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2005-11-28 Bionic fiction becomes science fact 0 None
2005-11-28 Left ventricular assistant devices extend lives of patients too sick for transplant 0 None
2005-11-26 Skinphysical (skin damage test) launched in UK 0 None
2005-11-24 Personal computers will help fight AIDS 0 None
2005-11-21 Computer-aided guidance system simplifies the surgical treatment for movement disorders 0 None
2005-11-14 Seeing under the skin to reveal early signs of heart disease and stroke 0 None
2005-11-14 Biomedical device allows stem cells derived from adult bone marrow to be grown in sufficient quantities to permit far more research 0 None
2005-11-09 Support for heart implants to be returned to manufacturers after death 0 None
2005-11-08 Young scientists turn to gel to ease side-effects of cancer treatment 0 None
2005-11-08 LGC licenses first DNA test for response to schizophrenia treatment from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London 0 None
2005-11-07 MIT speeds up robotic muscles 0 None
2005-11-07 New Flu Chip can determine the genetic make-up of types of flu virus in 11 hours 0 None
2005-11-07 New VariDose device will reduce pharmaceutical R&D costs 0 None
2005-11-07 Diagnostics test for monitoring anti-HIV drugs hits European market 0 None
2005-11-07 Inexpensive and rapid test for tuberculosis wins major award 0 3
2005-11-07 Sensors, a smart dose of medicine for cancer treatment 0 None
2005-11-07 Ultrasound to view heart's interior in three dimensions 0 None
2005-11-07 New high-resolution data on intact ribosome 0 None
2005-11-03 Space ultrasound training program for non-physicians 0 None
2005-11-01 Canadian surgeons successfully implant a new kind of mechanical heart 0 None
2005-11-01 New device to detect early signs of heart conditions 0 None


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