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2008-05-30 CFC-propelled inhalers no longer available as of Dec. 31 2008 0 None
2008-05-30 Novel replacement for conventional needle and syringe 0 5
2008-05-29 New type of wound dressing made of silica gel fibers 0 None
2008-05-29 Wireless vision implant 0 None
2008-05-28 New Kaiser Daily health blog watch 0 None
2008-05-28 U.S. Government 'must take lead' in health care IT, former Rep. Johnson writes 0 None
2008-05-22 Kaiser Family Foundation creates new online tool that provides latest health policy facts and data 0 None
2008-05-22 HHS receives more than thirty applications for electronic health records pilot program 0 None
2008-05-22 Fluorescent 'barcodes' called nanostrings could revolutionise diagnostics 0 None
2008-05-21 High resolution confocal endomicroscopy probe system tells whether colon polyp is benign without removal 0 None
2008-05-21 Digital Healthcare appointed to major NHS Framework contract 0 None
2008-05-21 New clinical research and imaging centre for Bristol 0 None
2008-05-20 New, single-exposure imaging tool puts biomedical imaging in palm of hands 0 None
2008-05-20 Eye tracker technology detects autism at 9 months of age 0 None
2008-05-20 Dendrimers improve imaging with magnetic nanoparticles 0 None
2008-05-20 Mass-producing tunable magnetic nanoparticles 0 None
2008-05-20 Chip-based device measures drug resistance in tumor cells 0 None
2008-05-19 Spectral Modeling technology substantiated through creation of antipsychotic bank of drug candidates 0 None
2008-05-14 Wireless to take healthcare out of hospitals 0 None
2008-05-13 American Medical Association officials outline provisions physicians would accept in electronic prescribing legislation 0 None
2008-05-13 Simple, painless hair test detects breast cancer 0 None
2008-05-12 New MRI technique detects subtle but serious brain injury 0 None
2008-05-09 Blogging to bust cancer myths 0 None
2008-05-06 Location technologies are improving NHS care 0 None
2008-05-06 Autonomous robot surgery a step closer 0 None
2008-05-06 New scanner opens up new possibilities for patients 0 None
2008-05-06 Clockwork PCR including sample prep 0 None
2008-05-06 More than 25 percent of pediatric emergency visits could be conducted online 0 None
2008-05-05 Simple, inexpensive telemedicine system 0 None
2008-05-05 Cordis Corporation launches new peripheral angioplasty balloon catheters 0 None
2008-05-02 New surgical device earns high marks from combat surgeons 0 None
2008-05-02 New tool for tissue damage assessment 0 None
2008-05-01 Novel automated anesthetic technique 0 None


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