finds high prevalence of prescription pain medication addiction in chronic patients 0 None
2011-07-22 Quest receives U.S. patent allowance for cancer combination therapy 0 None
2011-07-22 GIDAC recommends FDA approval of Janssen's REMICADE for treatment of pediatric UC 0 None
2011-07-22 FDA approves Cephalon's REMS for FENTORA, ACTIQ 0 None
2011-07-22 A*STAR's ETC, Agilent introduce drug screening platform 0 None
2011-07-22 Adamis receives U.S. patent for APC-100 to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 FDA approves Boca Pharmacal's Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Oral Solution ANDA 0 None
2011-07-21 EMA says link between narcolepsy and Pandemrix 2009 H1N1 vaccine exists 0 None
2011-07-21 High cost of multiple sclerosis drugs 0 None
2011-07-21 Australian anti-cancer company completes $2.6 million placement 0 None
2011-07-21 Randox win Premier Healthcare Alliance contract for Quality Control 0 None
2011-07-21 Alliqua acquires global license for wound care dressings from Noble Biomaterials 0 5
2011-07-21 Excess brain activity in aMCI patients contributes to brain dysfunction underlying memory loss 0 None
2011-07-21 Caltech, Zcube collaboration will bring painless transdermal drug delivery to patients 0 None
2011-07-21 Study examines cost-effectiveness of MS drugs in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-21 China BCT to launch 21 new retail pharmacy stores in Guangxi 0 None
2011-07-21 Roche, Merck sign new non-exclusive agreement for HCV triple combination therapy 0 None
2011-07-21 FDA approves Brilinta to reduce cardiovascular death and heart attack in ACS patients 0 None
2011-07-21 USPTO issues patent for Mirna's tumor suppressor microRNAs 0 None
2011-07-21 Adamis' APC-300 inhibits growth of prostate cancer cells 0 None
2011-07-21 Novel vaccine for treating heroin addiction 0 None
2011-07-21 USPTO issues patent for Avila's targeted covalent drugs portfolio 0 None
2011-07-21 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for BRILINTA to treat acute coronary syndrome 0 None
2011-07-20 FDA approves AstraZeneca's anti-clotting drug Brilinta 0 None
2011-07-20 FDA panel votes against novel diabetes drug citing adverse effects 0 None
2011-07-20 Purdue Pharma develops new online resource for combating prescription drug abuse 0 None
2011-07-20 VIVUS to present topiramate exposure, birth defect data at IEC 0 None
2011-07-20 Capsules: IOM recommends free birth control for all 0 None
2011-07-20 Birth control pills may reduce woman's bone density 0 None
2011-07-20 New transgenic mouse could predict toxicity of targeted cancer drugs 0 None
2011-07-20 Valeant, sanofi-aventis partner to market and distribute Zuacta cream 0 None
2011-07-20 Patients who use anti-depressants more likely to suffer relapses 0 None
2011-07-20 CEL-SCI expands licensing agreement with Teva for Multikine cancer drug 0 None
2011-07-19 DNA vaccine developer Coridon in U.S. collaboration 0 None
2011-07-19 Natural formula can fight against highly invasive breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-19 Thalidomide analog shows promise against sickle cell disease 0 None
2011-07-19 Catylix, Illinois enter license agreement to incorporate fluorine into drugs 0 None
2011-07-19 Anti-malaria drug provides key insight into potential treatments for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-07-19 U.S. Patent Office issues Notice of Allowance for Kuros' PTH to improve bone healing 0 None
2011-07-19 International Journal of Cancer publishes Bionovo's Bezielle research 0 5
2011-07-19 Optimer introduces DIFICID for treatment of C. difficile-associated diarrhea 0 None
2011-07-19 U.S. FDA approves 2011-2012 influenza vaccine formulation 0 None
2011-07-19 FDA approves Lannett's Diethylproprion HCl Tablets ANDA for anti-obesity treatment 0 None
2011-07-19 Flu vaccine for 2011-12 season approved and ready 0 1
2011-07-19 Graceway receives FDA approval for Zyclara Cream to treat actinic keratoses 0 None
2011-07-18 Shionogi to acquire Victory Pharma's products to treat pain and infectious diseases 0 None
2011-07-18 CSL Behring supports World Federation of Hemophilia with 1 million IUs of von Willebrand factor/Factor VIII 0 None
2011-07-18 FDA files MedImmune's sBLA for quadrivalent intranasal nasal influenza vaccine, FluMist 0 None
2011-07-18 FDA approves Shire's Lialda for maintenance of remission of ulcerative colitis 0 None
2011-07-18 HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer women benefit from trastuzumab and chemotherapy 0 None
2011-07-18 Researchers discover unexpected mode of action for vaccine adjuvant alum 1 5
2011-07-18 QRxPharma seeks NDA approval for MoxDuo IR 1 None
2011-07-16 Transcept decreases workforce following FDA news on Intermezzo NDA 0 None
2011-07-16 Shah congratulates researchers on PrEP findings 0 None
2011-07-16 New antidepressant prescription linked to increased risk of falls in nursing home residents 0 None
2011-07-16 Propranolol can block brain from retrieving cocaine-associated memories 0 None
2011-07-16 Successful strategies for launching fixed dose combination products to market 0 None
2011-07-16 Teva, Amgen settle G-CSF patent litigation 0 None
2011-07-16 Zocor, Crestor drugs may cause serious muscle and kidney problems 0 1.5
2011-07-15 FDA ODAC recommends approval of Seattle Genetics' ADCETRIS for Hodgkin lymphoma after ASCT 0 None
2011-07-15 EC grants marketing authorization for Amgen's XGEVA to prevent skeletal-related events 0 4
2011-07-15 FDA asks Guided Therapeutics to provide additional information on LuViva PMA 0 None
2011-07-15 Women with current major depression more likely to use crack 0 None
2011-07-15 Neuralstem receives U.S. patent allowance for three new neurogenic compounds 0 None
2011-07-15 Transcept receives FDA Complete Response Letter for Intermezzo NDA 0 None
2011-07-15 Teva commends U.S. Senators for introducing Affordable Medicines Utilization Act of 2011 0 None
2011-07-15 Oxytocin does not boost prospects for normal births 0 None
2011-07-15 Tocotrienol could help reduce stroke damage 0 None
2011-07-15 Partially hydrolysed whey formula does not prevent allergies in high-risk infants 0 None
2011-07-15 FDA needs more oversight power to protect increasingly globalized drug supply, Pew report says 0 None
2011-07-15 CVS Caremark adds Access' MuGard to pharmacy benefit network 0 None
2011-07-14 Yervoy, a new melanoma drug approved in Australia 0 5
2011-07-14 Seattle Genetics lymphoma drug gets FDA panel nod 0 None
2011-07-14 USPTO awards patent for Convergen LifeSciences' CNVN202 to treat lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-14 Studies show AIDS drugs can prevent heterosexuals from acquiring HIV 0 None
2011-07-14 EC grants marketing authorization for BENLYSTA to treat SLE 0 None
2011-07-14 RXi expands intellectual property portfolio with additional NeuVax patents 0 None
2011-07-14 EC approves YERVOY for treatment of previously-treated advanced melanoma 0 None
2011-07-14 Humira's early-line growth threatens Enbrel's future uptake in psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2011-07-14 New Tamiflu anti-viral flu medication in lower concentration 0 None
2011-07-14 Scientists discover new mechanism of drug resistance in hospital microbes 0 None
2011-07-14 Multiple studies find no consensus on kava-induced hepatotoxicity in Western countries 1 None
2011-07-14 SAS expands Global Certification Program offerings 0 1
2011-07-14 Cornell grants ChromaDex worldwide rights to novel manufacturing process for nicotinamide riboside 0 None
2011-07-14 New approach for producing human-derived gelatin 0 None
2011-07-14 Pre-exposure prophylaxis reduces risk of HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-14 Progesterone could fight against neuroblastoma 0 None
2011-07-14 OncoVista commences OVI-117 additional safety study in a second animal species 0 None
2011-07-13 AIDS activists and advocates to protest against Gilead's drug pricing at San Francisco federal building 0 None
2011-07-13 FDA accepts Eisai's DACOGEN sNDA for review to treat acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-07-13 FDA issues draft guidance to promote development of targeted medicines, diagnostics 0 3
2011-07-13 AHF applauds Gilead for licensing AIDS drugs to Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-07-13 Study about impact of drug shortages on U.S. health systems 0 None
2011-07-13 Gilead becomes first company to license drugs to Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-07-13 BRICS health ministers agree to improve access to low-cost medicines 0 None
2011-07-13 USFDA approves Dr. Reddy's ANDA for Fondaparinux Sodium Injection 0 None
2011-07-13 U.S. hospitals report severe drug shortages: Survey 0 None
2011-07-13 Blood cancer drug trial results questioned by FDA 0 1
2011-07-12 Gilead, Mylan expand license deal for HIV/AIDS medicines 0 None
2011-07-12 EPO grants patent for Aeterna Zentaris' perifosine to treat benign, malignant tumours 0 None
2011-07-12 Rapid method can predict immune responses against flu vaccines 0 None
2011-07-12 Gilead announces expansion of global access program for HIV medications 0 None
2011-07-12 Poisonous shrub extract may act as natural painkiller 0 None
2011-07-12 Study may help explain why antipsychotic drugs can promote overeating, weight gain 0 4
2011-07-12 Sunshine completes Adva-27a study in Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer cell line 0 5
2011-07-12 BioAlliance receives European patent for Livatag to treat primary liver cancer 0 None
2011-07-11 Drug makers seek to block deficit-talk demands for discounts 0 None
2011-07-11 Ivermectin cream demonstrates activity against head lice eggs 0 None
2011-07-11 New corticosteroid with cream-like base 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA-approved Zuplenz oral soluble film now available for licensing to new commercial partners 0 None
2011-07-11 USANA receives FDA registration to manufacture OTC drugs 0 5
2011-07-11 Nevada District Court rules in favor of PDL over Genentech, Roche lawsuit 0 None
2011-07-11 Antares, Watson enter license deal to commercialize Anturol in the U.S. and Canada 0 None
2011-07-11 Probiomed, Vanda enter license deal to commercialize Fanapt in Mexico 0 None
2011-07-11 MSU professor focuses on new formulation for old drug to treat parasitic diseases 0 None
2011-07-11 GlaxoSmithKline's Boostrix receives FDA approval to prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis 0 None
2011-07-11 APP receives FDA approval to market Clonidine Hydrochloride Injection 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA approves BOOSTRIX to prevent tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis in older people 0 None
2011-07-10 Flu vaccine against all strains of virus coming soon 0 None
2011-07-08 Generics as a way to lower health care costs 0 None
2011-07-08 Mass administration of common anti-parasitic is possible new tool in fight against malaria 0 None
2011-07-08 Onconova, SymBio enter commercialization collaboration for rigosertib in Japan and Korea 0 None
2011-07-08 Shire files lawsuit against Watson over generic Vyvanse 0 None
2011-07-08 Study finds higher rate of switching from Byetta to Victoza in treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-08 LFB receives U.S. patent titled 'Monoclonal Antibodies with Enhanced ADCC Function' 0 None
2011-07-08 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Watson over Mucinex patent suit 0 None
2011-07-07 Heartworm medication Ivermectin prevents malaria transmission in Africa 0 None
2011-07-07 Low temperature vacuum drying process for production of probiotics 1 None
2011-07-07 Study finds link between genetic variation and cetuximab rectal cancer therapy 0 None
2011-07-07 Improved global safety monitoring of HIV drugs is needed 0 None
2011-07-07 Simpler antibiotic combination could help prevent TB in patients with and without HIV 0 None
2011-07-07 Hydrogel capsule could simultaneously deliver different types of drugs 0 None
2011-07-06 AIDS vaccine may be far off, but path to it is getting clearer 0 None
2011-07-06 Drug companies' desires to maintain status quo are 'lethal' 0 None
2011-07-06 Treating migraines with behavioral approaches can make financial sense 0 None
2011-07-06 New biological insights into fat tissue 0 None
2011-07-06 Infants treated with certain HIV medication more likely to experience adrenal dysfunction 0 None
2011-07-05 PET imaging technique may identify TKI-responsive lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-05 Antidepressants during first trimester linked to increased risk of autism 1 None
2011-07-05 Anti-depressants during early pregnancy linked to increased risk of autism 0 None
2011-07-05 New study reaffirms safety of seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines 1 5
2011-07-05 Anti-inflammatory drugs may increase risk of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-07-05 Varenicline may increase risk of adverse cardiovascular events among smokers 0 None
2011-07-02 Obama administration turns bright spotlight on prescription painkiller abuse 0 None
2011-07-02 Medicare to cover 2 expensive cancer drugs 0 None
2011-07-01 Thai health authorities plan to screen residents of northeast region for deadly fluke worms 0 None
2011-07-01 NPR examines controversial drug being used to save women's lives 0 None
2011-07-01 Pill for rare ageing disease on the horizon 0 None
2011-07-01 Bone fusion drug comes under scrutiny due to researchers’ vested interests 0 None
2011-07-01 Avastin for breast cancer still covered by Medicare despite FDA indecision 0 None
2011-07-01 New clot busting drug approved in UK 0 1.5
2011-07-01 Panel advises FDA to reject Avastin as breast cancer drug 0 None
2011-07-01 Multinational drug companies' scam 0 None
2011-06-30 Some generic anti-epilepsy drugs may not be effective 0 None
2011-06-30 VIVUS submits avanafil NDA to FDA for treatment of erectile dysfunction 0 None
2011-06-30 Research raises questions about some generic epilepsy drugs 0 None
2011-06-30 Valeant to acquire rights relating to Elidel and Xerese from Meda 0 None
2011-06-30 Swaziland's supply of antiretroviral drugs running low 0 1
2011-06-30 Study provides novel information about clinical potential of anti-cancer antibiotics 0 None
2011-06-30 Obstetricians/gynecologists rank Pfizer as No. 1 pharmaceutical company: SDI 0 None
2011-06-30 Drug companies collaborate with DNDi support to develop drug for African sleeping sickness 0 None
2011-06-30 Valeant, Meda partner for life cycle opportunities for Elidel and Xerese 0 None
2011-06-30 Almirall, Forest Labs submit aclidinium bromide NDA to FDA for treatment of COPD 0 None
2011-06-30 Recombinant attenuated Salmonella vaccines hold promise against infectious diseases 0 4
2011-06-30 Physicians urge FDA not to approve Truvada as an HIV prevention pill 0 None
2011-06-30 Early metformin treatment may prevent adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome 0 None
2011-06-30 FDA's ODAC recommends withdrawal of Avastin approval for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-06-30 Dendreon receives FDA approval for Los Angeles cancer immunotherapy manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-06-30 Viewpoints: Calif.'s budget, Supreme Court drug rulings, the Avastin debate 0 None
2011-06-29 Supreme Court rules in favor of ‘pharma’ data mining 0 None
2011-06-29 Vaccines may be given in food in the near future 0 None
2011-06-29 FDA looks at Avastin risks 0 None
2011-06-29 Patients, scientists in different corners for cancer drug fight 0 None
2011-06-29 Exciton enters distribution agreement with Marathon Medical 0 None
2011-06-29 Cipher grants Vertical exclusive U.S. distribution rights to CIP-TRAMADOL ER 0 None
2011-06-29 Suneva Medical receives Health Canada marketing approval for Bellafill 0 None
2011-06-29 Hi-Tech Pharmacal pays $3.6M for rights to Atley's branded pain treatment products 0 None
2011-06-29 Medivir, Meda renegotiate agreement for cold sores medicine, Xerese 0 None
2011-06-29 Study proves efficacy of cellulose powder, without any adverse effects, in treatment of hay fever for children 0 None
2011-06-29 Bayer Yakuhin seeks marketing authorization in Japan for EYLEA for treatment of wet AMD 0 None
2011-06-29 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Mylan expand access to HIV drug Reyataz in sub-Saharan Africa and India 0 None
2011-06-28 Bio-Nucleonics' generic Metastron, an option for metastatic cancer bone pain therapy 0 None
2011-06-28 Tibotec, Gilead Sciences enter license agreement for new combination product of PREZISTA and cobicistat 0 None
2011-06-28 Merck, UPS extend logistics and distribution agreement 0 None
2011-06-28 Drug labels sometimes lack key safety warnings: Consumer Reports Health 0 None
2011-06-28 NUROMOL non-prescription painkiller now available in pharmacies across the UK 0 None
2011-06-28 DSM introduces Kremer Method for rapid, cost effective production of biopharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-06-28 Drug shortages have tripled during the last six years 0 None
2011-06-28 FDA hearing on breast cancer drug set for this week 0 None
2011-06-28 Amgen files sBLA for XGEVA with FDA to treat castrate-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2011-06-28 Accelerated hepatitis B vaccination schedule effective for high-risk pregnant women 0 None
2011-06-27 Australian Nobel Prize winner closer to delivering vaccines in food after positive first study in humans 0 None
2011-06-27 New and effective diabetes drug seeking approval 0 5
2011-06-27 FDA directive on anemia drug in kidney disease patients 0 None
2011-06-27 EMA acceptance of brentuximab vedotin MAA triggers $5M milestone payment to Seattle Genetics 0 None
2011-06-27 Endo recalls two lots of Endocet Tablets 0 None
2011-06-27 Health Canada approves Tasigna for newly diagnosed Philadelphia chromosome-positive CML 0 None
2011-06-27 FDA accepts for filing Columbia's PROCHIEVE progesterone gel NDA 0 None
2011-06-27 FDA issues Complete Response Letter for Pfizer's REMOXY NDA 0 None
2011-06-27 Anticholinergic medications linked to risk of cognitive impairment, death in older population 0 2
2011-06-27 Study finds no adverse effects of vitamin D supplements in pregnant women, newborns 0 None
2011-06-27 EMA accepts Millennium's MAA for ADCETRIS to treat lymphoma 0 None
2011-06-27 FDA recommends conservative dosing guidelines for ESAs to treat anemia in patients with CKD 0 None
2011-06-27 New anti-inflammatory drug improves kidney function in patients with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-06-27 Matrix honors EP Vantage with European Mediscience 2011 Commentator of the Year award 0 1
2011-06-27 Vaccination against rotavirus decreases hospitalization rates among infants 0 None
2011-06-27 Intravenous diclofenac holds promise against severe pain following oral surgery 0 None
2011-06-27 Some HIV drugs can cause premature ageing 0 None
2011-06-24 Isotechnika's partner Lux to appeal EMA CHMP decision against Luveniq 0 None
2011-06-24 EMA approves Shire's new REPLAGAL manufacturing facility in Lexington 0 None
2011-06-24 EMA CHMP recommends approval of linagliptin for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-06-24 Supreme Court sides with drug makers in two decisions 0 None
2011-06-24 Nutrastar opens Harbin specialty store in central Nangang District 0 None
2011-06-24 FDA approves second anti-HIV drug from Rutgers-Janssen collaboration 0 5
2011-06-24 FDA approves Lannett's NDA for Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution 0 None
2011-06-24 EMA CHMP issues positive opinion for Baxter's IVIG therapy for multifocal motor neuropathy 0 None
2011-06-24 Unavailability of Avastin more dangerous risk for breast cancer patients, says FAMEDS founder 0 None
2011-06-24 Pfizer and Pain Therapeutics receive FDA Complete Response Letter for resubmission of REMOXY NDA 0 None
2011-06-24 Automated screening system helps identify cases of unexpected drug diversions 0 None
2011-06-24 ViroPharma receives positive European CHMP opinion for Buccolam to treat acute seizures 0 None
2011-06-24 Cocaine contaminated with livestock de-worming drug causes painful purpura 0 None
2011-06-24 Scientists develop new NO delivery system to fortify effects of Viagra in the body 0 None
2011-06-24 Endo's complete response for new formulation of OPANA ER NDA accepted by the FDA 0 None
2011-06-24 Inhaled corticosteroids linked to increased risk of fractures in patients with COPD 0 None
2011-06-24 Mylan introduces generic Entocort EC capsules for treatment of Crohn's disease 0 None
2011-06-24 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for Neurocrine's NBI-98854 to treat tardive dyskinesia 0 None
2011-06-24 AMT receives CHMP opinion on Glybera Marketing Authorisation Application 0 None
2011-06-24 Anticholinergic drugs might increase risk of cognitive impairment, death in older people 0 None
2011-06-24 Health Canada grants market authorization for Sanofi-aventis Jevtana to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-06-24 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation for Accentia's Revimmune to treat two autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-06-23 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on generic drugs 0 None
2011-06-23 Some drug mixtures may be fatal for elderly: study 0 None
2011-06-23 Scil Technology receives public research grant for novel rheumatoid arthritis treatments 0 None
2011-06-23 Health Canada approves PURE Hard Surface disinfectant 0 None
2011-06-23 GAD vaccine DIAPREV-IT study in high-risk children continues as planned 0 4
2011-06-23 PNP Pharmaceuticals contracted as exclusive global manufacturer of Fero Industries' Sucanon 0 None
2011-06-23 FDA grants Fast Track designation for Repligen's RG3039 to treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy 0 None
