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2011-02-28 HHS awards two contracts to accelerate flu vaccine availability 0 None
2011-02-28 CellSeed, LA BioMed enter two-year research agreement to study core technology in regenerative medicine 0 None
2011-02-28 AFFiRiS AG - Alzheimer's vaccines generate further cash flow 0 None
2011-02-28 UCSF collaborates with Zcube to develop new ways to deliver drugs 0 None
2011-02-28 TCD announces first patient treated in its TCD-717 Phase I trial 0 None
2011-02-28 Rexahn's novel anti-cancer quinoxalinyl-piperazine compounds granted European patent 0 None
2011-02-28 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for Derma Sciences MEDIHONEY Gel Wound and Burn Dressing 0 None
2011-02-28 FDA approves Matrix Labs generic Neurontin ANDA 0 None
2011-02-28 Seattle Genetics submits brentuximab vedotin BLA to FDA for treatment of ALCL, Hodgkin lymphoma 0 None
2011-02-28 Janssen-Cilag, NovAlix enter research services agreement for chemistry to support drug discovery efforts 0 None
2011-02-28 Researchers to examine thrombolysis for treatment of DVT in leg 0 None
2011-02-28 Medunik to introduce novel orphan drugs to Canadians with rare diseases 0 None
2011-02-28 Almac's new North American Headquarters launches schedule I-V controlled capabilities 0 None
2011-02-28 Despite FDA action, Deston still believes Auralgan as a safe and effective drug product 0 None
2011-02-28 Pharming, Santarus receive FDA refusal to file letter for RHUCIN BLA 0 None
2011-02-28 New study identifies recurrent wound botulism among injection drug users 0 None
2011-02-28 AHRQ: $52.2 billion spent on prescription drugs for treatment of metabolic conditions during 2008 0 None
2011-02-27 FDA approves GSK's PROMACTA to treat rare blood disorder 0 2
2011-02-27 Experts offer myth-busting advice to fight against spring allergies 0 None
2011-02-27 Samsung enters strategic partnership with Quintiles to support biopharmaceuticals market 0 None
2011-02-27 Takeda receives FDA approval for EDARBI to treat hypertension in adults 0 None
2011-02-27 Vaccine lawsuit rejected by Supreme Court 1 5
2011-02-27 Avastin debate spills over until June FDA hearing 0 None
2011-02-25 Takeda receives Japanese approval for additional indications for NESINA 0 None
2011-02-25 Savient launches KRYSTEXXA in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-25 Symposium examines Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth Supreme Court case 0 None
2011-02-25 Patients presented to ED with adverse drug events are more costly to health care system 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: AEG-1 expression predicts erlotinib treatment response in patients with EGFR-mutant lung cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 Signal files complaint against Med Biogene and Precision Therapeutics in Supreme Court 0 None
2011-02-25 Salix anticipates receipt of FDA's CRL for XIFAXAN 550 mg sNDA 0 None
2011-02-25 Unigene accelerates UGP281 anorexigenic peptide to treat obese patients 0 None
2011-02-25 Genentech granted FDA hearing on Avastin for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-02-25 New 'closed-loop' system can provide tightly controlled anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery 0 None
2011-02-24 Celgene, Elan enter settlement and license agreement for ABRAXANE 0 None
2011-02-24 FDA approves sBLA for CSL's Hizentra to treat PI 0 None
2011-02-24 Supreme Court raises the bar for suits against vaccine producers 0 None
2011-02-24 Steroid administration may impact immune system in children with asthma 0 None
2011-02-24 Study examines several homicides involving anesthetic drugs, outlines anesthesiologists' experiences 0 None
2011-02-24 Stamford Hospital to participate in US FDA Expanded Access Treatment IND program for Generex Oral-lyn 0 None
2011-02-24 Takeda submits NDA to FDA for fixed-dose combination of azilsartan medoxomil plus CLD to treat hypertension 0 None
2011-02-24 G-CSF treatment improves inadequate endometrium during IVF cycles 1 4
2011-02-24 New strategies to improve developing countries' access to low-cost generic drugs needed, experts say 0 None
2011-02-24 UBC study shows Canadians and Americans receive different drug information online 0 None
2011-02-24 Scientists find bovine colostrum can massively reduce leaky gut syndrome 0 None
