States trying managed care for 'dual eligibles' - Medicare/Medicaid recipients

Published on December 7, 2012 at 5:45 AM · No Comments

People who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid - many of whom are elderly and in nursing homes - need lots of often-expensive care.

Kaiser Health News: Huge Experiment Aims To Save On Care For Poorest, Sickest Patients
Twenty-five states have applied to be part of the managed care experiment for so-called "dual-eligibles," people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. All dual-eligibles are poor ... Patient advocates around the country, and some lawmakers in Congress, warn that managed care plans – some run by for-profit, publicly traded companies – are ill-equipped to deal with the complex health needs of those who are elderly, mentally ill or disabled (Carey and Varney, 12/6).

California Healthline: Duals Project Edges Closer To Completion
More than 300 people attended a Department of Health Care Services seminar yesterday offering details of the duals demonstration project, also known as the Coordinated Care Initiative. The department recently released several reports, including a draft of the care coordination and long-term services and supports readiness standards. … The number of dual-eligibles in the demonstration project is now estimated to be 525,000 -- significantly fewer than the original estimate of about 700,000 (Gorn, 12/6).

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