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RSSArchived Child Health News Stories - 2004

Date Title Comments Rating
2004-12-30 Conduct disorder and alcoholism in teens 0 None
2004-12-30 Who's to blame for obese kids? 0 None
2004-12-21 Teen concerns about inhalants and painkiller use 0 None
2004-12-20 Link between socio-economic status and tooth decay 0 None
2004-12-20 Demands for equal treatment between divorced parents may not be fair for the children 0 None
2004-12-20 Children level of anxiety prior to surgery is predictive of behavioral changes 0 None
2004-12-16 The regulation of physical activity in young children 0 None
2004-12-14 Landmark campaign, intends to help one million children under-five fight measles, polio and malaria 0 None
2004-12-13 Children who wear rigid gas-permeable contact lenses had slower progression of their myopia than patients who wear soft contact lenses 0 None
2004-12-13 Childhood cancer slowly increasing over the past 3 decades 0 None
2004-12-13 A decade of neglect has weakened UNICEF and threatened the future of child survival 0 None
2004-12-13 Labelling unhappy children as depressed may be harmful 0 None
2004-12-07 Existing Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders (DNR) for children should be reevaluated when the child requires surgery 1 None
2004-12-07 Children are more vulnerable than adults to the adverse effects of air pollution 0 None
2004-12-06 Babies who do not sleep on their stomachs fail to learn behaviors that may lessen their risk SIDS 0 None
2004-12-06 65 percent of children have had an imaginary companion 0 None
2004-12-06 Children involved with child welfare systems are at high risk for emotional and behavioral problems 0 3
2004-12-06 Prevalence of overweight increased in children aged two to four years from low-income families 0 None
2004-12-06 Children with sickle cell disease who are at risk for a stroke need ongoing blood transfusions to reduce their risk 0 None
2004-12-06 New technologies boost immunisation rates, safety 0 None
2004-12-04 A decade of neglect has weakened UNICEF and threatened the future of child survival 0 None
2004-12-03 Landmines are a deadly attraction for children 0 5
2004-11-29 Tougher action needed to stop cigarette sales to children 0 None
2004-11-29 British parents admit responsibility lies with them to tackle childhood obesity 0 None
2004-11-29 Parents are failing to recognise obesity 0 None
2004-11-24 Parents are not happy about television food advertising directed at their children 0 None
2004-11-24 Weight gain beginning in childhood can lead to an enlarged heart 0 None
2004-11-24 Stress quadruples the risk of an asthma attack in children 0 None
2004-11-23 Covering up reduces exposure to cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation, according to a systematic review of evidence 0 None
2004-11-20 Premature infants with lung disease may continue to require replacement substance to ease breathing 0 5
2004-11-18 Smacking legislation is unworkable for doctors 0 None
2004-11-17 Children get their dose of violence from nursery rhymes, not TV 0 None
2004-11-17 Dummies increase likelihood of crooked teeth 0 5
2004-11-17 Children throughout the world are increasingly being prescribed antidepressants 0 None
2004-11-17 Early infection in low-birth-weight infants linked with poor neurodevelopmental 0 None
2004-11-14 Prenatal alcohol exposure has effects far beyond fetal alcohol syndrome 0 None
2004-11-11 Scientists and clinicians are pioneering the diagnosis and treatment of children's brain tumours 0 None
2004-11-11 Kids who outgrow peanut allergy need to eat peanut products at least once a month in order to maintain tolerance 0 None
2004-11-08 All newborn babies in South Australia are to get access to comprehensive hearing testing in the first few weeks of their lives 0 None
2004-11-02 Treatment sometimes absent for children of mothers with mental illness 0 None
2004-11-01 Nonpowder guns are extremely powerful and continue to cause serious injury and disability 0 None
2004-11-01 More research and innovation on child pain and stress reduction is needed 0 None
2004-10-29 Hispanic children are less likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder 0 None
2004-10-29 Call for MEP's to improve childhood cancer treatment 0 None
2004-10-28 Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of developing childhood leukemia 0 None
2004-10-28 Umbilical cord blood may hold clue to childhood allergy and asthma 0 None