2011-06-23 Watson Pharmaceuticals expands Salt Lake City R&D and manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-06-23 The role of pharmaceutical companies in global health 0 None
2011-06-23 Insight into future development of global pharmaceutical industry 0 2
2011-06-23 AP: Walgreens, Express Scripts at odds in contract negotiations 0 None
2011-06-23 MEDA seeks marketing authorization for Zyclara in Europe 0 None
2011-06-23 Daewoong, Medivir sign distribution agreement for Xerclear in China and Hong Kong 0 None
2011-06-23 Axxam receives ADDF grant to develop new therapeutics for Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-06-23 AstraZeneca, Jubilant announce delivery outcomes and early success in Pain therapeutic area 0 None
2011-06-23 Incivek-combination therapy increases chances of HCV patients achieving viral cure 0 None
2011-06-23 Mothers receiving influenza vaccination during pregnancy also protect infants 0 None
2011-06-23 India looking to supply generic drugs to Japan 0 None
2011-06-23 Sanofi Pasteur establishes new vaccine research and development facility in Canada 0 None
2011-06-23 Rush scientist receives NIH grant to evaluate whether cinnamon may treat MS 0 None
2011-06-23 LPI receives final FDA approval for generic version of Levaquin tablets 0 None
2011-06-22 FDA approves ProStrakan's Rectiv for pain associated with anal fissures 0 None
2011-06-22 VENENUM opens new medicinal chemistry facility in Hamilton, NJ 0 1
2011-06-22 Pharmasset receives U.S. patent titled 'Nucleoside Phosphoramidate Prodrugs' 0 None
2011-06-22 Homosexual men with prostate cancer more likely to report problems with bicalutamide drug 0 4
2011-06-22 Supreme Court accepts case that could shape field of personalized medicine 0 None
2011-06-22 Scientists apply math model to HIV to discover targets for vaccines or drugs 0 None
2011-06-22 Dr. Reddy's Labs launches generic version of LEVAQUIN tablets in the U.S. 1 None
2011-06-22 Use public-private partnerships to improve access to essential health products 0 None
2011-06-22 Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs reduce risk of diabetes from RA, psoriasis 0 None
2011-06-22 Frankincense may help treat painful arthritis 0 None
2011-06-22 Research focuses on how marijuana affects decision-making process 0 5
2011-06-22 New-onset diabetes risk increases with intensive-dose statin therapy 0 None
2011-06-22 Biotest, Abbott partner to develop and commercialize BT-061 for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-06-22 Palatin receives U.S. patent titled ‘Amino Acid Surrogates for Peptidic Constructs' 0 None
2011-06-21 AusBiotech supports ‘Raising the Bar’ 0 None
2011-06-21 CSL Biotherapies statement on FDA warning letter 0 None
2011-06-21 Respira reports results of DPI drug engine clinical study against COPD, asthma 0 None
2011-06-21 EC grants marketing authorization to BYDUREON for treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-06-21 IPS examines access to treatment for drug-resistant TB 0 None
2011-06-21 FDA confirms printed prescription drug ads affect consumer understanding of medications 0 None
2011-06-21 New anti-abuse formulation of painkiller Oxycodone 0 None
2011-06-21 Government and private sector must work together on HIV vaccine 0 None
2011-06-21 U.S. FDA approves generic Levaquin for treatment of bacterial infections 0 None
2011-06-21 Rheonix, Mayo Clinic partner for genotyping test to assist warfarin sensitivity 0 None
2011-06-20 Mayo Clinic announces collaboration on genotyping test for Warfarin sensitivity 0 None
2011-06-20 Benitec’s pain program validated by independent study 0 None
2011-06-20 Contaminated cocaine may lead to public health epidemic 0 None
2011-06-20 Photocure launches Photodynamic Cosmetic for improving skin appearance 0 None
2011-06-20 NanoViricides plans to lease new cGMP manufacturing and lab space 0 None
2011-06-20 Supreme Court ruling would affect around 10,000 Reglan-metoclopramide lawsuits 0 None
2011-06-20 Pulmatrix introduces novel iSPERSE inhaled dry powder drug delivery platform 0 None
2011-06-20 Acura, Pfizer receive FDA approval for OXECTA Tablets to manage severe pain 0 None
2011-06-20 Endo Pharmaceuticals, Jubilant achieve milestone in cancer drug development program 0 None
2011-06-20 Concert earns $4M milestone payment from GSK collaboration 0 None
2011-06-20 Ground breaking treatment for Cystic Fibrosis 0 None
2011-06-20 One in ten Europe's middle-aged citizens took antidepressants during 2010 0 None
2011-06-20 Chengdu Tianyin files renewal application for High Tech Enterprise Status 0 None
2011-06-20 Pharma IQ publishes results of Industry-wide distribution survey 0 None
2011-06-19 Risperidone recall by J&J 0 None
2011-06-18 FDA approves NULOJIX 0 None
2011-06-18 Watson Pharmaceuticals confirms SEASONIQUE patent challenge 0 None
2011-06-18 HPV vaccine shows success in young Australian women, study says 0 1
2011-06-18 Controversy over F.D.A.-Avastin decision to reignite June 28-29 with new round of hearings 0 None
2011-06-18 Economist examines decade of changes in vaccine field 0 None
2011-06-18 Niclosamide drug effective against colon cancer metastasis 0 None
2011-06-17 RHEI receives Chinese SFDA acceptance letter for MuGard 0 None
2011-06-17 Joint venture to manufacture and distribute tenofovir gel in Africa 0 None
2011-06-17 Fast-acting antidepressant effect of ketamine 0 None
2011-06-17 Medical societies urge diabetes patients to remain on their prescribed medications 0 None
2011-06-17 PEG hydrogel sealant effectively encloses surgical wounds after spinal procedures 0 None
2011-06-17 Menafrivac more effective, less expensive than older meningitis vaccines, studies say 0 None
2011-06-16 New Australian drug shows positive response in patients with multiple myeloma blood cancer 3 2.4
2011-06-16 CEVEC and Catalent Pharma Solutions offer joint cell line development service 0 None
2011-06-16 Potent reagent for reliable stem cell differentiation 0 None
2011-06-16 Researchers reveal why anti-androgen therapy may fail in men with prostate cancer 0 None
2011-06-16 Geisinger uses mandatory approach to improve healthcare worker influenza vaccination rates 0 None
2011-06-16 'Cell membrane capsules' made from real living cells improve functional drug delivery 0 None
2011-06-16 Antibiotics overprescribed for in home-care patients 0 None
2011-06-16 InNexus files patent protection for new Age-related Macular Degeneration therapeutic 0 None
2011-06-16 Liraglutide medication can help treat type 1 diabetes 0 5
2011-06-16 Potential new drug therapies targeting genetic mutations benefit lung-cancer patients 0 None
2011-06-16 ViroPharma receives European Centralized Marketing Authorization for Cinryze for treatment of HAE 0 None
2011-06-16 Bristol-Myers Squibb receives FDA approval for Nulojix to prevent organ rejection after kidney transplant 0 None
2011-06-15 Cholesterol-lowering statins reduce rate of mortality and cardiovascular events 0 None
2011-06-15 Cardinal Health renews pharmaceutical distribution agreement with Prime Therapeutics 0 None
2011-06-15 Galectin strengthens cancer drug patent portfolio in Europe 0 None
2011-06-15 FDA issues final rulemaking on testing and labeling of sunscreen products 0 None
2011-06-15 Leukothera effectively treats psoriasis in humanized mouse xenograft transplantation model 0 None
2011-06-15 GlycoVaxyn's Second Annual Science Day to highlight challenges of vaccine industry 0 2
2011-06-15 Botox injections can reduce wrinkles with half as many sessions after 20 months 0 None
2011-06-15 Editorial, opinion pieces respond to GAVI pledging conference 0 None
2011-06-15 APP announces $38 million expansion of New York manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-06-15 Researchers reveal how anti-arrhythmic drugs control irregular heartbeats 0 None
2011-06-15 Meningitis vaccine showing success in West Africa 0 None
2011-06-15 Study investigates effects of dopamine replacement therapy on cognition in patients with Parkinson's 0 None
2011-06-15 Large donations help GAVI raise $4.3B, exceeding goal 0 None
2011-06-15 Jamieson introduces UC-II undenatured collagen to relieve osteoarthritis pain 0 None
2011-06-15 OCuSOFT, Ardeo partner to distribute novel dry eye therapy in the U.S. and Canada 0 None
2011-06-15 TIA, CONRAD enter license agreement to manufacture and distribute Tenofovir1% gel in Africa 0 None
2011-06-15 PDR launches new online network to collect, distribute adverse drug events in the U.S. 0 None
2011-06-15 GSK, Arecor enter license agreement to develop advanced formulations of vaccines 0 None
2011-06-15 New FDA rules for sunscreen labels 0 3
2011-06-15 FDA approves Abbott's CREON capsules for treatment of EPI due to cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-06-14 Abbott’s CREON receives FDA approval for infant-specific dose 0 None
2011-06-14 Boiron launches new natural and non-steroidal products for athletes to treat muscle pain 0 None
2011-06-14 FDA extends Pacira's EXPAREL PDUFA goal date by three months 0 None
2011-06-14 Humira defect lawyers file suit against Abbott Laboratories in federal court 0 1
2011-06-14 Universal influenza vaccination may reduce health care costs in the U.S. 0 None
2011-06-14 C-Path, IMI sign MoU to accelerate development of safer, more effective medicines for patients 0 None
2011-06-14 B. Braun receives FDA approval to use 1g and 2g Ceftazidime in DUPLEX Drug Delivery System 0 None
2011-06-14 CTI completes pixantrone NDA resubmission meeting with FDA's Division of Oncology Drug Products 0 None
2011-06-14 Dengue vaccine could be available in four years 0 None
2011-06-14 Cypress receives FDA approval for ZUTRIPRO, REZIRA NDA to treat cough and common cold 0 None
2011-06-13 Nose spray vaccine for type 1 diabetes could be a reality soon 0 None
2011-06-13 Formaldehyde & other chemicals declared carcinogenic: Report 0 None
2011-06-13 New drug more effective than standard treatment to prevent heart-attack deaths 0 None
2011-06-13 Alios, Vertex sign worldwide license agreement to develop new hepatitis C combination medicines 0 None
2011-06-13 Servier, Cortex sign new option agreement for AMPAKINE technology 0 None
2011-06-13 Mystic's key manufacturing technology for drug, biologic delivery systems receives U.S. patent 0 None
2011-06-13 New decade of vaccines 0 None
2011-06-13 Risky behavior, psychiatric disorders and substance abuse contribute to opioid overdose 0 None
2011-06-13 New swine flu variant shows some resistance to drugs, report says 0 None
2011-06-13 FDA approves Valeant's Potiga Tablets for treatment of partial-onset seizures 0 None
2011-06-13 Low-cost meningitis vaccine cuts cases in African countries, data show 0 None
2011-06-13 Hanwha, Merck partner to develop and commercialize HD203 0 None
2011-06-13 Valeant Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for Potiga 0 None
2011-06-13 LA/hypnosis combination during surgery can aid healing process, reduce drug use and hospital stay time 0 None
2011-06-13 Merck receives FDA approval for redesigned drug container labels 0 None
2011-06-10 Larger trial study needed to decide fate of niacin 0 None
2011-06-10 Experts discuss impact of new vaccines on global health 0 None
2011-06-10 Researchers and advocates form new vaccine foundation 0 None
2011-06-10 Amylin disappointed with U.S. District Court's ruling in BYETTA preliminary injunction 0 None
2011-06-10 Mothers' B vitamin intake protects children against intestinal tumors 0 None
2011-06-10 LGL to host third annual pharmacogenetic conference on 8-9th November 2011 0 None
2011-06-10 FDA grants Fast Track Designation for Emergent BioSolutions' NuThrax vaccine 0 None
2011-06-09 Drugs for enlarged prostate raise cancer risk 0 None
2011-06-09 New vaccines on the horizon 0 None
2011-06-09 Respira introduces breakthrough Dry Powder Inhaler 0 None
2011-06-09 New vaccine leads to dramatic fall in meningitis A cases 0 None
2011-06-09 University of Mississippi grants ChromaDex global rights to pterostilbene 0 None
2011-06-09 Merck announces changes to high-dose simvastatin prescribing information in the U.S. 1 1
2011-06-09 JDRF, Selecta Biosciences partner to develop type 1 diabetes vaccine 0 None
2011-06-09 Ameritox launches Rx Guardian CD, next-generation pain-medication monitoring solution 0 None
2011-06-09 U.S. FDA announces safety label changes for cholesterol-lowering medication, simvastatin 0 None
2011-06-09 Agensys, Seattle Genetics to co-develop second antibody-drug conjugate for multiple solid tumors 0 None
2011-06-09 IPS examines negotiations over intellectual property laws affecting generic AIDS drugs 0 None
2011-06-08 Paladin to commercialize Silenor for treatment of insomnia in Canada, South America and Africa 0 None
2011-06-08 Therapeutic equivalent to replace penicillin 0 None
2011-06-08 Adoption of premium-priced sclerotherapy agents will contribute to growth of US sclerotherapy market 0 None
2011-06-08 Novation recognizes APP with NOVAPLUS Pharmacy Manufacturer of the Year 0 None
2011-06-08 GSK, Crucell to test second-generation malaria vaccine 0 None
2011-06-08 GAVI appeals for $3.7B ahead of pledging conference despite lower vaccine prices 0 None
2011-06-08 OzHealth Pharma, Moberg Derma partner to distribute Emtrix in Australia and New Zealand 0 None
2011-06-08 Bio-Nucleonics resumes production of metastatic cancer drug, Strontium-89 0 None
2011-06-08 FDA grants orphan drug designation for Edison's EPI-743 to treat inherited mitochondrial diseases 0 None
2011-06-08 Combined contraceptive pill does not cause weight gain in young women 0 None
2011-06-08 FDA approves Mylan's ANDA for Donepezil HCl Tablets to treat dementia linked with Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-06-07 Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new triple quadrupole gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system 0 None
2011-06-07 Shire Canada receives expanded indication for MEZAVANT for treatment of ulcerative colitis 0 5
2011-06-07 FDA accepts Topaz's ivermectin NDA for treatment for head lice infestations 0 None
2011-06-07 Zoledronate at lower dose effective in reducing risk of osteoporotic fractures 0 None
2011-06-07 Intrexon, Halozyme partner to develop subcutaneous alpha 1-antitrypsin for A1AT deficiency 0 2
2011-06-07 Bayer HealthCare seeks EU marketing authorization of VEGF Trap-Eye for treatment of wet AMD 0 None
2011-06-07 EC approves Biogen Idec's AVONEX PEN to treat multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-06-07 Increases in VEGF-family markers in metastatic colorectal cancer patients associated with Avastin resistance 0 None
2011-06-07 APP to commence marketing Letrozole Tablets for breast cancer in the U.S. 0 None
2011-06-07 Female cancer survivors benefit from natural nutritional supplement 0 None
2011-06-07 FDA issues revised PDUFA date for Lannett's Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution NDA 0 None
2011-06-07 Testosterone spray may slow cognitive decline in post-menopausal women 0 None
2011-06-07 Women with low bone density more likely to benefit from bisphosphonate drug 0 None
2011-06-07 Actavis receives final FDA approval for Zolpidem ER Tablets 1 None
2011-06-07 Focus on getting more people on antiretroviral therapy as AIDS turns 30 0 None
2011-06-06 PATH malaria vaccine initiative to collaborate with GSK and Crucell in development of 2nd-generation malaria vaccine 0 4
2011-06-06 Several drug makers plan to lower prices of vaccines for GAVI purchase 0 None
2011-06-06 Dr. Reddy’s launches generic ARICEPT, EFFEXOR XR and FEMARA in the US 0 None
2011-06-06 Ganeden Biotech sells Sustenex and Digestive Advantage to Schiff for $40 million 0 None
2011-06-06 TenX BioPharma grants Emergent BioSolutions rights to zanolimumab 0 2
2011-06-06 FDA grants orphan drug designation for Aradigm's ciprofloxacin to manage bronchiectasis 0 None
2011-06-06 FDA accepts Sunovion ciclesonide HFA nasal aerosol NDA for review 0 None
2011-06-06 Topiramate drug can help people lose weight 0 4.5
2011-06-06 Formoterol medication shows promise for improving fat and protein metabolism in men 0 None
2011-06-06 Bharat Biotech announces the pricing for ROTAVAC vaccine 0 None
2011-06-06 Formoterol drug improves fat burning and protein metabolism in men 0 None
2011-06-06 Anti-ghrelin vaccine decreases food intake and increases calorie burning in mice 1 None
2011-06-05 New skin cancer drug brings hope 0 None
2011-06-05 GAVI welcomes lower pentavalent vaccine price 0 None
2011-06-05 Safety of birth control pills under scrutiny 0 None
2011-06-04 Scientists find way to protect kidney from cancer drug toxicity 0 None
2011-06-04 HRT reduces risk of breast cancer in women with BRCA mutations after ovary removal 0 5
2011-06-04 Recommendations on new cancer drug review process fall short in several ways: CCAC 0 None
2011-06-04 International drug policy panel calls for legalization of some drugs, de-criminalizing drug use 0 None
2011-06-04 Department of Health urges caregivers, parents to update students' immunizations 0 None
2011-06-04 Enzyme Research journal publishes new peer-reviewed article involving Protandim 0 5
2011-06-04 PTEN does not reduce effectiveness of breast cancer drug, Herceptin: Study 0 None
2011-06-04 Study assesses public's willingness to consider pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention 0 None
2011-06-04 Gabapentin medication induces anorgasmia in older and elderly patients 0 3.5
2011-06-04 Decreasing iron-storing protein expression can enhance action of brain cancer therapy: Researchers 0 None
2011-06-04 Patent infringement suit filed against Impax Laboratories in connection with Detrol 0 None
2011-06-04 Research in progress for novel protein kinase inhibitors: GEN 0 None
2011-06-04 Medical oncologists confirm benefits of crizotinib in ALK positive lung cancer 0 None
2011-06-03 Bexarotene and erlotinib drugs effective in treating advanced lung cancer 0 None
2011-06-03 Preclinical study: Combination therapy of SPX-106 and D-tagatose reduces triglycerides and cholesterol 0 None
2011-06-03 Longer looks: Is American medicine destroying itself? 0 None
2011-06-03 Orexigen meets FDA to gain clarity on approval for Contrave NDA to treat obesity 0 None
2011-06-03 Insight into beneficial epilepsy treatments for children with autism 0 None
2011-06-03 UC review finds rate of rtPA treatment for ischemic stroke in the U.S. doubled since 2005 0 None
2011-06-03 Syndax receives U.S. patent for entinostat to treat metastatic cancers 0 None
2011-06-03 PQA honors Kaiser Permanente for outstanding performance in medication safety 0 None
2011-06-03 FDA approves Mylan's ANDA for Venlafaxine HCl ER Capsules to treat depressive, anxiety disorder 0 None
2011-06-02 Repligen announces completion of RG1068 pre-New Drug Application meeting with U.S. FDA 0 None
2011-06-02 Teva receives FDA approval to market Eisai's Alzheimer's treatment Aricept Tablets in the U.S. 0 None
2011-06-02 XTL receives FDA Orphan-drug designation for rHuEPO drug to treat Multiple Myeloma 0 None
2011-06-01 China's SFDA grants production license to TPI anti-diabetic drug Gliclazide 0 None
2011-06-01 EMA accepts Pfizer's filing of axitinib for regulatory review to treat advanced renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-06-01 Alexion's sBLA for Soliris receives FDA Priority Review designation to treat aHUS 0 None
2011-06-01 Spanish Medicines Agency grants IMP License to Midatech's clinical grade nanoparticles 0 None
2011-06-01 UNICEF publishes vaccine costs in an effort to promote price competition 0 None
2011-06-01 Lymphoma vaccine extends disease-free survival by 14 months 0 None
2011-06-01 FDA approves APP Pharmaceuticals' Piperacillin and Tazobactam for Injection 0 None
2011-06-01 E64d reduces Aβ levels and improves memory function in brains of Alzheimer's disease mice 0 None
2011-06-01 Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid holds promise against familial frontotemporal dementia 0 None
2011-06-01 MorphoSys to start share buy-back 0 None
2011-06-01 European Commission grants Orphan Drug Designation for CSL Behring's rVIIa-FP to treat hemophilia 0 None
2011-06-01 Eculizumab effective for treating hemolytic-uremic syndrome from EHEC 0 None
2011-06-01 Type II diabetes drug may slow or stop breast cancer tumor metastasis 0 1
2011-06-01 Centocor Ortho Biotech, AVEO sign license deal to develop, commercialize RON-targeted antibodies 0 None
2011-06-01 Birth control pill safety issues raised 0 None
2011-05-31 FDA approves Oceana's Solesta for treatment of fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-05-31 Defiante, Dyax expand KALBITOR partnership to treat hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-05-31 YM BioSciences' CYT387 receives European Commission positive opinion for Orphan Drug Designation 0 None
2011-05-31 Takeda, Affymax submit peginesatide NDA to FDA for treatment of anemia linked with chronic renal failure 0 None
2011-05-31 BioAlliance's appeals in SpePharm litigation rejected 0 None
2011-05-31 Scientists develop carbohydrate-based vaccine against C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-05-31 Cancer drug helps prevent hypertensive heart disease 0 None
2011-05-30 National Pharmacovigilance Programme to increase awareness about benefits of adverse event reporting 0 None
2011-05-30 Oceana Therapeutics receives FDA approval for Solesta injectable gel to treat fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-05-30 Optimer receives FDA approval for Dificid tablets to treat C. difficile-associated diarrhea 0 None
2011-05-29 Cholesterol drug Niaspan fails to protect heart: Study 1 None
2011-05-29 Flu vaccines at the ready this season 0 None
2011-05-29 Efficacy of Abbott cholesterol drug in question 0 4
