Resuscitaire Infant Incubator from Draeger

Resuscitaire Infant Incubator from Draeger

Drawing from years of experience in neonatal care, Dräger integrated neonatal thermoregulation and respiratory support into a single, versatile Labor & Delivery device – the Resuscitaire warmer.


Progressive respiratory support capabilities helps to stabilize patient breathing while safeguarding delicate airways.


Resuscitaire’s ability to provide uniform thermoregulation across the baby’s mattress and easily adapt to developmental care requirements has made it a trusted resource in Labor & Delivery departments around the world.


Ease-of-use considerations, patient access and process-driven conveniences enable caregivers to concentrate on their patients rather than their equipment, making Resuscitaire ideal for a wide range of needs in Labor & Delivery and surgical settings. 

Resuscitaire’s easy-to-understand respiratory support interfaces allow you to move efficiently from one solution to the next, as needed. The logical layout, easily accessible controls, and familiar operation facilitate confident respiratory support needed to assure desired ventilation, oxygenation, and skin temperature. 

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