In the campaign's last minutes, Obama and Romney keep up the fight

Published on November 7, 2012 at 6:14 AM · No Comments

The Washington Post reported that President Barack Obama had a slight edge in the polls, but most analysts expect the election to be extremely close. GOP challenger Mitt Romney continued to hammer his anti-Obamacare message while other news outlets predict that whoever wins will face big challenges in dealing with the deficit.   

The Associated Press: No Rest In Final Campaign Hours For Obama, Romney
The White House the prize, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney raced through a final full day of campaigning on Monday through Ohio and other battleground states holding the keys to victory in a tight race. Both promised brighter days ahead for a nation still struggling with a sluggish economy and high joblessness (Pace and Hunt, 11/5).

The Wall Street Journal: Obama And Romney Battle Down To Wire
After more than one million television ads, countless appearances and three contentious debates, the 2012 presidential election remained on a knife's edge with both candidates seeking to shore up support in states crucial to their chances Tuesday. … With the margin of victory for the winner expected to be narrow, a likely outcome is a political system as split as the country. It isn't clear either party would be positioned to emerge Wednesday with a clear mandate for tackling some the nation's biggest problems-;including the looming tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff (Meckler and Murray, 11/5).

The Washington Post: On Election Eve, President Obama Has A Slim Edge In Polls
President Obama held a slim advantage in national and battleground polls going into Election Day as the candidates made their last mad dashes across swing-state America and their campaigns braced for a day of intense battle -; and the legal fights that may follow. A Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll showed Obama at 50 percent to Republican challenger Mitt Romney's 47 percent. That is Obama's best showing since July and a reversal of the three-percentage-point edge Romney held last month (Fahrenthold and Barnes, 11/5).

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