2004-10-28 Asian children and black children experience higher rates of ruptured appendixes than white children 0 None
2004-10-26 Toddlers' imitation predicts well-developed conscience 0 None
2004-10-26 Sugary foods are making up a growing chunk of kids’ daily diets 0 None
2004-10-26 Children who swallow more than one magnet need immediate medical care 0 None
2004-10-21 Study reveals that spinal lesions are associated with a variety of children’s health complaints 0 None
2004-10-21 Children of older fathers are more likely to develop schizophrenia in later life 0 None
2004-10-20 Guidebook helps adults identify and cope with teen stress 0 None
2004-10-19 Strong relationship between kids academic achievement and fitness 0 4.2
2004-10-18 Insulin pumps effective for children with diabetes 0 None
2004-10-18 FDA issues warning on adolescent use of antidepressants 0 None
2004-10-18 Measuring a child's IQ is an obsolete way to determine intelligence 0 5
2004-10-18 Anesthetics are effective in reducing the pain of circumcision in newborns 0 None
2004-10-13 Mothers must breastfeed for at least four months without using formula to reduce obesity risk in preschool children 0 None
2004-10-13 Back to Sleep campaign renews efforts to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the African American community 0 None
2004-10-12 Soccer greatly improves the health profile of growing boys 0 3
2004-10-11 Exposure to tobacco smoke and pollutants increases childhood risk of asthma 0 None
2004-10-10 Shortage of pediatric rheumatologists often leads to improper diagnosis and treatment 0 None
2004-10-10 New research tackles child obesity through the introduction of a computerized nutritional tool known 0 None
2004-10-08 Africa is fighting back against vitamin and mineral deficiencies 0 None
2004-10-08 Global under-five death rate far below targets agreed to by world leaders 0 None
2004-10-08 Over 5% of parents reported having smothered, slapped, or shaken their baby 0 None
2004-10-08 Child heart deaths at Bristol fall below national average 0 None
2004-10-07 Children who have problems breathing during sleep tend to score lower on tests of mental development and intelligence 0 None
2004-10-07 Research looks at whether stopping children from playing outside can lead to a dislike or blindness to nature 0 None
2004-10-06 University of Rochester Medical Center doctors are trying to improve childhood cancer treatments 0 None
2004-10-05 Sedentary children at higher risk of chronic fatigue syndrome 0 None
2004-10-05 School physical education programs are the place to score in the battle with obesity 0 None
2004-10-05 A new study shows that sick children can go home from the hospital more quickly 0 None
2004-10-04 October marks sudden infant death syndrome awareness month 0 None
2004-10-04 A child's risk of becoming obese may begin before birth and continue throughout infancy 0 None
2004-10-04 Giving flu vaccine to toddlers in the spring and fall guards against infection 0 None
2004-09-30 The biggest risk for children during Halloween is being hit by a car 0 None
2004-09-29 New warnings on antidepressants for children and adolescents highlight the need for appropriate treatments for depression 0 None
2004-09-28 Schools Health Education Unit tracks trends in physical activity 0 None
2004-09-28 12% of children at risk of undetected/unreported adverse drug reactions 0 None
2004-09-27 Eating too much in childhood predicts development of bulimia nervosa in adulthood 0 None
2004-09-27 Grandparents play a key role in the lives of a large proportion of British children 0 None
2004-09-27 High calcium intake and vigorous exercise is the key to optimal increases in bone density 0 None
2004-09-26 Economic costs of child abuse in Canada tops $15 billion 0 None
2004-09-26 CDC reports that too few young children are protected against influenza 0 None
2004-09-23 Auckland kids are five times more likely than those in other developed countries to need hospital admission for pneumonia 0 None
2004-09-23 One third of the children had been exposed to illegal drugs 0 None
2004-09-22 Whooping cough at epidemic levels in New Zealand 0 None
2004-09-22 Tiny babies may face development and behaviour problems 0 None
2004-09-22 Abused or neglected children are more likely to develop heart disease as adults 0 None
2004-09-22 Whooping cough at highest levels since 1997 in Western Australia 0 None
