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2011-04-30 SaneVax criticizes FDA for approval of Roche's cobas HPV genotyping test 0 None
2011-04-30 MarginProbe System meets its primary endpoints: Dune Medical Devices 0 None
2011-04-30 White youths less likely to be tested for STI in pediatric emergency department 0 None
2011-04-30 ED providers need to assess STI risks in adolescents: Instructor of pediatrics 0 None
2011-04-30 Mammography screening can benefit women under age 50 0 None
2011-04-30 Centocor Ortho Biotech Products withdraws NDA for trabectedin for treatment of women with ROC 0 None
2011-04-30 Babies born to obese mothers may face risk of iron deficiency 0 None
2011-04-30 Penn Nursing, Surgeon General partner to promote breastfeeding awareness in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-30 Abortion-rights supporters face tough choices about where to focus efforts 0 None
2011-04-30 PAM to launch national pregnancy awareness campaign for women 0 None
2011-04-30 IMPAKT 2011 conference to highlight new breast cancer studies 0 None
2011-04-29 Reimbursement policy influences choice of IMRT for treating breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 Annual mammogram sufficient follow-up after BCT for breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-29 USAID announces shift in gender programming, organizational structure 0 None
2011-04-29 Ind. lawmakers vote to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funds 0 None
2011-04-29 Florida's Medicaid experiment continues to draw attention 0 None
2011-04-29 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation honors University Of Colorado researcher for preeclampsia study 0 None
2011-04-29 C-section deliveries have increased by 72%, episiotomy and forceps use have declined 0 None
2011-04-29 More women using ‘morning after’ pill 0 None
2011-04-28 Softgels as effective as tablets in delivering folic acid 0 None
2011-04-28 GPs could offer simple test for early detection of ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 Menstruation raises risk of injuries while pills protect: Study 0 None
2011-04-28 Women more likely to develop kidney damage after coronary angiogram 0 None
2011-04-28 Enrollment complete in Unigene's oral PTH Phase 2 osteoporosis study in postmenopausal women 0 None
2011-04-28 FOIA request on Avastin filed with the FDA 0 None
2011-04-28 Trig Medical to launch new standard for labor progression management at ACOG 2011 0 None
2011-04-27 Maternal consumption of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy reduces risk of childhood obesity 0 None
2011-04-27 Columbia requests FDA Priority Review for PROCHIEVE progesterone gel NDA 0 None
2011-04-26 Newer birth control pill raises risk of blood clots 0 None
2011-04-26 Merck receives Health Canada approval for GARDASIL to treat HPV in women upto age 45 0 None
2011-04-26 Fibulin-5 protein can help prevent pelvic organ prolapse development in women 0 None
2011-04-26 Study: Women use more medications during pregnancy 0 None
2011-04-26 Dactinomycin more effective for low-risk gestational tumor treatment 0 None
2011-04-25 Mylan launches Letrozole Tablets for hormone receptor-positive early stage breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-25 Planned Parenthood spends $400,000 on first-quarter lobbying 0 None
2011-04-25 Rwanda, QIAGEN and Merck launch comprehensive national cervical cancer prevention program 0 None
2011-04-22 Urologic Nursing publishes NAFC nocturia research in middle-aged American women 0 None
2011-04-22 Political discourse regarding Planned Parenthood moves to states 0 None
2011-04-22 CTIS Pregnancy Health Information Line aims to educate women about meningitis 0 None
2011-04-21 Contraception drospirenone raises risk for blood clots 0 None
2011-04-21 Merrimack initiates dosing in MM-111 combination Phase 1 study in advanced HER2 positive patients 0 None
2011-04-21 Providing complete information about breast cancer treatment options often ends up overwhelming patients 0 None
2011-04-21 US-LACRN selects Agilent gene expression microarrays for major breast cancer study 0 None
2011-04-21 Roundup: Abortion opponents weigh strategy; Supreme Court reinstates case involving deaths at Va. hospitals 0 None
2011-04-21 Exposure to air pollution may alter women's DNA and cause premenopausal breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-21 Study finds ACE inhibitors linked to increased risk of recurrence in women who have had breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-21 New trial in UK to test whether statins could be used to treat pre-eclampsia 0 None
2011-04-21 U.S. DOD awards $4.5M to NYU Langone Medical Center for novel breast cancer research 0 None
2011-04-21 Number of stressful events experienced during pregnancy linked to child behaviour outcomes 0 None
2011-04-21 New breast cancer projects receive $1.175 million from Komen Northeast Ohio 0 None