2011-05-27 Emergent in active discussions with U.S. government for multi-year supply of BioThrax to the SNS 0 None
2011-05-27 Blue Cross and Blue Shield FEP pharmacy benefit management program awarded to CVS Caremark 0 None
2011-05-27 Nature special issue focuses on vaccines 0 None
2011-05-27 Study: Cardiovascular disease may be under treated in rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2011-05-27 IDF applauds Representatives for Medicare IVIG Access Act 0 None
2011-05-27 Sanofi-Aventis, Medtronic under scrutiny in press reports 0 None
2011-05-27 Two new hepatitis C drugs effectively improve cure rates of African Americans 0 1
2011-05-27 Mylan plans to change name of Matrix Laboratories 0 None
2011-05-27 Leukemia, psoriasis drugs may treat vascular diseases 0 None
2011-05-27 Research sheds light on how painkillers could prevent or slow down cancer growth 0 None
2011-05-27 Abiraterone acetate effective for men with advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2011-05-27 Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of heart attack in stent patients 0 None
2011-05-27 Long-term exposure to estrogen increases high blood pressure in women 0 5
2011-05-27 Pro-Pharmaceuticals announces name change to Galectin Therapeutics 0 None
2011-05-27 MAP Pharmaceuticals submits LEVADEX NDA to FDA for treatment of migraine in adults 0 None
2011-05-26 Invida announces launch of novel atopic dermatitis symptomatic treatment 0 None
2011-05-26 Gerber Products receives first qualified health claim from FDA for infant formulas 0 None
2011-05-26 HPV vaccination does not affect rate of disease flares in patients with SLE, study finds 0 None
2011-05-26 IPS examines access to medicine in Malawi 0 None
2011-05-26 Studies find antibiotics overused for children with asthma, urinary tract infections 0 None
2011-05-26 Nurses can play vital role in increasing patients' adherence to cancer-fighting medication 0 None
2011-05-26 U.S. District Court grants temporary restraining order in Amylin's litigation against Lilly 0 None
2011-05-26 Paxil and Pravachol in combination cause unexpected increase in blood glucose levels 0 None
2011-05-26 Metyrapone reduces brain's ability to re-record negative emotions associated with recalling painful memories 0 5
2011-05-26 Study shows positive link between percentage of motile sperm and serum vitamin D levels 0 None
2011-05-26 Lx Therapies, BioCis partner to form Laurantis Pharma 0 None
2011-05-25 Scarcity of resources calls for equitable distribution system for novel HCV treatment 0 1
2011-05-25 Comtex SmarTrend ranks POZEN as second most efficient pharmaceutical company 0 None
2011-05-25 Pharmaceutical Executive's Ad Stars, DTC Perspectives recognize Auxilium and Heartbeat work 0 None
2011-05-25 AFP examines expansion of Indian drug companies in South Africa 0 None
2011-05-25 Study provides insight into effective treatments for autism spectrum disorder, seizures 0 None
2011-05-25 BPD expands existing bioprocess and scale-up laboratory in Poway, CA 0 1
2011-05-25 New combination therapy eradicates acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, older adults 0 None
2011-05-25 3M Skin and Wound Care introduces Tegaderm Diamond Dressing with Comfort Adhesive Technology 0 2.3
2011-05-24 Study offers hope for reducing incidence of AIDS with potential preventive vaccine 0 None
2011-05-24 Provepharm obtains European marketing authorization for its Methylthioninium Chloride Proveblue 0 None
2011-05-24 New study finds drug's side effect labeling have ballooned in size 0 None
2011-05-24 Scientific evidence supports benefits of sunscreen usage to prevent skin cancer 0 None
2011-05-24 Fluorinated glucosamine blocks synthesis of key sugar linked to skin inflammation, cancer progression 0 None
2011-05-24 Exosome Diagnostics announces expansion of scientific advisory board 0 None
2011-05-24 IPS examines subsidized malaria drugs in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-24 Long-term, regular acetaminophen use may be associated with lower prostate cancer risk 0 None
2011-05-24 Vertex Incivek receives FDA approval for treatment of chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-05-24 FDA approves Taro's ANDA for Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution 0 None
2011-05-23 Key U.S. patents increase commercial rights and clinical indications 0 None
2011-05-23 FDA approves Amneal's generic Furadantin 0 None
2011-05-23 Vertex receives FDA approval for INCIVEK to treat hepatitis C 0 3
2011-05-23 Nano-complex pre-meal dietary supplement can reduce fat and sugar absorption in the body 0 3
2011-05-23 Mylan introduces Divalproex Sodium Capsules for treatment of seizures 0 None
2011-05-23 Novel compound could become an effective alternative to common narcotic analgesics 0 3
2011-05-23 Sosei to introduce NorLevo oral emergency contraceptive in Japan 0 None
2011-05-22 Verizon Wireless and Medco unveil mobile medication app with real-time patient-specific drug safety 0 None
2011-05-22 Avandia withdrawal from shelves by November: FDA 0 None
2011-05-21 FDA approves SUTENT for treatment of pancreatic NET 0 None
2011-05-21 Many 'legal high' drugs sold on the internet do not contain ingredients they claim 0 None
2011-05-21 Some cancer patients go without drugs because of high cost 0 None
2011-05-21 U.S. District Court grants Cephalon Temporary Restraining Order for generic AMRIX 0 None
2011-05-21 New study raises doubts about benefits of ezetimibe in patients suffering from high LDL cholesterol 0 5
2011-05-21 Edurant receives FDA approval for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2011-05-21 Local production of pharmaceuticals could improve access in developing countries, U.N. report says 0 None
2011-05-21 Feeding SimplyThick to premature infants may cause NEC, warns FDA 0 None
2011-05-21 FDA approves Sutent for patients with progressive neuroendocrine cancerous tumors in pancreas 0 None
2011-05-20 Most paediatric paracetamol prescriptions fails to comply with BNFc recommendations 0 None
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP recommends conditional marketing authorization of FAMPYRA 0 None
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP recommends positive opinion for marketing authorization of Amgen's XGEVA 0 None
2011-05-20 Merck's VICTRELIS receives European CHMP positive opinion for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 1 infection 0 4
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP issues positive opinion for marketing approval of BENLYSTA 0 None
2011-05-20 Cholesterol drug may help treat mitochondrial diseases 0 1
2011-05-20 'No magic pill' for HIV prevention 0 None
2011-05-20 Abbott appreciates FDA Advisory Committee recommendations to retain Trilipix indication for mixed dyslipidemia 0 None
2011-05-20 Naltrexone improves clinical, inflammatory activity in Crohn's disease patients 0 None
2011-05-20 Study: Costs get in way of cancer patients refilling their prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-19 Medical food resolves metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors 0 None
2011-05-19 AVAC calls on donors, policy makers to strengthen support for AIDS vaccine research 0 None
2011-05-19 USPTO grants four key patents for Alvine's proteases to detect celiac disease 0 None
2011-05-19 Study: 10% of cancer patients fail to fill initial oral oncolytic prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-19 Modified vitamin A drug may help prevent age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2011-05-19 Generic drugs to rule the market in the near future: Experts 0 None
2011-05-19 Panel votes 20-0 for reformed labeling of kids’ pain & fever relieving medication 0 None
2011-05-19 Aspirin, simvastatin not effective in combating pulmonary artery hypertension 0 4
2011-05-19 APP receives FDA approval to market Gemcitabine HCI for Injection, USP in 2 g dosage 0 None
2011-05-19 Alemtuzumab as effective as other more expensive immune suppressants for kidney transplants 0 2
2011-05-19 New breast cancer biomarker may help identify women's response to tamoxifen 0 None
2011-05-19 Global health partnership announces first-, second-line AIDS drugs price reductions in developing world 0 None
2011-05-18 Study reveals weakness of pharmacies' clinical decision support software in evaluating drug-drug interactions 0 5
2011-05-18 Haiti presents plan to immunize 90 percent of newborns 0 None
2011-05-18 Silodosin helps reduce chronic prostatitis in men 0 2.5
2011-05-18 Study: 80% of U.S. physicians use Herceptin for HER2-positive metastatic gastric cancer treatment 0 None
2011-05-18 UW C4C, Pharmigene execute licensing agreement for warfarin personalized medicine technology 0 None
2011-05-18 Bill Gates calls for greater immunization efforts in World Health Assembly address 0 None
2011-05-18 Two drug makers will disclose prices they charge UNICEF for vaccines 0 None
2011-05-18 Study finds three-month TB treatment regimen just as effective as standard longer course 0 None
2011-05-18 Teva, ERYtech Pharma sign long term distribution agreement for Graspa in Israel 0 None
2011-05-18 Opinion: Study will unite HIV advocates, add funding pressure to Obama administration 0 None
2011-05-17 Daiichi Sankyo, Regency Therapeutics launch SPRIX Nasal Spray for severe pain 0 None
2011-05-17 Gastroenterologists have limited knowledge of appropriate immunizations for IBD patients, study finds 0 None
2011-05-17 Pfizer seeks U.S. FDA, Japanese MHLW approval for crizotinib NDA to treat ALK-positive advanced NSCLC 0 None
2011-05-17 Nordic Naturals' dietary supplements earn NSF certification 0 1
2011-05-17 Antiretrovirals important to protect HIV-positive children from measles 0 None
2011-05-17 World Health Assembly begins in Geneva 0 None
2011-05-17 Novel topically-applied molecular microbicide protects women against HIV infection 0 None
2011-05-17 Eli Lilly responds to Amylin's exenatide lawsuit 0 None
2011-05-17 Anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib reacts with protein and induces liver cancer cells to commit suicide 0 None
2011-05-17 Epichem signs exclusive distributor agreement with AR Brown 0 None
2011-05-17 Benitec raises AU$8 million for gene silencing therapeutics 0 None
2011-05-17 Abcc10 might help counter resistance and extend effectiveness of anticancer drugs 0 None
2011-05-17 GPSA, Sanofi partner to develop and commercialize GBR 500 for inflammatory disease treatment 0 None
2011-05-17 Perrigo's ANDA for generic Zantac 150 receives FDA final approval to treat heartburn 0 None
2011-05-17 FDA nod for hepatitis C drug 0 None
2011-05-17 Opinion: New HIV infections more expensive than providing antiretroviral drugs to existing patients 0 None
2011-05-16 FDA warns consumers about look like antimicrobial dietary supplements 0 None
2011-05-16 Mylan introduces Bromfenac Ophthalmic Solution for cataract postoperative inflammation treatment 0 None
2011-05-16 Amylin files lawsuit against Eli Lilly for improper commercialization of exenatide 0 None
2011-05-16 Study finds no potential cardiovascular risks of ADHD medications in children, adolescents 0 None
2011-05-16 Study: HIV treatment drugs slash transmission risk 0 None
2011-05-16 Formoline L112 effectively aids weight loss 0 3.3
2011-05-16 Counterfeit medicines posing increasing risk to patients worldwide, U.N. agency says 0 None
2011-05-16 Karo Bio symposium to discuss research on ER-beta and therapeutic applications 0 None
2011-05-16 Australian TGA approves Biogen Idec's FAMPYRA to improve walking ability in patients with MS 0 None
2011-05-16 pSivida resubmits ILUVIEN NDA to FDA for diabetic macular edema treatment 0 None
2011-05-16 Vitamin D may improve exercise capacity, respiratory muscle strength in COPD patients 0 4
2011-05-16 Obese men may face high risk of prostate cancer progression 0 None
2011-05-16 Mylan introduces Cyclobenzaprine HCl ER Capsules, a muscle relaxant 0 None
2011-05-16 Merck receives FDA approval for Victrelis to treat chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-05-13 Scientists 'tinker' with HIV drug chemistry hoping to reduce costs 1 None
2011-05-13 China's SFDA approves TPI anti-diabetic drug Gliclazide 0 None
2011-05-13 Mylan introduces Risperidone Orally Disintegrating Tablets for schizophrenia treatment 0 None
2011-05-13 Patients with sickle cell disease may require higher, frequent doses of morphine 0 None
2011-05-13 Rethink praises Ontario's decision to provide breast cancer patients with access to Herceptin 0 None
2011-05-13 Majority of high-risk heart disease patients have poor adherence to statin treatment 0 None
2011-05-13 Hydroxyurea safe and effective for infants, toddlers with sickle-cell disease 0 None
2011-05-12 Researchers help explain why smart drugs are not effective in some cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-12 ETI finalizes proprietary progesterone formulations for Traumatic Brain Injury 0 None
2011-05-12 Linguamatics releases I2E. Version 3.2 software for pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2011-05-12 New organocatalyst now available for drug development industry 0 None
2011-05-12 Health Canada approves EMEND IV formulation to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting 0 None
2011-05-12 Antiretroviral therapy can reduce risk of HIV transmission in couples 0 None
2011-05-12 Losartan therapy improves muscle injury regeneration and prevents disuse atrophy 0 None
2011-05-12 Scientists develop promising vaccine formulations to treat methamphetamine addiction 0 None
2011-05-12 VGTI, OHSU's new vaccine candidate may fight against HIV 0 None
2011-05-12 Researchers look for surrogate endpoints to predict early benefit of cancer drugs 0 None
2011-05-12 FDA accepts EffRx NDA for EX101 to treat osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-12 Neogenix Oncology to receive European Patent for NEO-301 antibody for treatment of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-05-12 FDA accepts Insys NDA for Fentanyl SL Spray to treat breakthrough cancer pain 0 None
2011-05-12 ViroPharma, Halozyme sign license deal to develop Cinryze against hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-05-11 Injecting botox in 'trigger points' of pericraneal and neck muscles reduces migraine frequency 0 None
2011-05-11 SAFC, Oncolytics Biotech sign commercial supply agreement for REOLYSIN 0 None
2011-05-11 AspirinWorks Test now available in greater Boston and surrounding area 0 None
2011-05-11 Baylor has now patented new polarimeter that could prove useful in pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-05-11 Amylin, JDRF collaborate to investigate combination therapy for type 1 diabetes treatment 0 None
2011-05-11 NAA calls for immediate Congressional hearings and scientific investigation into autism-vaccine link 3 5
2011-05-11 U.S. biopharmaceutical companies to benefit from Almac's European Product Launch workshop 0 None
2011-05-11 EMD Millipore inaugurates new Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Technical Center 0 None
2011-05-11 Adherence to disease-modifying drugs is low in patients with multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Genentech submits vemurafenib NDA for BRAF V600 mutation-positive metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-05-11 BioAlliance Pharma enters license deal with Sosei to commercialize Loramyc in Japan 0 None
2011-05-11 Sosei acquires rights to Loramyc in Japan from BioAlliance Pharma 0 None
2011-05-11 Novel two-drug combination cures young patient with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Govt. audit finds antipsychotic drugs often overused in nursing homes 0 None
2011-05-11 Plexxikon seeks vemurafenib marketing approval from FDA and EMA for melanoma treatment 0 None
2011-05-11 NCL launches new public education campaign on medication adherence 0 None
2011-05-11 Major European conference on Nanomedicine to take place in Basel, Switzerland 0 None
2011-05-11 Allos, Mundipharma enter strategic collaboration to co-develop FOLOTYN 0 None
2011-05-10 AOBO's ZD Pill and CWJ Tablet receive Chinese approval for sales in Hong Kong 0 None
2011-05-10 HIV drugs can be used to target malaria and other parasitic diseases 0 None
2011-05-10 Study confirms LcS-fermented milk reduces fever linked with acute norovirus gastroenteritis 0 None
2011-05-10 Geron comments on recent European telomerase peptide cancer vaccine patents 0 None
2011-05-10 Study: Personality impacts medication adherence behaviour 0 None
2011-05-10 Pepscan, Phylogica collaborate for Phylomer peptide lead optimisation 0 None
2011-05-10 biocrea and Pfizer jointly presented details on novel PDE10 inhibitors 0 None
2011-05-10 ASA survey shows more than 90% of respondents experience anesthesia drug shortage 0 None
2011-05-10 Mathematical approach can make combination vaccines more affordable for developing countries 0 None
2011-05-10 Forest subpoenaed over hypertension medications 0 None
2011-05-10 Research finds 'no safe window' for painkiller use among heart attack survivors 0 None
2011-05-09 KAEL-GemVax wins European telomerase patent challenge 1 None
2011-05-09 OncoSec's tumor-destroying, tissue-sparing drug/device system profiled in Medical Device Daily 0 None
2011-05-09 Ideal psychotropic drug may cause physical dependence 1 2.8
2011-05-09 Merrimack, PharmaEngine collaborate to develop and commercialize PEP02 in Asia and Europe 0 None
2011-05-09 Heptares, Shire sign deal to develop novel A2A antagonist for CNS disease treatment 0 None
2011-05-09 Merrimack acquires development and commercialization rights to MM-398 in Europe, Asia 0 None
2011-05-09 Elan Drug Technologies, Alkermes merge to form new company in Ireland 0 None
2011-05-09 Best Practices' report provides marketing, branding strategies for expanding multi-drug portfolio 0 None
2011-05-09 Adalimumab remains in newborn's bloodstream for at least three months 0 None
2011-05-09 Mithridion's MCD-386CR receives Orphan Drug designation from FDA for PSP treatment 0 None
2011-05-07 Cegedim Relationship Management's co-pay savings card programs presented at PMSA conference 0 None
2011-05-07 Current Opinion in Immunology journal publishes Inovio's article on DNA vaccines 0 None
2011-05-07 Medical societies still 'welcome' drug company support 0 None
2011-05-07 Study finds 4.5 million outpatient visits yearly due to adverse drug effects 0 None
2011-05-07 Alza files patent infringement suit against Impax in connection with Concerta 0 None
2011-05-07 Caisse des Dépôts, sanofi-aventis sign memorandum of understanding for Caisse des Dépôts Investment in Biocitech life science technology park 0 None
2011-05-07 FDA approves Afinitor for treatment of progressive neuroendocrine tumors in the pancreas 0 None
2011-05-07 Novartis receives FDA approval for Afinitor to treat pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors 0 None
2011-05-06 Inhalation therapy might halt and reverse progression of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-05-06 reveals top reasons why U.S. customers select Canadian pharmacy 0 None
2011-05-06 Springer author earns ESCMID recognition for work in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases 0 None
2011-05-06 SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference to discuss clinical research best practices 0 None
2011-05-06 TB medication variations in private markets could harm treatment efforts, study says 0 None
2011-05-06 Patent expiries, generic pricing policies may be factors in slow drug spending growth 0 None
2011-05-06 Savings projected from 'emerging' generic drugs 0 None
2011-05-06 FDA approves Novartis' Afinitor tablets for pancreatic NET treatment 0 None
2011-05-05 New drugs need to provide more data on how they compare with existing ones: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 Asthma ‘pill-a-day’ shows similar effectiveness as inhalers: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 Pfizer’s Revatio receives European Commission approval for pediatric treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-05-05 PhotoMedex introduces DNA Damage Control sunscreens 0 None
2011-05-05 Mylan launches Oxycodone and Aspirin Tablets for treatment of severe pain 0 None
2011-05-05 FDA releases final guidance to firms that market OTC drug products 0 None
2011-05-05 Devrom is effective for eliminating flatulence, stool odor issues 0 3.8
2011-05-05 S*BIO regains North American, European rights to novel JAK2 inhibitors from Onyx 0 None
2011-05-05 NBA Cares, SAHM and Tulsa Shock guard partner for teen vaccine awareness campaign 0 None
2011-05-05 UCF to develop safe, inexpensive and effective polio vaccine 0 None
2011-05-05 Study: Bisphosphonates can cause fatigue fractures 0 None
2011-05-05 Leukotriene antagonists can serve as effective alternative to conventional asthma treatment 0 None
2011-05-05 Rockland produces new Anti-NF-κB monoclonal antibody 0 None
2011-05-05 TGen licenses ONCO-101 cancer drug to Syracuse 0 None
2011-05-04 Durata receives positive EMA Scientific Advice on dalbavancin clinical development plan 0 None
2011-05-04 Affitech, Cancer Research Technology sign deal to advance therapeutic antibodies 0 None
2011-05-04 Cocaine and nicotine employ similar mechanisms to induce synaptic plasticity in brain 0 None
2011-05-04 Study measures cost-effectiveness of trauma drug published in PLoS One 0 None
2011-05-04 Yale, Debiopharm partner to develop and commercialize Debio 1036 for inflammatory diseases 0 None
2011-05-04 NCPA explains how PBM tools can reduce costs in Texas, other states 0 None
2011-05-04 FTC, FDA take action on unproven STD drug products 0 None
2011-05-04 Ecstasy may cause long-term brain damage 0 None
2011-05-04 AHF cautions against fast track FDA-approval for expanded use of Gilead’s Truvada 0 None
