Elan agrees to restructure Tysabri collaboration with Biogen Idec

Published on February 6, 2013 at 3:45 AM · No Comments

Elan Corporation, plc (NYSE:ELN) today announced that it has agreed to restructure the Tysabri® collaboration with Biogen Idec. Under the terms of the agreement, Elan will move from the current 50:50 business collaboration to an upfront payment of $3.25 billion and a double digit tiered royalty structure for the complete asset.

Highlights of Transaction Upon Closing:

  • Up front cash payment of $3.25 billion to Elan
  • First 12 months: royalty of 12% of Tysabri global net sales (all indications)
  • Tiered royalty structure after 12 months
  • 18% on up to $2 billion of global net sales (all indications)
  • 25% on over $2 billion of global net sales (all indications)
  • Biogen Idec will have full ownership and control of Tysabri
  • Current 50:50 collaboration will terminate
  • Provides tax efficient capital and long term cash flow to Elan

Elan's CEO, Kelly Martin, commented "This transaction enables Elan and its shareholders to realize, upon close, a meaningful percentage of the current value of Tysabri while maintaining long term cash flow realization through the multi-tiered royalty structure of the complete asset.

Mr. Martin added, "The restructuring of this business collaboration provides Elan with significant strategic flexibility. Future actions will be guided by our consistent and multi-year approach of dynamic risk/reward assessment of business opportunities. We are enthusiastic about the market opportunities around the globe and remain flexible and creative about the manner in which we would participate in those opportunities."

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