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2010-11-30 Evidence of evolutionary protection against inbreeding in women? 0 None
2010-11-30 Imaging Diagnostic Systems showcases CT Laser Breast imaging system at RSNA 2010 0 5
2010-11-30 Study finds abdominal fat as a risk factor for osteoporosis, bone loss in women 0 2.5
2010-11-30 Gen-Probe submits PMA to FDA for APTIMA HPV assay to detect cervical cancer 0 None
2010-11-29 NDSsi launches new DOME S10 diagnostic imaging display for mammography screening at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-11-29 ACS recommends annual MRI screening in women with family history of breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-28 IMPAX for breast imaging eliminates limitations of modality-specific review stations at Cleveland Clinic Breast Center 0 None
2010-11-25 Doctors treating female epilepsy patients have to consider specific hormonal situation 0 None
2010-11-25 Further studies needed over use of Proton-Pump Inhibitors in early pregnancy 0 None
2010-11-25 WHO/UN-HABITAT report documents health disparities facing women in developing country urban areas 0 None
2010-11-25 Breastfeeding while remaining on epilepsy medications may not affect child's IQ 0 None
2010-11-24 Advaxis initiates ADXS11-001 clinical trial for cervix cancer 0 None
2010-11-24 Heartburn drugs safe in pregnancy: Study 0 None
2010-11-24 A new treatment landscape for triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-24 Early urinary protein content test during pregnancy predicts later pre-eclampsia 0 None
2010-11-24 Study reveals few advantages of prenatal diagnosis of cleft lip and palate 0 None
2010-11-24 Blocking miR-375 microRNA in ERalha-positive breast cancer cells slows down cancer cell growth 0 None
2010-11-24 The effects of pregnancy on oral health 0 None
2010-11-23 IDSI submits Premarket Notification for CTLM breast imaging device to FDA 0 5
2010-11-23 Women view their weight wrong: Study 0 None
2010-11-23 Hologic announces receipt of FDA approvable letter for Selenia Dimensions 3-D digital mammography system 0 None
2010-11-23 Scientists establish new biological links between early puberty and obesity 0 None
2010-11-23 Study substantiates targeted breast ultrasound as primary technique to evaluate focal breast signs, symptoms 0 None
2010-11-23 High BMI remains primary problem among wealthier women in developing countries 0 None
2010-11-23 Late-preterm babies at increased risk for cognitive, emotional problems 0 None
2010-11-22 Neurocrine announces results from elagolix Phase II Daisy PETAL study in endometriosis 0 None
2010-11-22 Research shows association between childhood CKD and maternal diabetes, obesity 0 None
2010-11-22 Researchers discover common genetic variants influence early puberty, body fat 0 None
2010-11-20 NCI’s website helps women to live a smoke-free life 0 None
2010-11-20 Online interactive world map of maternal health 0 None
2010-11-20 Merck wins third FOSAMAX bellwether trial 0 1
2010-11-19 UNICEF report identifies factors helping, hindering efforts to drive down FGM/C in five African countries 0 None
2010-11-19 Study compares effect on HT status in mid, late life on dementia risk 0 None
2010-11-19 New online interactive world map gives facts about maternal health 0 None
2010-11-19 SAGE and Division 35 to publish Psychology of Women Quarterly 0 None
2010-11-19 Volpara breast imaging software receives FDA clearance 0 None
2010-11-18 Women prefer diet advice from women: Study 1 5
2010-11-18 Negative stereotype about women leads to gender differences in financial decision making 0 None
2010-11-18 History of child abuse linked to alcohol abuse in women 1 None
2010-11-18 FIP's PSWC and AAPS Annual Meeting to highlight targeted inhalable dry powder HPV vaccine 0 None
2010-11-18 Children's heart disease affects mental health of mothers 1 5
2010-11-18 Exelixis reports interim data from phase 2 RDT trial for epithelial ovarian cancer 0 5
2010-11-18 U-Systems initiates EASY study for screening breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 Siemens launches MAMMOMAT Inspiration Full-Field Digital Mammography System in the U.S. 0 None
2010-11-17 Mammograms bungled: Rush to fix the problem 0 None
2010-11-17 Study finds interrupted sleep as a burden borne disproportionately by women 0 None
