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2012-05-31 CCG support advice ‘lacking’ 0 None
2012-05-31 Betel quid popularity in Chinese prompts health warning 0 3
2012-05-31 Noncommunicable diseases need more attention among prisoners 0 None
2012-05-31 Fall prevention needed in multiple sclerosis patients 0 None
2012-05-31 Common pain killers linked to decreased skin cancer risk 0 None
2012-05-31 ‘Fruteros’ outside schools could help improve children’s diet 0 None
2012-05-31 ‘Virtually’ no ulcer bleeding after H. pylori eradication 0 None
2012-05-31 Thrombosis biomarker levels differ according to thrombolysis strategy 0 None
2012-05-31 People with fatty livers need to lose weight 1 None
2012-05-31 Vertebroplasty feasible for at least 1 year after fracture 0 None
2012-05-31 Obstetric, perinatal difficulties ‘not linked to bipolar disorder risk’ 0 None
2012-05-31 Over half of FEP patients achieve symptomatic remission 0 None
2012-05-31 New therapy approach for patients blind on one side 0 None
2012-05-31 Researchers look into value of adapted yoga for stroke rehabilitation 0 None
2012-05-31 Aeras, IDRI partner to develop novel TB vaccine 0 None
2012-05-31 UCLA research projects aim to improve lives of children with serious illnesses 0 None
2012-05-31 TSRI receives $2 million donation from Esther B. O'Keeffe Charitable Foundation 0 None
2012-05-31 YCC, SCRI and SCH partner to advance cancer research 0 None
2012-05-31 Study looks at performance differences between male and female childhood athletes 0 None
2012-05-30 GPs vote for strike 0 None
2012-05-30 Fever in pregnancy raises autism risk 0 None
2012-05-30 Gender link discovered for colorectal cancer 0 None
2012-05-30 Exposure to PVC flooring may increase phthalate uptake in infants 0 None
2012-05-30 Pseudomonas infection signals poor outcome for COPD patients 0 None
2012-05-30 Experimental drug shows promise for elderly chronic leukemia patients 0 None
2012-05-30 Diluent choice affects neuromuscular block times 0 None
2012-05-30 Surprising life-quality benefit from early prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2012-05-30 Delirium has protracted course in elderly care home residents 0 None
2012-05-30 Pituitary tumors may lead to glaucomatous changes 0 None
2012-05-30 Insulin use linked to lung cancer risk in diabetes 0 None
2012-05-30 Transcranial stimulation technique reduces hallucinations 0 None
2012-05-30 Posttraumatic stress hits stroke secondary prevention 0 None
2012-05-30 Bedside tool improves prognostication after cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-05-30 Revised QFracture tool shows enhanced risk-prediction 0 None
2012-05-30 Anxiety increases symptom severity in acute mania patients 0 None
2012-05-30 People afraid of dying badly rather than actually dying 0 None
2012-05-30 RBCC negotiates potential joint venture with AMBS for traumatic brain injury treatment 0 None
2012-05-30 Calcium supplements may raise heart attack risk 0 None
2012-05-30 Intensive exercise answer to psoriasis prevention 0 None
2012-05-30 Intensity of itching in eczema linked to depression 0 None
2012-05-30 Childhood obesity risk linked to delivery method 0 None
2012-05-30 FRAX tool ‘resistant’ to osteoporosis treatment effects 0 None
2012-05-30 Bristol-Myers Squibb forms International Immuno-Oncology Network 0 None
2012-05-30 Patients with history of skin infection more likely to develop surgical site infections 0 None
2012-05-30 DFG to establish 20 CRCs by 1 July 2012 0 None
2012-05-30 Bananas have healthier blend of sugars than sports drinks 0 None
2012-05-30 Possible association between mortality and high levels of vitamin D 1 None
2012-05-29 Lung in Oncology models for drug discovery launched by PRECOS 0 None
2012-05-29 Fluxion Biosciences announces launch of Discovery Services business 0 None
2012-05-29 Ensemble, Genentech enter macrocyclic drug discovery collaboration 0 None
2012-05-29 Mediterranean diet associated with mental and physical health 0 None
2012-05-29 NTT DATA signs non-exclusive license to resell DATATRAK ONE in the Chinese market 0 None
2012-05-29 Intensive glycemic control not associated with reduced risk of kidney failure in type-2 diabetics 0 None
2012-05-29 Controlling TB in geographic hotspots could reduce citywide transmission 0 None
2012-05-29 Female choice plays a crucial role in human evolution 0 2
2012-05-29 Intensive glucose control associated with reduced risk of albuminuria 0 None
2012-05-29 Simple changes in health behavior spur big and lasting results 0 None
2012-05-28 Aerobic exercise improves vascular reactivity to nearly normal levels 0 None
2012-05-28 Clinilabs opens second Phase I unit in Southern New Jersey 0 None
2012-05-28 Scientists develop super-sensitive test that could detect diseases earlier 0 None
