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RSSArchived Device / Technology News Stories - May 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-05-31 Health IT roundup: Feds monitor privacy breaches and propose changes to HIPPA records sharing 0 None
2011-05-31 Spectranetics to showcase new advanced peripheral atherectomy simulation system at New Cardiovascular Horizons 0 None
2011-05-31 Oasis introduces touchless electronic tissue dispenser 0 None
2011-05-31 EURETINA honors Retina Implant founder with Innovation Award in the field of artificial vision 0 None
2011-05-31 AIS releases stainless steel HMI color LCD monitors for pharma industries 0 None
2011-05-31 Antimicrobials in plastics 0 None
2011-05-31 Functional MRI acquired during speech stimulation predicts children with autism 0 None
2011-05-30 Complementary technologies for rapid EHEC identification and detection 0 None
2011-05-30 ExpeData, Nightingale partner to launch 'Clinipen' technology within North American EMR market 0 None
2011-05-30 Boston Scientific voluntarily recalls all Cross Coronary Imaging Catheters used in IVUS procedure 0 None
2011-05-30 HHS uses new devices to meet growing need of joint replacements among baby boomers 0 None
2011-05-30 Fraunhofer MEVIS' novel brain procedure helps minimize patient-specific surgical risks 0 None
2011-05-30 Positive data from Augurex's RA biomarker blood test, novel drug target presented at EULAR conference 0 None
2011-05-30 New imaging method using fluorescent nanotubes can peer clearly into living mouse's innards 0 None
2011-05-30 Novel treatment safe and effective for patients with intracerebral hemorrhage 0 None
2011-05-30 NovaShunt launches new corporate identity and product branding 0 None
2011-05-30 Oceana Therapeutics receives FDA approval for Solesta injectable gel to treat fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-05-30 IT-IS Life Sciences, Roche sign exclusive distribution agreement for new LightCycler Nano Instrument 0 5
2011-05-27 New smart phone application provides pediatric and adult ER wait times directly to phone 0 None
2011-05-27 IBM expands Dallas Health Analytics Solution Center 0 None
2011-05-27 First Medicare Meaningful Use incentive dollars issued to physicians using athenahealth EHR 0 None
2011-05-27 New ways to replicate what happens to stents tucked inside blood vessels 0 None
2011-05-27 CMS announces dollars doled out to encourage docs, hospitals to adopt electronic health records 0 None
2011-05-27 EPO awards Trilink patent for CleanAmp Primers 0 None
2011-05-27 New Web portal makes FDA's enforcement and compliance-related activities more accessible 0 None
2011-05-27 Phadia ImmunoCAP Specific IgE blood test used in largest cross-sectional allergy study 0 None
2011-05-27 D3 Oncology Solutions provides six-month free trial period for Via Oncology Pathways program 0 None
2011-05-27 U.S. Branding Group introduces USB Insert nano webkeys with anti-virus certification 0 None
2011-05-27 Switching to a newer electronic health record system reduces prescription errors 0 None
2011-05-27 Bruker to launch new series of high-performance X-ray crystallography systems at ACA 2011 0 None
2011-05-27 OVA1 more effective than CA 125 test in evaluating likelihood of ovarian cancer 0 5
2011-05-27 Life Technologies launches new genomic analysis software 0 None
2011-05-27 Transgenomic secures exclusive license from Montefiore for cancer predictive markers 0 None
2011-05-27 Quest Diagnostics announces results of largest ImmunoCAP cross-sectional allergy study 0 None
2011-05-27 BioDiscovery, Affymetrix enter co-marketing agreement for OncoScan FFPE Express Service 0 None
2011-05-27 Recombinant partners with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in genomic research program 0 5
2011-05-27 'Spongy' silicon biosensor shows promise for medical, security applications 0 None
2011-05-27 Biosign to demonstrate latest generation medical measurement system at International MeMeA symposium 0 None
2011-05-27 Defense, VA wrestle with health record system 0 None
2011-05-27 New biomaterial for repairing damaged human tissue doesn't wrinkle up when stretched 0 None
2011-05-27 New six month braces system straightens adult front teeth with lower cost, less discomfort 0 None
2011-05-27 CAS, University of Pennsylvania collaborate to develop joint Center of Excellence in Brain Mapping 0 None