2004-09-20 Overweight children up to five times more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke before age of 65 0 None
2004-09-20 Increase in cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in Indiana 0 None
2004-09-18 Nicaraguan deaf children create a new sign language entirely their own 0 5
2004-09-18 Adenotonsillectomy resolves child sleep disorders 0 None
2004-09-17 Hib infection on the rise in children despite vaccination programme 0 None
2004-09-16 Two scoops of reading in the morning will improve children's literacy 0 None
2004-09-15 Current methods of delivering health care to kids are woefully unable to cope with a pediatric disease pendulum 0 None
2004-09-15 Time spent in same-sex activities may advantage boys but disadvantage girls 0 3.5
2004-09-14 Knowing which treatments work and which don't is an important first step in improving children's health care, but it's not enough 0 None
2004-09-13 Inhaled nitrite spray may help babies diagnosed with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn 0 None
2004-09-13 Chronic illnesses among children not adequately addressed 0 None
2004-09-10 Corporal punishment can lead to more bad behavior by children 0 2.7
2004-09-10 Efforts to prevent school children smoking are not targeted early enough, as children experimenting with tobacco by age seven 0 None
2004-09-10 Program that targets allergens and tobacco smoke in the home resulted in fewer asthma symptoms in children 0 None
2004-09-09 Childhood leukaemia significantly lower in Asia than in Western countries 0 None
2004-09-09 Tonsil removal has no major benefits over watchful waiting in children with throat infections or enlarged tonsils and adenoids 0 None
2004-09-08 Youth suicide on steady decline in Washington 0 None
2004-09-08 Growing up in polluted towns and cities increases risk of lung health issues 0 None
2004-09-08 Evidence of radiation risk in childhood leukaemia 0 None
2004-09-08 Experts consider evidence of link between the rise in childhood leukaemia and increased light at night 0 None
2004-09-07 Study challenges early age intervention with human growth hormone 0 None
2004-09-07 Adolescent substance abuse treatment programs lack key elements necessary for effective treatment 0 None
2004-09-07 Pediatricians feel that universal influenza vaccination for infants is feasible 0 None
2004-09-07 13 percent of U.S. children have had a special health care need 0 None
2004-09-07 Adolescent self-harm often goes unreported 0 None
2004-09-05 Conference – Childhood leukaemia: incidence, causal mechanisms and prevention 0 None
2004-09-04 Protein-rich teething rusk to help stop children suffering Kwashiorkor 0 None
2004-09-02 Students to be educated on better eating and lifestyle choices 0 None
2004-09-01 Lack of sleep may cause behavioral, learning and attention problems 0 5
2004-09-01 Admissions for substance abuse treatment in adolescents has risen, continuing a ten-year trend 0 None
2004-08-29 Preschoolers' still getting too much added sugar and juice and not enough fruits and vegetables 0 None
2004-08-26 Asthma stable, allergies rising in British children 0 None
2004-08-26 FDA clears blood test to screen newborn infants for a variety of inherited diseases 0 None
2004-08-25 High stress during pregnancy may increase likelihood of behavior problems in child 0 None
2004-08-25 Children who take steroid drugs for nephrotic syndrome do not suffer bone loss 0 None
2004-08-25 Besides helping infants’ lungs mature, sighs may “reset” breathing regulation mechanism 0 3
2004-08-23 Space theme tackles obesity and cholesterol levels in youngsters 0 None
2004-08-23 Clinicians have been able to reduce mortality rates in HIV positive children from 15 to 3 percent 0 None
2004-08-22 New method for managing aggressive boys comes to UK 0 None
2004-08-20 Number of newborn screening tests more than doubles in Washington 0 None
2004-08-20 Stable home can lower the risk for problems arising from prenatal exposure to alcohol 0 None
2004-08-18 Madeline Mann, the world's smallest surviving baby now 15 0 None
2004-08-18 Girls play truant more than boys 0 None
2004-08-18 Treatment of child depression most successful with Prozac and cognitive-behavior therapy combination 0 None
2004-08-18 Walking to school doesn't have a major affect on overall physical activity in children 0 None
2004-08-17 Initiative to develop medicines designed specifically for use in children welcomed by BNF 0 None
2004-08-17 Why more than 70 per cent of child poisoning cases involve medications 0 None