2011-02-24 Aminothiazoles as therapeutic leads for prion diseases 0 None
2011-02-24 New vaccine offers hope against Hepatitis C 0 5
2011-02-24 FDA approves ONGLYZA to treat type 2 diabetes patients with renal impairment 2 None
2011-02-24 CST, Astellas Pharma enter commercialization partnership for cancer diagnostic, therapeutic products 0 3
2011-02-24 Polio: Myanmar plans vaccination campaign after confirming first new case in three years; India fights disease in rural areas 0 None
2011-02-23 Novo Nordisk submits rFXIII BLA to FDA for treatment of inherited bleeding disorder 0 None
2011-02-23 Researchers identify low-dose, two-drug cocktail that reduces noise-induced hearing loss in mice 0 None
2011-02-23 FDA grants Fast Track designation to Sunesis' vosaroxin for treatment of AML 0 None
2011-02-23 Multi-national consortium develops new approaches to cure the flu 0 None
2011-02-23 Study results of NanoViricides anti-dengue drug candidates presented at NIH/NIAID sponsored conference 0 None
2011-02-23 Pharmacelsus participates in FLUCURE project to develop novel therapeutics against influenza 0 None
2011-02-23 Healthcare professionals need evidence-based education, guidance about CAM use in maternity care 0 None
2011-02-23 USPTO issues patent to Synergy's SP-333 for treatment of IBD 0 None
2011-02-23 Survey: 67% of pharma and biotech companies outsource more than half of all clinical trials 0 None
2011-02-23 Omeros announces license agreement with Daiichi Sankyo for PDE7 inhibitors 0 5
2011-02-23 MWV announces availability of preservative pharmaceutical spray pumps for sampling 0 None
2011-02-23 New study: Cannabis ingredient can improve appetites and sense of taste in cancer patients 0 None
2011-02-23 Study: Cannabis use may negatively impact male sexual performance 0 None
2011-02-23 Japan MHLW approves Sosei's NorLevo emergency contraceptive pill 0 None
2011-02-23 Noven claims patent infringement over Vivelle-Dot, files lawsuit against Mylan 0 None
2011-02-23 Tifacogin administration shows no treatment benefit in patients with severe CAP 0 None
2011-02-23 Federal anti-drug campaign appears to reduce marijuana use among teenagers 0 None
2011-02-23 New nanoparticle can help develop vaccines against HIV, malaria 0 None
2011-02-23 CVS condemns Supreme Court's decision to preempt all vaccine design defect lawsuits 0 None
2011-02-23 Aspirin for coronary heart prevention is less costly, more effective 0 None
2011-02-23 Study: Antibody-directed chemotherapy may be effective for majority of younger AML sufferers 0 None
2011-02-23 Research: Drug developed for controlling cholesterol synthesis can kill human breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-02-23 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to Somaxon's Silenor patent application 0 None
2011-02-23 Prolonged use of osteoporosis drugs may increase risk of unusual fractures in women 0 None
2011-02-22 Researcher finds antibiotic in Eastern Red Cedar tree effective against MRSA 0 None
2011-02-22 Novartis FLUAD seasonal flu vaccine for older adults receives Health Canada approval 0 None
2011-02-22 Health Canada approves Orexo's Abstral to treat chronic cancer pain 0 None
2011-02-22 Vical extends relationship with U.S. NMRC for emerging disease vaccine platform 0 None
2011-02-22 Scientists believe plant extracts may have medical benefits to treat herpes 0 None
2011-02-22 Tropical seaweed's antifungal chemical cues may have promising antimalarial properties for humans 0 None
2011-02-22 AHFS, PEPID partner to deliver electronic drug information to pharmacists nationwide 0 None
2011-02-22 Experimental vaccine appears to protect against pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-22 New research: Fluid retention may explain drugs' risk of strokes and heart attacks 0 None
2011-02-22 MorphoSys completes technology transfer in strategic antibody alliance 0 None
2011-02-22 Research: Blood and hormone level in saliva can reveal burnout symptoms 0 None
2011-02-21 New study: Rapamycin reverses cardiac muscle damage in LEOPARD syndrome mouse model 0 None
2011-02-21 Sheffield Bio-Science forms strategic alliance with Wockhardt to strengthen cell culture media portfolio 0 None
2011-02-21 Mouse model could help develop new classes of antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-21 NCPA, NACDS explain importance of pharmacies in Medicaid program 0 5