2011-05-27 Bayer, Epitomics enter service agreement for antibody technology 0 None
2011-05-26 Geisinger reports positive results with computer-assisted and NLC-driven intelligent workflow solution 0 None
2011-05-26 AngioDynamics launches new 90 cm NeverTouch procedure kit for varicose veins 0 None
2011-05-26 Musical computer game helps children with autism to learn and relax 0 3
2011-05-26 HP, Healthways sign 10-year applications and technology services outsourcing agreement 0 None
2011-05-26 AIBioTech works with U.S. FDA to keep Sports X Factor genetic test available to consumers 0 None
2011-05-26 Health Media Syndicate releases LiVe 2.0 for teens to stay healthy 0 None
2011-05-26 U-M develops new tool that helps physicians better evaluate patient's depression outcomes 0 None
2011-05-26 Texas considers performance-based payments; Calif. docs oppose mammography bill 0 None
2011-05-26 Precision ophthalmic tint lenses reduce migraine, study shows 0 None
2011-05-26 Quantum sensors could aid in development of new drugs and nanomedicine 0 None
2011-05-26 Consistency and efficiency of FDA's medical device review process raises concern 0 None
2011-05-26 USC engineers to develop robot vision-based mobility aid for visually impaired people 0 None
2011-05-26 Routine assessment can help predict risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy before seven years 0 None
2011-05-26 Non-invasive trigeminal nerve stimulation shows promise in controlling seizures 0 None
2011-05-26 Neoprobe, Devicor sign gamma detection device asset purchase agreement 0 None
2011-05-26 GE Healthcare receives FDA 510k clearance for CoreScan to treat obesity-related disease 0 2
2011-05-25 Pulmonx announces new clinical data of Zephyr endobronchial valve in emphysema 1 5
2011-05-25 MAXIMUS offers eHealth Literacy Services for state and community programs 0 None
2011-05-25 PET scans can help determine patients' response to treatment for HIV-MDR tuberculosis 0 None
2011-05-25 FDA grants approval for CSI to complete enrollment in ORBIT II IDE coronary clinical trial 0 None
2011-05-25 Evotec, PsychoGenics partner to offer integrated CNS drug discovery solutions 0 None
2011-05-25 Imec, Wipro create joint initiative to develop nanoelectronics and NEMS-based solutions 0 None
2011-05-25 Idera Pharmaceuticals' preclinical data on novel GSO technology presented at TIDES 2011 0 None
2011-05-25 Recent ACS podcast focuses on new rapid blood test that can detect MRSA infections 0 None
2011-05-25 Vectra DA blood test may help predict patients' response to rheumatoid arthritis therapy 0 None
2011-05-25 USPTO awards Awarepoint patent for wireless interaction-based tracking system for hospitals 0 None
2011-05-25 MIT, ADI partner to research and develop technologies for next-generation patient monitoring devices 0 None
2011-05-25 Scientists develop quick, low-cost microchip for immune monitoring and clinical applications 0 None
2011-05-25 Olympus ScopeGuide for colonoscopy receives U.S. approval 0 None
2011-05-25 Proteros, IP-K partner for structure-based drug discovery services in the field of infectious diseases 0 None
2011-05-25 Positive preliminary results from Genomic Health's Oncotype DX study in DCIS breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-25 MIT, GE partner to create Medical Electronic Device Realization Center 0 None
2011-05-25 FDA approves Abbott's XIENCE nano stent for treatment of coronary artery disease in small vessels 0 None
2011-05-24 Nerve stimulation device approved for pain 0 None
2011-05-24 Nanoscopic findings may lead to new experimental methods for early multiple sclerosis diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-24 WellAWARE Systems receives 2011 Smart Choice Award for senior care 0 None
2011-05-24 DTU purchases T-Ray 4000 system from Picometrix for terahertz time-domain studies 0 None
2011-05-24 MMP selects Online Tech for colocation services and offsite data storage, backup 0 None
2011-05-24 eCareSoft launches national preferred partner program for small hospital market providers 0 None
2011-05-24 Tektronix Component Solutions, Vanguard sign Joint Marketing Agreement for microelectronics 0 None
2011-05-24 New faceshields offer protection to football players with amblyopia 0 None
2011-05-24 Asymptomatic patients do not benefit from CT angiography screening 0 None