2004-08-17 Kids who grow up with poor single mothers are more likely to get into trouble 0 None
2004-08-17 Adolescent girls that have been physically coerced into sexual intercourse are more likely to have had a sexually transmitted disease 0 None
2004-08-15 Death rates for young children are related seasonal levels of particulate air pollution and cold temperatures 0 None
2004-08-13 Boys exposed to cocaine in the womb are more likely to have behavioral problems than girls 0 None
2004-08-12 Growing pains in young children are a much bigger problem than first thought 0 None
2004-08-11 Feeding strategies can have a profound effect on children's food preferences 0 None
2004-08-11 Children’s playground injuries 0 None
2004-08-11 Children who have severe allergic reactions when stung by bees should receive venom immunotherapy 0 None
2004-08-11 Survey reveals surprising insights into parental attitudes toward teenage sexual behavior 0 None
2004-08-11 Popular notion that all modern children are chauffeured around by their parents is a myth 0 None
2004-08-09 Changes to the UK's childhood vaccination programme 0 None
2004-08-09 The British government has announced plans for a new combined vaccination for babies and children 0 None
2004-08-05 Report shows promising findings on adolescent use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs 0 None
2004-08-05 Nearly half (48%) of all uninsured children have not had a well-child visit in the past year 0 None
2004-08-05 New toll-free telephone line launched to help make child disability-related information more accessible 0 None
2004-08-05 Exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months provides all the energy and nutrients a child needs 0 None
2004-08-05 Schools need to be more aware of head injuries 0 None
2004-08-03 Coping programs for adolescent children of HIV-infected parents help teens develop into productive young adults 0 None
2004-08-03 Children with mild asthma can lose lung function 0 None
2004-08-03 Growing up ain't like it used to be 0 None
2004-08-03 Mothers who catch a flu during pregnancy may increase the risk of their child developing schizophrenia 1 5
2004-08-03 International study into children in care 0 None
2004-08-03 Children should be screened for high blood pressure at age 3 0 None
2004-08-02 Guidance on providing advice on sex education to young people under the age of sixteen 0 None
2004-08-02 America's childhood immunization rates are at record high levels 0 None
2004-08-02 Up to 220 young children a day could be exposed to potentially dangerous levels of pesticides from eating fruit 0 None
2004-07-29 Importance of physical education in schools to combat childhood obesity 0 3.7
2004-07-29 Tetanus protection requires booster shots every 10 years, starting in adolescence 0 None
2004-07-27 Western Australian research shows nine children under the age of 14 die from passive smoking each year 0 None
2004-07-23 Computerised treatment for teaching obese teenagers how to eat healthily 0 None
2004-07-22 5-year-old's could beat most adults on a recognition memory test 0 4
2004-07-21 Infants whose mothers have higher levels of an essential omega-3 fatty acid show more advanced cognitive development 0 None
2004-07-21 New initiative to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality 0 None
2004-07-21 Soy formula not a good choice for infants at risk of allergies 0 None
2004-07-20 Young children capable of reporting on their own health 0 None
2004-07-20 U.S. scientists have found the genetic basis for one form of sudden infant death syndrome 0 None
2004-07-19 A new online and searchable European register of clinical trials in children 0 None
2004-07-16 School-based programs are unable to decrease the long-term smoking prevalence among adolescents 0 None
2004-07-16 Teen birth rate hits record low and prevalence of overweight among children has increased 0 None
2004-07-15 Children and adolescents who consistently watch television for 2 hours or more a day are at an increased risk of being overweight 0 None
2004-07-15 Report shows mixed results for lead screening rates in children 0 None
2004-07-15 Effective treatment for soft tissue sarcoma (rhabdomyosarcoma) 0 None
2004-07-15 General childhood intelligence may be an important and informative early determinant of subsequent adult health 0 None
2004-07-13 By 2010 there will be an estimated 50 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa 0 5