2011-02-21 Proper wound care may treat skin infections effectively than antibiotics in children with MRSA 0 3
2011-02-20 Amphetamines appear to increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease: New research 0 None
2011-02-20 New study shows low doses of aspirin can significantly reduce risk of cancers 0 None
2011-02-20 QRxPharma granted FDA pre-NDA meeting, further phase II data released 0 4
2011-02-19 PBMI awards CVS Caremark and ArcelorMittal the 2011 Rx Benefit Innovation Award 0 None
2011-02-19 Upsher-Smith expands voluntary recall of Jantoven Warfarin Sodium, 3 mg Tablets 0 None
2011-02-19 U.S. scientists assess progress of dengue vaccine at 3-day summit in Puerto Rico 0 None
2011-02-18 Biocare, HJF sign license agreement to distribute antibody against prostate cancer 0 None
2011-02-18 Impax' NDA for generic version of Adoxa receives final FDA approval 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists investigate natural chemical compound in sea sponges to create novel anti-cancer drugs 0 5
2011-02-18 Rinsing technique with betadine may reduce infection rate following total knee, hip arthroplasty 0 None
2011-02-18 Certain uses of terbutaline could lead to maternal heart problems and death, FDA warns 1 None
2011-02-18 China-Biotics applies 5 new patents for probiotics supplement, preparation 0 None
2011-02-18 U.S. FDA approves Corifact to prevent bleeding in people with Factor XIII deficiency 0 None
2011-02-17 Statin drug may help prevent blindness in diabetics 0 None
2011-02-17 Astellas' Protopic receives Health Canada approval for prevention of eczema flares 0 5
2011-02-17 Iris Pharma announces validation of new EIU model of ocular inflammation 0 5
2011-02-17 Researchers develop new pneumococcal vaccine through novel discovery approach 0 None
2011-02-17 Experts say signs and treatment of bacterial infection often misunderstood 0 1
2011-02-17 Spirulina Pacifica supplement may improve immune function, anemia in senior citizens 0 None
2011-02-17 EMA publishes concept paper on pharmaceutical cold storage conditions during transport 0 None
2011-02-17 HHS unveils new National Vaccine Plan to enhance coordination of immunization activities 0 None
2011-02-17 ACEA Biosciences receives new U. S. Patent for chemical compound screening 0 None
2011-02-17 Upcoming Bangladeshi mass cholera vaccine program might shed light on strategy effectiveness 0 None
2011-02-17 Patients with high blood pressure can benefit from 'adherence therapy' course 0 None
2011-02-17 MedImmune, PDL BioPharma enter definitive agreement to resolve legal patent disputes 0 None
2011-02-17 Astellas, AVEO enter development, commercialization agreement for tivozanib 0 None
2011-02-17 Inexpensive drug therapy shows promise in treating premature infants with childhood blindness 0 None
2011-02-16 Vical announces issuance of U.S. Patent for cytomegalovirus vaccines 0 None
2011-02-16 Flu vaccine update 0 1
2011-02-16 New treatment using naltrexone implants can reduce heroin dependency: Study 0 None
2011-02-16 ADVENTRX updates ANX-514 candidate for FDA approval 0 None
2011-02-16 Bioniche presentation focuses on implementing E. coli cattle vaccine to reduce risk of human infection 0 5
2011-02-16 Study: BPS is safe and effective for patients undergoing therapeutic endoscopy 0 None
2011-02-16 Ecstasy does not impair cognitive performance: Study 0 None
2011-02-16 CTI's fourth quarter net loss increases to $34.1 million 0 None
2011-02-16 Also in global health news: Gates Foundation global health head to step down; drug, medical supply shortages in Gaza; food security in N. Korea 1 None
2011-02-16 Sanofi-aventis, Sunnybrook enter agreement to develop and commercialize vasculotide 0 None
2011-02-16 New study confirms effectiveness of inhaled epinephrine to treat croup 0 None
2011-02-16 NGDI-UBC, CDRD partner for drug development platform to treat neglected global diseases 0 None
2011-02-16 Aeolus receives BARDA contract for AEOL 10150 drug development against ARS 0 None
2011-02-16 Mylan launches generic Vfend 0 None
2011-02-15 Bisphosphonates appear to reduce risk of postmenopausal colorectal cancer by 50% 0 None
2011-02-15 RPCI offers first FDA-approved cancer treatment vaccine 0 None
2011-02-15 2007 financial crisis linked to increase in patients seeking treatment for prescription drug and painkiller addiction 0 None