2011-05-24 Some providers fight for chance at federal health IT funding 0 None
2011-05-24 Transarterial embolization an effective alternative to endoscopy for acute peptic ulcer bleeding 0 None
2011-05-24 Ford engineers develop car seat that can monitor driver's heartbeat 0 None
2011-05-24 New device can combat hypothermia in wounded soldiers 0 None
2011-05-24 Liquid crystal droplets could replace horseshoe crab blood in common endotoxin test 0 None
2011-05-24 TZ Medical, Cinterion announce Aera-CT mHealth heart arrhythmia monitoring device 0 None
2011-05-24 Swedish Medical Center implements Aegis' physician relationship management program 0 None
2011-05-24 New analytical method can improve detection of dimethyl fumarate in leather and footwear 0 None
2011-05-24 Aptus EndoStapling System receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-05-23 New genetic testing technology for IVG embryos 0 None
2011-05-23 PolyPid announces new drug delivery system and an innovative biodegradable bone void filler 0 5
2011-05-23 Practical solutions for translational science from Randox Laboratories 0 None
2011-05-23 An alternative solid phase affinity matrix for chromatin immunoprecipitation 0 None
2011-05-23 Cellix Inks OEM supply agreement with Cell Biolabs 0 None
2011-05-23 Spacelabs Healthcare receives $1.6M contract from South Carolina hospital for patient monitoring solutions 0 None
2011-05-23 Elixir DESyne Drug Eluting Coronary Stent System granted CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-05-23 Aethlon to introduce new adaptive dialysis-like affinity platform technology at C21 partnering conference 0 None
2011-05-23 First quad-channel, 16-bit ADC for medical imaging applications 0 None
2011-05-23 MO BIO Laboratories introduces PowerWater Sterivex DNA Isolation Kit 0 None
2011-05-23 OptiNose wins 200,000 NOK award for novel bi-directional nasal drug delivery technology 0 None
2011-05-23 Archimedes launches new web interface, ARCHeS Innovator 0 None
2011-05-23 AMAC Telephony Based Communication Services receives large scale award 0 None
2011-05-23 New hybrid OR at Loyola equipped with advanced fluoroscopy equipment 0 None
2011-05-23 Healthways, BCBSNC to offer SilverSneakers to Blue Medicare HMO and PPO members 0 5
2011-05-23 eCareSoft releases enhanced electronic health record solution for mid-size hospitals 0 None
2011-05-23 New technique can detect minute traces of tumoral DNA in biological fluids 0 None
2011-05-23 Morris Hospital installs Toshiba's Ultimax X-ray system to streamline diagnosis, improve patient throughput 0 None
2011-05-23 Prowess files patent infringement lawsuit against RaySearch in Baltimore court 0 None
2011-05-23 Welch Allyn announces availability of co-branded Health o meter Professional Scales in Europe 0 None
2011-05-23 CMBC honors Carol Milgard Breast Health Society with celebratory donor wall 0 None
2011-05-23 Stanford University develops stress-shielding device to reduce surgical scarring 0 None
2011-05-23 Roche's new cobas TaqScreen MPX viral discriminatory test, v2.0 now available in Europe 0 None
2011-05-23 ShiftWise launches free VeriStaff management system for hospitals, healthcare providers 0 None
2011-05-23 Lab21 acquires molecular diagnostics company Myconostica Ltd 0 None
2011-05-23 Automated microfluidic device can monitor hematopoietic stem cells 0 None
2011-05-23 CT scan may help determine early death in individuals with diabetes 0 None
2011-05-23 Scientists invent Monolayer Stress Microscopy to measure physical forces during collective cellular migration 0 5
2011-05-23 Patients with chronic heart failure can benefit from telemonitoring 0 None
2011-05-23 Patients with mild heart failure more likely to benefit from cardiac resynchronization therapy with defibrillation 0 None
2011-05-22 Verizon Wireless and Medco unveil mobile medication app with real-time patient-specific drug safety 0 None
2011-05-21 UB's graded exercise test for concussion could help decide hockey player's fitness to return to the ice 0 None
2011-05-21 Stimulating electrode array assists paralyzed man to regain voluntary movements of limbs 0 None
2011-05-21 Breakthrough reason for cautious hope among those with spinal cord injuries 0 5
2011-05-21 Global clinical program demonstrates safety of Medtronic Resolute drug-eluting stent 0 None