2011-04-21 Viewpoints: Would Ryan plan save or 'assault' Medicare?; Controversial Kansas abortion law 1 None
2011-04-21 New survey: Breastfeeding mothers show greater response to their infant's cry 0 None
2011-04-21 Amgen, UCB report positive results from AMG 785/CDP7851 comparative Phase 2 study for postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2011-04-20 Roche's cobas HPV Test receives FDA approval for cervical cancer screening 0 5
2011-04-20 Gen-Probe receives FDA marketing clearance for APTIMA Trichomonas vaginalis assay 0 None
2011-04-20 IFFS and ESHRE support new standards for cross border reproductive care 0 None
2011-04-20 Study shows possibility of women living with AIDS to breastfeed with lower risk 0 None
2011-04-20 Sialix announces blood test results for early detection and treatment of breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-20 Researchers to wind down HIV prevention trial in women after interim results find drug not offering protection from HIV 1 None
2011-04-20 New findings show relation between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma 0 None
2011-04-20 Planned Parenthood backers: Group does more than perform abortions 0 None
2011-04-20 Breakdown products of thalidomide cause birth defects: New study 0 None
2011-04-20 Offensive editorial leads to resignation of the president-elect of the American College of Surgeons 0 None
2011-04-19 Cervical cancer vaccine target falls short: Report 3 None
2011-04-19 Study finds abnormal fetal circulation as a risk factor for fetal thrombotic vasculopathy 0 None
2011-04-19 Blood test can predict pre-term births during second trimester 0 None
2011-04-19 Bedford Labs launches cancer drug Topotecan Hydrochloride for Injection 0 None
2011-04-19 Study finds more evidence linking high-grade serous ovarian cancer to fallopian tubes 0 None
2011-04-19 Drospirenone doesn't carry any risk of gall bladder disease 0 None
2011-04-18 Scientists identify networks of genes critical in embryonic-heart development 0 None
2011-04-18 First ever genome scan for womb cancer reveals genetic region that reduces risk of the disease 0 None
2011-04-18 Mother’s Day can be tough when your Mum has cancer 0 None
2011-04-16 New book on women's health and diabetes care 0 None
2011-04-16 Women experience more severe and frequent domestic violence than men 0 None
2011-04-16 NVP-BEZ235 inhibits growth of ovarian cancer cells, increases survival: Study 0 None
2011-04-16 Probiotic may reduce rate of recurrent urinary tract infections in women 0 None
2011-04-15 Safer-sex education leads to fewer episodes of unprotected sex 0 5
2011-04-15 Mandatory single embryo transfers for IVF may decrease risk and cost 0 None
2011-04-15 New mixed-carb plus protein formulation more effective for female athletes 0 None
2011-04-15 Nearly all 2.6 million stillbirths worldwide occur in low-, middle-income countries, Lancet series says 0 None
2011-04-15 Normal breast cells provide an innate defense mechanism against cancer 0 None
2011-04-15 Diet and exercise most effective when done together for losing weight and body fat 0 None
2011-04-15 High rates of induction, C-section do not improve infant outcomes in low-risk women 0 None
2011-04-13 Obesity and smoking linked to stillbirths: Report 0 3.5
2011-04-12 Sex in Australian prisons: the facts 0 3.3
2011-04-12 Study finds SAVI applicator for breast brachytherapy safe for women with breast implants 0 None
2011-04-12 Specific oestrogen might serve as effective treatment for osteoporosis 0 2
2011-04-12 Sirolimus may help treat lymphangioleiomyomatosis in women 0 None
2011-04-12 Changes in hormonal status have no impact on women's voice parameters 0 None
2011-04-12 Older women with high vitamin D status less likely to have early AMD 0 None
2011-04-11 New maternity scheme in Queensland 0 None
2011-04-11 Study shows how specific nutritional combination may help maintain healthy breast tissue 0 None
2011-04-11 NBCAM events increase breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-11 Tai chi, green tea may help reduce inflammatory diseases in postmenopausal women 0 None
2011-04-11 Planned Parenthood funding a major stumbling block in budget negotiations 0 None
2011-04-11 Alcohol misuse in pregnancy linked to high risk of premature birth 0 None
2011-04-11 A4M: Estrogen helps prevent risk of breast cancer in women 0 None
2011-04-08 'Every woman should know her breast density' 0 2
2011-04-07 Exercising during pregnancy improves child's heart health after birth 0 None
2011-04-07 New USPSTF mammography recommendations confuse women 0 None
2011-04-07 Persistent fatigue in breast cancer survivors may be caused by autonomic nervous system running in overdrive 0 None
2011-04-07 Breast cancer survivors with poor physical health scores at elevated risk of poorer outcomes 0 None
