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2007-10-31 Roche's organ-rejection drug CellCept increases risk of birth defects, miscarriage, FDA says 0 None
2007-10-31 Pope says pharmacists have right to conscientiously object to fill emergency contraception 0 None
2007-10-31 Coalition's guidelines on fish consumption for pregnant women 'misleading,' opinion piece says 0 None
2007-10-31 Elective Caesareans put mums and babes at risk of death 0 None
2007-10-31 Breast cancer victims who smoke not at risk for more aggressive tumors 0 None
2007-10-31 The risks linked to caesarean births 0 None
2007-10-30 Massachusetts Bill that would expand abortion clinic buffer zones provides 'reasonable balance,' editorial says 0 None
2007-10-30 Kansas Supreme Court delays Grand Jury investigation of abortion provider Tiller to decide if panel should convene 0 None
2007-10-30 National Right to Life Committee defends Brownback's talks with Giuliani on abortion views 0 None
2007-10-30 Missouri Gov. Blunt launches task force to investigate health effects of abortion 0 None
2007-10-29 Extra radiation dose prevents breast cancer return in young women 0 None
2007-10-29 Study confirms the aggressive nature of breast cancer in African-American women 0 None
2007-10-29 Planned Parenthood files suit against Missouri law that would require abortion clinics to upgrade facilities 0 None
2007-10-29 U.S. political candidates' views on abortion 'not especially important,' opinion piece says 0 None
2007-10-29 Women who have precancerous lesions removed have increased risk of developing cervical, vaginal cancer for at least 25 years 0 None
2007-10-29 Egypt, Morocco, Palestinian territories to join U.S.-Middle East breast cancer partnership, First Lady Bush says 0 None
2007-10-29 Hopkins report: Next generation contraceptive implants are cheaper, highly effective, and available now 0 None
2007-10-28 Women with breast cancer have less dermatitis when treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy 0 None
2007-10-28 Twice the risk of cervical cancer despite operation 0 None
2007-10-28 Smoking does not result in more advanced stage diagnoses or aggressive breast cancers 0 None
2007-10-28 Removal of uterus increases risk of urinary incontinence 0 None
2007-10-28 Extensive review supports safety of silicone breast implants 0 None
2007-10-28 New and safer infertility treatment produces healthy twins 0 None
2007-10-25 Women still face cancer risk 25 years after treatment 0 None
2007-10-25 Obesity risks increase after menopause 0 None
2007-10-25 The cost of having a baby 0 4
2007-10-24 Pregnant women at risk for unnecessary operations due to misdiagnosis of appendicitis 0 None
2007-10-24 Alcoholism in the family linked to greater sweet preferences among women 0 None
2007-10-24 Informed choice in mammography screening 0 None
2007-10-24 Trial of an individualized menopause decision aid 0 None
2007-10-23 Inflammatory breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-23 Weight gain in middle-age linked to breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-22 Women who gain weight throughout adulthood have a greater breast cancer risk 0 None
2007-10-22 Coronary heart disease and women 0 None
2007-10-22 Experts warn women about experimental fertility options 0 None
2007-10-19 Exposure to sunlight may decrease risk of advanced breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-19 Sunlight may decrease risk of advanced breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-19 Early intervention benefits women with acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2007-10-17 Big breasts a pain for some women 0 None
2007-10-17 Hands and knees posture in late pregnancy or labor for fetal malposition 0 None
2007-10-17 Enemas during labour 0 None
2007-10-17 British doctors say cut the time limit for abortions 0 None
2007-10-16 Inflammatory breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-16 Blood levels of progesterone may impact blood vessel function 0 5
2007-10-16 Obesity strongest risk factor for colorectal cancer in women 0 None
2007-10-16 Hormone oxytocin predicts level of bonding between mother and child 0 None
2007-10-16 Feminism and romance are not incompatible 0 None
2007-10-15 Annual maternal mortality ratio decline rate below target 0 None
2007-10-15 Breast cancer radiation does not affect women's immune system 0 None
2007-10-15 Top of the range lipsticks contain high levels of lead 0 None
2007-10-12 Through the labyrinth: the truth about how women become leaders 0 None
2007-10-12 Breast cancer awareness calls for cardiovascular awareness 0 None
2007-10-11 To drink or not while pregnant? that is the question 0 None
2007-10-11 Swedish lifestyle stops women working 0 None
2007-10-10 Cancer conflict with adjuvant chemotherapy 0 None
2007-10-10 Women on low-fat diets reduce their risk of ovarian cancer 0 None
2007-10-10 Women with high or increasing blood pressure more likely to develop diabetes 0 None
2007-10-10 Caesarean or natural birth? 0 None
2007-10-10 Low-fat diet may decrease risk of ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women 0 None
2007-10-09 African-American women less likely to have adjuvant cancer therapy than white women 0 None
2007-10-09 Link between woman's hips and daughter's risk of breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-09 Treatment for breast cancer differs between African-American women and white women 0 None
2007-10-07 Experts urge women to eat plenty of fish while pregnant 0 None
2007-10-04 Microvascular disease mostly a concern for women 1 None
2007-10-04 Large gap between physician and patient understanding of necessity of monthly periods 0 None
2007-10-03 Cholesterol levels both high and low linked to premature births 0 None
2007-10-03 When it comes to preventing cancer, women believe they're doing more than they actually are 0 None
2007-10-02 First significant genetic finding in severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder 0 None
2007-10-02 Supreme Court declines to consider challenge to New York contraceptive coverage law 0 None
2007-10-02 GE Healthcare to address use of ultrasound machine in India for sex-selective abortions 0 None
2007-10-02 Connecticut Catholic Bishops agree to comply with law requiring hospitals to dispense EC to rape survivors 0 None
2007-10-02 Family planning advocates in Philippines to file lawsuit against cabinet member barring contraceptives at clinics as Manila Mayor 0 None
2007-10-02 EEOC files lawsuit against Bloomberg L.P. over maternity leave discrimination 0 None
2007-10-02 Many American women misinformed about breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-02 Fetal cell "transplant" could be a hidden link between childbirth and reduced risk of breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-02 Severe premenstrual syndrome and sleep quality 0 None
2007-10-02 Breast cancer screening 0 None
2007-10-02 Obese moms-to-be should gain less weight than currently recommended 0 None
2007-10-02 Single-sex education for girls 0 None
2007-10-02 Residual fetal cells in women may provide protection against breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-02 Pregnancy after breast cancer is possible 0 None
2007-10-02 Panic attacks may increase risk of heart attack or stroke in older women 0 None
2007-10-02 Notch gene may lead to new methods of beating breast cancer 0 None
2007-10-02 Low maternal cholesterol levels may lead to adverse birth outcomes 0 None
2007-10-02 Lifestyle changes could prevent one in ten cases of breast cancer by 2024 0 None
2007-10-02 Improved breast cancer awareness in older women could save lives 0 None
2007-10-02 Gene discovery that affects breast cancer treatment 0 None
2007-10-01 Testing women for group B strep during pregnancy could save Britain GBP37 million a year 2 None
2007-10-01 Residual fetal cells in women both detrimental and beneficial to women's health 0 None
2007-10-01 More research needed on sex differences in lung cancer 0 None


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