2011-05-21 Golden Helix integrates CMC and KBAC methods of analyzing rare DNA sequence variants in SVS product 0 None
2011-05-21 Electrical experiment helps paralyzed man stand, walk 0 None
2011-05-21 Blood stored in banks may undergo changes and damage 0 None
2011-05-21 First nucleic acid amplification test to diagnose early stages of Q fever infections receives FDA approval 0 None
2011-05-21 Artificial discs a viable alternative to fusion surgery for two-level lumbar degenerative disc disease 0 None
2011-05-21 Researchers develop cheap, reliable diagnostic test for HLRCC 0 None
2011-05-21 Decade-long study demonstrates immediate, long-term benefits of holmium laser treatment for enlarged prostate 0 None
2011-05-21 USPTO awards Serina patent for polymer drug delivery technology 0 None
2011-05-21 Cordis EXOSEAL Vascular Closure Device receives approval in the U.S. 0 None
2011-05-20 Technology to determine most effective chemotherapy treatment wins first prize in UC Davis Big Bang! competition 0 None
2011-05-20 PerkinElmer introduces PinAAcle series atomic absorption spectrometers 0 None
2011-05-20 Gen-Probe seeks FDA regulatory clearance for PANTHER fully automated and integrated molecular testing system 0 None
2011-05-20 HSS researchers develop new tool to compare efficacy of different brachial plexus surgical treatments 0 None
2011-05-20 Meta-analysis confirms positive outcomes in patients implanted with Medtronic CoreValve System 0 None
2011-05-20 Health Endeavors releases ACO WebCenter 1.0 and Physician Alignment WebCenter 2.0 0 None
2011-05-20 Surgeon's choices and choice of surgeons influence hospital charges for spinal fusion surgery 0 None
2011-05-20 Free, online tool to track exercise-induced asthma 0 None
2011-05-20 Tornier announces launch of Porous Coated Affiniti Stem for shoulder joint replacement surgery 0 2
2011-05-20 Cell phones increase testosterone level, but decrease fertility in men 0 None
2011-05-20 Breakthrough injectable gel for treating degeneration of the intervertebral disc 0 4
2011-05-20 VIDAS TOXO IgG Avidity assay to test for recent Toxoplasma gondii infection receives FDA clearance 0 2
2011-05-19 Positive six-month results from BIOSOLVE-I FIM trial of DRug-Eluting Absorbable Metal Scaffold device 0 None
2011-05-19 Mitomics enters licensing agreement with QDx Pathology Services for QPredict Prostate Mitomic Test 0 None
2011-05-19 Thermo Fisher Scientific to acquire Phadia for €2.47 billion 0 4
2011-05-19 Simple home-based colon cancer screening test can prevent many unnecessary deaths in Canada 0 None
2011-05-19 Affymetrix launches new Axiom myDesign TG Arrays for targeted genotyping market 0 None
2011-05-19 Experts to develop pioneering tool for personalised asthma and COPD therapy 0 None
2011-05-19 ECRI Institute to conduct '10 Key Readiness Indicators for Exchange of Health Information' survey 0 None
2011-05-19 Medtronic issues statement on results of CoreValve System clinical data presented at EuroPCR 2011 0 None
2011-05-19 Free NYU Physician iPad app now available in iTunes store 0 None
2011-05-19 Sensitive troponin assays improve clinical outcome and cardiac patient management 0 None
2011-05-19 Synthetic nanopatch helps regenerate natural heart tissue cells 0 None
2011-05-19 Thirty endoscopy units earn ASGE recognition for safety and quality 0 None
2011-05-19 XTRAC Excimer Laser treatment offers new hope for patients with psoriasis 1 3
2011-05-19 Health video games motivate vigorous exercise 0 None
2011-05-19 Simple lymphocyte count effectively identifies prognosis of renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-05-19 NEW Lifestyle on-line teaching modules for medical students 0 None
2011-05-19 Treadmill test helps predict lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease in middle-age people 0 None
2011-05-19 Iroko Cardio deploys Veeva CRM in nine European countries 0 None
2011-05-19 Berkeley Lab scientists contribute to remarkable advance in nuclear magnetic resonance 0 None
2011-05-19 Vinformatix receives ONC-ATCB certification for MedSonic EMR solution 0 None
2011-05-19 Abbott RealTime PCR assay for measuring HCV viral load receives FDA marketing approval 0 None
2011-05-19 Inspector General: Push for EMRs overlooks security issues 0 None
2011-05-19 Mayo Clinic develops new screening procedure for Lynch syndrome detection 0 None
