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2005-12-29 A good year for breast cancer detection and treatment 0 None
2005-12-22 Implantable defibrillators benefit women as much as men after heart attack 0 None
2005-12-22 Women suffering lupus OK to take oral contraceptives 0 None
2005-12-19 Earlier hormone therapy trial scared women - but it was wrong! 0 5
2005-12-19 Good results with cervical cancer vaccine in young girls 0 None
2005-12-19 Common gene variation lessens Tamoxifen’s benefit 0 None
2005-12-15 Increase in pregnancy obesity 0 None
2005-12-15 Caesarean section births on the rise in Australia 0 None
2005-12-13 Tea lowers ovarian cancer risk 0 None
2005-12-12 Women experience mental distress over abortions for years to come 0 None
2005-12-07 Treating breast cancer when pregnant does not increase the risk of congenital anomalies 0 None
2005-12-06 Australian breast cancer study seeks participants 0 None
2005-12-06 Taking HRT before the menopause may prevent heart disease 0 None
2005-12-06 More mums would stick with breastfeeding if they had more support 0 None
2005-12-05 Mum's the Word: Exploring Early Motherhood 0 None
2005-12-02 Childbirth not linked to urinary incontinence 0 None
2005-11-30 Treatment of breast cancer in pregnancy 0 None
2005-11-30 Young women asking for the morning-after pill at UK pharmacies will be offered fast-tracked screening for Chlamydia 0 None
2005-11-28 Breastfeeding longer lowers risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2005-11-24 Breastfeeding mums at less risk of diabetes 0 None
2005-11-21 Family doctor will pick up women's health post at FDA 0 None
2005-11-21 Being a D cup at 20 could mean breast cancer at 40 0 None
2005-11-20 First nationwide study of pregnancy outcomes in women with rheumatic disease 0 None
2005-11-20 Two tests in a lifetime will halve cervical cancer numbers in poor countries 0 None
2005-11-15 Women warned about contraceptive patch 0 None
2005-11-15 Good fitness levels may extend the lives of women with metabolic syndrome 0 None
2005-11-14 The relationships between body image and sexual response changes in midlife women 0 None
2005-11-14 Women should continue to exercise during pregnancy 0 None
2005-11-13 Habitual coffee drinking is not associated with an increased risk of hypertension in women 0 None
2005-11-10 Vacations bring good health and happiness for women 0 None
2005-11-10 Lancet warns Herceptin breast cancer drug 'over hyped' 0 None
2005-11-09 Relax girls - it's not the coffee that's raising your blood pressure! 0 None
2005-11-08 Women refuse follow-up tests for breast cancer 0 None
2005-11-07 What girls always knew - women are safer drivers! 0 None
2005-11-07 Hormonal clue to higher asthma rates in women 0 None
2005-11-03 Diet high in soy does not increase the risk of uterine cancer in postmenopausal women 0 None
2005-10-30 Hypertension and uric acid contributes to premature delivery 0 None
2005-10-30 Terminating compared with delivering an unwanted first pregnancy was not directly related to risk of depression 0 None
2005-10-30 Domestic irritability and depression in women 0 None
2005-10-30 Women with defects in lipoprotein metabolism may actually be able to bear children without complications 0 None
2005-10-26 Fight over billboards linking cancer to abortion 0 3
2005-10-26 Why some women turn from pussycats to tigers once a month! 0 None
2005-10-25 Physical and emotional impact of breast cancer 0 None
2005-10-24 Depression alone affects approximately 1.3 million Australian women ever year 0 None
2005-10-24 When it comes to pain, women are in fact more sensitive 0 None
2005-10-24 Women on breast cancer treatment opt for injections to curb hot flashes 1 None
2005-10-23 Testosterone may improve women's sex lives after menopause 0 None
2005-10-20 Cervical cancer has profound psychosocial impact on affected women, as well as male partners 0 None
2005-10-20 IVF gives women false expectations 0 None
2005-10-19 Comparison of the risks and benefits of fish consumption 0 None
2005-10-19 Distress caused by hot flushes seriously under-played 0 None
2005-10-19 Majority of women with breast cancer do not need chemotherapy 0 None
2005-10-18 Not enough evidence to recommend routine bed rest for hypertension in pregnancy 0 None
2005-10-18 Want to get sexy? lose some weight! 0 None
2005-10-17 Black women with chronic pain experience more psychological distress 0 None
2005-10-17 Women be warned, men can be bad for you! 0 None
2005-10-16 Breast conserving surgery followed by radiation therapy is a good option for women with early-stage breast cancer who have breast implants 1 None
2005-10-16 Treatment recommendations for breast cancer should not be based on a woman's marital status 0 None
2005-10-16 Cervical cancer vaccine shows promising results but smear tests still vital 0 None
2005-10-11 One in nine women in the UK now risk contracting breast cancer during their lifetime 0 None
