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2011-05-31 Increase breast feeding rates by extending maternity leave: Study 0 5
2011-05-31 Latest Breast cancer screening guidelines deemed unsafe by 80% women 0 None
2011-05-31 Enrollment complete in BioSante's LibiGel Phase III cardiovascular and breast cancer safety study 0 None
2011-05-31 Stress does not appear to increase risk of developing multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-05-30 Canadian women more aware of ovarian cancer now, but misconceptions remain 1 None
2011-05-30 Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis can avoid mother to child transmission of mtDNA disorders 0 None
2011-05-30 U-M researcher receives $1.3M Gates Foundation grant to study women's menstrual practices, sanitation 0 None
2011-05-30 Woman's risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy can be identified seven years before 0 None
2011-05-30 New insights into pathogenesis and treatment of hereditary breast, ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-05-27 AHRQ: 94% of women hospitalized for pregnancy and delivery in the U.S. had complications 0 None
2011-05-27 Senate Democrats pressure states to maintain funding for Planned Parenthood 0 None
2011-05-27 OVA1 more effective than CA 125 test in evaluating likelihood of ovarian cancer 0 5
2011-05-27 Nutribar, CBCF partner to support breast cancer research 0 None
2011-05-27 Hysterectomy procedures will continue to decline due to advantages of less-invasive alternatives: MRG 1 None
2011-05-27 Anti-M-llerian hormone levels predict menopausal age in women 0 None
2011-05-27 State lawmakers take up effort to defund Planned Parenthood 0 None
2011-05-27 Longer looks: Stem cells, vaccinating against addictive drugs, the GOP's budget hatchet man 0 None
2011-05-27 Long-term exposure to estrogen increases high blood pressure in women 0 5
2011-05-27 Folic acid during pregnancy reduces rate of colon cancer in offspring 0 None
2011-05-26 ATA recognizes 4th Annual World Thyroid Day 0 None
2011-05-26 Gestational high-fat diet programs woman's baby for future diabetes 0 None
2011-05-26 More wealthy families in India choosing to abort female fetuses, study shows 0 None
2011-05-26 Texas considers performance-based payments; Calif. docs oppose mammography bill 0 None
2011-05-26 Emotional factors and mental health problems trigger alcohol-related offences in women 0 None
2011-05-26 Taking prenatal vitamins early during pregnancy can reduce risk of having children with autism 0 None
2011-05-26 Low vitamin D could account for link between obesity and cancer, heart disease, diabetes 0 None
2011-05-26 Routine assessment can help predict risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy before seven years 0 None
2011-05-26 Coronary artery disease is a leading cause of death in U.S. women 0 None
2011-05-26 There's no upper age limit for balloon angioplasties 0 5
2011-05-26 Study: Healthy gut flora reduces risk of obesity and body's low-level inflammation 0 4
2011-05-25 Federal officials review Indiana's Planned Parenthood law 0 None
2011-05-25 Biogen Idec launches educational forum, 'Women in MS' 0 None
2011-05-25 Abortion rates decline, except among poor women 0 None
2011-05-25 Baked, broiled fish consumption linked to reduced heart failure risk in postmenopausal women 0 None
2011-05-25 Lipofilling seems to be safe for breast cancer patients, study suggests 0 None
2011-05-24 Researchers devise new genetic technique for IVF embryos 0 None
2011-05-24 Studies consistently confirm health benefits of fruit consumption 0 None
2011-05-24 Loss of elasticity and protein breakdown cause pelvic organ prolapse 0 None
2011-05-24 U.N. Secretary-General Ban addresses maternal mortality in Nigeria, IDPs in Cote d'Ivoire 0 None
2011-05-24 Authorities in India's only Muslim-majority state battling increase in female foeticide, AFP reports 0 None
2011-05-24 BMI increase between pregnancies linked to increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus 0 None
2011-05-24 Caffeine reduces muscle activity in Fallopian tubes 0 None
2011-05-23 Infertility centers under scrutiny 0 None