2011-05-03 Merial, GenVec extend deal to develop and commercialize foot-and-mouth disease vaccine 0 None
2011-05-03 Study: Dual medications do not hasten recovery from depression 0 None
2011-05-03 NanoViricides' FluCide drug candidate greatly reduces lung viral load in animals 0 None
2011-05-03 Lopinavir can combat HPV-related cervical cancer 1 2.6
2011-05-03 New study: Text-heavy labels can reduce acetaminophen overdose 0 None
2011-05-03 Calcium and vitamin D intake before bone density test can reduce risk of osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-03 AHA recommends Omega-3 EPA/DHA intake for individuals with elevated triglyceride levels 0 5
2011-05-03 CTI to re-submit pixantrone NDA to FDA's Office of New Drugs for re-review 0 None
2011-05-03 Desirudin more effective for VTE prevention in patients with renal impairment 0 None
2011-05-03 Althea enters commercial drug supply agreement with Biotest 0 None
2011-05-03 Winner Medical's PurCotton products introduced at MICF 2011 0 None
2011-05-03 JPO issues patent to Silence Therapeutics' RNAi technology 0 None
2011-05-03 Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly receive FDA approval for linagliptin to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-05-03 HIV drugs may also combat parasitic diseases: Study 0 None
2011-05-03 More HIV infections linked to injection drug use in East Africa, report finds 0 None
2011-05-03 Statins can help reduce lung damage in severe abdominal sepsis 0 5
2011-05-03 FDA approves Perrigo's Minoxidil Foam, a generic version of Men's Rogaine Foam 0 None
2011-05-03 Oragenics announces availability of oral care probiotics for children and adults 0 None
2011-05-03 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for NEXIUM I.V. to treat GERD with erosive esophagitis 0 3.7
2011-05-03 Sanofi Pasteur, EnGen Bio and Dyadic Nederland sign research deal for vaccine development 0 None
2011-05-03 Hebei Aoxing Pharma receives Chinese patent for naloxone sublingual film 0 None
2011-05-03 Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly receive FDA approval for Tradjenta to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-05-02 Watson introduces generic version of Concerta 0 None
2011-05-02 Watson launches Generess Fe low-dose oral contraceptives in the U.S. 0 None
2011-05-02 FDA accepts SGEN's brentuximab vedotin BLAs for Hodgkin lymphoma, ALCL treatment 0 None
2011-05-02 Assessment tool may help identify newborn exposure to methamphetamine 0 None
2011-05-02 Talecris, Grifols enter 'Consent Agreement' with FTC Staff 0 None
2011-05-02 Temsirolimus with chemotherapy may serve as promising therapy for mesothelioma 0 None
2011-05-01 Many herbal medicines banned under EU directives 0 None
2011-04-30 Extensive folic acid fortification of foods prevents neural tube defects in neonates 0 None
2011-04-30 Bioniche Life Sciences opens new livestock vaccine manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-04-30 Prescriptions for narcotic-containing drugs often contain too much medication per dose 0 None
2011-04-30 AHF advocates to attend drug giant Abbott Laboratories' Annual General Meeting 0 None
2011-04-30 Centocor Ortho Biotech Products withdraws NDA for trabectedin for treatment of women with ROC 0 None
2011-04-30 Missouri American Water supports DEA's prescription drug collection program 0 None
2011-04-30 Health Canada approves Eli Lilly's Cymbalta for chronic low back pain treatment 0 None
2011-04-30 FDA approves Abbott's AndroGel for hypogonadism treatment in men 0 None
2011-04-30 Spectrum receives FDA approval for FUSILEV to treat colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 New study identifies less invasive therapy for ACE inhibitor side-effects 0 None
2011-04-29 Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee recommends FDA to approve telaprevir for hepatitis C 0 None
2011-04-29 Avastin, Lucentis are equally effective for age-related macular degeneration treatment 0 None
2011-04-29 Flu vaccination lowers kidney transplant recipients' risk of organ loss and death 0 None
2011-04-29 CTSN focuses on new prairie vole model for autism treatment 0 None
2011-04-29 Study finds low pediatric flu vaccination acceptance rates in Atlanta 0 None
2011-04-29 Bayer expands sponsorship agreement with World Federation of Hemophilia 0 None
2011-04-29 UMMS, RXi receive MLSC grant to develop RNAi therapeutics for ALS 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers report Avastin is effective as Lucentis for AMD treatment 0 2
2011-04-29 MorphoSys reaches second clinical milestone with OncoMed Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-04-29 Antibiotics may serve as effective treatment for appendicitis than surgery 0 2
2011-04-29 Longer looks: Autism researcher's legacy; methadone for prisoners 1 None
2011-04-29 Drug subsidy issues out of PBS’ hands - almost 0 None
2011-04-29 Celanese EVA Performance Polymers, PSI partner to develop drug-eluting devices 0 None
2011-04-29 Ramipril can effectively reduce risk of ESRD in obese patients 0 None
2011-04-28 UIC receives federal contract to develop antibiotics against three bacterial infections 0 None
2011-04-28 LEO Pharma introduces new Taclonex website for plaque psoriasis treatment 0 5
2011-04-28 Centocor Ortho Biotech receives FDA approval for Zytiga to treat prostate cancer 0 2
2011-04-28 Justices question Vermont's effort to restrict drug data mining 0 None
2011-04-28 Anesthetia does not appear to influence children's brain 0 1
2011-04-28 AstraZeneca introduces new CRESTOR and NEXIUM customer service websites 0 None
2011-04-28 Novo Nordisk first quarter net profit increases 23% to DKK 4,073 million 0 None
2011-04-28 Study focuses on calcium intake among U.S. population 0 None
2011-04-28 Cotinine can reduce plaques linked with dementia and prevent memory loss 0 None
2011-04-28 Researchers begin approved drugs screening for clinical use against rare diseases 0 None
2011-04-28 Pfizer announces global launch of new child nutrition products 0 None
2011-04-28 Seattle BioMed study to identify biomarkers for malaria vaccine design 0 None
2011-04-28 NIH awards UH with $361,000 grant for chikungunya vaccine study 0 None
2011-04-28 Janssen, Beactica enter drug discovery agreement 0 5
2011-04-28 FOIA request on Avastin filed with the FDA 0 None
2011-04-28 Study clarifies ginkgo's pain-reducing effects 0 None
2011-04-27 Promising pain medication may decrease ability to fight off sepsis 0 None
2011-04-27 CMAJ: Canada needs national pharmacare program 0 None
2011-04-27 Clinical study: Plant extract can fight effectively against hay fever 0 None
2011-04-27 Rwanda launches Africa's first nationwide cervical cancer vaccination, detection program 0 None
2011-04-27 Socioeconomic status linked to medication non-adherence in children with epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-27 MSF letter criticizes Johnson & Johnson for not joining Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-04-27 High Court hears arguments regarding access to docs' prescribing data 0 None
2011-04-27 RegenceRx supports DEA program to raise awareness on unused prescription drugs 0 None
2011-04-27 EPO grants patent to Microbix' VIRUSMAX vaccine enhancement technology 0 None
2011-04-27 Rxi secures SBIR grants to develop novel RNAi therapeutics for ALS 0 None
2011-04-27 ISC-4 topical compound may prevent skin cancer lesion formation 0 None
2011-04-27 Azithromycin holds promise for preventing BPD in Ureaplasma-infected preterm infants 0 None
2011-04-27 Columbia requests FDA Priority Review for PROCHIEVE progesterone gel NDA 0 None
2011-04-27 FDA grants orphan drug status to Provectus' PV-10 for liver cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 Lilly and Medtronic’s joint venture in Parkinson’s disease therapy 0 None
2011-04-26 Newer birth control pill raises risk of blood clots 0 None
2011-04-26 Durata attains global rights for dalbavancin to treat abSSSI 0 None
2011-04-26 Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce effectiveness of widely used antidepressant medications 1 None
2011-04-26 Collins, Orszag criticize Ryan plan; Santorum rues Medicare prescription benefit vote 0 None
2011-04-26 Ohio State Roundtable to discuss about cancer drug development 0 None
2011-04-26 Merck receives Health Canada approval for GARDASIL to treat HPV in women upto age 45 0 None
2011-04-26 Caliber opens world's largest plant-made pharmaceutical facility in Bryan 0 None
2011-04-26 Colorectal cancer patients with genetic mutation can benefit from new class of drugs 0 None
2011-04-26 Study: Women use more medications during pregnancy 0 None
2011-04-26 Survey: Pharmacists top OTC product picks in more than 77 total categories 0 None
2011-04-26 Unintentional prescription opioid overdose deaths have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. 0 5
2011-04-26 Men with high DHA levels may face risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA approves Bayer's new Kogenate FS storage option for hemophilia A treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 KemPharm to formulate and develop KP106 as oral film dosage for ADHD treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 Alkem, Karo Bio partner to license eprotirome 0 None
2011-04-26 Aquilent launches new vaccine government site to help citizens stay healthy 0 None
2011-04-26 Infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia can benefit from azithromycin therapy 0 None
2011-04-26 GSK receives FDA approval for Lamictal XR to treat partial seizures 0 None
2011-04-26 Aetna achieves full pharmacy benefit management accreditation from URAC 0 None
2011-04-25 Kadmon Pharmaceuticals and Nano Terra announce worldwide licensing agreement 0 None
2011-04-25 NovaSterilis novel vaccine patent 0 None
2011-04-25 AstraZeneca selects Biologics as U.S. channel partner for vandetanib 0 None
2011-04-25 CryoLife's BioGlue Surgical Adhesive launched in Japan 0 None
2011-04-25 Mylan launches Letrozole Tablets for hormone receptor-positive early stage breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-25 Pro-Pharmaceuticals receives method patent regarding DAVANAT in Japan 0 None
2011-04-25 POZEN, AstraZeneca file lawsuit against Dr. Reddy's for patent infringement relating to VIMOVO 0 None
2011-04-25 AstraZeneca announces U.S. availability of vandetanib for rare medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-25 Supreme Court to weigh drug confidentiality laws 0 None
2011-04-25 Bayer's oral contraceptives may increase risk of blood clots, stroke or heart attack 0 None
2011-04-25 U.S. Court of Appeals rules in favour of Perrigo in PBM infant formula lawsuit 0 5
2011-04-25 New study reports national survey results of physicians who deliver childhood vaccinations 0 1
2011-04-25 Ahead of Immunization Week, WHO calls for countries to come together to control measles outbreak in Europe 0 None
2011-04-25 SAMHSA develops Metro Briefs on drug-related statistics across the nation 0 None
2011-04-25 U.N. Secretary-General calls for scale up of global malaria efforts ahead of World Malaria Day 0 None
2011-04-25 Research sheds light on molecular movements of neural transporters 0 None
2011-04-25 FDA approves Sanofi Pasteur's meningococcal vaccine 0 None
2011-04-25 AP reports on Global Fund malaria drug thefts, issues correction 0 None
2011-04-25 Maxwell Biotech, Sequella enter license agreement to commercialize SQ109 for TB treatment 0 None
2011-04-25 Nano Terra, Kadmon sign deal to license novel product candidates 0 None
2011-04-25 Creative approach can tackle bacterial infections in patients with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-25 Californians for Patient Care reminds parents about affordable infants' immunizations 0 None
2011-04-25 Bayer's birth control pills may increase risk of venous thromboembolism 0 None
2011-04-24 Sanofi Pasteur receives FDA approval for Menactra to prevent meningococcal disease 0 None
2011-04-22 Rite Aid reduces price of whooping cough vaccine for children in California 0 None
2011-04-22 Daiichi Sankyo's LIXIANA receives Japanese marketing approval 0 None
2011-04-22 Luitpold temporarily suspends distribution of drug products manufactured at Shirley, New York facility 0 None
2011-04-22 United Water and NCPA embark on an effort to encourage safe disposal of unused medications 0 None
2011-04-22 Decision Resources: 63% of neurologists select Tysabri as effective MS treatment 0 None
2011-04-22 NPR: 3 in 4 prescriptions are for generic drugs 0 None
2011-04-22 Fleming ramps up production of ThyroShield to meet increased domestic and international demand 0 None
2011-04-22 Researchers discover new compound to fight against shingles 0 5
2011-04-22 FDA approves Spectrum's FUSILEV Injection to treat metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-22 GM-SCF therapy can reduce flu symptoms and prevent death 0 None
2011-04-22 EPO doping drug can reduce cerebral malaria related deaths 0 1
2011-04-22 USPTO issues patent to Oragenics ProBiora3 for oral care 0 None
2011-04-21 WSU researcher develops potential vaccine for Chlamydia 0 None
2011-04-21 FDA warns four firms to stop making unproven MRSA prevention claims 0 None
2011-04-21 Watson Laboratories seeks FDA approval to market Colesevelam HCI tablets 0 None
2011-04-21 Salix Pharmaceuticals receives three U.S. patents relating to rifaximin 0 None
2011-04-21 Report: Prescription drug spending growth slows 0 None
2011-04-21 Neurelis completes dosing in intranasal diazepam formulation study 0 None
2011-04-21 Feds announce comprehensive plan to combat painkiller abuse 0 None
2011-04-21 Shanghai Pharmaceutical and Pfizer enter MOU to pursue potential business opportunities 0 None
2011-04-20 America’s best loved drugs: Report 0 None
2011-04-20 Stepped up measures to tack rising painkiller abuse 0 None
2011-04-20 Prism Pharmaceuticals to be acquired by Baxter 0 None
2011-04-20 Treatment for Bipolar Disorder now available in Nova Scotia Formulary 0 3
2011-04-20 Mylan launches Famciclovir Tablets 0 None
2011-04-20 Adeona, TG United enter commercial-scale manufacturing agreement for reaZin 0 None
2011-04-20 Forest acquires worldwide rights to novel antiarrhythmic agent azimilide 0 None
2011-04-20 Study demonstrates clinical effectiveness of Systagenix ADAPTIC TOUCH as a primary wound contact layer 0 None
2011-04-20 Covidien supports FDA’s REMS for important class of pain medications 0 None
2011-04-20 Rituxan receives FDA approval for treating two rare diseases 0 None
2011-04-20 TCI forecasts cancer vaccine market to approach $3 billion in 2015 0 None
2011-04-20 Breakdown products of thalidomide cause birth defects: New study 0 None
2011-04-20 FDA approves Rituxan-corticosteroid combination for Wegener's Granulomatosis and Microscopic Polyangiitis 0 5
2011-04-19 Plans to combat painkiller abuse 0 None
2011-04-19 EMA CHMP grants positive opinion for Biogen Idec's AVONEX PEN 0 None
2011-04-19 SafeMinds calls for immediate vaccine safety studies in autistic children 1 None
2011-04-19 Cumberland acquires Vanderbilt's ifetroban rights 0 None
2011-04-19 AADSM event to discuss latest advances in sleep-disordered breathing research 0 None
2011-04-19 Canada needs to modernize its pharmaceutical laws to ensure drug safety: CMAJ 0 None
2011-04-19 Seattle enters second ADC research collaboration agreement with Genmab 0 None
2011-04-19 BioSante, Aduro BioTech enter license agreement for GVAX cancer vaccines 0 None
2011-04-19 BioSante licenses Pancreas and Prostate cancer vaccines to Aduro BioTech 0 None
2011-04-19 Bedford Labs launches cancer drug Topotecan Hydrochloride for Injection 0 None
2011-04-19 Drospirenone doesn't carry any risk of gall bladder disease 0 None
2011-04-19 FDA approves Taro's Imiquimod Cream ANDA 0 None
2011-04-18 Pharma Tech expands agreement for Shasta Genstrip 0 None
2011-04-18 Baxter enters definitive agreement to acquire Prism 0 None
2011-04-18 Tibet Pharmaceuticals' updated online Investor Fact Sheet is now available in China 0 None
2011-04-18 FDA accepts Regeneron's VEGF Trap-Eye BLA for review 0 None
2011-04-18 iOWH's semisynthetic ART enters production, distribution phase to combat malaria 0 None
2011-04-18 Biotech Synergy concludes EP-2101 asset transfer, cancer epitopes related portfolio 0 None
2011-04-18 True 2 Beauty launches new sexual enhancement supplements 0 None
2011-04-18 CHMP adopts EU positive opinion for TYSABRI labeling with anti-JCV antibody status 0 None
2011-04-18 Ipsen, Active Biotech sign deal to co-develop and commercialize TASQ 0 None
2011-04-18 Scientists develop new compound for multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2011-04-18 Eye physicians need to include low-cost molecular medicine in their tool box 0 None
2011-04-18 Pharmatek receives U.S. DEA approval for Schedule I-V controlled substance analysis 0 None
2011-04-18 Patients with schizophrenia can benefit from L-lysine treatment 0 3.3
2011-04-16 Scientists discover new clues about mechanism behind losartan drug's protective effects 0 3
2011-04-16 Kakadu Complex can protect against high insulin levels 0 2.5
2011-04-16 AHF commends U.S. Congress for strong bipartisan commitment to AIDS 0 None
2011-04-16 NVP-BEZ235 inhibits growth of ovarian cancer cells, increases survival: Study 0 None
2011-04-16 Probiotic may reduce rate of recurrent urinary tract infections in women 0 None
2011-04-16 Johnson & Johnson provides further details regarding distribution rights for REMICADE, SIMPONI 0 None
2011-04-16 Eli Lilly receives FDA complete response letter for liprotamase NDA 0 None
2011-04-16 Boehringer Ingelheim's dabigatran etexilate receives positive opinion from EMA committee 0 None
2011-04-15 U.S. District Court grants preliminary injunction to POZEN's Treximet patent lawsuit 1 None
2011-04-15 JNJ, Merck sign distribution agreement for REMICADE and SIMPONI 0 None
2011-04-15 Patients with COPD can benefit from ICS use 0 None
2011-04-15 Genentech receives FDA approval for Actemra to treat juvenile idiopathic arthritis 0 None
2011-04-15 EMA recommends lifting of suspension of marketing authorization for Octapharma's octagam 0 None
2011-04-15 New JAMA issue focuses on infectious diseases and immunology 0 None
2011-04-15 New mixed-carb plus protein formulation more effective for female athletes 0 None
2011-04-15 GSK announces safety profile of orlistat and alli 0 None
2011-04-15 Serotonin can help promote human intimacy and romantic feelings 0 None
2011-04-15 African genital herpes strains are more infectious than the U.S. virus 0 None
2011-04-15 AHRQ finds 52% increase in medication side effects, injuries between 2004 and 2008 0 None
2011-04-15 Pharmaceuticals stored on space flights may have shorter shelf-life 0 None
2011-04-15 Takeda announces EDARBI availability in U.S. pharmacies for hypertension treatment 0 None
2011-04-15 Women consume more non-prescribed drugs than men 0 None
2011-04-15 Novartis, Duke sign deal to develop pandemic flu vaccine 0 None
2011-04-15 NRC, NCKU partner to develop cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies 0 None
2011-04-15 Consumer group calls for ban on weight loss drugs Alli and Xenical 0 None
2011-04-15 FDA accepts Teva's NDA filing of Bio-T-Gel for male hypogonadism 0 None
2011-04-15 Topamax recall by Johnson & Johnson 0 None
2011-04-15 Major pharmaceutical company, Access sign deal for RNAi therapeutics 0 None
2011-04-15 Ortho-McNeil Neurologics announces voluntary recall of TOPAMAX 100mg Tablets 0 None
2011-04-15 Scientists develop new test for premature babies 0 None
2011-04-15 Botox may offer new hope for patients with low cerebrospinal fluid headaches 0 None
2011-04-15 EPO grants patent to OncoGenex OGX-427 for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-15 The Wistar Institute, Advaxis enter research collaboration 0 None
2011-04-12 FDA panel votes in favour of Sunitib (Sutent) for pancreatic tumors 0 None
2011-04-12 Breast cancer patients can benefit from new nanobodies 0 None
2011-04-12 Scientists discover how anti-depressants make new brain cells 0 4
2011-04-12 Hypericin may treat recurrent malignant brain tumors 0 None
2011-04-12 Statin prior to major elective surgery can reduce serious kidney injury 0 None
2011-04-11 Alzheimer’s drug – a failure of sorts: Study 0 None
2011-04-11 GeoVax Labs expands its HIV/AIDS vaccine program with NIAID, NIH and HVTN 0 None
2011-04-11 Auxilium to receive $30 million from Pfizer following XIAPEX sale in EU market 0 None
2011-04-11 PAREXEL's QbD approaches can help pharma companies maximize product quality, safety 0 None
2011-04-11 Study shows how specific nutritional combination may help maintain healthy breast tissue 0 None
2011-04-11 AHF praises CA Treasurer for urging AIDS drug companies to reduce medication costs 0 None
2011-04-11 CINJ experts to comment on vaccine therapy and biomedical informatics 0 None
2011-04-11 Takeda, Heptares collaborate to develop new drugs against CNS disorders 0 None
2011-04-11 Researchers discover new avenue for hypertension, cardiovascular disease treatment 0 None
2011-04-11 Almirall strengthens its respiratory franchise with a new generation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) treatment 0 None
2011-04-11 Immunization does not increase emergency room visit in children with inherited disorders 0 None
2011-04-11 Florida Society of Pain Management Providers applauds Senate President for supporting PDMP 0 None
2011-04-11 Scientists identify new treatment to combat PFAPA syndrome in children 16 3.5
2011-04-11 IDSA, U.S. health officials describe ways to respond to global threat of antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2011-04-11 Opinions: Budget talks, foreign aid; making drugs more accessible to poor 0 None
2011-04-10 New weight loss pill - combination of two existing drugs 0 None
2011-04-08 implements Google Commerce Search for prescription medications 0 None