2005-10-10 The rise of breast cancer 0 None
2005-10-09 Reflexology popular amongst women receiving chemotherapy 0 None
2005-10-04 Pregnancy complications 0 None
2005-10-04 It's more difficult for unwed mothers to get married, and if they do, they tend to not marry well! 0 None
2005-10-04 Effects of anticonvulsants on women 0 None
2005-10-03 Survey highlights the need to increase folic acid fortification of the grain supply 0 None
2005-09-28 Hair loss and self-confidence 0 None
2005-09-28 Married women have more sexual difficulties than single women or married men 0 None
2005-09-27 Unwed mothers are less likely than other women to improve their socio-economic status through marriage 0 None
2005-09-27 Digital mammography and breast cancer in older women 0 None
2005-09-26 Delaying having children defies nature and risks heartbreak 0 None
2005-09-26 Women with postmenopausal osteoporosis prefer once monthly to weekly treatment 0 None
2005-09-26 85 percent of postmenopausal women do not get enough calcium 0 None
2005-09-26 Simple, fast and effective method of detecting a large number of patients at high risk for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-09-26 Questionnaire helps identify women who have inherited genetic mutations that increase their risk for breast or ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-09-21 Increased ovarian cancer risk not linked to cancer family history 0 None
2005-09-19 Stress and breast cancer link 0 None
2005-09-19 Natural daily body rhythms may influence the effectiveness of spinal-epidural pain medication 0 None
2005-09-19 Methoxychlor (MXC), a common insect pesticide may lead to reduced fertility in women 0 None
2005-09-12 Women who suffer heart attacks wait longer to be assessed 0 None
2005-09-10 Stress on a daily basis protects against breast cancer 0 None
2005-09-07 Putting the risk of breast cancer and postmenopausal Hormone Therapy (HT) into perspective 0 None
2005-09-07 Testing for specific breast cancer genes unadvisable if no family history of disease exists 0 None
2005-09-06 Folic acid levels should be double to provide maximum protection during pregnancy 0 5
2005-09-06 Results of a new survey into the exercise routines of African-American 0 None
2005-09-06 Australian Medical Association highlights dangers of alcohol during pregnancy 0 None
2005-09-05 For post-menopausal women light to moderate exercise is best 0 None
2005-09-05 New recommendations for screening for BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations 0 4.5
2005-09-04 Recent evidence suggests caution in prescribing hormone therapy for breast cancer 0 None
2005-08-30 Outcomes of perineal laceration repair following childbirth 0 None
2005-08-23 Appropriate tests need to be done earlier for ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-08-22 Women think very rationally about breast cancer surgery from their own perspectives 0 None
2005-08-21 Losing weight cuts breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-08-17 Women whose breast cancer is detected by mammography have a significantly better prognosis 0 None
2005-08-17 Common non-aspirin painkillers linked to high blood pressure in women 0 None
2005-08-17 Women's attitudes towards their body change in different shopping environments. 0 5
2005-08-17 Women who take oral contraceptives can counteract bone loss by increasing calcium in their daily diet 0 None
2005-08-16 Women whose mothers reported cohabitation were 57 percent more likely than other women to report cohabitation themselves 0 None
2005-08-15 Australia needs consistent uniform national abortion laws to protect women and doctors 0 None
2005-08-13 Early menstruation is not by itself a risk factor for later obesity 0 None
2005-08-09 Mothers looking for employment face disadvantages 0 None
2005-08-08 Breast screening doubled in Australia after Kylie's cancer scare 0 None
2005-08-07 Breastfeeding lowers mothers stress 0 None
2005-08-07 New study says HRT risks far lower 0 None
2005-08-04 Hot flashes - women experience this symptom differently 0 None
2005-08-04 Women's fitness important for survival 0 None
2005-08-04 Researchers have developed a nomogram specifically for women to predict their expected exercise capacity at any given age 0 None
2005-08-03 Not enough women take part in heart drug trials 0 None
2005-08-02 After a caesarean, women are less likely to have another baby 0 None
2005-08-02 Two-thirds of American women find out about their pregnancies by using a home pregnancy test 0 None
2005-08-01 Pregnancy fears on drinking water byproducts may be overstated 0 None
2005-07-31 Birth control pill increases risks of cervical and breast cancer 0 None
2005-07-27 Testosterone patch makes older women feel sexy 0 None
2005-07-25 Testosterone patch may produce modest increases in sexual desire 0 None
2005-07-25 Study says low-fat diet reduces risk of breast cancer recurrence 0 None