2011-05-23 Scientists find new drug target in breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-23 Study links early complementary feeding with infant malnutrition in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-23 CMBC honors Carol Milgard Breast Health Society with celebratory donor wall 0 None
2011-05-23 Sosei to introduce NorLevo oral emergency contraceptive in Japan 0 None
2011-05-23 Researchers identify new drug resistant protein in breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-22 Australians discover treatment for very common female infection 0 5
2011-05-21 Studies: Unintended pregnancies cost taxpayers $11B a year 0 None
2011-05-21 16 Countries announce new commitments to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality 0 None
2011-05-21 Breast cancer survivors, advocates stress importance of Every Woman Counts program 0 None
2011-05-21 Study shows why individuals with anorexia nervosa have paradoxical response to food 0 None
2011-05-21 New FIGO classification system benefits women with AUB 0 None
2011-05-21 N.J. seeks waiver to trim Medicaid rolls; Texas trims Medicaid budget 0 None
2011-05-21 Labour, delivery health professionals lack clear understanding of anesthesiologist's role: Study 0 None
2011-05-21 New research explores role of genes, environment in post-natal depression 0 None
2011-05-21 High heels and narrow toe boxes lead to toe deformities in women 0 None
2011-05-21 Separation of family planning, HIV funding harms women, girls in developing world, advocates say 0 None
2011-05-21 New Seattle IVF program cuts expense of women conceiving child with donated egg 0 None
2011-05-21 Bristol-Myers Squibb to present abstracts on oncology compounds at ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting 0 None
2011-05-21 16 Countries pledge to reduce maternal, newborn, child mortality 0 None
2011-05-21 Healthier diet associated with less weight gain in African American women: Study 0 None
2011-05-21 Texas, Minnesota lawmakers advance abortion bills 0 None
2011-05-20 Parliamentarians issue call for G8 nations to focus on role of women in development 0 None
2011-05-20 Frequent, consistent exercise may help women curtail cigarette cravings 0 None
2011-05-20 Bill to expand reproductive health services in the Philippines introduced in country's Congress 0 None
2011-05-20 VIDAS TOXO IgG Avidity assay to test for recent Toxoplasma gondii infection receives FDA clearance 0 2
2011-05-19 AstraZeneca announces encouraging results from olaparib phase II study in serous ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-05-19 Government study finds 12 women died giving birth per month in 2010 at hospital in Sierra Leone 0 None
2011-05-19 Treadmill test helps predict lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease in middle-age people 0 None
2011-05-19 Pregnant women warned not to eat for two: Study 0 None
2011-05-19 High weight gain during pregnancy can put women at increased risk of becoming obese later in life 0 None
2011-05-19 New breast cancer biomarker may help identify women's response to tamoxifen 0 None
2011-05-19 Children exposed to maternal smoking in utero have increased DNA methylation in AXL gene 0 None
2011-05-19 Yoga offers unique benefits beyond fighting fatigue for women with breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-19 Common gene fault triggers a ripple of molecular signals leading to more aggressive cervical cancer 0 None
2011-05-18 U-Systems introduces RCC Transducer Technology for somo•v Automated Breast Ultrasound system 0 None
2011-05-18 Clinical PET system for early stage breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-18 New data on personalized approaches for skin, ovarian and lung cancer to be presented at ASCO meeting 0 None
2011-05-18 State Senators in Minnesota and Iowa pass abortion measures 0 None
2011-05-18 EMAS publishes position statement on women's post-reproductive health problems in Maturitas journal 0 None
2011-05-18 Mothers living in better social, economic status opt for caesarean section 0 None
2011-05-18 Tips to get better sleep 0 None
2011-05-17 Critics say program offering money for contraception to HIV-positive Kenyan women is illegal 0 None
2011-05-17 Cytori Therapeutics announces independent clinical study results in breast reconstruction presented at the Association of Breast Surgery conference 0 None