2011-02-15 FDA requests $4.3 billion to protect and promote health of Americans as part of FY 2012 budget 0 None
2011-02-15 Study finds GI bleeding rare outside of ICU, regardless of whether or not patients receive medication 0 None
2011-02-15 PCMA releases statement on President Obama's budget proposal for biotech medications 0 None
2011-02-15 Study shows lower success rate of FDA drug approval from 2003 to 2010 0 None
2011-02-15 Ecstasy users show no signs of cognitive impairment: New study 0 None
2011-02-15 Apricus Bio awards Neopharm exclusive rights to market and sell Vitaros in Israel and Palestinian Territories 0 None
2011-02-15 Dabigatran drug helps prevent blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-02-15 State court jury rules in favor of Merck in FOSAMAX trial 0 None
2011-02-14 Oral bisphosphonates outweigh the risk associated with jaw disease 0 None
2011-02-14 AP: Crooks find Medicare Part D an easy target 0 None
2011-02-14 Huntington Insurance adds to prescription drug benefit program 0 None
2011-02-14 FDA accepts King's ACUROX NDA for filing with Priority review classification 0 None
2011-02-14 Study: Young survivors covered by Medicare Part D often can't afford stroke medications 0 None
2011-02-14 UH Case Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center increases tPA use for ischemic stroke by 13.5 times 0 None
2011-02-14 Janssen, Medivir collaborate to discover and develop drugs against dengue virus 0 None
2011-02-14 Advocates call for follow-through on decade-old pledge to remove tariffs on malaria treatments, prophylactics in Africa 0 None
2011-02-14 Antimicrobial CPC non alcohol mouth-rinse decreases incidence of preterm birth 0 None
2011-02-14 Value-based pricing system would benefit NHS: Research 0 5
2011-02-11 Scientists develop novel treatment strategy for multiple myeloma 0 4
2011-02-11 Times of India examines dengue vaccine trials 0 None
2011-02-11 Preladenant may offer new supplemental treatment for Parkinson's disease: Study 0 None
2011-02-11 New findings of drug recently identified to prevent stroke in patients with AF published in NEJM 0 None
2011-02-11 Intellikine, PKD Foundation to investigate novel therapies for patients with PKD 0 3
2011-02-10 Valeant Pharmaceuticals subsidiary acquires Canadian rights to Cholestagel 0 None
2011-02-10 Global Health Consortium to support development of vaccines to control dengue fever 0 None
2011-02-10 FDA grants final approval for Hi-Tech Pharmacal's ANDA for levofloxacin ophthalmic solution 0 None
2011-02-10 Mallinckrodt receives FDA approval for Fentanyl Transdermal System patch ANDA 0 1
2011-02-10 Alexion fourth quarter net product sales of Soliris increases to $156.0 million 0 None
2011-02-10 FDLI's new Policy Forum takes close look on emerging health care liability issues 0 None
2011-02-10 Rhabdomyolysis episode at University of Iowa signals a public health crisis 0 None
2011-02-10 Avian flu vaccine stockpiled in 2004 still useful 0 None
2011-02-10 PRA opens new offices in Israel, Ukraine to meet increased demand for services 0 None
2011-02-10 Florida pain clinic society opposes Gov. Scott's proposal to repeal Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 0 None
2011-02-10 UCSD: Medication education can help patients with diabetes better stick to drug treatment plans 0 None
2011-02-10 State and federal efforts to monitor drug prescriptions and payments face challenges 0 None
2011-02-10 US District Court rules in favor of Watson in generic Mucinex patent infringement suit 0 None
2011-02-10 Physicist creates technology that may enhance pharma industry's early drug discovery capabilities 0 None
2011-02-10 Research shows no protective effect of folate intake against spontaneous preterm delivery 0 2
2011-02-10 Study: New curcumin-hybrid compound may help protect, regenerate brain cells after stroke 0 None
2011-02-09 New study: Testosterone administration leads to significant reduction in mind reading 0 4
2011-02-09 Genmed announces Suprafen drug registration with Dutch MEB 0 None
2011-02-09 Zogenix receives 2011 DDP Industry Achievement Award for SUMAVEL DosePro 0 None
2011-02-09 Protect Pharma completes sale of two patents and patents-applications to Grunenthal 0 None
2011-02-09 Humira and Enbrel have best overall clinical profile for treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis: Survey 0 None