2004-07-12 Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a leading cause of mortality in children worldwide 0 None
2004-07-12 More than 20 percent of preschool children lack required immunizations 0 None
2004-07-10 More than 75% of children with asthma were unprepared for an exercise-induced asthma attacks 0 None
2004-07-09 Obese parents are the greatest influence for childhood obesity 0 3.8
2004-07-09 Possible cure for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) 1 None
2004-07-07 New study on children's eligibility for public insurance 0 None
2004-07-07 Teaching young children the relationships between spellings and sounds - or phonics - makes learning to read easier 0 None
2004-07-06 Teenage girls in the U.S. bombarded by more alcohol advertising than boys 0 None
2004-07-06 75% of parents admit their children still see televised violence at least once a week 0 None
2004-07-06 High levels of endotoxin, a bacterial compound that collects in house dust, may lower likelihood of eczema in children 0 None
2004-07-05 Cambodia has become the first country to protect three out of four school-aged children against intestinal parasites 0 None
2004-07-04 Youth smoking down in Nevada 0 None
2004-07-04 The number of pediatricians in the United States rose by 140 percent between 1978 and 2000 2 4
2004-07-02 Pneumococcal vaccination now free in Ontario 0 None
2004-07-02 Best hospital in the United States for children 0 None
2004-07-02 No compulsory genetic testing for newborn babies in Europe 0 None
2004-07-02 District of Columbia child health assessment and immunization campaign 0 None
2004-07-01 Physical activity cuts risk of depression in children 0 None
2004-07-01 From potent painkillers to humble cough syrups, the same medicines that help patients misused by teens 0 None
2004-07-01 In Africa only a quarter of infants under six months of age are fed exclusively on breast milk 0 None
2004-06-30 Confirmation of what we all suspected, electronic gaming is making kids fat 0 None
2004-06-30 BDA raises concerns over lack of improvement in the percentage of five-year-olds suffering serious decay 0 None
2004-06-30 Children whose mothers suffer domestic abuse are much more likely to be abused themselves 0 None
2004-06-29 On-screen smoking by movie stars leads young teens to smoke 0 None
2004-06-29 Launch of the Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies 0 None
2004-06-28 A viral respiratory infection common in children increases the risk of developing asthma 0 None
2004-06-26 New York study reveals that babies in the womb are more sensitive than their mothers to DNA damage from pollution 0 None
2004-06-25 World is currently facing a twin epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes in young people 0 None
2004-06-24 Eating fish during pregnancy produces children with better language and communication skills 0 None
2004-06-24 Fewer high school students are smoking these days 0 None
2004-06-24 Pollution kills more than three milion children under the age of five every year 0 None
2004-06-24 Answers to childhood asthma may be in herbal medicine 0 None
2004-06-24 Doctors failing to identify smoking in adolescents 0 None
2004-06-23 Sports medicine may help the national fight against pediatric obesity 0 None
2004-06-23 Tommy G. Thompson today approved a plan by New York State to streamline the State Children's Health Insurance Program 0 None
2004-06-23 Twice as many children are suffering strokes than was previously believed 0 None
2004-06-23 Australian childhood immunisation incentives to continue 0 None
2004-06-22 Children at sports camps this summer may not be properly hydrated 0 None
2004-06-21 Seasons affect rates of asthma and eczema 0 None
2004-06-21 Parents often forget they consented to their babies taking part in trials 0 None
2004-06-21 Cooking with gas increases risk of respiratory illness in young children 0 4
2004-06-21 Higher incidence of SIDS at weekends, especially in younger infants 0 None
2004-06-20 Fairfax student dies after a four-day hospitalization for meningitis/encephalitis 0 None
2004-06-20 100,000 child deaths ever year caused by outdoor and indoor air pollution, unsafe water, lead and injuries 0 None
2004-06-17 Exposure to excess hormones in the womb increases risk of heart disease and diabetes 0 None
2004-06-17 Urgent action needed across Europe to tackle childhood disease related to environmental conditions 0 None
2004-06-17 Undernutrition is the cause of more than 53 percent of all child deaths 0 None