2011-05-17 Novel topically-applied molecular microbicide protects women against HIV infection 0 None
2011-05-17 WHO releases annual World Health Statistics report 0 None
2011-05-17 Childhood physical abuse linked to elevated rates of chronic fatigue syndrome among women 0 4
2011-05-16 Gene variant linked to infertility in women 0 None
2011-05-16 NewGene develops breakthrough test for hereditary breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-16 Report calls for developing new methods of contraception for women in developing countries 0 None
2011-05-16 State news: La. House passes abortion measure; Ga. faces sharp deficits in health plans; Calif. GOP offers budget plan 0 None
2011-05-15 IVF causing multiple birth rates fall 0 None
2011-05-13 U.S., Egyptian officials launch report documenting results from USAID health assistance in Egypt 0 None
2011-05-13 More than 1,100 women raped every day in the Congo, study finds 0 None
2011-05-13 Diet-Bailout author use business tools for new weight loss approach 0 None
2011-05-13 New data shows high sexual violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo 0 None
2011-05-13 Stress related to pregnancy affects health of expectant parents and their infants 0 None
2011-05-13 Opinion: Ending female genital mutilation 0 None
2011-05-13 AMS signs research grant contract for six sites to evaluate vaginal prolapse repair techniques 0 None
2011-05-13 Boehner's support for budget cuts to Medicare, Medicaid draws criticism from Catholic U. faculty 0 None
2011-05-13 Rethink praises Ontario's decision to provide breast cancer patients with access to Herceptin 0 None
2011-05-13 Groundbreaking cancer treatment studies to be unveiled at AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 0 None
2011-05-13 Study: OVA1 blood test can accurately predict ovarian cancer in women with pelvic masses 0 None
2011-05-13 Roundup: Maryland long term care costs examined; federal judge declines to bar implementation of abortion law 0 None
2011-05-12 Coffee provides protections from a type of breast cancer: Study 0 None
2011-05-12 Mesh surgery more effective for patients with pelvic organ prolapse 0 None
2011-05-12 Study finds link between high prenatal BPA levels and infant's neurobehavioral abnormalities 0 None
2011-05-12 U-Systems to exhibit new version of somo•v automated breast ultrasound at SBI Meeting 0 None
2011-05-12 Fourth U.N. Conference on the Least Developed Countries continues to examine development possibilities for LDCs 0 None
2011-05-12 State roundup: Daniels signs Ind. law to ban Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2011-05-11 Majority of urban NYC women with hepatitis B do not receive education, subsequent care 0 None
2011-05-11 Study finds strong link between live birth rates and number of eggs retrieved in one IVF cycle 0 None
2011-05-11 Study evaluates link between thyroid autoantibodies, miscarriage and preterm birth 0 5
2011-05-11 Women with invasive breast cancer can benefit from new genomic test 0 None
2011-05-11 Genetic test to identify women at higher risk of breast cancer could reduce risks associated with screening 0 None
2011-05-11 New health reform law to make insurance more affordable for women by 2014 0 None
2011-05-11 Breast cancer and unhealthy lifestyle choices 0 None
2011-05-11 Women who naturally bear twins live longer 0 None
2011-05-11 Viewpoints: NY Times warning on women's rights; WSJ on 'Romneycare'; Dutch model for Medicare 0 None
2011-05-11 Coffee consumption can reduce risk of ER-negative breast cancer in women 0 None
2011-05-10 Women's Health Issues' new supplement highlights abortion, reproductive health research 0 None
2011-05-10 Psychological distress affects IVF outcomes 0 None
2011-05-10 Treatment with estrogen-lowering drugs shrinks tumors and reduces mastectomy rates in breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-10 Fat returns after liposuction 0 None
2011-05-10 Successful treatment of depression in mothers improves behavior of children 0 None
2011-05-10 Breastfeeding leads to better behaviour in kids: Study 0 None
2011-05-09 Minn. House approves abortion restrictions 0 None
2011-05-09 New GARDASIL data against Human Papillomavirus presented at EUROGIN conference 0 3