2011-04-08 Watson confirms patent challenge by Alcon for generic Vigamox 0 None
2011-04-08 Impax, Banner Pharmacaps collaborate for commercialization of softgel capsule products 0 None
2011-04-08 FDA accepts Antares Pharma's Anturol NDA for filing, assigns PDUFA date 0 None
2011-04-08 Researchers test plants used in traditional African medicine against malaria 0 None
2011-04-08 FluCide nanoviricide drug reduces overall leukocytes in lung tissue of influenza model 0 None
2011-04-08 Lecture to explain science behind modern pharmaceutical products 0 None
2011-04-08 Strathclyde establishes new EPSRC Centre to improve chemical manufacturing 0 None
2011-04-08 How the pharmaceutical industry is confronting a changing landscape 0 None
2011-04-08 Frailty in older patients not linked to high risk of adverse drug reactions 0 None
2011-04-08 New substance to tackle drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2011-04-08 GeoVax Labs to update its HIV/AIDS vaccine status at World Vaccine Conference 0 None
2011-04-08 GlaxoSmithKline, XenoPort receive FDA approval for Horizant to treat RLS 0 None
2011-04-08 Study suggests depression treatment may have long-term benefits 0 None
2011-04-08 CFFT, Vertex collaborate to develop new medicines for cystic fibrosis 0 4.5
2011-04-08 Study: DBS surgery allows 77% of patients to stop anti-tremor medication use 0 None
2011-04-08 Opinions: Support antibiotic R&D; foreign aid budget cuts 0 None
2011-04-08 IDSA develops plans to combat deadly antibiotic-resistant 'super bugs' 0 None
2011-04-08 Patients with stroke can benefit from antidepressants 0 None
2011-04-07 Shionogi launches CUVPOSA for pediatric chronic severe drooling 0 None
2011-04-07 FDA issues Approvable Letter for Oceana's Solesta in treatment for bowel incontinence 0 None
2011-04-07 CoMeD urges UN to ban mercury use in pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-04-07 Alnylam to extend RNAi therapeutics research collaboration with AlCana and UBC 0 None
2011-04-07 Alexion submits Soliris marketing applications to FDA, EMA for aHUS treatment 0 None
2011-04-07 Vismodegib is an effective treatment for patients with basal cell carcinomas 0 None
2011-04-07 Powerful natural formula is an effective treatment for men with prostate cancer 0 2
2011-04-07 DSP, BBI sign license agreement for BBI608 0 None
2011-04-07 Patients with type 2 diabetes can benefit from metformin than other drugs 0 1
2011-04-07 AstraZeneca's vandetanib receives FDA approval in medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 Cliffside encourages patients to continue antidepressant use despite health risks 0 None
2011-04-07 Top 10 global pharmaceutical company, Medicago sign deal to develop non-influenza vaccine 0 3
2011-04-07 Fish oil can serve as beneficial booster for tamoxifen breast cancer therapy 0 None
2011-04-07 Study: Naproxen can reduce colon cancer formation 0 None
2011-04-07 NIH awards HemoShear with Phase I SBIR grant to develop rodent liver system 0 None
2011-04-07 USPTO issues notice of allowance to Mirna's mir34a patent application 0 None
2011-04-07 FDA approves Horizant Extended-Release Tablets for Restless Legs Syndrome 0 4
2011-04-07 U.S. Marshals, FDA seize $6 million worth Triad antiseptic products 0 None
2011-04-07 Progesterone gel can reduce preterm birth in women with short cervix 0 None
2011-04-07 Brazil's Ministry of Health, PharmaPraxis sign deal to manufacture biologic drugs 0 5
2011-04-07 Study: New cancer drug shrinks tumors in mouse model with few side effects 0 5
2011-04-07 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for vandetanib to treat medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 Nuron Biotech announces acquisition of Wyeth's HibTITER vaccine assets 0 None
2011-04-06 Lupin grants Salix exclusive worldwide rights to rifaximin 0 None
2011-04-06 BioWa, OBT enter license agreement to advance ADCC programs 0 None
2011-04-06 Optimer, Cubist sign deal to market DIFICID for CDI treatment in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-06 FDA reports dramatic increase in adverse drug events 0 None
2011-04-06 WSPA, BAWA partner for anti-rabies campaign in Bali 0 None
2011-04-06 Experts welcome World Health Day on antibiotic resistance as timely 0 None
2011-04-06 Novartis' TOBI Podhaler receives Health Canada NOC for Pa treatment in CF patients 0 None
2011-04-06 Shire files lawsuit against Watson over ADDERALL XR patent infringement 0 None
2011-04-06 TZDs might serve as new agents for addiction treatment 0 4
2011-04-06 Two reports show drastic increase in opioid prescriptions in America 0 None
2011-04-06 PQM program launches new public medicine database 0 None
2011-04-06 NIAID awards Aragen Bioscience with three subcontracts to advance preclinical studies 0 None
2011-04-05 R&D Directions names Novavax VLP influenza vaccine as one of top '100 great investigational drugs in development' 0 4.5
2011-04-05 La Jolla acquires GliaMed's novel class of compounds 0 None
2011-04-05 Majority of customers highly satisfied with neighborhood independent drugstores 0 None
2011-04-05 Metformin therapy may protect PCOS women against endometrial cancer 0 None
2011-04-05 Ranolazine is an effective treatment for patients with refractory angina 0 1
2011-04-05 Artemisinin or high-pressure oxygen can boost natural cancer remedy 0 2.3
2011-04-05 Acamprosate can help treat patients with autism, Fragile X syndrome 0 5
2011-04-05 Nicotine has no effect on lung cancer tumor incidence, frequency or size 0 None
2011-04-05 Researchers develop new cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-05 Cubist enters license agreement with Teva to dismiss CUBICIN patent lawsuit 0 None
2011-04-05 Statins can help prevent risk of death from pneumonia 0 None
2011-04-05 Risperdal Consta can reduce risk of hospitalisation in patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-04-05 Exercise may decrease blood flow and oxygen in hypertensive people 0 None
2011-04-05 ETI develops extended release SC depot formulation of NSAID drug meloxicam 0 None
2011-04-05 Gilead's increase of HIV drugs price unreasonable, says AHF 0 None
2011-04-05 Scientists discover new compounds that may help fight against parasitic diseases 0 None
2011-04-05 Boehringer Ingelheim receives FDA approval for Viramune XR to treat HIV-1 infection 0 None
2011-04-04 Pfizer receives FDA Refusal to File letter for tafamidis to treat Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy 0 None
2011-04-04 KKR affiliate to acquire Pfizer's Capsugel business 0 None
2011-04-04 Orexo partner ProStrakan launches Abstral in the US 0 None
2011-04-04 Mylan receives FDA approval for generic Xalatan Ophthalmic Solution 0 None
2011-04-04 Aspirin usage associated with decrease in pancreatic cancer risk 0 None
2011-04-04 BUSPH, The Partnership at collaborate to increase 'Join Together' resource utilization 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers pinpoint effects of enhanced adult neurogenesis in hippocampus 0 5
2011-04-04 Men who consume digoxin have 24% reduced risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Study finds increased carbapenem use in VA acute care health facilities over the last 5 years 0 None
2011-04-04 New research reveals potential treatment for HO in children, soldiers 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify new treatment target for squamous cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Study: Antidepressants can thicken arteries and lead to heart disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify digoxin as possible therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-02 Entry inhibitors can provide first new hepatitis B & D treatments for many years 0 None
2011-04-02 Experts must monitor new antiviral compounds for HCV treatment 0 None
2011-04-02 Sunshine Biopharma to present new Adva-27a data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 5
2011-04-02 The Economist examines factors contributing to antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2011-04-02 Array BioPharma to unveil new findings about its anti-cancer programs at AACR Annual Meeting 0 None
2011-04-02 Thalidomide provides new hope for patients with difficult to treat liver cancer 0 None
2011-04-02 Three abstracts from SuperGen PIM kinase inhibitor program to be presented at AACR 0 None
2011-04-02 National survey: 76% of parents trust child's doctor for vaccine-safety information 0 None
2011-04-02 Champions enters exclusive license agreement with BCCA for Irinophore C 0 None
2011-04-02 Willingboro pharmacy dispenses 500 millionth prescription 0 None
2011-04-01 Ther-Rx Corporation announces important initiative to reduce cost of Makena 0 None
2011-04-01 ACADIA extends collaboration agreement with Allergan for drug discovery platform 0 None
2011-04-01 Lilly's Axiron testosterone replacement therapy now available in US pharmacies 0 3.2
2011-04-01 Rx Partnership receives Amerigroup grant to provide Virginians with medication access 0 None
2011-04-01 Valeant, Promius sign deal to market Cloderm Cream 0 None
2011-04-01 Biota receives US$231 million BARDA contract to advance laninamivir development 0 None
2011-04-01 Invida, Roche partner to commercialize primary care products 0 None
2011-04-01 California State Controller urges Merck, Tibotec and ViiV to reduce AIDS drug prices 0 None
2011-04-01 LIFE Biosystems to present MASE data at AACR annual meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 New research finds HIV virus's V3 loop as attractive vaccine target 0 None
2011-04-01 Study confirms D-penicillamine and trientine effective against Wilson disease 0 None
2011-04-01 New data confirms antiviral activity of fluvastatin in patients with HCV 0 None
2011-04-01 Biota Scientific receives BARDA contract to develop single-dose antiviral drug 0 None
2011-04-01 Medicare moves to pay for Provenge 0 None
2011-04-01 Treatment for HBV infection with entecavir followed by lamivudine results in virologic rebound 0 None
2011-04-01 Watson, GeneraMedix receive FDA approval for Nulecit to treat iron deficiency anemia 0 None
2011-03-31 Biota wins U.S. drug development contract for Laninamivir 0 None
2011-03-31 First Edition: March 31, 2011 0 None
2011-03-31 Aetna commends FDA's decision on hydroxyprogesterone caproate 0 None
2011-03-31 SMFM praises FDA's announcement on Makena drug 0 None
2011-03-31 Health advocates file petition with U.N. over proposed trade agreement among several countries 0 None
2011-03-31 Researchers identify drug candidate that can treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-31 Regulus obtains exclusive rights from NYU for miR-33a, 33b to treat metabolic diseases 0 None
2011-03-31 HHS unveils new website on vaccine and immunization for consumers 0 None
2011-03-30 AA Pharma launches Lithium Carbonate SR 300mg for Bipolar Disorder in Canada 0 4
2011-03-30 Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is an effective skin whitening cream 0 None
2011-03-30 McNeil takes voluntary action against certain OTC products in the U.S. 0 None
2011-03-30 DSP, Intercept enter license agreement for OCA 0 None
2011-03-30 Dr. Reddy’s acquires GSK's US penicillin facility and products 0 None
2011-03-30 FDA grants orphan drug status to America Stem Cell's ASC-101 0 None
2011-03-30 Prostate cancer drug and a new drug to prevent preterm births cause cost concerns, controversy 0 None
2011-03-30 WHO Director-General responds to draft report on agency's handling of H1N1 pandemic 0 None
2011-03-30 Unilife initiates Unifill syringe production for pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2011-03-30 Merck submits Erbitux indication extension to EMA for NSCLC treatment 0 None
2011-03-30 Valeant receives European Commission marketing authorization for Trobalt 0 None
2011-03-30 ACCF, AHA guidelines recognize Effient as Class I treatment option for patients with ACS-PCI 0 None
2011-03-30 Orthopedic surgeons prefer Genzyme's 3-cycle hyaluronic-acid in the U.S., Europe 0 None
2011-03-30 Drugs' cost deters patients from taking heart medicine 0 None
2011-03-30 USPTO grants composition-of-matter patent to Zalicus 'Synavive' product 0 None
2011-03-30 Non-generic drugs increase Medicaid costs 0 None
2011-03-30 USPTO issues patent to Somaxon's Silenor food effect 0 None
2011-03-30 Researchers develop new drug for multiple cancer treatment 0 None
2011-03-30 EC grants marketing authorization for GSK, Valeant's Trobalt to treat epilepsy 0 None
2011-03-30 Oral antioxidant formulation before medical imaging may minimize cell damage 0 None
2011-03-29 Reports of H1N1 outbreaks in Venezuela, Mexico prompt quick preventive action by health authorities 0 None
2011-03-29 AstraZeneca, AmeriCares partner to deliver medicines for people with chronic conditions 0 None
2011-03-29 PerkinElmer expands epigenetic detection reagents portfolio for drug discovery 0 None
2011-03-29 Nycomed submits teduglutide MAA to EMA for SBS treatment 0 None
2011-03-29 Cardinal Health, APhA partner to prevent prescription medication abuse 0 None
2011-03-29 Atypical antipsychotics is a safe mental health medication for nursing home residents 0 None
2011-03-29 Scientists develop new model that can predict early adverse drug reactions 0 None
2011-03-29 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to Modular's green surfactant patent application 0 None
2011-03-28 New pill may protect DNA from radiation damage 0 None
2011-03-28 Cancer drug Gleevec may hold promise against scleroderma: Study 0 5
2011-03-28 Metagenics announces 2011 schedule for educational programs in lifestyle medicine 0 None
2011-03-28 Drugs can prevent risk of breast cancer in women, experts say 0 None
2011-03-28 RDY introduces Levocetirizine tablets in the U.S. market 0 None
2011-03-28 DAW prescriptions can increase annual health system costs to $7.7 billion 0 None
2011-03-28 MRF: FDA's decision on Yervoy offers new treatment options for patients with melanoma 0 None
2011-03-28 U.S. FDA approves Yervoy to treat patients with late-stage melanoma 0 4
2011-03-28 University of Aberdeen, TPP enter agreement to develop novel future medicines 0 None
2011-03-28 Study establishes strong link between nicotine and diabetes complications 0 None
2011-03-28 CHPA issues statement in response to anti-consumer law on cold and allergy drugs 0 None
2011-03-28 FDA approves ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma treatment 0 5
2011-03-28 Anergis SA closes funding round for allergy vaccines 0 None
2011-03-28 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Watson in generic SEASONIQUE patent infringement suit 0 None
2011-03-28 Panax ginseng, saffron and yohimbine can boost human sexual function 0 None
2011-03-28 Geriatrician provides latest Alzheimer drug research developments at International conference 0 None
2011-03-28 BMY receives FDA approval for YERVOY to treat metastatic melanoma 0 4
2011-03-28 APP voluntarily recalls Irinotecan Hydrochloride Injection for precautionary measure 0 None
2011-03-28 NeoProteomics secures exclusive option agreement with Case Western Reserve University 0 None
2011-03-28 Scientists receive AACR Team Science Award for HPV research 0 None
2011-03-28 Zileuton can help reduce amyloid plaque formation and Alzheimer's development 0 None
2011-03-28 FDA approves ipilimumab to treat metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-03-25 German company steps up production of Radiogardase following Japan nuclear crisis 0 None
2011-03-25 Study finds increased risk of VTE during first year of combination oral contraceptive usage 0 None
2011-03-25 'Dispense as written' prescriptions cost the health care system $7.7 billion annually 0 None
2011-03-25 US District Court rules against Watson in generic Fentora patent suit 0 None
2011-03-25 Merck to return rights for betrixaban to Portola 0 None
2011-03-25 Graceway receives FDA approval for Zyclara Cream to treat genital warts 0 None
2011-03-25 New study finds 74.8% increase in hospital emergency visits due to Ecstasy use 0 None
2011-03-25 Osteoporosis study: Protelos have significant bone-forming activity than bisphosphonates 0 None
2011-03-25 Antibiotic treatment does not benefit patients with discoloured phlegm 0 None
2011-03-25 Almac extends Pharma Services business unit to increase demand for storage capacity 0 None
2011-03-25 Parkinson's disease drugs may lead to impulse control disorders 0 None
2011-03-25 Althea extends labeling, packaging of biological product services through Sherpa 0 None
2011-03-25 New findings may make morphine a safer, more effective drug for chronic pain control 0 None
2011-03-25 Dabigatran etexilate is less costly, more effective for stroke treatment in patients with AF 0 4
2011-03-25 Columbia University, Sanofi-aventis collaborate to develop innovative diabetes medicines 0 None
2011-03-25 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to AlphaRx ARX8203 pain product candidate 0 None
2011-03-25 AACP selects Maryland professor for Pharmacy Educator Award 0 None
2011-03-25 Agilent opens new lab facility in Bangalore, India 0 None
2011-03-25 Researchers identify gene that can predict hypersensitivity to epilepsy drug 0 None
2011-03-25 APC-300 drug significantly inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth: Adamis 1 None
2011-03-25 Sitagliptin drug can slow onset of diabetes 0 5
2011-03-25 Merck & Co receives FDA approval for Zostavax vaccine to treat shingles 0 None
2011-03-24 Perceptive Informatics announces eClinical Product Suite survey results 0 None
2011-03-24 Pharmacists seek delay of rule limiting amount of dispensed drugs 0 None
2011-03-24 ASAM issues white paper to halt medical marijuana use 2 2
2011-03-24 Colorcon announces specific details on its patent positions for enteric coatings 0 None
2011-03-24 Star Scientific's Ariva-BDL and Stonewall-BDL modified risk tobacco products not subject to FDC Act Chapter IX 0 None
2011-03-24 Prolia associated with greater adherence than alendronate in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis 0 None
2011-03-24 WHO report urges countries to step up fight against drug-resistant TB 0 None
2011-03-24 Resveratrol can provide resistance before and after hazardous radiation exposure 0 1
2011-03-24 Xirrus deploys high performance Wi-Fi Arrays at EMA 0 None
2011-03-24 FTC: Granting pharmacists authority over PBMs may increase drug prices, reduce competition 0 None
2011-03-24 House bill proposes immunity for negligent drug manufacturers 0 5
2011-03-24 Decision Resources: 68% of gastroenterologists select Remicade for Crohn's treatment 0 None
2011-03-24 Oral contraceptive use before pregnancy does not pose respiratory problems in children 0 None
2011-03-24 New report shows 2% decrease in anxiolytic and hypnotic sales in Norway 0 None
2011-03-24 NephRx receives new U.S. patent for NX002 to treat IBD 0 None
2011-03-24 New research: Methadone can affect brain and impair intellectual functions 1 None
2011-03-24 USPTO grants patent to ULURU's Altrazeal product 0 None
2011-03-23 Ansell announces substantial price increase for NRL medical gloves 0 None
2011-03-23 Cilag, POZEN enter license agreement to develop and commercialize MT 400 0 None
2011-03-23 NephRx receives new U.S. patent for NX002 to treat oral mucositis 0 None
2011-03-23 PRWP receives two new patents for Galectin-targeting compounds in the U.S., Australia 0 None
2011-03-23 SGEN, Abbott enter collaboration agreement for ADC products 0 None
2011-03-23 POZEN files motion for Treximet patent litigation against Par 0 None
2011-03-23 SMR, RTU enter license agreement for RESCULA eye drops 0 None
2011-03-22 Milk allergy successfully treated with Xolair 0 4.5
2011-03-22 Multivitamin supplements can optimize body's metabolic performance 0 None
2011-03-22 USP teams up with FDA, CHPA to update quality standards for common medications 0 None
2011-03-22 Researchers launch free online Atlas of TB vaccination policies around the world 0 None
2011-03-22 AACP to honor UW professor with Volwiler Research Achievement Award 0 None
2011-03-22 Oral desensitization with omalizumab may treat milk allergy in children 0 None
2011-03-22 ACE, ARB combination therapy may increase risk of kidney failure, death 0 None
2011-03-22 FDA accepts Arisaph's ARI-3037MO IND for phase I human clinical trial 0 None
2011-03-22 BDSI's BEMA drug delivery technology receives Canada patent 0 None
2011-03-22 Researchers to develop house dust mite allergy vaccine that can cure asthma 0 None
2011-03-22 Watson introduces Famciclovir tablets to treat cold sores, genital herpes 0 None
2011-03-21 Hi-Tech Pharmacal acquires rights to Nystatin Oral suspension ANDA from Bausch + Lomb 0 None
2011-03-19 CHMP recommends approval of Centralized Marketing Authorization for Cinryze 0 None
2011-03-19 Government of Canada commits to contribute towards global effort to combat malaria 0 None
2011-03-19 BioMarin announces preliminary results from ADAPT in patients suffering from PKU 0 None
2011-03-19 Research roundup: Successful medical homes; shortage of HIV doctors; boosting use of $4 generic drugs 0 None
2011-03-19 Researchers identify protein that triggers immune response in TB-infected people 0 None
2011-03-18 EMA CHMP adopts negative opinion for Amgen's Vectibix in treatment of wild-type KRAS metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-03-18 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for Teva's NOMAC-E2 contraceptive pill 0 None
2011-03-18 Avid, Eli Lilly receive FDA complete response letter for Amyvid NDA 0 None
2011-03-18 MHA hosts two-day Long Term Care Business Summit at ARIA 0 None
2011-03-18 Medicare officials signal no payment changes on anemia drugs 0 None
2011-03-18 SCRIP to launch new pharma Lifecycle Management microsite 0 None
2011-03-18 Nature's Health announces record sales of 145% for Australian Dream pain relief cream 0 None