2004-06-17 Bid to reduce the number of injuries among children in Australia 0 None
2004-06-16 Novel findings on treatments for childhood obesity and early polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in young girls 0 None
2004-06-15 Adolescents overeat fast food, but lean adolescents compensate for over-consumption by eating less later 0 3
2004-06-15 Physical education gives children higher self esteem 0 2.5
2004-06-15 Babies born into larger families are far more likely to struggle to put on weight 0 None
2004-06-15 Canadian smoking survey finds kids still ignoring warnings 0 None
2004-06-15 Miracle camp for child burn victims 0 5
2004-06-14 School-based health clinics are an important treatment setting for adolescents with mental health, and general medical problems 0 None
2004-06-12 Among youth aged 10-14 years, hangings have replaced firearms as the most common method of suicide 0 None
2004-06-11 Kids as young as 6 who get frequent headaches may be using over-the-counter pain relievers too much 0 None
2004-06-11 Continuing problems with high levels of pesticide residues in fruits popular with children 0 None
2004-06-11 Children in hospitals often experience adverse patient safety events 0 None
2004-06-11 Plan to get more kids enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program 0 None
2004-06-11 Postnatal exposure to a mercury preservative commonly used in a number of childhood vaccines can lead to the development of autism-like damage 0 None
2004-06-09 Postponement of children's premiums will save thousands of kids from losing coverage 0 None
2004-06-09 Some African American adolescents who live in cities have low levels of vitamin D 0 None
2004-06-09 U.S. adolescents more likely to engage in violent behavior than youth in other countries 0 None
2004-06-09 Preteen girls more likely than boys to retaliate 0 None
2004-06-07 Junk food manufacturers should be banned from targeting unhealthy products at children 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in France 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in Dominica 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in Myanmar 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in Liberia 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in Sao Tome and Principe 0 None
2004-06-07 UN focus on child rights in El Salvador 0 None
2004-06-07 Revealing new insights into young people's health 0 None
2004-06-05 Overweight families unaware & unconcerned about risk of diabetes and premature heart disease 0 None
2004-06-05 Survey suggests mothers unaware of health benefits of soy for formula fed babies 0 None
2004-06-05 Crucial discovery may help better diagnose and treat children with Hirschsprung disease 0 2
2004-06-05 Parents oblivious to their children's weight problems 0 None
2004-06-03 Contradictory views on the use of Prozac to treat children with depression 0 None
2004-06-03 Sport to tackle child obesity 0 None
2004-06-02 AMA campaign to stop parents smoking near babies and children 0 None
2004-06-02 Why do grandparents systemically prefer some grandchildren to others? 0 None
2004-06-02 U.S. babies' health hurt by hunger 0 None
2004-06-01 Incentive-based program in Mexico is appears to have improved child health 0 None
2004-06-01 Handwashing education in Pakistan decreased the incidence of diarrhea by more than 50 percent among children 0 None
2004-06-01 Crash tests have shown car carrycots are putting babies at risk of serious injury or death 0 1
2004-06-01 Advertising campaigns do little, if anything, to dissuade teenagers from using drugs 0 None
2004-05-27 Research program may provide parents the tools they need to prevent shaken baby syndrome 0 None
2004-05-27 Arrhythmias are more commonly associated with adults, they can affect children as well 0 None
2004-05-26 Genes and family support can buffer children against behavioral problems for which poverty puts them at risk 0 None
2004-05-25 Pregnant female asthmatics who eat oily fish may be helping to protect their children against developing asthma 0 None
2004-05-25 Three year olds and upwards should have their blood pressure checked as part of routine examinations 0 None
2004-05-25 Prenatal cocaine exposure not associated with lower full scale IQ scores 0 None
2004-05-25 Children's behaviour is linked to contact with real father 0 None
2004-05-25 £1.8m Unit for treating teenagers with cancer at University Hospital of Wales 0 None
