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2005-08-30 Outcomes of perineal laceration repair following childbirth 0 None
2005-08-23 Appropriate tests need to be done earlier for ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-08-22 Women think very rationally about breast cancer surgery from their own perspectives 0 None
2005-08-21 Losing weight cuts breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-08-17 Women whose breast cancer is detected by mammography have a significantly better prognosis 0 None
2005-08-17 Common non-aspirin painkillers linked to high blood pressure in women 0 None
2005-08-17 Women's attitudes towards their body change in different shopping environments. 0 5
2005-08-17 Women who take oral contraceptives can counteract bone loss by increasing calcium in their daily diet 0 None
2005-08-16 Women whose mothers reported cohabitation were 57 percent more likely than other women to report cohabitation themselves 0 None
2005-08-15 Australia needs consistent uniform national abortion laws to protect women and doctors 0 None
2005-08-13 Early menstruation is not by itself a risk factor for later obesity 0 None
2005-08-09 Mothers looking for employment face disadvantages 0 None
2005-08-08 Breast screening doubled in Australia after Kylie's cancer scare 0 None
2005-08-07 Breastfeeding lowers mothers stress 0 None
2005-08-07 New study says HRT risks far lower 0 None
2005-08-04 Hot flashes - women experience this symptom differently 0 None
2005-08-04 Women's fitness important for survival 0 None
2005-08-04 Researchers have developed a nomogram specifically for women to predict their expected exercise capacity at any given age 0 None
2005-08-03 Not enough women take part in heart drug trials 0 None
2005-08-02 After a caesarean, women are less likely to have another baby 0 None
2005-08-02 Two-thirds of American women find out about their pregnancies by using a home pregnancy test 0 None
2005-08-01 Pregnancy fears on drinking water byproducts may be overstated 0 None


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