2012-05-28 Major new research facility opens at Imperial College London 0 None
2012-05-28 UC Davis mathematicians help biologists to understand platelet formation 0 None
2012-05-25 Prevalence of contraceptive use among women during first sexual encounter is 70.4% 0 None
2012-05-25 BBSRC allocates £250M for strategic investment programmes 0 None
2012-05-25 UCSF receives $20M Sandler Foundation gift for neuroscience research and care 0 None
2012-05-25 ITM in Antwerp receives Gates Foundation grant for malaria research 0 None
2012-05-25 Link between increase in assisted living options and decline in nursing home occupancy 0 None
2012-05-25 Virtual exercise partner can significantly boost motivation 0 None
2012-05-25 Experiencing strong emotions synchronises brain activity across individuals 0 None
2012-05-25 Personality traits may also be part of the longevity genes mix 0 None
2012-05-24 Multicomponent intervention reduces prevalence of physical restraints in nursing homes 0 None
2012-05-24 Number of Americans with kidney stones nearly doubled since 1994 0 None
2012-05-24 Resilience improves level of satisfaction in one's life 0 None
2012-05-24 Severity of nocturnal hypoxemia and SDB independently predict both T2DM and HbA1c levels 0 None
2012-05-23 Study shows how streamlined patient pathways may improve efficiency of healthcare delivery 0 None
2012-05-23 Few new chemicals are in development for malaria vector control 0 None
2012-05-23 VCU Center on Health Disparities to research into preterm birth 0 None
2012-05-23 Nighttime intensivists can improve ICU patient outcomes 0 None
2012-05-23 Exercise can add years to a person's life 0 None
2012-05-23 EMBO Journal highlights three decades of Wnt research 0 None
2012-05-23 NIEHS renews funding for SRP at UCSD 0 None
2012-05-23 Excessive alcohol intake may increase of cognitive dysfunction, dementia in the elderly 0 None
2012-05-22 SDB may increase risk of cancer mortality 0 None
2012-05-22 'Discharge bias' disproportionally hurts large and academic hospitals 0 None
2012-05-22 Intermountain signs collaborative research agreement with Myriad 0 None
2012-05-22 Study finds large amounts of melanopsin in the human brain 0 5
2012-05-22 Scientists unravel action mechanism of castor oil 0 None
2012-05-21 New therapeutic options for management of melanoma brain metastases 0 5
2012-05-21 Children with pelvic and thigh fractures rarely develop dangerous blood clots 0 None
2012-05-21 Young children with cystic fibrosis do not benefit from concentrated saline therapy 0 None
2012-05-21 Male cyclists may experience hormonal imbalances that affect reproductive health 0 None
2012-05-21 Nighttime intensivists not associated with reduced mortality 0 None
2012-05-21 Dyspnea limits sexual activity among older patients with COPD 0 None
2012-05-21 NHS needs to do more to create a research culture: Survey 0 None
2012-05-21 Study investigates link between BMI and cardiac function in obese adolescents 0 None
2012-05-21 Nordic walking enables heart failure patients to exercise more intensely 0 None
2012-05-19 Certain types of fat associated with worse memory and overall cognitive function 0 None
2012-05-19 ACE Foundation, CRG partner to research into neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2012-05-19 Research demonstrates how a living cell controls its growth process 0 None
2012-05-19 Study examines cognitive effects of head impacts among student athletes 0 None
2012-05-19 Exercise could reduce risk of asthma symptoms or attacks 0 None
2012-05-18 Promising updates in quest for early detection and treatments for lung cancer 0 None
2012-05-18 Cautious optimism over prevalence of PTSD 0 None
2012-05-18 Two major reasons to monitor medication use in older patients with chronic pain 0 None
2012-05-18 Migraine is a neurological, not vascular, disorder 0 4.7
2012-05-18 Personal genetic test results don't drive overuse of expensive medical care 0 None
2012-05-18 Decrease in rate of cigarette use among minors and young adults 1 None
2012-05-18 Behavior-driven conditions are greatest contributors to health plan costs 0 None
2012-05-18 Abbott announces inaugural funding for nutrition and cognition research 0 None
2012-05-18 Northwestern University SCS now offers MSRC program 0 None
2012-05-18 Strong link between the amygdala and a baseline level of distrust 0 None
2012-05-18 More research needed into how transgender persons in Asia, Pacific affected by HIV, stigma, report says 0 None
2012-05-18 Study identifies age and marital status as factors in parental happiness 0 None
2012-05-17 Common risk factors for behavioral problems in US, Great Britain children 0 None
2012-05-17 Insight into why diabetics suffer from increased pain and temperature sensitivity 0 None
2012-05-17 Cardiac ischemia plays an important role in adenovector gene transfection in mammalian hearts 0 None
