1. dotty dotty United Kingdom says:

    I am afraid to try the morphine patches I have been precribed after reading the side affects and being addicted to them I have had spine surgery I am in more pain now than beforethe consultant said he damaged the nerves  can anyone advise me I don,t want to be like  azombie but the pain is unbearablr regards dotty

    • Kevin Kevin Australia says:

      I am a 37 year old man and I suffer from osteoporosis,fibre myalgia ,scoliosis,and celiac disease and I have just started on the morphing patches and they are giving me no side effects for the first day a felt a little sick in stomach but that past and now I feel great they are much better than tablets I think as they will not do bad things to the inside of your body so I would say give it a go it worth it Dotty

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