Caleo Infant Incubator from Draeger

Caleo Infant Incubator from Draeger

Caleo offers unprecedented incubator accessibility, and a modular concept that safeguards the investment now and in future. Setting the standard for a new generation of incubators, Caleo brings unprecedented benefits to infants, caregivers and parents.

The four pillars of  the Caleo care concept – access, ease of use, developmental care and modularity – combine to create an unprecedented level of neonatal therapy:

  • Access: Enjoy unmatched incubator accessibility.
  • Ease of use: Feel the difference with state-ofthe-art technology that is easy to use.
  • Developmental care: Benefit from features that reflect the latest clinical findings.
  • Modularity: Buy what you need, upgrade as required.

Caleo offers caregivers and parents easier, closerthan-ever access to a premature baby while balancing the baby’s need for a stable, controlled microclimate with your need for continuous access, especially in an emergency. This incubator opens new dimensions in accessibility by offering unsurpassed freedom in a controlled microclimate.

Caleo is designed as a platform for the future. This modular concept also makes sound economic sense because the investment in today’s state-of-the-art technology will also be safe tomorrow. Backed by Dräger Medical’s comprehensive service and customer support network, can be sure that Caleo is closer than ever to the ideal solution

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