2012-05-17 Strong connection found between eating meat and masculinity 0 None
2012-05-17 Marathon runners less likely to die during or soon after the race 0 None
2012-05-17 Head impacts may worsen contact sport athletes’ ability to acquire new information 0 None
2012-05-17 Athletes can tolerate higher level of pain than normally active people 0 None
2012-05-16 Linkam Scientific temperature controlled warm stages chosen for sperm motility in human fertility testing 0 5
2012-05-16 New directions and challenges in viral hepatitis care and research 0 None
2012-05-16 New insight into treatment patterns for people with stage two and three rectal cancer 0 None
2012-05-16 Dual prevalence of STIs/RTIs and malaria in pregnancy found among women in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-05-16 Diabetes may affect 53.1M Americans by 2025: Study 0 None
2012-05-16 Palpitations, hypertension strongest risk factors for AF 0 None
2012-05-16 Modest alcohol consumption linked with less evidence of steatohepatitis 0 None
2012-05-15 Harvard cardiologist receives Cedars-Sinai’s Corday Prize in Heart Research 0 None
2012-05-15 New Liquid ready-to-use Tumour Marker Control available now from Randox 0 None
2012-05-15 Changes in the temperature of foods can affect taste intensity 0 5
2012-05-15 Narrower CRAE may increase risk of CVD among African Americans with type 1 diabetes 0 None
2012-05-15 More than one in seven U.S. seniors faces threat of hunger 0 None
2012-05-15 Research addresses age-old question of why women love bad boys 0 None
2012-05-14 HIV prevention treatment must include medical, behavorial approaches: APA 0 None
2012-05-14 Excess protein in urine test predicts renal failure in patients with severe sepsis 0 None
2012-05-14 Eggs for breakfast associated with greater satiety and reduced calorie consumption 0 5
2012-05-14 ESIM announces ‘Excellence in Integrative Medicine Research Awards’ 0 None
2012-05-14 Medical residents perform better in four key skill areas after simulation training 0 None
2012-05-14 Study demonstrates accuracy of AliveCor’s iPhone-based ECG 0 None
2012-05-14 Naked mole rat's proteasome assemblies differ in composition from other short-lived rodents 0 None
2012-05-11 Damaging consequences of potential spending cuts to medical research 0 None
2012-05-11 BioTrends tracks uptake of Yervoy and Zelboraf for advanced melanoma 0 5
2012-05-11 Decrease in preterm births leads to decrease in US infant mortality rate 0 None
2012-05-11 Research roundup: Health providers' growing clout; The surprising bargain in Part D costs 0 None
2012-05-11 Lot of fat and few carbohydrates could have better effect on blood sugar levels, lipids in diabetics 0 None
2012-05-11 Discrepancies between recommendations and implementation for management of cardiovascular risk factors 0 None
2012-05-11 Social jetlag can contribute to development of obesity 0 None
2012-05-10 New University of Florida research center to focus on rare genetic illness 0 None
2012-05-10 Treatable infections responsible for nearly 2M cases of cancer globally each year, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-10 NCKU student receives Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award from ASBMB 0 None
2012-05-10 Scientists pinpoint mechanism essential for memory formation 0 None
2012-05-09 Probiotics may reduce the risk of antibiotic associated diarrhoea 0 None
2012-05-09 Dead skin donors come to the aid of a 92 year old with severe skin ulcers 1 None
2012-05-09 Americans spend only about two hours each week in sports and fitness activities 0 None
2012-05-09 Refurbishing neighborhood parks may lead to improvements in community health 0 None
2012-05-09 Highlights of orthopaedic research studies in JBJS 0 None
2012-05-09 BioDiem announces new vaccine research collaboration with French-based VIVALIS 0 None
2012-05-09 Reusable grocery bag can play a role in spreading norovirus infection 0 None
2012-05-09 Higher levels of income inequality in the U.S. lead to more deaths 0 None
2012-05-09 Study to analyze effectiveness of weight-loss program on participants with Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-05-08 Chemically altered proteins may be key to understanding memories 0 None
2012-05-08 Sheffield embryologist given prestigious honour by Health Secretary 0 None
2012-05-08 Pfizer seeks FDA support for its new anti-rheumatoid arthritis pill 0 None
2012-05-08 More teenagers and young adults diagnosed with skin cancer 0 None
2012-05-08 Research grants on facioscapulohumeral dystrophy prove useful as genetic basis is found 0 None
2012-05-08 People can take themselves from good to great 0 None
2012-05-08 DFG to establish seven new research units 0 None