2004-05-25 Food colourings and preservatives make kids hyperactive 0 None
2004-05-25 The rate of childhood type 2 diabetes is 13 times as high among South Asian children as it is among white children 0 None
2004-05-25 High levels of environmental pollution may increase the rates of twin births 0 None
2004-05-24 Statistics show 81 percent of 10 year-olds are afraid of being fat, while 72 percent of 7 year-olds are dieting 0 3
2004-05-24 A new guideline evaluates the treatment of infantile spasms 0 5
2004-05-24 Mothers who are concerned about their own health may unwittingly be passing their anxieties on to their children 0 None
2004-05-23 Data from Indiana youth health survey released 0 None
2004-05-22 Cochlear implant early in life helps children with hearing loss to acquire language and communication skills 0 None
2004-05-22 Suspension of the initial dose of hepatitis B vaccine appears to have contributed to fewer newborns being vaccinated in 2000 0 None
2004-05-21 Teenagers most vulnerable to the addictive lure of cigarettes 0 None
2004-05-21 Research reveals that children with mild head injury may be at risk of long-term complications 0 None
2004-05-20 Improving the care delivered to children with special health care needs 0 None
2004-05-20 Rise in type 2 diabetes rates linked to fizzy drinks 0 None
2004-05-19 Exercise reverses signs of artery disease in obese children 0 None
2004-05-19 Parents overestimate their children's use of bicycle helmets and seatbelts 0 None
2004-05-19 Fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in obese children has distinct characteristics different from those found in adults 0 None
2004-05-19 Blood pressure screening for children should start at age 3, according to the latest government diagnosis and treatment guidelines 0 None
2004-05-19 Report rejects childhood vaccines as a cause of autism 0 None
2004-05-15 Exposure to nicotine may change adolescents' brains and behavior 0 None
2004-05-14 Faster growing babies are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke 0 None
2004-05-14 Twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in 1980's 0 None
2004-05-14 Breastfeeding decreases risk of heart disease later in life 0 None
2004-05-13 1 in every 10 children worldwide is obese 0 None
2004-05-13 Chromosome losses can signal an especially poor response to therapy 0 None
2004-05-12 New research finds that boys really do have more reading difficulties than girls 0 None
2004-05-12 Images of violence alter children's attitudes toward aggression 0 None
2004-05-12 Childhood conduct problems may predict depression among young adults 0 None
2004-05-12 Kids will do better with their homework and grades if parents step back 1 None
2004-05-10 Government of Canada today announced the release of A Canada Fit for Children 0 None
2004-05-10 Asthma program helps school children improve grades 0 None
2004-05-10 Underage drinking mayhem? 0 None
2004-05-10 Having an alcoholic stepfather increases risk of behavior problems in girls more than boys 0 5
2004-05-10 African American children in Los Angeles County more likely to have asthma compared to whites, Asians/Pacific Islanders, or Latinos 0 None
2004-05-09 British parents ignore skin cancer warnings 0 None
2004-05-08 Childhood asthma study reveals parental age anomaly 0 None
2004-05-06 Antidepressant drugs prescription to children and adolescents increased 300% in the nineties 0 None
2004-05-05 Embryo testing could produce babies who might aid sick siblings 0 None
2004-05-04 Parents who smoke at home much more likely to have children who suffer from asthma all year round 0 None
2004-05-04 Teens who suffered iron deficiency as infants are likely to score lower on cognitive and motor tests 0 None
2004-05-04 Blood pressure levels on rise among American children and teenagers 0 None
2004-05-03 A new book to help children with Down Syndrome develop lifelong motor skills 0 None
2004-05-03 Teenagers ignore warnings on skin cancer 0 4
2004-05-03 Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of death for infants in their first year of life 0 None
2004-05-03 AAP expands recommendations for annual influenza immunizations to include children ages 6 through 23 months 0 None
2004-05-03 New practice guidelines for treating fluid in the ears 0 None
2004-05-03 Asthmatic children receive equal quality of care regardless of race or ethnicity 0 None
2004-05-03 Early postpartum visits with pediatricians may help prevent a dangerous complication associated with jaundice 0 None