2011-02-09 Topical cream used to treat skin diseases activates two distinct neuronal signaling pathways 0 4
2011-02-09 Natco Pharma files ANDA with FDA for generic version of Tamiflu 0 None
2011-02-09 Faster approval times for generic drugs may not drop the price for consumers 0 None
2011-02-09 New You Magazine about anti-aging management to re-launch in March 0 None
2011-02-09 Study finds dutasteride not cost-effective in prevention of prostate cancer in men at elevated risk 0 None
2011-02-09 Momenta receives US patent for methods of developing glatiramer acetate drug 0 None
2011-02-09 Vical announces issuance of US patent for HSV-2 vaccine 0 4
2011-02-09 Babies born to HIV-infected mothers have lower antibody levels against bacterial infections 0 5
2011-02-09 Pharmacist-directed anticoagulation service improves quality of care for HIT patients 0 None
2011-02-09 AMAG receives Health Canada Notice of Non-Compliance for Feraheme NDS 0 None
2011-02-09 FDA grants Actavis marketing approval for Pantoprazole Sodium Delayed-Release Tablets 0 None
2011-02-08 NMS Labs launches unique test for Methotrexate 0 None
2011-02-08 Positron anticipates expanded market opportunity for Attrius PET scanner 0 None
2011-02-08 ASBP concerned over FDA rejection of Contrave drug 0 None
2011-02-08 Total flu cover with one shot 0 None
2011-02-08 Avandia label revised as per FDA directive 0 None
2011-02-08 ScinoPharm to be Clinical Data's sole API supplier of vilazodone hydrochloride during Viibryd's launch 0 None
2011-02-08 PDL, UCB enter definitive settlement agreement to resolve all legal patent disputes 0 None
2011-02-08 Elan 2010 total revenue increases 5% to $1,169.7 million 0 None
2011-02-08 FDA warning leads to decrease in use of atypical antipsychotics for treatment of dementia 0 None
2011-02-08 TREK1 activity offers a key target for fluoxetine and other antidepressant drugs 0 None
2011-02-08 Anthem Blue Cross reminds seniors in Maine to get vaccinated against annual flu, pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-08 Schizophrenia patients who consume antipsychotics appear to lose small amount of brain tissue 0 3
2011-02-08 Particle Sciences announces strategic alliance with HORIBA Instruments 0 None
2011-02-08 Study on non-surgical approach for treatment of liver hydatidosis 0 None
2011-02-08 Study reports significant decline in second-generation medication use for dementia 0 None
2011-02-08 Study: Cannabis use appears to be linked with earlier onset of psychotic illness 0 None
2011-02-08 Tufts announces public launch of Institute for Biomedical Partnerships, HUB website 0 None
2011-02-07 Natco Pharma submits ANDA to FDA for generic version of Tamiflu 75 mg capsules 0 None
2011-02-07 Zeria obtains Japanese regulatory clearance for HemCon products 0 None
2011-02-07 Progenics, Salix enter exclusive worldwide license agreement for RELISTOR 0 None
2011-02-07 Reliv International launches new nutritional supplement to address entire fatigue cycle 0 None
2011-02-05 FDA approves Makena injection to reduce risk of preterm delivery 0 None
2011-02-05 Vemma donates over 60,000 bottles of Vemma NEXT to K.I.D.S. 0 5
2011-02-05 Stiefel introduces BPO Acne Creamy Washes for OTC use in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-05 Physicians reaction to FDA decision to rescind breast cancer indication from Avastin 0 None
2011-02-05 Waismann Method examines link between chronic pain and Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia 0 None
2011-02-05 March of Dimes appreciates FDA for approving new drug to prevent preterm births 0 None
2011-02-04 Jungle Brolly launches new natural line of non alcoholic industrial hand sanitizers 0 None
2011-02-04 FDA approves ANDA for phentermine HCl 37.5 mg tablets 0 None
2011-02-04 HPV vaccine can prevent 90% of genital warts in men: Study 0 None
2011-02-04 ECR launches sleep aid product, Zolpimist Oral Spray in the US 0 None
2011-02-04 Hologic receives FDA approval for hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection 0 None
2011-02-04 ECR announces availability of Zolpimist Oral Spray in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-04 Bayer HealthCare's regorafenib receives orphan drug status for GIST treatment 0 None
2011-02-04 Scientists analyze relationship between drug abuse, recognition of basic emotions 0 None