2011-05-18 New gripping and safety device to protect nurses' fingers and hands to be displayed at INS meeting 0 None
2011-05-18 Momentive Performance Materials collaborates with SSF to develop combination products 0 None
2011-05-18 Schryver Medical adopts Zmanda's backup and disaster recovery solutions to backup critical enterprise data 0 None
2011-05-18 InvoTek introduces new Safe Laser System for persons with limited movement 0 None
2011-05-18 U-Systems introduces RCC Transducer Technology for somo•v Automated Breast Ultrasound system 0 None
2011-05-18 Face masks worn by TB patients could cut transmission rates to non-infected patients 0 None
2011-05-18 Study reveals weakness of pharmacies' clinical decision support software in evaluating drug-drug interactions 0 5
2011-05-18 Affymetrix launches new menu of multiple genomic microarray tools 0 None
2011-05-18 Improved tissue grafts promote vascular growth in wound sites 0 None
2011-05-18 Clinical PET system for early stage breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-18 State efforts to protect patients fall short, group says 0 None
2011-05-18 Clinical data of Medtronic's Resolute drug-eluting stent in diabetes presented at EuroPCR meeting 0 None
2011-05-18 Study links video game playing with increased food intake in kids 0 None
2011-05-18 CitiusTech receives ONC-ATCB certification for BI-Clinical 10.3 EHR Module 0 None
2011-05-18 Restrictive gadolinium-based contrast agent guidelines help prevent nephrogenic systemic fibrosis 0 None
2011-05-18 IOM workshops explore new digital technologies to improve health care 0 None
2011-05-18 UW C4C, Pharmigene execute licensing agreement for warfarin personalized medicine technology 0 None
2011-05-18 New interactive website for patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-05-18 Mobile phones could help improve diabetes management in under-developed countries 0 None
2011-05-18 Study: MMN might predict risk of developing schizophrenia 0 None
2011-05-18 The Incubation Factory, UMDNJ and NJIT partner to commercialize personal tonometer for glaucoma 0 None
2011-05-18 Avedro completes two Phase III corneal cross-linking studies in keratoconus, ectasia post-refractive surgery 0 None
2011-05-18 Nano Bridging Molecules SA receives CE marking certification for SurfLink dental product 0 None
2011-05-17 First fully integrated wireless monitoring kit for post-surgery applications compatible with NFC cell phones 0 None
2011-05-17 PerkinElmer introduces Optima 8x00 series of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometers 0 None
2011-05-17 FDA grants 510(k) clearance to Asante's Pearl Insulin Pump 0 None
2011-05-17 Researchers lay foundation for future lung cancer detection test 0 None
2011-05-17 WellAWARE Systems earns RichTech Technology Innovation: Healthcare Award 0 None
2011-05-17 Accelr8 presents initial ICU pilot study results at ATS International Conference 0 None
2011-05-17 Medsphere achieves complete EHR certification for OpenVista solution 0 None
2011-05-17 Zimmer launches new Trabecular Metal augments for use in knee revision surgeries 0 None
2011-05-17 Connecture, MAXIMUS partner to deliver comprehensive government Health Insurance Exchange solution 0 None
2011-05-17 Celgene, Foundation Medicine partner for clinical cancer genomic testing platforms 0 None
2011-05-17 Medtronic to present clinical trial data of IN.PACT drug-eluting balloon technology at EuroPCR meeting 0 None
2011-05-17 Major Norwegian healthcare region signs agreement with Sectra for medical IT solutions 0 None
2011-05-17 Patients with COPD can benefit from computer-based decision aid 0 None
2011-05-17 Remote telemonitoring does not offer promise for critically-ill patients 0 None
2011-05-17 New bronchial thermoplasty long-term safety data in asthma presented at ATS annual meeting 1 None
2011-05-17 Pioneer of ‘organ-on-a-chip’ technology to speak at Imperial College London 0 None
2011-05-17 New A+PSA assay more accurately detects prostate cancer 0 None
2011-05-17 Study achieves 5-fold reduction in Tc-99m sestamibi dosage for molecular breast imaging 0 None
2011-05-17 ProBioGen, Life Technologies' new cell line development kits now available for biologic drug production 0 None
2011-05-17 Bioengineering students redesign pediatric mannequin 0 None