2005-07-21 Postmenopausal women may significantly reduce tooth loss by controlling their periodontal disease 0 None
2005-07-21 Benign breast disease - not necessarily an indicator of higher breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-07-20 Women with benign breast disease have a higher risk for breast cancer 0 None
2005-07-20 Fertility drugs may be ineffective for women who lack a gene called the estrogen receptor beta 0 None
2005-07-19 Women automatically associate sex with submission 0 5
2005-07-19 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) rates in women skyrocket 0 None
2005-07-19 Hispanic women are smoking cigarettes in the United States more than they do in their native countries 0 None
2005-07-13 Women beware of black cohosh, red clover and ginseng! 0 None
2005-07-13 Female lung cancer in Europe rising 0 None
2005-07-12 Women in the UK dissatisfied with their looks and most would consider cosmetic surgery 0 None
2005-07-12 Menopause symptoms return with a vengence when women stop HRT 0 None
2005-07-11 Postpartum depression may be preventable 0 None
2005-07-11 Low dose birth control pill raises heart attack risk, especially in some women 0 4
2005-07-06 Sex hormone levels not linked to low sexual desire 1 None
2005-07-06 Tool to predict potential ovarian failure after radiation 0 None
2005-07-06 Why cervical precancers disappear in some women and not in others 0 None
2005-07-05 Vitamin E supplements do not protect healthy women against heart attacks and stroke 0 None
2005-07-04 Doctors are able to predict sterility in women following radiation treatment for cancer 0 None
2005-07-04 Research sheds light on why cervical precancers disappear in some women and not in others 0 None
2005-07-04 Study indicates vitamin E reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in women 0 None
2005-07-04 New legislation provides women 40 to 49 with free mammograms 0 None
2005-07-03 Bone Medical completes first trial of oral parathyroid hormone product for treatment of osteoporosis 0 1
2005-06-30 Undetected autism in women manifests as anorexia nervosa 2 4.5
2005-06-29 Women's health suffers under welfare reform 0 None
2005-06-29 Okay girls, relax, 20.85 is now the perfect body! 5 4.5
2005-06-28 HRT safe for women with menopause and cancer survivors 0 None
2005-06-28 Researchers recommend pelvic floor disorders be part of routine physical exams for all women 0 None
2005-06-28 First mammogram - what women want! 0 None
2005-06-27 Pregnancy and birth factors may determine likelihood of polycystic ovarian syndrome 0 None
2005-06-22 Special genes enable some women to give birth over the age of 45 0 None
2005-06-21 More women are choosing to becoming pregnant later in life 0 None
2005-06-21 Risks are too high for pregnant women during the summer 0 None
2005-06-20 Women who have a special genetic profile can conceive spontaneously after the age of 45 years 0 None
2005-06-20 Fish only good for expectant mums if mercury level is low 0 None
2005-06-14 Treating pregnancy-related diabetes helps babies and improves the mother's health-related quality of life 0 None
2005-06-14 Chase those monthly blues away with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D 0 None
2005-06-13 Overweight and obese women with breast cancer may be undertreated 0 None
2005-06-13 A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D may lower the risk of developing premenstrual syndrome 0 None
2005-06-13 Women in the UK most anxious about breast cancer 0 None
2005-06-13 Many breast cancer patients experience longterm arm and hand swelling after treatment 0 1
2005-06-09 Exercise and weight control reduces odds of developing breast cancer 0 None
2005-06-09 Female gynecologists use more estrogen than the average woman 0 None
2005-06-08 Home test kits provide young women with a safe and effective means for protecting their sexual reproductive health 0 None
2005-06-08 Women who drink to excess are more likely to experience depression and anxiety 0 None
2005-06-08 Girls who can't orgasm can blame it on their genes 0 3.5
2005-06-07 Breast cancer risk nothing like as bad as most women think 0 None
2005-06-06 Infertility far more common in overweight women 0 None
2005-06-02 Over four percent of pregnant women ages 15 to 44 used illicit drugs during the past month 0 None
2005-06-02 Modern mothers prefer a good nights sleep to sex 0 None
2005-06-01 Stress, anxiety, fatigue and other psychosocial characteristics may influence the food choices women make during pregnancy 0 None
2005-06-01 Girls told to take off the G-string and wear bigger knickers 0 None
2005-05-31 Tobacco companies used psychological means to deliberately target women 0 None
2005-05-30 Washington saw its lowest teen pregnancy rate in more than two decades 0 None
2005-05-29 Allergies may be linked to irregular periods 0 None
2005-05-29 Taking the contraceptive pill may permanently supress womens libido 0 5