2010-11-17 8 states get better grade on 2010 March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card 0 None
2010-11-17 Risk of radiation-induced breast cancer from mammographic screening slight in comparison to benefits 0 None
2010-11-17 New findings could help bypass unnecessary use of oxytocin in normal deliveries 0 None
2010-11-17 Active management of third stage of labour leads to less blood loss 0 None
2010-11-16 Insuring your health: Many individual health policies do not cover pregnancy 0 None
2010-11-16 New mechanism breaks drug resistance in ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-16 Leaders speak at Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health conference 0 None
2010-11-15 RNA-based drugs may prevent premature birth: Research 0 None
2010-11-15 New study finds PEM reduces unnecessary breast biopsies 0 None
2010-11-15 Reproductive health forum in Ghana addresses unsafe abortions in Africa 0 None
2010-11-15 Oregon scientist investigates safety, effectiveness of novel low-cost family-planning option 0 None
2010-11-15 Natural products effective for treating menopause symptoms 0 None
2010-11-15 Research on E.Coli bacteria could help develop new vaccine for urinary tract infection 0 None
2010-11-14 Job strain can increase risk of cardiovascular disease in women 0 None
2010-11-12 Female veterans less likely to engage in binge drinking 0 None
2010-11-12 Screening colonoscopy rates for women do not increase when offered to be done by female endoscopists: Study 1 None
2010-11-12 Mutual accountability on women's and children's health goals essential to Millennium Development Goal success 0 None
2010-11-12 Researchers study Rett neurons in a Petri dish 0 None
2010-11-12 New report highlights effectiveness of bed rest for pregnant women 0 None
2010-11-11 NCI awards $11.5 million to Fred Hutchinson Center for breast cancer research 0 None
2010-11-11 Women and cancer today 0 None
2010-11-11 Bed rest may not delay preterm births, says Frances Payne professor 0 None
2010-11-11 AACR forum to focus on new advancements in cancer management among women 0 None
2010-11-11 High cholesterol in midlife does not increase risk for Alzheimer's disease among women 0 None
2010-11-11 Mother's poor nutrition during pregnancy affects offspring's ability to process medications 0 None
2010-11-11 Consumption of fructose-rich beverages can increase gout risk in women 0 None
2010-11-11 Childhood asthma risk linked with prenatal paracetamol exposure depends on antioxidant genes in mother 0 None
2010-11-11 Study suggests mid-life cholesterol level may not linked to later development of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-11-10 Epimutation in BRCA1 gene may cause early-onset of breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-10 HPV vaccination rates falter 0 None
2010-11-10 Hormones and stress are major contributors to depression in women who undergo IVF 0 None
2010-11-10 Women taking HPV vaccine need only two HPV screening tests for rest of their lives: Research 0 None
2010-11-10 Article shows link between maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy, SIDS 0 None
2010-11-10 Medicinal mushroom formula fights breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-10 Breast cancer patients more likely to have joint pain from taking AIs: Study 0 None
2010-11-10 MicroRNAs linked to failure of duct development in mammary glands 0 None
2010-11-10 Contraceptive, antiviral gel using bee venom wins 2010 Gates Foundation grant 0 None
2010-11-10 mHealth Alliance annual summit kicks off with $1M HP donation, discussion of improving maternal, child health 1 None
2010-11-10 Data shows hormone therapy can increase risk of ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-10 Forceps delivery can pose risk to mother and child 0 None
2010-11-10 Sec. Clinton calls for G20 to address gender issues 0 None
2010-11-10 Aromatase inhibitors increase side effects in women undergoing breast cancer therapy 0 1.8
2010-11-10 Education can help prevent preterm birth 0 None
2010-11-10 Only one-third of young women complete HPV regimen 0 None
2010-11-10 New York Times examines HIV prevention products undergoing clinical trials 0 None
2010-11-10 Physical activity lowers risk of endometrial cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Joint complaints attributed to breast cancer drugs not linked with inflammatory arthritis or autoimmune disease 0 None