2011-03-18 Anacor Pharma, MMV enter agreement to develop AN3661 for malaria treatment 0 None
2011-03-18 New study: Men who consume hair loss drug may report sexual dysfunction 0 1
2011-03-18 New drug can aid in smoking reduction therapy 0 None
2011-03-18 Brand name drug prices go up 0 None
2011-03-18 Positron to introduce its radiopharmaceutical system at American College of Cardiology 0 None
2011-03-17 GenSpera strengthens intellectual property for second prostate cancer drug 0 None
2011-03-17 Highmark forces patients with PIDD to switch over to specific IgG therapy 0 None
2011-03-17 pIMAGO nanopolymer can test cancer drug efficacy against biochemical processes 0 None
2011-03-17 Inovio signs agreement with OncoSec to sell non-DNA cancer vaccine technology 0 None
2011-03-17 Scientist suggests breaking tangled mucus barrier can help treat cancer 0 None
2011-03-17 ACEP, Poison Control Centers raise awareness about drug poisoning dangers 0 None
2011-03-17 New omalizumab medication may reduce seasonal asthma attacks in children 0 None
2011-03-17 Naltrexone may be effective in women with specific genetic variation 0 None
2011-03-17 Scientists to develop new universal vaccine against various flu viruses 0 3
2011-03-17 Pharmaron signs agreement to provide Isis with nucleoside phosphoramidites up to 100 kg 0 None
2011-03-16 MorphoSys inks manufacturing agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim 0 None
2011-03-16 donates 50,000 potassium iodide tablets to Tokushukai Hospital in Tokyo 0 5
2011-03-16 Shanghai ChemPartner signs outsource research service agreement with Shenogen Pharma 0 None
2011-03-16 Researchers discover 3-D structure of key biological receptor 0 None
2011-03-16 Optimer receives U.S. patent for fidaxomicin to treat CDI 0 None
2011-03-16 Artesunate more effective against severe malaria 0 2
2011-03-16 Study investigates physiological changes within brain due to Prozac treatment 0 3
2011-03-16 Millennium, SGEN expand ADC collaboration 0 None
2011-03-16 Gadavist approved by FDA for use in central nervous system MRI scans 0 None
2011-03-16 NMS announces license agreement with Novartis 0 None
2011-03-15 Apeiron in antitumor substances deal with Cleveland Clinic 0 None
2011-03-15 Anavex to commence phase I clinical trial in Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2011-03-15 Raymond Associates, BioNeutral enter global sales and distribution agreement for Ygiene antimicrobial technology 0 None
2011-03-15 Chelsea uses PHT's LogPad, SitePad Tablet for clinical study to treat Parkinson's patients with NOH 0 None
2011-03-15 InhibOx and COSMIC discoveries align to deliver full service drug discovery offering 0 None
2011-03-15 OncoSec signs agreement with Inovio to purchase non-DNA cancer vaccine technology 0 None
2011-03-15 Type 2 diabetes drug less likely to cause weight gain, raise cholesterol levels 0 2
2011-03-15 Argentum responds to recent decision in patent lawsuit against Noble Biomaterials 0 None
2011-03-15 Study evaluates potential national savings from discount generic medication programs 0 None
2011-03-15 New study: Two peptide agent combination might block tumor growth 0 None
2011-03-15 USPTO grants second patent to Angiochem's EPiC drugs 0 None
2011-03-15 New findings may open doors for vaccine development against HIV, tuberculosis 0 None
2011-03-15 EC grants marketing authorization for Taiho's Teysuno to treat gastric cancer 0 None
2011-03-15 Study: Statin use may reduce risk of high-grade prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-14 Bayer receives FDA approval for Gadavist Injection 0 None
2011-03-14 Indium oxine in development at Positron's Crown Point facility 0 None
2011-03-14 EvaluatePharma data shows poor R&D productivity measures both in quality, quantity 0 None
2011-03-14 AbCheck licenses CELEXION yeast display technology for an industry first 0 None
2011-03-14 SOM Biotech closes first financing round and files patent application 0 None
2011-03-14 SCLR announces FDA's issue of deficiency letter for pseudoephedrine ANDA 0 None
2011-03-14 CTI, Chroma enter agreement to co-develop and license tosedostat 0 None
2011-03-14 External panel issues draft report saying WHO response to H1N1 lacked cohesion, clarity 0 None
2011-03-14 Nanotechnology might provide greater efficacy of medicines for brain disease 0 None
2011-03-14 New insights into factors affecting adolescent marijuana use 1 None
2011-03-14 Tamoxifen against breast cancer can save lives and reduce medical costs 0 None
2011-03-14 New international research project to identify antibiotics against tuberculosis 0 None
2011-03-14 US District Court rules in favor of Watson in FENTORA patent litigation 0 None
2011-03-12 Provepharm receives favorable EMA Review of its methylthioninium chloride Proveblue 0 None
2011-03-12 New drug for Lupus approved 1 1.7
2011-03-11 ChromaDex pTeroPure Pterostilbene receives 2010 Most Promising Ingredient of the Year award 0 None
2011-03-11 Updated NCCN Guidelines for Breast Cancer outline expanded treatment options 0 None
2011-03-11 Scientific advances at Scripps Research lay foundation for new lupus drug Benlysta 0 None
2011-03-11 Simcere files IND with SFDA of China for APX003 to treat cancer 0 None
2011-03-11 PNP reaches several major objectives in cancer therapeutic product development 0 None
2011-03-11 FDA announces consent decree of permanent injunction against McNeil-PPC 0 None
2011-03-11 FDA holds Senesco's SNS01-T clinical study due to delay of supplier's DMF updation 0 None
2011-03-11 OncoVista plans to advance reduced-toxicity targeted cancer treatments 0 None
2011-03-11 Canadian House of Commons passes bill that could ease access to generic drugs in developing countries 0 None
2011-03-11 Researchers concerned about use of mercury-based compound in inactivated flu vaccines 0 None
2011-03-11 Murad launches new powerhouse anti-aging treatment product 0 5
2011-03-11 SAMHSA study finds 51.5% drug-related hospital visits by older patients 0 None
2011-03-11 Infant formulas with fluoridated water increase risk of discolored teeth: HHS 0 5
2011-03-11 Eisai, Epizyme partner to develop and commercialize EZH2 epigenetic enzyme 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA approves Matrix NDA for Zidovudine Tablets 0 None
2011-03-10 Novartis new MS treatment receives Notice of Compliance in Canada 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA approves Covidien's LEU-based Mo-99 medical isotope 0 None
2011-03-10 Medtronic resolves FDA warning letters over Mounds View, Juncos facilities 0 None
2011-03-10 Despite aspirin therapy, specific inflammatory pathways may influence risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-03-10 Pepscan signs Research and License Agreement with Crucell to devlop novel vaccines 0 None
2011-03-10 Scientists identify chemical compound that may lead to cancer-fighting drugs 0 1
2011-03-10 AHF unveils new national advertising campaign about AIDS drugs 0 None
2011-03-10 CRT, ICR sign deal with ZoBio to discover and develop cancer drugs 0 None
2011-03-10 Opinions: Investing in science, technology; Indian public-private partnership for NTDs; U.S. global food security investments; Clinton's statements on PEPFAR; U.S. foreign aid; primary care 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA informs additional delay of ARYx's request for naronapride SPA 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA approves BENLYSTA for active, autoantibody-positive systemic lupus erythematosus 0 5
2011-03-10 Israel grants patent to Kamada's Transferrin for use in Pharmaceutical Compositions 0 None
2011-03-10 NCPA encourages patients on safe disposal of unwanted medications 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA accepts Merck's SAFLUTAN NDA for standard review 0 None
2011-03-10 Illicit drug users may face increased risk of microbial infections 0 None
2011-03-09 EDT receives European approval for XEPLION injection to treat schizophrenia 0 1.7
2011-03-09 KineMed extends collaboration with BMY to identify and characterize Alzheimer's biomarkers 0 None
2011-03-09 U.S. FDA approves Hospira's docetaxel to treat variety of cancers 0 None
2011-03-09 New Australian drug approvals subject to budget cuts 1 None
2011-03-09 Human Genome Sciences receives FDA approval for Benlysta to treat lupus 0 2
2011-03-09 Adamis submits APC-100 IND to FDA for treatment of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-09 MD Solarsciences launches new sunscreen lotion at 2011 AAD meeting 0 5
2011-03-09 Oral magnesium oxide is a safe treatment for children with chronic constipation 0 None
2011-03-09 Variation in exposure to sunlight may affect sensitivity of individuals to drugs 0 None
2011-03-09 PILMA praises Senate for 2011 Patent Protection Act 0 None
2011-03-09 Yakult Honsha, AEZS sign agreement to develop, commercialize and license perifosine 0 None
2011-03-09 Also in global health news: Rights abuses in Myanmar; Indian malnutrition; Mali Global Fund grant; shift in USAID's programs in Afghanistan; Gates Foundation grant for vaccines 0 None
2011-03-09 Apotex passes Bill C-393 to fix Canada's Access to Medicines Regime 0 None
2011-03-09 USPTO grants new patent to Intellect's Alzheimer's vaccine 0 None
2011-03-09 New nitric oxide producing topical products support healing process 0 None
2011-03-09 Chemist discover new strategy to process certain drugs 0 None
2011-03-09 FDA accepts BMY and AstraZeneca's dapagliflozin NDA for review 0 None
2011-03-08 Patrys succeeds in obtaining commercial yields for its anti-cancer antibody therapeutic 0 None
2011-03-08 New insight into malaria 0 None
2011-03-08 Mississippi researchers work on drug discovey for poison ivy skin rash 0 None
2011-03-08 Anacor and iOWH establish research agreement to identify new drugs for shigellosis 0 None
2011-03-08 Discovery of potent class of anti-cancer compounds by Scripps Research and MIT scientists 0 None
2011-03-08 URMC research confirms possible use of mifepristone for painful fibroids 0 None
2011-03-08 Also in global health news: EU-India talks; China's health system funding; water in Ethiopia; nonprofit offering health services abroad to sell off assets; polio in India 0 None
2011-03-08 UCSF's new pharmacy to focus on direct patient care 0 None
2011-03-08 Ambry, RainDance enter new collaboration to develop and commercialize ADME screening 0 None
2011-03-07 New Lupus drug marching towards approval 0 None
2011-03-07 FDA says no cause for alarm on vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia 0 None
2011-03-07 5a-reductase inhibitors for male health problems can affect sexual health 0 2
2011-03-07 Solasia, ZIOPHARM enter license and collaboration agreement for darinaparsin product 0 None
2011-03-07 Galderma, Astrazeneca collaborate to develop new compounds for dermatological disorders 0 None
2011-03-07 Launch Excellence Services provides solutions to new pharma product market entry 0 None
2011-03-07 FDA's action impacts Elite pharma drugs 0 None
2011-03-06 New research: Rectal specific microbicides can protect against HIV 0 None
2011-03-05 FDA approves change to prescribing information for Gilead Sciences' Letairis 0 None
2011-03-05 Deal Search Online: Pharma is the single most active sector in decade's health care M&A market 0 None
2011-03-05 New turf battle: Retail pharmacists vs. mail order companies 0 None
2011-03-05 FDA accepts Lundbeck's clobazam NDA for review 0 2
2011-03-05 ADM, Burcon NutraScience enter license agreement to market CLARISOY soy protein 0 None
2011-03-05 Grifols receives FDA approval for Alphanate to treat vCJD 0 None
2011-03-05 Scientific symposium to examine new approaches to schizophrenia drug development 0 None
2011-03-05 Gates Foundation makes $10M PRI in Liquidia to support development of vaccines, therapeutics 0 None
2011-03-05 Football player announces release of new pre-workout intensity supplement 0 None
2011-03-05 Monthly liver enzyme tests not required for PAH patients taking Letairis tablets: FDA 0 None
2011-03-05 Topamax medication during pregnancy can lead to increased risk of oral birth defects in babies 0 None
2011-03-05 New research into drugs to prevent brain tumours in children wins vital funding 0 None
2011-03-04 Study: Resveratrol can reduce body fat 0 None
2011-03-04 Alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamines are common abuse substances 1 None
2011-03-04 Study: Vaccinated children and adolescents are less prone to infectious diseases 0 None
2011-03-04 New discovery holds promise for TB treatment 0 None
2011-03-04 European Commission approves BMY's ONGLYZA to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-03-04 Few primary care physicians pay adequate attention to patients taking prescription opioid drugs 0 None
2011-03-04 Protesters call on Indian government to reject free trade agreement with EU 0 None
2011-03-04 Shire receives European Commission approval for self-administration of FIRAZYR for HAE 0 None
2011-03-04 Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don't want to stop 0 None
2011-03-03 Endo's FORTESTA Gel for treatment of 'Low T' in males is now available in pharmacies 0 None
2011-03-03 Eisai receives FDA approval for BANZEL Oral Suspension to treat seizures linked with LGS 0 None
2011-03-03 FDA approves Amneal's Indomethacin ER capsules 0 None
2011-03-03 EU's Avastin policy: A stark contrast to the FDA's recent decision 0 None
2011-03-03 EC grants marketing authorization for InterMune's Esbriet to treat IPF 0 None
2011-03-03 Roche, OraSure receive FDA 510(k) clearance for Oral Fluid Drug Testing System 0 None
2011-03-03 Real-life scientists search for new medicinal plants in remote areas 0 None
2011-03-03 Lancet Infectious Diseases examines how resource gaps are creating barriers to reduce child mortality 0 None
2011-03-03 New Sanitized MedX 200s active ingredient series to reduce risk of HAI 0 None
2011-03-03 Celerion completes Clean Room, pharmacist certification to comply with USP 797 guidelines 0 5
2011-03-03 CTI meets officials of FDA's OND to support pixantrone NDA 0 None
2011-03-03 FDA takes action against companies that manufacture unapproved prescription drugs 0 None
2011-03-03 Omeros identifies orphan GPCR compounds associated to pancreatic cancer, cognitive disorders 0 None
2011-03-03 New breakthrough in immunological research 0 None
2011-03-03 FADD protein discovery can lead to better cancer and autoimmune disease drugs 0 None
2011-03-03 Study: Men who consume non-steroidals more likely to have erectile dysfunction 0 None
2011-03-03 Portola, Accumetrics sign agreement to develop and supply VerifyNow System 0 None
2011-03-02 Ibuprofen may protect against development of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-03-02 IAVI, THSTI collaborate to establish HIV Vaccine Design Program in India 0 None
2011-03-02 Oxygen Biotherapeutics receives U.S. Army grant for studies of Oxycyte 0 None
2011-03-02 PreTreat Complete is now available for public to reduce migraine headaches 0 None
2011-03-02 Ipsen, Gtx terminate collaboration for development and commercialization of toremifene 0 None
2011-03-02 WARFARIN study to explore impact of genetic testing on individualized dosing 0 3
2011-03-02 Study: Medication adherence alone may not benefit employees with chronic conditions 0 None
2011-03-02 Inter Press Service explores how Kenya's Anti-Counterfeit Act, possible EU-India free trade agreement could scale back access to affordable medications 0 None
2011-03-02 Trial date set for Teva's generic COPAXONE patent infringement litigation against Momenta 0 None
2011-03-02 Four pharmaceutical companies partner to create new single-source industry 0 None
2011-03-02 EMD Serono receives FDA CRL on Cladribine Tablets NDA for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-03-02 Baxter announces European rMRP approval of PREFLUCEL seasonal influenza vaccine 0 None
2011-03-02 U.S. Army awards Oxygen Biotherapeutics two-year grant to study Oxycyte PFC emulsion against TBI 0 None
2011-03-02 Study: 700,000 drug-related ED visits cost nearly $1.4 billion in 2007 0 None
2011-03-02 Study: Pycnogenol- offers natural solution for patients with metabolic syndrome 0 None
2011-03-02 Research: Tanning bed exposure can lead to serious skin problems 0 None
2011-03-02 EPO to grant patent for Apricus MycoVa product to treat nail fungus 0 3
2011-03-01 VaxInnate receives $196 million BARDA contract to develop novel flu vaccines 0 None
2011-03-01 European Commission approves BMY's BARACLUDE(r) to treat CHB in adult patients with liver disease 0 None
2011-03-01 FDA approves roflumilast to treat COPD 0 1
2011-03-01 New drug approved for COPD by the FDA 0 3.4
2011-03-01 New therapeutic strategy improves superior renal function after kidney transplantation 0 None
2011-03-01 FDA approves Forest Labs' Daliresp to treat COPD 1 None
2011-03-01 Anti-AIDS gel shows promise 0 None
2011-03-01 Medical experts propose six-point framework for safe production and use of Kava plant 0 None
2011-03-01 Decision Resources: 52% of surveyed cardiologists identify furosemide as efficacious acute heart failure therapy 0 None
2011-03-01 Excella achieves SafeBridge Potent Compound Safety Certification 0 None
2011-03-01 Meda launches Medivir's cold sore treatment Xerese in the U.S. 0 None
2011-03-01 Sweden's TLV confirms reimbursement for Qutenza patch for treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain 0 None
2011-03-01 Santaris licenses miR-33 from MGH to treat cardiovascular disorders 0 None
2011-03-01 Novavax announces agreement to license VLP vaccine technology to LGLS 0 None
2011-03-01 HP announces innovative drug research application for its inkjet technology 0 None
2011-03-01 AFFiRiS announces significant progress in collaboration with GSK for Alzheimer's vaccine development 0 None
2011-03-01 Nile plans to develop novel therapeutics for ADHF 0 None
2011-02-28 HHS awards two contracts to accelerate flu vaccine availability 0 None
2011-02-28 CellSeed, LA BioMed enter two-year research agreement to study core technology in regenerative medicine 0 None
2011-02-28 AFFiRiS AG - Alzheimer's vaccines generate further cash flow 0 None
2011-02-28 UCSF collaborates with Zcube to develop new ways to deliver drugs 0 None
2011-02-28 TCD announces first patient treated in its TCD-717 Phase I trial 0 None
2011-02-28 Rexahn's novel anti-cancer quinoxalinyl-piperazine compounds granted European patent 0 None
2011-02-28 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for Derma Sciences MEDIHONEY Gel Wound and Burn Dressing 0 None
2011-02-28 FDA approves Matrix Labs generic Neurontin ANDA 0 None
2011-02-28 Seattle Genetics submits brentuximab vedotin BLA to FDA for treatment of ALCL, Hodgkin lymphoma 0 None
2011-02-28 Janssen-Cilag, NovAlix enter research services agreement for chemistry to support drug discovery efforts 0 None
2011-02-28 Researchers to examine thrombolysis for treatment of DVT in leg 0 None
2011-02-28 Medunik to introduce novel orphan drugs to Canadians with rare diseases 0 None
2011-02-28 Almac's new North American Headquarters launches schedule I-V controlled capabilities 0 None
2011-02-28 Despite FDA action, Deston still believes Auralgan as a safe and effective drug product 0 None
2011-02-28 Pharming, Santarus receive FDA refusal to file letter for RHUCIN BLA 0 None
2011-02-28 New study identifies recurrent wound botulism among injection drug users 0 None
2011-02-28 AHRQ: $52.2 billion spent on prescription drugs for treatment of metabolic conditions during 2008 0 None
2011-02-27 FDA approves GSK's PROMACTA to treat rare blood disorder 0 2
2011-02-27 Experts offer myth-busting advice to fight against spring allergies 0 None
2011-02-27 Samsung enters strategic partnership with Quintiles to support biopharmaceuticals market 0 None
2011-02-27 Takeda receives FDA approval for EDARBI to treat hypertension in adults 0 None
2011-02-27 Vaccine lawsuit rejected by Supreme Court 1 5
2011-02-27 Avastin debate spills over until June FDA hearing 0 None
2011-02-25 Takeda receives Japanese approval for additional indications for NESINA 0 None
2011-02-25 Savient launches KRYSTEXXA in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-25 Symposium examines Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth Supreme Court case 0 None
2011-02-25 Patients presented to ED with adverse drug events are more costly to health care system 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: AEG-1 expression predicts erlotinib treatment response in patients with EGFR-mutant lung cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 Signal files complaint against Med Biogene and Precision Therapeutics in Supreme Court 0 None
2011-02-25 Salix anticipates receipt of FDA's CRL for XIFAXAN 550 mg sNDA 0 None
2011-02-25 Unigene accelerates UGP281 anorexigenic peptide to treat obese patients 0 None
2011-02-25 Genentech granted FDA hearing on Avastin for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 New 'closed-loop' system can provide tightly controlled anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery 0 None
2011-02-24 Celgene, Elan enter settlement and license agreement for ABRAXANE 0 None
2011-02-24 FDA approves sBLA for CSL's Hizentra to treat PI 0 None
2011-02-24 Supreme Court raises the bar for suits against vaccine producers 0 None
2011-02-24 Steroid administration may impact immune system in children with asthma 0 None
2011-02-24 Study examines several homicides involving anesthetic drugs, outlines anesthesiologists' experiences 0 None
2011-02-24 Stamford Hospital to participate in US FDA Expanded Access Treatment IND program for Generex Oral-lyn 0 None
2011-02-24 Takeda submits NDA to FDA for fixed-dose combination of azilsartan medoxomil plus CLD to treat hypertension 0 None
2011-02-24 G-CSF treatment improves inadequate endometrium during IVF cycles 1 4