2011-05-17 Accumetrics' VerifyNow P2Y12 Test receives CE mark approval for prognostic use 0 None
2011-05-17 Phase 2 trial data of PET myocardial perfusion imaging with flurpiridaz F 18 presented at ICNC10 0 None
2011-05-17 Virtual reality offers returning soldiers 'psychotherapy by computer' to treat PTSD 0 None
2011-05-17 UW's ultrathin laser endoscope gives a Google Earth view of the bladder 0 None
2011-05-17 MEDRAD's Cotavance catheter with Paccocath technology receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-05-17 ESC calls for single co-ordinated European system to oversee evaluation, approval of medical devices 0 None
2011-05-17 Super-resolution microscopy technique reveals how and why cell's defenses fail against plague 0 None
2011-05-17 Wii Fit offers effective workout for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2011-05-17 Miniature, easy-to-carry ventilation system may help patients with COPD become more active 0 None
2011-05-17 Medtronic announces U.S. launch of Kyphon Xpede Bone Cement for spinal fracture treatment 0 3
2011-05-17 Life expectancy blood test not popular with experts 0 None
2011-05-16 Calypso System can precisely deliver radiation in post-prostatectomy patients 0 None
2011-05-16 Boston Software Systems to sponsor Revenue Cycle track of presentations at 2011 MUSE Conference 0 None
2011-05-16 SunTech Medical releases new line of disposable blood pressure cuffs 0 4
2011-05-16 Aperio adds ScanScope AT to line of slide scanning instruments 0 None
2011-05-16 Fluidigm launches 192.24 Dynamic Array integrated fluidic circuit for genome studies 0 4
2011-05-16 City of Philadelphia chooses eClinicalWorks' EHR suite to help improve patient care 0 None
2011-05-16 GenturaDx completes external HSV 1&2 alpha studies for IDbox System 0 None
2011-05-16 SBi facilities receive manufacturer's accreditation from Japan 0 None
2011-05-16 Continuous positive airway pressure can increase alertness, improve quality of life in OSA patients 0 None
2011-05-16 Six-minute walking distance test effectively determines disease severity in COPD 0 None
2011-05-16 Volcano to share intravascular therapy guidance and optimization solutions at EuroPCR 0 None
2011-05-16 Bedside screening tool can help diagnose acute aortic dissection 0 None
2011-05-16 Bonn researchers to develop new blood test for lung cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-16 NewGene develops breakthrough test for hereditary breast cancer 0 None
2011-05-16 Continuous positive airway pressure reduces cardiovascular mortality in elderly OSA patients 0 None
2011-05-16 Loyola earns Joint Commission certification for heart pump therapy 0 None
2011-05-16 Computer games can improve patient's recovery from paralysis after stroke 0 None
2011-05-13 AgenoLAB acquires Roche´s RTCA Cardio Instrument 0 None
2011-05-13 New ACR Dose Index Registry allows imaging community to measure effectiveness of dose lowering efforts 0 None
2011-05-13 PROTECT II study data in high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention to be presented at EuroPCR 0 None
2011-05-13 PCR testing for B. burgdorferi bacteria in joint fluid may confirm Lyme arthritis diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-13 AMS signs research grant contract for six sites to evaluate vaginal prolapse repair techniques 0 None
2011-05-13 People with sudden cardiac arrest at District libraries now have access to Automatic External Defibrillators 0 None
2011-05-13 New circumcision treatment can reduce HIV 0 None
2011-05-13 Maximum chest compression during chiropractic manipulation is unlikely to result in injury 0 None
2011-05-13 Researchers identify miRNA in blood serum of lung cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-13 Study: OVA1 blood test can accurately predict ovarian cancer in women with pelvic masses 0 None
2011-05-13 ACR to honor UCLA cancer researcher with Gold Medal for radiology work 0 None
2011-05-13 New method for mapping myelin sheaths of nerve cells 0 None
2011-05-12 Alma Lasers launches new iPixel series aesthetic fractional laser resurfacing modules 0 None
2011-05-12 PLC Systems to showcase RenalGuard at 2011 EAPCI annual meeting 0 None
2011-05-12 German doctors among first to treat ischemic stroke patients with new blood clot retrieval device 0 None
2011-05-12 InTouch Health applauds FDA for recent announcement on Medical Device Data Systems 0 None