2011-05-09 Adalimumab remains in newborn's bloodstream for at least three months 0 None
2011-05-08 Breast cancer linked to lifestyle & three new genes 0 1
2011-05-08 ADHD in children linked to stress and depression during pregnancy 0 None
2011-05-07 Women more likely to leave substance abuse treatment center after new tobacco-free policy 0 1
2011-05-07 Study analyzes breast-feeding frequency of infants in eight inner-city Philadelphia health centers 0 None
2011-05-07 U.N. officials recognize International Day of the Midwife 0 None
2011-05-07 Abortion bills move to governors in Texas and Florida 0 None
2011-05-07 Affordable preventive care options available for all California women 0 None
2011-05-07 Burning mouth syndrome affects menopausal women seven times more often than men 0 5
2011-05-06 Longer looks: States creating health compacts; IPAB under fire; is GOP redefining rape? 0 None
2011-05-06 Opinions: U.S. support for maternal, child health; infection control at borders; the AMFm model; International Affairs budget; organizations supporting women 0 None
2011-05-06 Protocols to determine when sexual assault kits need to be tested 0 None
2011-05-06 Pregnant Latinas who endure partner violence more likely to suffer postpartum depression 0 None
2011-05-06 Bills to tighten abortion regulations advance in Texas, La. 0 None
2011-05-06 Maternal exposure to BPA during pregnancy linked to decrease in birth weight of children 0 None
2011-05-06 Keller Medical's silicone breast implant delivery device receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-05-05 Mammogram appointments delayed by up to 148 days: NYC report 0 None
2011-05-05 Bone building drugs bisphosphonates lead to only a marginally higher risk of fractures: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 States are battlegrounds for Planned Parenthood funding, abortion issues 0 None
2011-05-05 New poll: 57% of women believe mammograms should start at age 40 0 None
2011-05-05 Secretary of State Clinton launches collaborative mobile application to advance maternal health 0 None
2011-05-05 Researchers discover new mechanism by which BRCA1 gene mutations can induce breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-04 Breast shields can protect women from radiation exposure during CT exams 0 None
2011-05-04 Olympic Gold Medalist, P.A.D. Coalition raise awareness about peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2011-05-04 Lack of insurance interferes with cervical cancer prevention, treatment 0 None
2011-05-04 AHA's new program helps educate Hispanic women about risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-05-04 ChipDX identifies gene expression signature in early-stage breast tumors 0 None
2011-05-04 FDA clears Sectra's digital mammography system 0 None
2011-05-04 Save the Children releases annual global mother's index 2 None
2011-05-04 U.N. Commission releases recommendations aimed at improving accountability on women's and children's health 0 None
2011-05-04 Opinions: U.S. development aid, commitment to women; R&D partnerships and development 0 None
2011-05-04 TPO antibodies linked to abnormal thyroid levels in women after giving birth 0 None
2011-05-04 Pregnancy via egg donation for women with Turner's syndrome potentially risky 0 5
2011-05-03 Experts say best teacher for a young mother is her baby 0 None
2011-05-03 Exposure to perfluorocarbons may cause early menopause in women 0 None
2011-05-03 MRI can effectively determine patients with endometrial and cervical cancers 0 None
2011-05-03 SRS Medical announces pelvic health program for women 0 None
2011-05-03 Pregnant women with H1N1 more likely to have low birth weight baby 0 None
2011-05-02 Watson launches Generess Fe low-dose oral contraceptives in the U.S. 0 None
2011-05-02 USPSTF recommendations negatively impact yearly mammograms among 40-49 year old women 0 None
2011-05-02 Survey underscores education importance on risks of tanning in young women 0 None
2011-05-02 Women with PCOS show high levels of blood markers linked with cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-05-02 Obese pregnant women are less able to fight infections 0 None


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