2011-02-24 New strategies to improve developing countries' access to low-cost generic drugs needed, experts say 0 None
2011-02-24 UBC study shows Canadians and Americans receive different drug information online 0 None
2011-02-24 Scientists find bovine colostrum can massively reduce leaky gut syndrome 0 None
2011-02-24 Aminothiazoles as therapeutic leads for prion diseases 0 None
2011-02-24 New vaccine offers hope against Hepatitis C 0 5
2011-02-24 FDA approves ONGLYZA to treat type 2 diabetes patients with renal impairment 2 None
2011-02-24 CST, Astellas Pharma enter commercialization partnership for cancer diagnostic, therapeutic products 0 3
2011-02-24 Polio: Myanmar plans vaccination campaign after confirming first new case in three years; India fights disease in rural areas 0 None
2011-02-23 Novo Nordisk submits rFXIII BLA to FDA for treatment of inherited bleeding disorder 0 None
2011-02-23 Researchers identify low-dose, two-drug cocktail that reduces noise-induced hearing loss in mice 0 None
2011-02-23 FDA grants Fast Track designation to Sunesis' vosaroxin for treatment of AML 0 None
2011-02-23 Multi-national consortium develops new approaches to cure the flu 0 None
2011-02-23 Study results of NanoViricides anti-dengue drug candidates presented at NIH/NIAID sponsored conference 0 None
2011-02-23 Pharmacelsus participates in FLUCURE project to develop novel therapeutics against influenza 0 None
2011-02-23 Healthcare professionals need evidence-based education, guidance about CAM use in maternity care 0 None
2011-02-23 USPTO issues patent to Synergy's SP-333 for treatment of IBD 0 None
2011-02-23 Survey: 67% of pharma and biotech companies outsource more than half of all clinical trials 0 None
2011-02-23 Omeros announces license agreement with Daiichi Sankyo for PDE7 inhibitors 0 5
2011-02-23 MWV announces availability of preservative pharmaceutical spray pumps for sampling 0 None
2011-02-23 New study: Cannabis ingredient can improve appetites and sense of taste in cancer patients 0 None
2011-02-23 Study: Cannabis use may negatively impact male sexual performance 0 None
2011-02-23 Japan MHLW approves Sosei's NorLevo emergency contraceptive pill 0 None
2011-02-23 Noven claims patent infringement over Vivelle-Dot, files lawsuit against Mylan 0 None
2011-02-23 Tifacogin administration shows no treatment benefit in patients with severe CAP 0 None
2011-02-23 Federal anti-drug campaign appears to reduce marijuana use among teenagers 0 None
2011-02-23 New nanoparticle can help develop vaccines against HIV, malaria 0 None
2011-02-23 CVS condemns Supreme Court's decision to preempt all vaccine design defect lawsuits 0 None
2011-02-23 Aspirin for coronary heart prevention is less costly, more effective 0 None
2011-02-23 Study: Antibody-directed chemotherapy may be effective for majority of younger AML sufferers 0 None
2011-02-23 Research: Drug developed for controlling cholesterol synthesis can kill human breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-23 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to Somaxon's Silenor patent application 0 None
2011-02-23 Prolonged use of osteoporosis drugs may increase risk of unusual fractures in women 0 None
2011-02-22 Researcher finds antibiotic in Eastern Red Cedar tree effective against MRSA 0 None
2011-02-22 Novartis FLUAD seasonal flu vaccine for older adults receives Health Canada approval 0 None
2011-02-22 Health Canada approves Orexo's Abstral to treat chronic cancer pain 0 None
2011-02-22 Vical extends relationship with U.S. NMRC for emerging disease vaccine platform 0 None
2011-02-22 Scientists believe plant extracts may have medical benefits to treat herpes 0 None
2011-02-22 Tropical seaweed's antifungal chemical cues may have promising antimalarial properties for humans 0 None
2011-02-22 AHFS, PEPID partner to deliver electronic drug information to pharmacists nationwide 0 None
2011-02-22 Experimental vaccine appears to protect against pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-22 New research: Fluid retention may explain drugs' risk of strokes and heart attacks 0 None
2011-02-22 MorphoSys completes technology transfer in strategic antibody alliance 0 None
2011-02-22 Research: Blood and hormone level in saliva can reveal burnout symptoms 0 None
2011-02-21 New study: Rapamycin reverses cardiac muscle damage in LEOPARD syndrome mouse model 0 None
2011-02-21 Sheffield Bio-Science forms strategic alliance with Wockhardt to strengthen cell culture media portfolio 0 None
2011-02-21 Mouse model could help develop new classes of antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-21 NCPA, NACDS explain importance of pharmacies in Medicaid program 0 5
2011-02-21 Proper wound care may treat skin infections effectively than antibiotics in children with MRSA 0 3
2011-02-20 Amphetamines appear to increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease: New research 0 None
2011-02-20 New study shows low doses of aspirin can significantly reduce risk of cancers 0 None
2011-02-20 QRxPharma granted FDA pre-NDA meeting, further phase II data released 0 4
2011-02-19 PBMI awards CVS Caremark and ArcelorMittal the 2011 Rx Benefit Innovation Award 0 None
2011-02-19 Upsher-Smith expands voluntary recall of Jantoven Warfarin Sodium, 3 mg Tablets 0 None
2011-02-19 U.S. scientists assess progress of dengue vaccine at 3-day summit in Puerto Rico 0 None
2011-02-18 Biocare, HJF sign license agreement to distribute antibody against prostate cancer 0 None
2011-02-18 Impax' NDA for generic version of Adoxa receives final FDA approval 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists investigate natural chemical compound in sea sponges to create novel anti-cancer drugs 0 5
2011-02-18 Rinsing technique with betadine may reduce infection rate following total knee, hip arthroplasty 0 None
2011-02-18 Certain uses of terbutaline could lead to maternal heart problems and death, FDA warns 1 None
2011-02-18 China-Biotics applies 5 new patents for probiotics supplement, preparation 0 None
2011-02-18 U.S. FDA approves Corifact to prevent bleeding in people with Factor XIII deficiency 0 None
2011-02-17 Statin drug may help prevent blindness in diabetics 0 None
2011-02-17 Astellas' Protopic receives Health Canada approval for prevention of eczema flares 0 5
2011-02-17 Iris Pharma announces validation of new EIU model of ocular inflammation 0 5
2011-02-17 Researchers develop new pneumococcal vaccine through novel discovery approach 0 None
2011-02-17 Experts say signs and treatment of bacterial infection often misunderstood 0 1
2011-02-17 Spirulina Pacifica supplement may improve immune function, anemia in senior citizens 0 None
2011-02-17 EMA publishes concept paper on pharmaceutical cold storage conditions during transport 0 None
2011-02-17 HHS unveils new National Vaccine Plan to enhance coordination of immunization activities 0 None
2011-02-17 ACEA Biosciences receives new U. S. Patent for chemical compound screening 0 None
2011-02-17 Upcoming Bangladeshi mass cholera vaccine program might shed light on strategy effectiveness 0 None
2011-02-17 Patients with high blood pressure can benefit from 'adherence therapy' course 0 None
2011-02-17 MedImmune, PDL BioPharma enter definitive agreement to resolve legal patent disputes 0 None
2011-02-17 Astellas, AVEO enter development, commercialization agreement for tivozanib 0 None
2011-02-17 Inexpensive drug therapy shows promise in treating premature infants with childhood blindness 0 None
2011-02-16 Vical announces issuance of U.S. Patent for cytomegalovirus vaccines 0 None
2011-02-16 Flu vaccine update 0 1
2011-02-16 New treatment using naltrexone implants can reduce heroin dependency: Study 0 None
2011-02-16 ADVENTRX updates ANX-514 candidate for FDA approval 0 None
2011-02-16 Bioniche presentation focuses on implementing E. coli cattle vaccine to reduce risk of human infection 0 5
2011-02-16 Study: BPS is safe and effective for patients undergoing therapeutic endoscopy 0 None
2011-02-16 Ecstasy does not impair cognitive performance: Study 0 None
2011-02-16 CTI's fourth quarter net loss increases to $34.1 million 0 None
2011-02-16 Also in global health news: Gates Foundation global health head to step down; drug, medical supply shortages in Gaza; food security in N. Korea 1 None
2011-02-16 Sanofi-aventis, Sunnybrook enter agreement to develop and commercialize vasculotide 0 None
2011-02-16 New study confirms effectiveness of inhaled epinephrine to treat croup 0 None
2011-02-16 NGDI-UBC, CDRD partner for drug development platform to treat neglected global diseases 0 None
2011-02-16 Aeolus receives BARDA contract for AEOL 10150 drug development against ARS 0 None
2011-02-16 Mylan launches generic Vfend 0 None
2011-02-15 Bisphosphonates appear to reduce risk of postmenopausal colorectal cancer by 50% 0 None
2011-02-15 RPCI offers first FDA-approved cancer treatment vaccine 0 None
2011-02-15 2007 financial crisis linked to increase in patients seeking treatment for prescription drug and painkiller addiction 0 None
2011-02-15 FDA requests $4.3 billion to protect and promote health of Americans as part of FY 2012 budget 0 None
2011-02-15 Study finds GI bleeding rare outside of ICU, regardless of whether or not patients receive medication 0 None
2011-02-15 PCMA releases statement on President Obama's budget proposal for biotech medications 0 None
2011-02-15 Study shows lower success rate of FDA drug approval from 2003 to 2010 0 None
2011-02-15 Ecstasy users show no signs of cognitive impairment: New study 0 None
2011-02-15 Apricus Bio awards Neopharm exclusive rights to market and sell Vitaros in Israel and Palestinian Territories 0 None
2011-02-15 Dabigatran drug helps prevent blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-02-15 State court jury rules in favor of Merck in FOSAMAX trial 0 None
2011-02-14 Oral bisphosphonates outweigh the risk associated with jaw disease 0 None
2011-02-14 AP: Crooks find Medicare Part D an easy target 0 None
2011-02-14 Huntington Insurance adds to prescription drug benefit program 0 None
2011-02-14 FDA accepts King's ACUROX NDA for filing with Priority review classification 0 None
2011-02-14 Study: Young survivors covered by Medicare Part D often can't afford stroke medications 0 None
2011-02-14 UH Case Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center increases tPA use for ischemic stroke by 13.5 times 0 None
2011-02-14 Janssen, Medivir collaborate to discover and develop drugs against dengue virus 0 None
2011-02-14 Advocates call for follow-through on decade-old pledge to remove tariffs on malaria treatments, prophylactics in Africa 0 None
2011-02-14 Antimicrobial CPC non alcohol mouth-rinse decreases incidence of preterm birth 0 None
2011-02-14 Value-based pricing system would benefit NHS: Research 0 5
2011-02-11 Scientists develop novel treatment strategy for multiple myeloma 0 4
2011-02-11 Times of India examines dengue vaccine trials 0 None
2011-02-11 Preladenant may offer new supplemental treatment for Parkinson's disease: Study 0 None
2011-02-11 New findings of drug recently identified to prevent stroke in patients with AF published in NEJM 0 None
2011-02-11 Intellikine, PKD Foundation to investigate novel therapies for patients with PKD 0 3
2011-02-10 Valeant Pharmaceuticals subsidiary acquires Canadian rights to Cholestagel 0 None
2011-02-10 Global Health Consortium to support development of vaccines to control dengue fever 0 None
2011-02-10 FDA grants final approval for Hi-Tech Pharmacal's ANDA for levofloxacin ophthalmic solution 0 None
2011-02-10 Mallinckrodt receives FDA approval for Fentanyl Transdermal System patch ANDA 0 1
2011-02-10 Alexion fourth quarter net product sales of Soliris increases to $156.0 million 0 None
2011-02-10 FDLI's new Policy Forum takes close look on emerging health care liability issues 0 None
2011-02-10 Rhabdomyolysis episode at University of Iowa signals a public health crisis 0 None
2011-02-10 Avian flu vaccine stockpiled in 2004 still useful 0 None
2011-02-10 PRA opens new offices in Israel, Ukraine to meet increased demand for services 0 None
2011-02-10 Florida pain clinic society opposes Gov. Scott's proposal to repeal Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 0 None
2011-02-10 UCSD: Medication education can help patients with diabetes better stick to drug treatment plans 0 None
2011-02-10 State and federal efforts to monitor drug prescriptions and payments face challenges 0 None
2011-02-10 US District Court rules in favor of Watson in generic Mucinex patent infringement suit 0 None
2011-02-10 Physicist creates technology that may enhance pharma industry's early drug discovery capabilities 0 None
2011-02-10 Research shows no protective effect of folate intake against spontaneous preterm delivery 0 2
2011-02-10 Study: New curcumin-hybrid compound may help protect, regenerate brain cells after stroke 0 None
2011-02-09 New study: Testosterone administration leads to significant reduction in mind reading 0 4
2011-02-09 Genmed announces Suprafen drug registration with Dutch MEB 0 None
2011-02-09 Zogenix receives 2011 DDP Industry Achievement Award for SUMAVEL DosePro 0 None
2011-02-09 Protect Pharma completes sale of two patents and patents-applications to Grunenthal 0 None
2011-02-09 Humira and Enbrel have best overall clinical profile for treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis: Survey 0 None
2011-02-09 Topical cream used to treat skin diseases activates two distinct neuronal signaling pathways 0 4
2011-02-09 Natco Pharma files ANDA with FDA for generic version of Tamiflu 0 None
2011-02-09 Faster approval times for generic drugs may not drop the price for consumers 0 None
2011-02-09 New You Magazine about anti-aging management to re-launch in March 0 None
2011-02-09 Study finds dutasteride not cost-effective in prevention of prostate cancer in men at elevated risk 0 None
2011-02-09 Momenta receives US patent for methods of developing glatiramer acetate drug 0 None
2011-02-09 Vical announces issuance of US patent for HSV-2 vaccine 0 4
2011-02-09 Babies born to HIV-infected mothers have lower antibody levels against bacterial infections 0 5
2011-02-09 Pharmacist-directed anticoagulation service improves quality of care for HIT patients 0 None
2011-02-09 AMAG receives Health Canada Notice of Non-Compliance for Feraheme NDS 0 None
2011-02-09 FDA grants Actavis marketing approval for Pantoprazole Sodium Delayed-Release Tablets 0 None
2011-02-08 NMS Labs launches unique test for Methotrexate 0 None
2011-02-08 Positron anticipates expanded market opportunity for Attrius PET scanner 0 None
2011-02-08 ASBP concerned over FDA rejection of Contrave drug 0 None
2011-02-08 Total flu cover with one shot 0 None
2011-02-08 Avandia label revised as per FDA directive 0 None
2011-02-08 ScinoPharm to be Clinical Data's sole API supplier of vilazodone hydrochloride during Viibryd's launch 0 None
2011-02-08 PDL, UCB enter definitive settlement agreement to resolve all legal patent disputes 0 None
2011-02-08 Elan 2010 total revenue increases 5% to $1,169.7 million 0 None
2011-02-08 FDA warning leads to decrease in use of atypical antipsychotics for treatment of dementia 0 None
2011-02-08 TREK1 activity offers a key target for fluoxetine and other antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-08 Anthem Blue Cross reminds seniors in Maine to get vaccinated against annual flu, pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-08 Schizophrenia patients who consume antipsychotics appear to lose small amount of brain tissue 0 3
2011-02-08 Particle Sciences announces strategic alliance with HORIBA Instruments 0 None
2011-02-08 Study on non-surgical approach for treatment of liver hydatidosis 0 None
2011-02-08 Study reports significant decline in second-generation medication use for dementia 0 None
2011-02-08 Study: Cannabis use appears to be linked with earlier onset of psychotic illness 0 None
2011-02-08 Tufts announces public launch of Institute for Biomedical Partnerships, HUB website 0 None
2011-02-07 Natco Pharma submits ANDA to FDA for generic version of Tamiflu 75 mg capsules 0 None
2011-02-07 Zeria obtains Japanese regulatory clearance for HemCon products 0 None
2011-02-07 Progenics, Salix enter exclusive worldwide license agreement for RELISTOR 0 None
2011-02-07 Reliv International launches new nutritional supplement to address entire fatigue cycle 0 None
2011-02-05 FDA approves Makena injection to reduce risk of preterm delivery 0 None
2011-02-05 Vemma donates over 60,000 bottles of Vemma NEXT to K.I.D.S. 0 5
2011-02-05 Stiefel introduces BPO Acne Creamy Washes for OTC use in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-05 Physicians reaction to FDA decision to rescind breast cancer indication from Avastin 0 None
2011-02-05 Waismann Method examines link between chronic pain and Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia 0 None
2011-02-05 March of Dimes appreciates FDA for approving new drug to prevent preterm births 0 None
2011-02-04 Jungle Brolly launches new natural line of non alcoholic industrial hand sanitizers 0 None
2011-02-04 FDA approves ANDA for phentermine HCl 37.5 mg tablets 0 None
2011-02-04 HPV vaccine can prevent 90% of genital warts in men: Study 0 None
2011-02-04 ECR launches sleep aid product, Zolpimist Oral Spray in the US 0 None
2011-02-04 Hologic receives FDA approval for hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection 0 None
2011-02-04 ECR announces availability of Zolpimist Oral Spray in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-04 Bayer HealthCare's regorafenib receives orphan drug status for GIST treatment 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists analyze relationship between drug abuse, recognition of basic emotions 0 None
2011-02-04 Study finds increased prescription drug abuse among teens 0 None
2011-02-04 AHF urges all AIDS drug manufacturers to reduce medication cost by 20% 0 None
2011-02-04 Tacere announces reacquisition of HCV compound development, commercialization rights in Asia 0 None
2011-02-04 AMRI's Burlington facility granted AIFA approval to manufacture octreotide 0 None
2011-02-04 MedAssurant, UNC to assess relationship between insulin and cancer development 0 None
2011-02-04 Sodium Thiosulfate Injections recalled 0 None
2011-02-04 U.S. Patent Office issues Notice of Allowance to Antigen Express AE37 cancer vaccine 0 3.5
2011-02-03 FDA approves Hospira's topotecan for SCLC 0 None
2011-02-03 Genmab reports GBP 9 million net sales for Arzerra in fourth quarter 2010 0 5
2011-02-03 AVEO receives USAN, WHO generic name approval for ficlatuzumab 0 None
2011-02-03 Public health experts: Improved community engagement needed to prevent pandemic spread 0 None
2011-02-03 Ta`am Teva Altman, Probi sign agreement to launch dietary supplement for gut health 0 None
2011-02-03 Losartan improves effectiveness of nanotherapeutics against cancer 0 None
2011-02-03 New study highlights black box warning inconsistencies on drug's label 0 None
2011-02-03 FDA disallows obesity drug Contrave pending further large-scale testing 0 None
2011-02-03 Proper diagnosis and antibiotic treatment are the best way to prevent Lyme arthritis 0 None
2011-02-03 Largazole appears to be an ideal blueprint for developing new drugs against bone diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 LSU biochemists develop 5-LOX 3-D model to design effective asthma medication 0 None
2011-02-03 Malarial drugs may help treat specific form of frontotemporal dementia 0 5
2011-02-02 Researchers discover potential vaccine capable of reducing H. pylori colonization 0 None
2011-02-02 Body weight loss influences prescribing decisions for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-02-02 Shire announces Health Canada's approval of VYVANSE for treatment of ADHD in adolescents and adults 0 None
2011-02-02 Harbor BioSciences announces publication of newly discovered anti-inflammatory steroids 0 3
2011-02-02 New research: Antioxidants in pecans may prevent development of various diseases 0 None
2011-02-02 FDA issues reminder about safe use of non-sterile alcohol prep pads 0 None
2011-02-02 Skinvisible, Novartis enter agreement for technical feasibility study 0 None
2011-02-02 Swine flu shots linked to narcolepsy: Investigation continues 0 None
2011-02-02 Study finds treatment-related mortality with bevacizumab in cancer patients 0 None
2011-02-02 Quebec provides access to new treatment for women with postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2011-02-02 Daily probiotic may help prevent upper respiratory tract infections in athletes: Research 0 5
2011-02-02 Scientists test new dry powder measles vaccine that can be inhaled 0 None
2011-02-01 New compound appears to prevent pain crises in sickle cell disease: GHSU 0 None
2011-02-01 FDA, Optivia collaborate to examine effect of dietary supplements in drug-induced liver injury 0 None
2011-02-01 FDA approves NCI's Sodium Fluoride F18 NDA for use in bone scans 0 None
2011-02-01 CAM therapies are more pronounced among whites than racial and ethnic minorities 0 None
2011-02-01 Highly favorable final results from ERGOFLEX initial clinical study for joint pain relief 0 None
2011-02-01 Yale University scientists synthesize lomaiviticin that appears to destroy cancer stem cells 0 None
2011-02-01 PCMA finds Ohio's Medicaid program can save $135 million over the next decade 0 None
2011-02-01 French guy says Parkinson’s drug induced gambling and gay sex addiction, tries to sue GSK for $610,000 3 5
2011-02-01 Easier access to emergency birth control increases sexually-transmitted diseases among teenagers 0 None
2011-02-01 Johnson & Johnson deal may bring HIV/AIDS drugs to developing countries faster 0 None