2011-05-12 Medtronic to present new clinical results on innovative medical devices at EuroPCR 0 None
2011-05-12 Linguamatics releases I2E. Version 3.2 software for pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2011-05-12 Swedish adds new virtual reality training simulator to help surgeons practice on robotic-assisted system 0 None
2011-05-12 Biocept's paper describes identification of different CTC phenotypes in cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-12 Miltenyi Biotec enters partnership with TeutoCell to develop novel cell culture techniques 0 None
2011-05-12 Prostrate cancer patients can benefit from new MRI-ultrasound fusion 0 None
2011-05-12 Noninvasive stool test can detect pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-05-12 Mesh surgery more effective for patients with pelvic organ prolapse 0 None
2011-05-12 Relay stent-graft safe and effective for patients with aortic dissections 0 5
2011-05-12 U-Systems to exhibit new version of somo•v automated breast ultrasound at SBI Meeting 0 None
2011-05-12 LVCCC Ophthalmic Surgeon brings laser eye surgery to Central Coast area 0 None
2011-05-12 INESC Porto, FEUP develop software to automatically analyse and validate mammograms 0 None
2011-05-12 BWH Karp Laboratory acquires BioFlux 1000 system for stem cell homing research 0 None
2011-05-12 Researcher finds ultrasound as effective as CT scans for head and neck diagnoses 0 None
2011-05-12 Nicotine-free plastic inhalers may increase smoker's chance of quitting 0 None
2011-05-12 Valor Medical's Neucrylate AN device receives CE Mark approval for treating cerebral aneurysms 0 None
2011-05-11 MHI team uses cryoablation to successfully treat atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-05-11 AspirinWorks Test now available in greater Boston and surrounding area 0 None
2011-05-11 Baylor has now patented new polarimeter that could prove useful in pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-05-11 Symphogen to present second-generation Sympress platform at ESACT conference 0 None
2011-05-11 Identigene announces availability of DNA paternity test kit in New York drug stores 0 None
2011-05-11 Heart docs dismiss bias claims stemming from industry support of meeting 0 None
2011-05-11 Engineers develop novel hybrid HMI for hands-free control of electric powered wheelchairs 0 None
2011-05-11 Study: Many patients screened for colon cancer more often than recommended 0 None
2011-05-11 Study finds strong link between live birth rates and number of eggs retrieved in one IVF cycle 0 None
2011-05-11 Reducing hearing aid cost does not improve device purchase 0 None
2011-05-11 Women with invasive breast cancer can benefit from new genomic test 0 None
2011-05-11 Genentech submits vemurafenib NDA for BRAF V600 mutation-positive metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-05-11 Scientists to develop 'eTraining' system for doctors and healthcare providers 0 None
2011-05-11 Novel ultrasound-targeted microbubble-destruction technology advances cure for prostate cancer 0 None
2011-05-11 Press Ganey creates comprehensive new tool for hospitalists 0 None
2011-05-11 GenoLogics enhances LIMS software for next-generation genomics labs 0 None
2011-05-11 Genetic test to identify women at higher risk of breast cancer could reduce risks associated with screening 0 None
2011-05-11 Study: Only 15% of heart failure patients with spinal fractures are being treated for osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-11 16-year-old uses supercomputing network to invent new drug cocktail for cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Spinal manipulation as effective as microdiskectomy for patients with sciatica 0 None
2011-05-11 MTTI obtains exclusive license for novel fluorescence dyes from Massachusetts General Hospital 0 None
2011-05-11 NTC, Aldevron partner to manufacture first plasmid DNA-based genetic cosmetic 0 None
2011-05-11 3M introduces Clean-Trace Hygiene Management System for healthcare facilities 0 None
2011-05-11 FDA clears Meridian's new C. difficile immunoassay 0 None
2011-05-10 Abbott receives CE Mark approval for new blood glucose monitoring system 0 None
2011-05-10 Telemis releases new software for medical image-management system 0 None
2011-05-10 Fluidigm announces availability of genetic assays and primers for integrated fluidic circuit technology 0 None