2004-05-03 Parents are increasingly placing their children in child safety restraints during automobile trips 0 None
2004-05-02 Intranasal influenza vaccine may help induce broader immunity in children than the traditional flu shot 0 None
2004-05-02 Morphine does not alleviate acute pain in preterm neonates 0 None
2004-05-02 Once expected to die in early childhood, children born with HIV are now surviving into their teens 0 None
2004-05-01 Baby's first eating habits linked to mother's eating habits 0 1
2004-05-01 Immunization back on agenda as whooping cough increases 0 None
2004-05-01 Time matters when treating fungal infections in newborns 0 None
2004-05-01 HIV test after wrong woman's breast milk given to baby 0 None
2004-04-30 Gene therapy may delay Alzheimer progression 0 None
2004-04-29 Having pets helps protect infants against allergies 0 None
2004-04-29 Millions of poor and minority children in America's cities likely will suffer higher rates of asthma 0 None
2004-04-29 Pediatric thyroid cancer is most common amongs teenage girls 0 None
2004-04-28 88 percent of children who drown are under the supervision of another person 0 None
2004-04-28 Russia's housing conditions linked to high rates of asthma amongst children 0 None
2004-04-28 Children don't understand physical activity and health messages 0 5
2004-04-27 Researchers to create tool for diagnosing children with apraxia of speech 0 None
2004-04-27 How big should your child be? 0 None
2004-04-26 Indiana promotes National Infant Immunization Week 0 None
2004-04-26 Learn to control your child's asthma with new book from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 0 None
2004-04-23 Focusing on soft drinks is the next logical step in the war against pediatric obesity 0 None
2004-04-23 Avoid feeding infants fluoridated water, researchers caution 0 None
2004-04-22 Fizzy drinks cause obesity in children 0 None
2004-04-22 Expert calls for standard epinephrine doses when treating children in cardiac arrest 0 None
2004-04-22 Supplements help prevent cavities in children where water quality and fluoride content is poor 0 None
2004-04-22 Prediction of adult diseases in infancy 0 None
2004-04-21 Common anemia drug may protect hearts of infants undergoing surgical repair of congenital defects 0 None
2004-04-21 Soy infant formula recalled 0 None
2004-04-21 New book to examine the many issues of child maltreatment 0 5
2004-04-17 Daycare and siblings increase likelihood of contracting respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus 0 None
2004-04-16 New 4 year child development study on infant feeding practice and dietary patterns 0 None
2004-04-16 Caffeine and children, some sound advice 0 None
2004-04-16 Medicaid costs for a child's trip to an emergency room or clinic can be reduced annually by at least $198 0 None
2004-04-16 Sound sleep in infants lessens likelihood of drug abuse in later years 0 None
2004-04-12 Teens are obese due to lack of exercise 0 4
2004-04-12 Most common skin condition, Molluscum Contagiosum 0 None
2004-04-10 Trials of antidepressants for children consistently exaggerated their benefits while playing down their possible harm 0 None
2004-04-09 Low carb diets should be avoided by growing children and adolescents 0 1
2004-04-07 Breast-feeding may protect against SIDS 0 None
2004-04-06 Lack of vigorous physical activity is the main contributor to obesity in adolescents ages 11 to 15 0 4
2004-04-06 Trauma Highly Prevalent Among Delinquents 0 None
2004-04-05 More evidence needed to link symptoms like tics or behavioral problems to a strep infection 0 None
2004-04-05 Online, web-based system for ordering total parenteral nutrition (TPN) 0 None
2004-03-28 Obesity research targeting 3 to 5 year olds 0 None
2004-03-27 Groundbreaking work on the development of motor skills in infants is being expanded to include at-risk children 0 None
2004-03-27 Texan child receives world's first scaled-down heart pump or child ventricular assist device 0 None
2004-03-25 Children with sickle cell disease are living longer, dying less often from their disease 0 None
2004-03-22 Youth obesity provides food for thought 0 None
2004-03-22 FDA approves new chewable formulation of Zyrtec® aimed at young allergy sufferers 0 None
2004-03-22 Study of three treatments of type 2 diabetes in children and teens has begun in US 0 None
2004-03-22 Japanese study raises concerns for childhood health issues 0 None


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