2011-04-07 Positive data from PROCHIEVE vaginal progesterone Phase III study published in peer-reviewed journal 0 None
2011-04-07 Busy roads around pregnant woman's home increases likelihood of premature birth of baby 0 None
2011-04-07 Progesterone gel can reduce preterm birth in women with short cervix 0 None
2011-04-07 Progesterone benefits women with short cervix, finds NIH study 0 None
2011-04-06 Estrogen therapy for menopause, study looks at risks-benefits 0 None
2011-04-06 Americans concerned about thyroid cancer development from mammography 0 None
2011-04-06 SWHR roundtable to examine sex differences in Alzheimer's disease 1 None
2011-04-06 U.N. Secretary-General urges university leaders to prioritize women's empowerment 0 None
2011-04-06 Having children early in life lowers lifetime risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-06 Differences in craniofacial features of men and women have become less pronounced 0 None
2011-04-06 Under stressful conditions, presence of high levels of HER2 protein causes a decrease in autophagy 0 None
2011-04-06 Soy food does not increase risk of recurrence or death among breast cancer survivors 0 None
2011-04-06 Politics continue to play out around Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2011-04-06 $1,000,000 research award to study link between exercise and breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-06 Extreme weight gain in breast cancer survivors associated with poorer outcomes 0 None
2011-04-06 Study finds low multiple birth rates in 15 states that provide insurance coverage for IVF 0 None
2011-04-06 Lack or loss of SIRT3 protein induces proliferation of breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-04-06 UT Southwestern gynecologist receives Burroughs Wellcome Fund for premature birth study 0 None
2011-04-06 Adipocytes associated with breast cancer could amplify 'aggressive' effect of tumors in obese patients 0 None
2011-04-06 Editorial cautions against estrogen-only hormone therapy after hysterectomy 0 None
2011-04-05 Teenage birth rate in the U.S. falls 0 2
2011-04-05 Estrogen only hormone replacement not so risky after 50’s: Study 0 None
2011-04-05 How materialistic advertising messages negatively shape the female body image 0 None
2011-04-05 Metformin therapy may protect PCOS women against endometrial cancer 0 None
2011-04-05 Health experts release recommendations for fighting breast cancer in low-, middle-income countries 0 None
2011-04-05 Study links partner controlling behaviors to high relationship violence rates 0 None
2011-04-05 Ectopic pregnancies on the rise 0 None
2011-04-05 Women with ovarian cancer having BRCA2 gene mutations are more likely to survive 0 None
2011-04-05 Breast cancer updates 0 None
2011-04-05 Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may raise risk of gestational diabetes: Study 1 None
2011-04-05 Olivia’s cancer center receives $45 million for completion 0 None
2011-04-04 Epithelial cells in breast milk can help assess breast cancer risk 0 None
2011-04-04 First period before age of 10 linked to lower lung capacity later in life 0 None
2011-04-04 Vermillion, Quest Diagnostics enter agreement to launch OVA1 IVDMIA assay in India 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers discover immune system can help predict breast cancer survival 0 None
2011-04-04 Study finds link between smoking and breast cancer risk among non-obese women 0 None
2011-04-03 Breast cancer genome reveals potential therapeutic targets 0 None
2011-04-03 1 in 5 American mothers has children from multiple men: Study 0 None
2011-04-02 New research identifies diverse barriers to breast cancer screening and treatment 0 None
2011-04-02 Three abstracts from SuperGen PIM kinase inhibitor program to be presented at AACR 0 None
2011-04-02 Midwife shortage in developing countries contributing to deaths of mothers, infants, Save the Children report says 0 None
2011-04-01 Ther-Rx Corporation announces important initiative to reduce cost of Makena 0 None
2011-04-01 Roundup: Fla. moves closer to Medicaid overhaul; Abortion provisions advance in Va., Kan. and Iowa 0 None
2011-04-01 KeyBank Foundation awards $1M grant for providing breast cancer education to medically underserved women 0 None
2011-04-01 Study shows immune therapy can prevent pregnancy in mammals including humans 0 None
2011-04-01 NIH-funded program to focus on obesity complications in low-income mothers 0 None
2011-04-01 Longer looks: Research shows intriguing link between women abused in childhood and low-birthweight infants; tea party efforts to move health programs to states 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: Stress can increase risk of C section in first-time mothers 0 None
2011-04-01 New study examines psychological, social challenges of women with breast cancer 0 3.5
2011-04-01 Opinions: Foreign aid; Congressman's global war on abortion 0 None


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