2011-02-04 Study finds increased prescription drug abuse among teens 0 None
2011-02-04 AHF urges all AIDS drug manufacturers to reduce medication cost by 20% 0 None
2011-02-04 Tacere announces reacquisition of HCV compound development, commercialization rights in Asia 0 None
2011-02-04 AMRI's Burlington facility granted AIFA approval to manufacture octreotide 0 None
2011-02-04 MedAssurant, UNC to assess relationship between insulin and cancer development 0 None
2011-02-04 Sodium Thiosulfate Injections recalled 0 None
2011-02-04 U.S. Patent Office issues Notice of Allowance to Antigen Express AE37 cancer vaccine 0 3.5
2011-02-03 FDA approves Hospira's topotecan for SCLC 0 None
2011-02-03 Genmab reports GBP 9 million net sales for Arzerra in fourth quarter 2010 0 5
2011-02-03 AVEO receives USAN, WHO generic name approval for ficlatuzumab 0 None
2011-02-03 Public health experts: Improved community engagement needed to prevent pandemic spread 0 None
2011-02-03 Ta`am Teva Altman, Probi sign agreement to launch dietary supplement for gut health 0 None
2011-02-03 Losartan improves effectiveness of nanotherapeutics against cancer 0 None
2011-02-03 New study highlights black box warning inconsistencies on drug's label 0 None
2011-02-03 FDA disallows obesity drug Contrave pending further large-scale testing 0 None
2011-02-03 Proper diagnosis and antibiotic treatment are the best way to prevent Lyme arthritis 0 None
2011-02-03 Largazole appears to be an ideal blueprint for developing new drugs against bone diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 LSU biochemists develop 5-LOX 3-D model to design effective asthma medication 0 None
2011-02-03 Malarial drugs may help treat specific form of frontotemporal dementia 0 5
2011-02-02 Researchers discover potential vaccine capable of reducing H. pylori colonization 0 None
2011-02-02 Body weight loss influences prescribing decisions for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-02-02 Shire announces Health Canada's approval of VYVANSE for treatment of ADHD in adolescents and adults 0 None
2011-02-02 Harbor BioSciences announces publication of newly discovered anti-inflammatory steroids 0 3
2011-02-02 New research: Antioxidants in pecans may prevent development of various diseases 0 None
2011-02-02 FDA issues reminder about safe use of non-sterile alcohol prep pads 0 None
2011-02-02 Skinvisible, Novartis enter agreement for technical feasibility study 0 None
2011-02-02 Swine flu shots linked to narcolepsy: Investigation continues 0 None
2011-02-02 Study finds treatment-related mortality with bevacizumab in cancer patients 0 None
2011-02-02 Quebec provides access to new treatment for women with postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2011-02-02 Daily probiotic may help prevent upper respiratory tract infections in athletes: Research 0 5
2011-02-02 Scientists test new dry powder measles vaccine that can be inhaled 0 None
2011-02-01 New compound appears to prevent pain crises in sickle cell disease: GHSU 0 None
2011-02-01 FDA, Optivia collaborate to examine effect of dietary supplements in drug-induced liver injury 0 None
2011-02-01 FDA approves NCI's Sodium Fluoride F18 NDA for use in bone scans 0 None
2011-02-01 CAM therapies are more pronounced among whites than racial and ethnic minorities 0 None
2011-02-01 Highly favorable final results from ERGOFLEX initial clinical study for joint pain relief 0 None
2011-02-01 Yale University scientists synthesize lomaiviticin that appears to destroy cancer stem cells 0 None
2011-02-01 PCMA finds Ohio's Medicaid program can save $135 million over the next decade 0 None
2011-02-01 French guy says Parkinson’s drug induced gambling and gay sex addiction, tries to sue GSK for $610,000 3 5
2011-02-01 Easier access to emergency birth control increases sexually-transmitted diseases among teenagers 0 None
2011-02-01 Johnson & Johnson deal may bring HIV/AIDS drugs to developing countries faster 0 None
2011-02-01 Generics companies weigh in on biological drugs, the Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2011-02-01 Eurogentec, ImaginAb announce collaboration to produce engineered antibody fragments 0 None
2011-02-01 AVANIR's NUEDEXTA for pseudobulbar affect now available by prescription 0 5


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