2005-05-26 An increase in a woman's body mass results in a decrease in her family income 0 None
2005-05-26 Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) affects 48.2 percent of women 0 None
2005-05-26 Low-income women are more likely to breastfeed when given health education 0 None
2005-05-26 Don’t skip your next mammogram 0 None
2005-05-25 Asthma and hay fever seem to be linked to irregular periods 0 None
2005-05-24 A good education makes women sleep better 0 None
2005-05-24 Better educated a woman is, the more likely she is to sleep through the night 0 None
2005-05-23 Breastfeeding advocates help communities latch onto a good idea 0 None
2005-05-20 Studies on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for breast cancer patients can give false hopes 0 None
2005-05-19 Birth weight and breastfeeding in infancy may affect premenopausal breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-05-18 North American women receiving inadequate vitamin D 0 None
2005-05-17 Six out of ten first-time mothers who had a prolonged labour say that the experience will affect them for life 0 None
2005-05-16 Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has a beneficial impact on cardiovascular health in hypertensive postmenopausal women 0 None
2005-05-16 Fitness and strength decline during pregnancy, but recover in approximately six months 0 None
2005-05-16 Moderate recreational and work-related physical activity may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-05-15 Postmenopausal women who consume even moderate amounts of alcohol may face an increased risk of breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-12 Great news for breast cancer patients 0 None
2005-05-12 Month/season of birth can effect the length of a woman's fertile life 0 None
2005-05-11 Less invasive procedure for treatment of uterine fibroids is effective 0 None
2005-05-10 No glass ceiling for women when it comes to dying from heart disease, say experts 0 None
2005-05-10 Poor understanding of insurance benefits deters many women from breast screening 0 None
2005-05-09 New treatments for common vaginal infection being studied 0 None
2005-05-09 Misunderstandings real cost barrier to mammography 0 None
2005-05-08 American women focus on their own health more 0 None
2005-05-04 6,000 UK breast screenings to be reviewed because of concerns 0 None
2005-05-04 National survey reveals critical barriers to improving women's health 0 None
2005-05-04 Pregnancy, no insurance don't mix, midwives say 0 None
2005-05-02 Majority of women still prefer the bronzed look over their natural skin tone 0 None
2005-05-01 Significant racial differences in the association between education level and weight change for middle-aged women 0 None
2005-05-01 Risk of womb cancer now linked to some hormone-replacement therapy 0 None
2005-04-28 New survey finds insufficient savings for emergencies major cause of financial worry among younger women 0 None
2005-04-27 Key stresses experienced by new mothers 0 None
2005-04-27 Menopause and African-American women 0 None
2005-04-19 Dramatic difference between breast cancers in US and Africa 0 None
2005-04-19 C-section crisis demands congressional review 0 None
2005-04-13 History of preeclampsia increases lifetime risk for cardiovascular illness and death 0 None
2005-04-13 Rates of cervical cancer could jump fourfold to a million a year by 2050 0 None
2005-04-12 Black women in the US less likely to access preventative cancer treatments 0 None
2005-04-12 Canadian Minister of Health announces information on the Scientific Advisory Panel on breast implants 0 None
2005-04-12 Women with heart attacks benefit from stenting 0 None
2005-04-12 Women with pedometers step up exercise levels 0 None
2005-04-07 Mothers' poor health revealed in new study 0 None
2005-04-07 Women who smoke cut 10 years off their fertile life 0 None
2005-04-07 Millions of mothers and children are dying unnecessarily 0 None
2005-04-06 Osteoporosis drug reduces women's risk of mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2005-04-06 Polycystic ovary syndrome increases chance of developing cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-04-06 Alcohol consumption by women who are breast feeding reduces their milk supply 0 None
2005-04-05 Iron deficiency can mean women are less in tune with their babies 0 None
2005-04-05 International commitment to reduce maternal and child deaths by 2015 will not be met 0 None
2005-04-03 Uterine fibroid embolization is effective treatment for uterine fibroids 0 None
2005-04-03 The facts on prenatal care 0 None
2005-03-30 Teenage girls need more milk 0 None
2005-03-28 Important that menopause not viewed as a disease 0 None
2005-03-28 Risky surgery not always necessary to treat cervical disease 0 None
2005-03-23 Risky surgery not always necessary to treat cervical disease 0 None
2005-03-23 Pregnant women should exercise to keep depression away 0 None