2011-02-01 Generics companies weigh in on biological drugs, the Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2011-02-01 Eurogentec, ImaginAb announce collaboration to produce engineered antibody fragments 0 None
2011-02-01 AVANIR's NUEDEXTA for pseudobulbar affect now available by prescription 0 5
2011-01-31 MAP Pharmaceuticals, Allergan collaborate for LEVADEX to treat acute migraine in adults 0 None
2011-01-31 Baxter launches OLIMEL emulsion for parenteral nutrition 0 2.3
2011-01-31 Empire State Building, NYRR partner with MMRF for new myeloma drugs 0 None
2011-01-31 Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical to take 5% equity position in Living Cell Technologies 0 None
2011-01-31 Endo Pharmaceutical partners receive Paragraph IV Certification for generic version of LIDODERM 0 None
2011-01-31 U.S. District Court grants preliminary injunction, clears sale of Dr. Reddy's Allegra D24 tablet 0 None
2011-01-29 EVP of Advaxis' Science & Operations moderates Live Cancer Vaccines panel discussion 0 None
2011-01-29 Taxol reduces cell regeneration obstacles after spinal cord injury: Scientists 0 None
2011-01-29 NexMed presents data on NexACT technology use to improve less permeable, soluable oral drugs 0 None
2011-01-29 Initiative to eliminate polio in the U.K. 0 None
2011-01-29 LivDerma founder develops transdermal delivery system for effective pain relief 0 None
2011-01-29 Etanercept can restore responsiveness to pain-relieving effects of morphine: Study 0 None
2011-01-29 BGU, PTT sign R&D collaboration agreement for commercial development of green algae strain 0 None
2011-01-29 King Pharmaceuticals awards payment to Pain Therapeutics for abuse-resistant medications 0 None
2011-01-29 Nitrous oxide anesthesia may lead to increased risk of myocardial infarction: Study 0 5
2011-01-29 FDA approves Mylan's ANDA for ER Tablets 0 None
2011-01-29 FDA approves GRALISE Tablets for treatment of PHN 0 None
2011-01-28 Antibiotic may help in development of new anti-cancer agents: Researchers 0 4
2011-01-28 Genentech, Biogen announce FDA approval of Rituxan to treat follicular lymphoma 0 None
2011-01-28 WOUNDS article profiles efficacy of Quick-Med's antimicrobial BIOGUARD dressings 0 None
2011-01-28 Taxol drug promotes regeneration of nerve cells in CNS after spinal cord injury: Study 0 5
2011-01-28 FDA schedules fourth orphan drug designation workshop 0 None
2011-01-28 Bill Gates, crown prince of Abu Dhabi announce $100m pledge for vaccines for Afghan, Pakistani children 0 None
2011-01-28 Tibotec grants multiple non-exclusive licenses to generic manufacturers for rilpivirine hydrochloride 0 None
2011-01-28 New research: Retired NFL players more likely to misuse painkillers 0 None
2011-01-28 Frequency of analgesic drug errors in hospitals is nearly 3 per 1000 prescriptions: Study 0 None
2011-01-28 Matrix enters licensing agreement with Tibotec for generic Rilpivirine Hydrochloride 0 None
2011-01-28 CSL Behring receives marketing approval for HAE drug Berinert in Israel 0 None
2011-01-28 Reuters examines how Russia's 'drug problem' has 'become an AIDS problem' 0 None
2011-01-27 FDA accepts Pain Therapeutics NDA resubmission for REMOXY 0 None
2011-01-27 Medisafe to develop barcoded system to confirm origin of prescription medications 0 None
2011-01-27 Antibiotic use in first six months of life may result in childhood asthma 0 None
2011-01-27 Metanx promotes restoration of lost cutaneous sensation in Diabetic Neuropathy patients 0 None
2011-01-27 FDA, Simulations Plus sign RCA to develop QSAR toxicity models 0 None
2011-01-27 FDA issues Complete Response letter for Avodart sNDA for reduction of prostate cancer risk 0 None
2011-01-27 Quest Diagnostics releases new data on oral fluid testing system 0 None
2011-01-27 WSJ: Biotech generics battle heats up 0 None
2011-01-26 Teva, APP enter agreement for launch of generic Gemzar 0 None
2011-01-25 Pill for multiple sclerosis in the pipeline 0 4
2011-01-25 Nordion and Sterigenics sign five year contract for Cobalt-60 supply 0 None
2011-01-25 Mylan enters settlement agreement with Pfizer for Caduet Tablets litigation 0 None
2011-01-25 Nordic Naturals launches one-per-day omega-3 fatty acid gels 0 None
2011-01-25 Triad alcohol prep pads with ARIXTRA Starter Kits not to be used 0 None
2011-01-25 Kira For Women introduces two new products for menopause, PMS 0 None
2011-01-25 Sanofi-aventis acquires world-wide license for ADC products 0 None
2011-01-25 Strong opposition to 'prescription-only' measures for OTC medicines with pseudoephedrine 0 3
2011-01-25 ASA concerned over non-availability of sodium thiopental 0 None
2011-01-25 SNM commends FDA Advisory Committee recommendation for florbetapir approval 0 None
2011-01-25 Researchers find White-Hispanic disparities in receiving immunization against flu, pneumonia 0 None
2011-01-25 FDA approves Matrix's generic Protonix DR Tablets ANDA 0 None
2011-01-24 FedEx launches Deep Frozen Shipping Solution for temperature-sensitive healthcare products 0 None
2011-01-24 PediatRx announces first-ever revenues and successful launch of GRANISOL 0 None
2011-01-24 FDA accepts Optimer's fidaxomicin NDA for filing 0 None
2011-01-24 Spectrum submits Post Approval Supplement for removal of bioscan requirement for Indium-111 ZEVALIN 0 None
2011-01-24 BDSI refutes MonoSol's patent infringement claims relating to BEMA Buprenorphine 0 None
2011-01-24 FDA approves Clinical Data's Viibryd for major depressive disorder 0 None
2011-01-24 Bayer's gadobutrol injection for CNS imaging receives FDA Advisory Committee approval 0 4
2011-01-24 Rotavirus vaccine significantly cuts child hospitalizations, study says 0 None
2011-01-24 Eckert & Ziegler receives European Commission's indefinite approval for YTTRIGA 0 None
2011-01-24 China Shenghuo's Lixuwang product recieves Chinese Well-Known Trademark Honor 0 None
2011-01-24 Boehringer Ingelheim's Prazaxa receives Japanese approval for stroke prevention in AF patients 0 3.5
2011-01-24 Two studies explore relationship between nutrition and asthma 0 None
2011-01-24 Tamoxifen may reduce individual's risk of death from lung cancer: New study 0 None
2011-01-24 PGxHealth receives FDA approval for Viibryd tablets to treat major depressive disorder 0 None
2011-01-21 CVAF completes new investment agreement with Oncovir for production of Hiltonol 0 5
2011-01-21 PenTAG research plays pivotal role in NICE decision to extend availability of Alzheimer's disease drugs 0 None
2011-01-21 VIVUS holds End-of-Review meeting with FDA for QNEXA NDA 0 None
2011-01-21 GSK, Valeant receive European CHMP positive opinion for Trobalt 0 None
2011-01-21 EMA CHMP issues negative opinion against Biogen Idec's FAMPYRA for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-01-21 Adopting pharmacy carve-in approach can help 13 states realize over $11 billion savings in Medicaid 0 None
2011-01-21 WHO executive board meeting addresses agency's policy on counterfeit, substandard medications 0 None
2011-01-21 Major breakthrough: Genome-based medicine for treatment of alcoholism 0 None
2011-01-21 Supreme Court considers drug-pricing lawsuit 0 None
2011-01-21 Health Canada approves Labopharm's OLEPTRO for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder 0 None
2011-01-21 New study reveals illicit HGH use among young American male weightlifters 0 None
2011-01-20 Researchers discover nitroxoline can reduce human breast, bladder cancer cell growth 0 None
2011-01-20 Genzyme to expand Geel facility to support growth of Myozyme and Lumizyme for Pompe disease 0 None
2011-01-20 FDA provides tentative approval under PEPFAR for Matrix's Lamivudine and Zidovudine NDA 0 None
2011-01-20 Huanggang Winner receives State Development and Reform Commission's Cotton Processing Certificate 0 None
2011-01-20 Long-term use of khat drug decreases self-control, leads to undesirable behaviour: Study 1 None
2011-01-20 Study: Vitamin E supplementation may extend life-span of restricted groups of men 0 None
2011-01-20 Reducing generic prices will not result in pharmacy shortages: Study 0 None
2011-01-20 BI refuses to offer increased access to AIDS drugs for low-income Americans 0 None
2011-01-20 Novo Nordisk to appeal against ruling in repaglinide combination patent case 0 2.5
2011-01-20 Oral contraceptives do not cause weight gain, says new study 0 None
2011-01-20 Dried blood spot technology finds new role in developing lifesaving medications 0 None
2011-01-19 USPTO grants KL4 surfactant combination product patent to Discovery Labs 0 None
2011-01-19 Pisgah to scale-up patent-pending form of hydrocodone 0 None
2011-01-19 San Diego hospital tests RFID-based drug-management system developed by MEPS Real Time 0 None
2011-01-19 Study shows risky knowledge gaps, deficits in dietary supplements among pregnant women 0 None
2011-01-19 Scientists produce tiny molecular 'binder' that may help develop more efficient drugs 0 None
2011-01-19 Loyola offers new, nonsurgical treatment for Dupuytren's contracture 0 3.6
2011-01-19 FDA announces consent decree of permanent injunction against Deltex 0 None
2011-01-19 Antidepressant medication reduces frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes 0 None
2011-01-18 Study elaborates relationship between obesity and MDD-R, long-term use of ADs 0 None
2011-01-18 FDA approves Natroba for treatment of head lice infestations 0 None
2011-01-18 FDA approves ParaPRO's Natroba for topical treatment of head lice 0 None
2011-01-18 Z-Medica develops new version of QuikClot Combat Gauze 0 None
2011-01-18 DKMA issues GMP certificate to Cambrex Zenara Indian manufacturing facility 0 None
2011-01-18 Transcept announces Intermezzo NDA resubmission for treatment of middle of the night awakenings 0 None
2011-01-18 Cadence launches OFIRMEV pain medication in the U.S. 0 None
2011-01-18 Mylan receives FDA approval for generic Precose Tablets ANDA 0 None
2011-01-18 Quebec reimburses VIDAZA for treatment of blood cancer 0 4
2011-01-18 Seordus recieves Japanese patent for SER100 0 None
2011-01-18 PecFent accepted in Scotland for treatment of breakthrough cancer pain 0 3
2011-01-18 OMJPI, Sanford-Burnham enter agreement to discover compounds for Alzheimer's disease, psychiatric disorders 0 None
2011-01-18 T3SS-dependent bacteria may be a suitable point of attack for future antibiotics: Study 0 None
2011-01-18 McNeil Consumer Healthcare initiates voluntary recall 0 1
2011-01-18 Antibiotics with blood pressure medications may cause hypotension 0 4.5
2011-01-18 Study reports warfarin users may face risk of death after traumatic injuries 0 None
2011-01-18 Health Canada approves Eli Lilly's BYETTA for treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes 0 2
2011-01-17 Pharmacists can help patients to manage their medication and stop smoking 0 1
2011-01-16 Capsules with essential oils reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome: Study 0 2
2011-01-14 Study: Health advocacy groups don't always disclose drug company funding 0 None
2011-01-14 Health Canada requests Osiris for additional information in support of Prochymal approval 0 None
2011-01-14 pH Advantage adds Pyranase to facial skin care line 0 None
2011-01-14 Unintended direct conflict between pharmaceutical marketing and public health 0 None
2011-01-14 Covidien announces support for FDA on safe use of acetaminophen 0 None
2011-01-14 Sleep medications increase risk for nighttime falls and potential injury 0 None
2011-01-14 ShangPharma opens new multi-purpose pharma development and cGMP manufacturing facility in Fengxian 0 None
2011-01-14 Orexo, Invida enter exclusive licensing and distribution agreement for Abstral in Asia Pacific 0 None
2011-01-14 FDA asks manufacturers to eliminate higher-dose prescription combination acetaminophen products 0 None
2011-01-14 T.A. Sciences receives US patent for TA-65 to tackle aging process 2 4.8
2011-01-14 CJSM highlights emerging issues in sport medicine 0 None
2011-01-14 Older adults with recent heart attack, kidney dysfunction lack long-term medication adherence: Study 0 None
2011-01-14 IDRI receives Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation multi-million dollar grant to identify new leads in TB 0 None
2011-01-14 ITM scientists to combat tapeworm infection using drugs 0 None
2011-01-13 FDA approves Cumberland's Acetadote Injection 0 None
2011-01-13 FDA calls for cuts in Acetaminophen in painkillers 0 None
2011-01-13 Abuse of legal substances 0 None
2011-01-13 PPPI-III conference to focus on fundamental research and industrial application of particulate processing 0 None
2011-01-13 Study supports use of PRX as an anti-cataract agent 0 None
2011-01-13 BP-lowering medications provide long-term benefit of reducing death risk from cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-01-13 Antibiotic treatment may be sufficient to overcome River Blindness 0 None
2011-01-13 Genomic research could help doctors better target oxaliplatin drug to treat colorectal cancer patients: Study 0 None
2011-01-13 Pfizer initiates rolling submission of crizotinib NDA for ALK-positive advanced NSCLC 0 4
2011-01-12 FDA accepts to review Fibrocell Science's azficel-T drug 0 None
2011-01-12 K-V Pharmaceutical provides update on FDA review of NDA for Gestiva 0 None
2011-01-12 FDA panel rejects new pancreatic enzyme replacement drug 0 None
2011-01-12 US most susceptible to brand erosion post patent expiry 0 5
2011-01-12 Study highlights importance of independent evaluation of Tamiflu drug 0 1
2011-01-12 Study shows delivering cancer drug in hydrophobic nanoparticle is a safe and effective prostate cancer therapy 0 None
2011-01-12 New research identifies nutrition inadequacy among Americans 0 1
2011-01-12 Study: 23% of doctors have negative perceptions on quality, effectiveness of generic drugs 0 None
2011-01-12 56% of respondents have still not received flu shots 0 None
2011-01-12 Apixaban drug raises hope for DVT prevention in patients undergoing hip replacement surgery 0 None
2011-01-12 Herpes zoster vaccine reduces risk of developing shingles by 55% 0 None
2011-01-12 Coventry Health Care offers new medicare plans for employer group 0 None
2011-01-12 BPH, hair loss prevention drugs may produce adverse side effects in men 0 None
2011-01-12 FDA accepts Merck's JANUMET extended-release formulation NDA for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-01-12 Patients who consume painkillers may face cardiovascular risk 0 None
2011-01-11 Zogenix, Desitin receive MAA approval for SUMAVEL DosePro in Germany and the UK 0 None
2011-01-11 ESHRE Annual Meeting addresses latest breakthroughs in reproductive medicine 0 None
2011-01-11 Genzyme provides update on discussions with Sanofi-Aventis 0 None
2011-01-11 Study to identify early warning biomarkers for presence of breast and prostate cancers 0 None
2011-01-11 Discovery Labs provides update on Surfaxin FDA marketing authorization for RDS in premature infants 0 None
2011-01-11 Largest, national long-term study of children's health opens for Cuyahoga County 0 None
2011-01-11 Nutriceuticals may restore age-related vision loss 0 None
2011-01-11 Predator microbes may work against antibiotic resistant disease-causing bacteria: Study 0 None
2011-01-10 PPD announces joint venture with TBL to develop novel biotherapeutics 0 None
2011-01-10 IGI Laboratories submits second abbreviated new drug application to FDA 0 None
2011-01-10 Obama administration sides with drug companies in pricing lawsuit; Supreme Court agrees to hear case regarding use of prescription drug data 0 None
2011-01-10 Shionogi brings KAPVAY ADHD drug to the U.S market 0 None
2011-01-10 Neomend receives CE Mark for ProGEL PLATINUM Surgical Sealant 0 None
2011-01-10 EffRx submits EX101 NDA for osteoporosis treatment to FDA 0 4
2011-01-10 Manhattan enters settlement and release agreement with Nordic and H Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-01-10 Pennsaid fourth quarter prescriptions increase 20% sequentially 0 None
2011-01-10 New, paid prescriptions for Questcor's Acthar increase 66% 0 None
2011-01-10 Watson receives FDA approval for generic Fentora 0 None
2011-01-10 New study finds extending term of exclusive access can lead to higher drug costs in short term 0 None
2011-01-10 Endo Pharmaceuticals receives FDA complete response letter for OPANA ER 0 None
2011-01-10 FDA warns public about extortion scam 0 None
2011-01-10 FDA approves Abstral drug for treatment of breakthrough pain in cancer patients 0 3
2011-01-10 U.S. District Court grants injunction for Sensipar patents 0 None
2011-01-09 Abstral transmucosal tablets receive FDA approval, may help manage pain in cancer patients 0 1
2011-01-09 Old flu jabs from pandemic to combat this winter’s peak 0 None
2011-01-07 Malaria drug makes cancer drug more effective 0 None
2011-01-07 NovaDel receives $500,000 milestone payment from Akrimax in connection with NitroMist agreement 0 None
2011-01-07 FDA approved KOMBIGLYZE XR for type 2 diabetes mellitus now available in pharmacies 0 5
2011-01-07 Dendreon provides U.S. commercialization and European strategy updates for PROVENGE 0 None
2011-01-07 Intrexon Corporation, ZIOPHARM enter partnership to develop, commercialize DNA-based therapeutics 0 None
2011-01-07 DARPA grants million dollar to IDRI to develop single dose influenza vaccine 0 None
2011-01-07 Amgen, Xencor collaborate to develop XmAb5871 for autoimmune disease 0 None
2011-01-07 Ligand, Chiva Pharmaceuticals enter strategic relationship to develop multiple Ligand assets, technology 0 None
2011-01-07 Isis Pharmaceuticals announces addition of two new drugs to development pipeline 0 None
2011-01-07 FDA introduces new Web resource that helps companies to save time, resources 0 None
2011-01-06 Choosing between EGFR therapeutic options in metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-01-06 Lab21 acquires Microgen Bioproducts 0 None
2011-01-06 Problems reported with Implanon contraceptive implant 0 3
2011-01-06 Study shows clinical benefits of iniparib in combination with standard chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-01-06 Medical experts issue warning about common practice of tablet splitting 0 None
2011-01-06 VEREGEN Ointment added as new therapeutic option in 2010 CDC STD Treatment Guidelines 0 4
2011-01-06 Findings of AM095 in various in vitro, in vivo models of fibrotic disease published in JPET 0 None
2011-01-06 Opexa completes meetings with FDA regarding planned development program for Tovaxin 0 4
2011-01-06 J&JPRD submits New Drug Application to FDA for rivaroxaban 1 4
2011-01-06 Indian drugmaker seeks to make, sell generic version of Pfizer's HIV drug 0 None
2011-01-06 FDA awards supplemental approval to support efficacy of ACTEMRA in treating RA 0 4
2011-01-06 Avaxia Biologics generates compelling pre-clinical data in animal models of IBD 0 None
2011-01-06 Water Street Healthcare announces acquisition of OraPharma from Johnson & Johnson 0 None
2011-01-06 Study: Antibiotics can provide long-lasting relief to patients with irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2011-01-06 FDA grants additional marketing exclusivity to INOMAX for pediatric BPD treatment 0 None
2011-01-05 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals enters agreement with Viropro to develop biosimilar rituximab 0 5
2011-01-05 Tablet splitting leads to inaccurate dosages 0 None
2011-01-05 EUSA receives FDA Priority Review status for ERWINAZE BLA 0 None
2011-01-05 Celgene announces regulatory submissions for blood cancer therapies REVLIMID and ISTODAX 0 5
2011-01-05 GLUMETZA tablets are now available to wholesalers and physicians 0 None
2011-01-05 Men are more willing to receive HPV vaccine, trend may help reduce cancer deaths 0 None
2011-01-05 Indian government rejects Abbott's patent application for second-line ARV 0 None
2011-01-05 Elis granted exclusive rights to market Apricus Bio's Vitaros in the Gulf and part of the Middle East 0 5
2011-01-05 Researchers create model that predicts drug effects on fetal development 0 4
2011-01-05 Dongsheng obtains exclusive sales rights of Thymosin Alpha 1 Injection in China 0 None
2011-01-05 Fruit fly faeces provides answers to pregnant women's bloating and constipation 1 5
2011-01-05 Two doses of varicella vaccine provide higher antibody levels than one 0 4
2011-01-05 Researchers develop unique vaccine that produces long-lasting anti-cocaine immunity in mice 0 None
2011-01-05 Study suggests new experimental drug is better than standard morphine 0 None
2011-01-05 Kiadis Pharma, Hospira sign license agreement to develop and commercialize ATIR hematology product 0 5
2011-01-05 Opinions: U.S. International Affairs Budget; Health impacts of climate change; Role of U.N.; Drug development, free trade 0 None
2011-01-04 New USP standards to improve health literacy, proper medication usage among patients 0 None
2011-01-04 BNA announces publication of Second Edition of Pharmaceutical Patent Law 0 None
2011-01-04 Bupropion and varenicline help curb cigarette craving 0 None
2011-01-04 Mediterranean diet appears to slow cognitive decline in older adults 0 None
2011-01-04 Senator eyes plan to ease prescription drug shortages 0 None
2011-01-04 Risk-adjusted TTR appears to improve anticoagulation control 0 None
2011-01-04 The Scientist examines how nonprofit, for-profit pharma groups are working together to make drugs more affordable for developing countries 0 None
2011-01-03 Mothers can play a key role in convincing college-aged women to receive HPV vaccine 0 None
2011-01-03 SinoFresh, Green Valley Drug enter marketing relationship for Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray 0 None
2011-01-03 FDA approves 200 mg formulation of INTELENCE for HIV-1 0 None
2011-01-03 FDA grants orphan drug status for Senesco's SNS01-T in treatment of multiple myeloma 0 5
2011-01-03 Labopharm monetizes future royalty payment stream for RYZOLT through subsidiary 0 None


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