2010-11-09 S.A.N.E. Vax calls for federal approval of reliable HPV genotyping test in cervical cancer prevention programs 0 5
2010-11-09 Childhood abuse increases risk of type 2 diabetes in women: Study 0 None
2010-11-09 Strong smoke-free policies reduce maternal smoking and improve fetal outcomes 0 None
2010-11-09 Smoking increases risk of breast cancer progression in multiethnic women with breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Sugar-sweetened drinks can increase gout risk in women 0 None
2010-11-09 Chemotherapy for breast cancer does more harm than good 0 None
2010-11-09 Study discovers role of Vav1 oncogene in several cancers 0 None
2010-11-09 Combination of optical and x-ray imaging may improve diagnostic accuracy of breast screening 0 None
2010-11-09 Genta commences tesetaxel Phase 2b clinical trial as 1st-line chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 Statins do not reduce risk for colorectal cancer in postmenopausal women 0 None
2010-11-09 Family history of HG increases risk of extreme morning sickness during pregnancy 0 None
2010-11-09 Sec. Clinton highlights importance of U.S.-Australia partnership to reduce violence against women worldwide 0 None
2010-11-08 Denosumab superior to Zometa in preventing SREs in breast cancer patients with bone metastases: Study 0 None
2010-11-08 Obesity does not increase breast cancer risk in Mexican-American women: Research 0 None
2010-11-08 Potential biomarker for measuring progress in breast cancer chemoprevention trials 0 None
2010-11-08 Soy isoflavone intake decreases risk of invasive breast tumor 0 None
2010-11-08 Parascript receives $244,479.25 federal grant under Affordable Care Act 0 None
2010-11-08 Maternal peanut consumption during pregnancy increases peanut allergy risk in children 0 5
2010-11-08 FDA announces reclassification for Full Field Digital Mammography Systems 0 None
2010-11-08 AAGL recommends vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomies 0 None
2010-11-08 People with SLE more likely to develop hematologic malignancies 0 5
2010-11-08 Amgen wins Scrip Best New Drug award for Prolia 0 5
2010-11-08 Prolonged separation from mother increases risk of breast cancer in young mice 0 5
2010-11-04 Novel serum test may help diagnose early pregnancy location and outcome 0 None
2010-11-04 Gender-related disparity in outcomes of lower extremities peripheral arterial disease continues: Study 0 None
2010-11-04 Exposure to several AEDs in the womb negatively affect child's neurodevelopment 0 None
2010-11-04 During stop in Papua New Guinea, Secretary Clinton promotes women's rights 0 None
2010-11-03 One-third of breast cancer survivors rate breast-conserving treatments as fair 0 None
2010-11-03 LVI in breast tissue predicts recurrence of breast cancer in regional lymph nodes 0 None
2010-11-03 CONRAD receives $5 million award from USAID 0 None
2010-11-03 Today's Op-Eds: Birth control coverage, 'free' medical care, profitable nursing homes 0 None
2010-11-02 Scientists investigate possible link between women's menstrual periods and ovarian cancer 0 5
2010-11-02 African Americans more likely to have uterine cancer recurrence 0 1
2010-11-02 Micronutrient Initiative receives $75 million to expand innovative nutrition programming 0 None
2010-11-02 Experts discuss latest advancements in gynecological diseases at 2nd China Research Forum 0 None
2010-11-02 Women neglect long-term care planning 0 None
2010-11-02 Study finds elderly women at high risk for inappropriate urinary catheter utilization 0 None
2010-11-02 Fitness level, not size or weight, may be more important determinant of women's risk of death 0 None
2010-11-02 Health law challenges: Birth control, grandfathering, state's exchanges 0 None
2010-11-02 New findings pave way to improve early detection of ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-01 Telbivudine prevents HBV transmission from mothers to newborns: Study 0 None
2010-11-01 GOG to initiate combination elesclomol-paclitaxel Phase 2 clinical trial for ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-01 Pasteurized human breast milk recommended alternative for hospitalized sick newborns 0 None
2010-11-01 Gottlieb Hospital nurse raises $2,000 to fight breast cancer 0 None


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