2005-03-23 Women’s attitudes toward a potential cervical cancer vaccine 0 None
2005-03-22 Women with HIV need cervical cancer check every 3 years 0 None
2005-03-22 Oral contraceptives may protect against breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-21 The good news and the bad news on epilepsy drugs for pregnant women 0 None
2005-03-21 African-American women with advanced endometrial cancer have more aggressive tumors than Caucasian women 0 None
2005-03-16 Conference to assess evidence on management of menopause-related symptoms 0 None
2005-03-15 Pelvic floor exercises versus ‘holding on’ in treatment of incontinence 0 None
2005-03-15 Knowledge of stroke warning signs remains low among U.S. women 0 None
2005-03-15 Heart disease risk in older women identified by simple blood test 0 None
2005-03-14 Effects of education level on rates of obesity differ by race 0 None
2005-03-09 Africa faces potential increases in breast cancer rates 0 None
2005-03-08 Pregnant women should exercise to keep depression away 0 None
2005-03-08 Should women be more dominant in the bedroom? 0 None
2005-03-08 Are older women better in bed? 0 None
2005-03-07 A weighty issue: can your eating habits make you infertile? 0 None
2005-02-28 Middle-aged women who take an active role in their health care may be less likely to develop cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-02-28 Marked improvement in the number of cancers detected by breast screening 0 None
2005-02-27 New statistics show a big increase in the number of cancers detected by breast screening 0 None
2005-02-27 Why women are more susceptible to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries 0 None
2005-02-27 Women who need treatment for osteoporosis may not be receiving it because their history of fractures not being considered 0 None
2005-02-23 Mothers on the run, dramatic changes in working patterns 0 None
2005-02-22 U.S. Surgeon General urges women who are pregnant to abstain from alcohol 0 None
2005-02-21 Three-day antibiotic treatment for treating bladder infections in women 0 None
2005-02-21 Increased risk of urinary incontinence with hormone therapy 0 None
2005-02-21 82 percent of women have at least one factor that puts them at risk for a future heart attack 0 None
2005-02-20 Mathematical model helps women determine frequency of mammograms 0 None
2005-02-20 As little as one drink per week may harm your baby 0 None
2005-02-14 Under-active thyroid associated with reduced breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-02-13 Why estrogenic hormones produce unintended results in women 0 None
2005-02-13 Women with a history of caesarean section deliveries do not have a higher risk of a subsequent stillbirth 0 None
2005-02-10 Testosterone spray improves younger women's sexual enjoyment and satisfaction 0 5
2005-02-08 Choosing breast implant size, a matter of aesthetics 0 None
2005-02-07 New brochure helps explain treatment for gynecologic cancers 0 None
2005-01-31 Relationship between weight gain and breast cancer survival 0 None
2005-01-31 Pap smear has become an annual screening rite among American women 0 None
2005-01-30 Premenstrual exacerbation of depression common 0 None
2005-01-27 Study focuses on best treatment for older women with receptor negative early breast cancer 0 None
2005-01-26 Exercise may be the easiest for women to decrease their risk of heart disease 0 None
2005-01-24 Breast augmentation top cosmetic procedure for women carried out in UK 0 None
2005-01-24 Vaginal hysterectomies better than abdominal hysterectomies 0 None
2005-01-24 Annual mammograms best for women who have been treated for early stage breast cancer 0 None
2005-01-20 Mother’s diet and slimness might have long-term effects on the health of her baby 0 None
2005-01-19 Estrogen therapy may increase risk for gallbladder disease 0 None
2005-01-19 Higher folate intake decreases risk of hypertension in women 0 None
2005-01-18 Older mothers more affectionate to their infants 0 1.5
2005-01-18 World-first advertising campaign warns women about the health impacts, and ineffectiveness, of fad diets 0 None
2005-01-17 More data needed on what's effective for hot flashes 0 None
2005-01-16 Heart attacks in women not being picked up 0 None
2005-01-12 No link between eating fruits and vegetables and a subsequent decreased risk for breast cancer 0 None
2005-01-12 First new guidelines in more than a decade for managing asthma during pregnancy 0 None
2005-01-05 Women need less morphine after hysterectomies with new treatment 0 None
2005-01-05 Mothers still face negative stereotypes in the workplace 0 None
2005-01-04 Higher risk of kidney infection among women with a history of incontinence and diabetes 0 None
2005-01-03 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrine disorder among reproductive-age women 0 None


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