Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Incubator from Draeger

Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Incubator from Draeger

The latest generation of BabyTherm infant warming systems from Dräger sets new standards in open care – not only in providing newborn babies with a unique thermal environment, but also in ensuring enjoy outstanding ease of access so that the best possible care can be given to them.

The smartSWIVEL mechanism featured in the BabyTherm 8004 and 8010 models automatically focuses radiant warmth on the baby, even if the radiant heater is moved to one side.

The BabyTherm’s ceramic heater elements and golden reflectors provide even heat distribution over the entire bed area. 

Measuring a baby’s central and peripheral (toe) temperature gives an early warning of thermal instability or possible cold stress. The BabyTherm 8004 and 8010 offers continuous monitoring of both temperatures, enabling you to detect thermal stress at an early stage, by observing the measured values on the integrated digital display.

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