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2004-12-27 FDA go ahead for first of kind genetic lab test 0 None
2004-12-26 New gel promotes healing by gluing bone pieces together 0 None
2004-12-23 Researchers can now inexpensively program the chemical synthesis of entire genes on a single microchip 0 None
2004-12-22 Wireless technology does not affect pacemakers and defibrillators 1 None
2004-12-21 New DNA sequence translation device 0 None
2004-12-21 Out-of-office blood pressure readings help predict CVD risk 0 None
2004-12-21 New way of viewing genetic variations 0 None
2004-12-20 European market for bone morphogenic proteins in spine fusion 0 None
2004-12-20 Gene expression analysis software 0 None
2004-12-14 New cancer detection technology from Rubicon Genomics 0 None
2004-12-13 Interactive talking books delivered to Afghanistan 0 None
2004-12-08 Wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) could help produce lead drugs for disease therapy 0 None
2004-12-08 New technology will advance our understanding of role of complex sugar chains decorating the surface of cells in the body 0 None
2004-12-07 Non-invasive brain-computer interface offers more control than once thought 0 None
2004-12-07 Advanced wound care products to power expansion of European wound care market 0 None
2004-12-06 Electrochemical DNA chip that is able to detect DNA at very low concentrations 0 None
2004-12-04 Scene-of-the-crime DNA analysis is moving a step closer 0 None
2004-12-02 New devices for people who suffer dry mouth or lack of saliva 0 None


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