2012-05-08 Man-made waterways contribute to malaria breeding grounds, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-08 Long-term exposure to roadways linked with increased risk of death in patients with heart attack 0 None
2012-05-08 Can curry really be beneficial for cancer? 0 None
2012-05-08 New information about biological outcomes and commuting distance 0 None
2012-05-08 Declining biodiversity may contribute to rise in asthma, allergies 0 None
2012-05-07 Low weight gain reported among women with nausea and vomiting of pregnancy 0 None
2012-05-07 Scientific American examines worldwide spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea 0 None
2012-05-07 Stay safe and out of ER during Memorial Day Weekend 0 None
2012-05-07 New instrument to measure Facebook addiction 1 None
2012-05-07 People continue to make unhealthy choices despite best intentions 0 None
2012-05-07 Drug-related morbidity perceived to affect half of all patients attending healthcare 0 None
2012-05-05 NFID to host 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research from May 7–9 0 None
2012-05-05 Inland Empire Stem Cell Consortium to enhance collaboration among three universities 0 None
2012-05-05 Primary-care physicians hard to find in low-income Hispanic metropolitan neighborhoods 0 None
2012-05-05 Johns Hopkins receives $15 million NIH grant to establish CFAR 0 2.3
2012-05-04 Growing role of body image drugs 0 None
2012-05-04 New light on many biological differences between individual breast cancers 0 None
2012-05-04 Nature publishes first of two controversial studies on H5N1 avian flu 0 None
2012-05-04 One of the controversial avian flu studies published in full finally 0 None
2012-05-04 Bionic eye helps two blind men see for the first time in 20 years 1 5
2012-05-04 Removing email from workers' lives reduces stress and boosts productivity 0 None
2012-05-04 MSF official discusses WHO Working Group final report on R&D 0 None
2012-05-04 Hispanics more likely to develop precancerous colorectal polyps 0 None
2012-05-04 Regular jogging increases life expectancy 0 None
2012-05-04 Comorbidities common among patients with COPD 0 None
2012-05-04 Study captures positive experiences of people with bipolar disorder 1 5
2012-05-03 Blond gene among Solomon islanders baffles researchers 0 None
2012-05-03 Repeated blows to the head associated with long term cognitive, pathologic changes 0 5
2012-05-03 Portfolio theory applied to basic science research portfolio 0 None
2012-05-03 Increased maternal intake of choline better for the baby 0 None
2012-05-03 Infants show less accurate emotion recognition for other-race faces than own-race faces 0 None
2012-05-03 State of health, not age, should decide treatment for cancer 0 None
2012-05-03 Study to understand, prevent and reverse radicalization of young people 0 None
2012-05-03 Event launches report on U.S. global health R&D 0 None
2012-05-03 Sleep adequately to maintain healthy weight 0 None
2012-05-03 Dopamine linked to willingness to work for a monetary reward 0 None
2012-05-03 Lay health workers can make a great contribution to care but they need to be cared for 0 None
2012-05-03 Sleep deprivation may affect surgeons' ability to tackle unexpected events 0 None
2012-05-03 A better understanding of link between glycemic variability and psychological disorders needed 0 None
2012-05-03 NJIT professor receives $340,000 NIH grant to investigate membrane proteins 0 None
2012-05-03 Europe becoming 'hotspot' for emerging infections, study suggests 0 None
2012-05-03 Researchers to examine how climate change may affect humans, societies 0 None
2012-05-03 Paper explores links between neuronal avalanches and spike time-dependent plasticity 0 None
2012-05-03 Why research should be hacked - The case for open source clinical trials 0 None
2012-05-03 Middle-aged and older adults with diabetes show substantial survival rates 0 None
2012-05-02 Flu paper publication amidst threats of bioterrorism raises need for better rules of censorship 0 None
2012-05-02 Diagnosis of neonatal abstinence syndrome triples between 2000 and 2009 0 None
2012-05-02 MD Anderson, UH Graduate College of Social Work announce new joint venture 0 None
2012-05-02 Excessive daytime sleepiness may cause learning, attention and behavior problems 0 None
2012-05-02 Group intervention for postpartum depression 0 None
2012-05-02 'Mandatory oversight' of potentially dangerous biological research will be necessary 0 None
2012-05-02 Vanity and fashion trends affect women's health 0 4.5
2012-05-02 Scientists are working out how sequencing the human genome can help treat disease 0 None
2012-05-02 High-dose steroids increase infection risk in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis 0 None
2012-05-02 Energy, sports drinks cause irreversible damage to enamel in adolescents 0 None


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