2011-05-10 First study to look at birth-cohort screening outcomes for hepatitis C virus 0 None
2011-05-10 U.S. veterans over 70 and older can benefit from current colon cancer screening methods 0 None
2011-05-10 Dermatologists to provide free melanoma screenings at Loyola Center for Health on May 20 0 None
2011-05-10 Rapid blood-based test can determine patients with SLE 0 None
2011-05-10 Virginia Tech's new football helmet rating system can reduce risk of concussions 0 None
2011-05-10 UH chemist receives prestigious Sloan award for next-generation computer memory 0 None
2011-05-10 More than half of all adolescents accept free rapid HIV test after risk assessment survey 0 None
2011-05-10 Elekta to integrate cancer workflow and patient management tools into IBA's Proteus TK2 center 0 None
2011-05-10 Multiband mucosectomy safe and effective for treating Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2011-05-10 Pheromone-based traps for monitoring and catching bed bugs 0 None
2011-05-10 Simple ultrasound examination may avoid complex tests for children with urinary tract infection 0 3
2011-05-10 Bruker announces new ultra-high field BioSpec 150/11 MRI system for preclinical research at ISMRM 2011 0 None
2011-05-10 Aethlon seeks FDA meeting for re-initiation of Hemopurifier IDE study 0 None
2011-05-10 UNC researchers present latest advances in GI, medicine and technology at DDW 2011 0 None
2011-05-10 First non-invasive technique to directly map electrical activation of the heart 0 None
2011-05-10 Interleukin Genetics introduces new free weight loss tools in Inherent Health website 0 None
2011-05-10 Nurse-driven open access colonoscopy program is safe and effective for cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-10 Teen drinkers spend more time on computers frequenting social networking sites 0 None
2011-05-10 Starpharma inks licence agreement in Japan with Okamoto for VivaGel-coated condoms 0 None
2011-05-10 USPTO grants patent to Rosetta's human hsa-miR-497 for use in diagnostic tests 0 None
2011-05-10 New research shows iPhone app can accurately detect stroke 0 None
2011-05-09 Charisela develops breakthrough adiponectin assay 0 None
2011-05-09 World's first urine-based tuberculosis diagnostics tool 0 None
2011-05-09 RWJF offers health law implementation assistance to states 0 None
2011-05-09 Medtronic, Bayer HealthCare expand global alliance to develop next generation diabetes management solutions 0 None
2011-05-09 Acousticon receives FDA clearance for ACAM-5 hearing loss product 0 None
2011-05-09 Boston Scientific launches Expect Endoscopic Ultrasound Aspiration Needle 0 None
2011-05-09 Elsevier acquires Spanish e-clinical reference solution 0 None
2011-05-09 ImThera Medical concludes Phase I and II protocols for aura6000 European Pilot study in OSA 0 None
2011-05-09 Calif. health exchange effort slows; Sebelius: Health law is state friendly 0 None
2011-05-09 Intrexon to deploy Novici's GRAMMR technology in concert with UltraVector platform 0 None
2011-05-09 Covidien completes enrollment in Parietex ProGrip self-fixating mesh study to treat inguinal hernias 1 4.7
2011-05-09 IOD announces expanded capabilities to address top health information management challenges 0 None
2011-05-09 Ellman International launches Pelleve GlideSafe handpieces for wrinkle treatment 0 5
2011-05-09 Illumina announces price reduction in whole human genome sequencing projects 0 5
2011-05-09 OncoSec's tumor-destroying, tissue-sparing drug/device system profiled in Medical Device Daily 0 None
2011-05-09 ArtVentive Medical Group performs animal studies treating target vessels with EOS device 0 None
2011-05-09 FDA clears Affymetrix's new gene profiling reagents for use in microarray instrument system 0 None
2011-05-09 Epigenomics presents Septin9 blood test study data in colorectal cancer at DDW 2011 0 None
2011-05-09 Preliminary data from ST-DETECT Trial using EGM signals in ICDs presented at SCAI meeting 0 None
2011-05-09 Philips, IBA enter agreement to establish proton therapy center for patients 0 4
2011-05-09 Researchers use computer screens to detect how human brain performs visual search 0 None
2011-05-09 Innovative detection practices may prevent liver diseases 0 None
2011-05-09 Despite evidence family members feel feeding tube improves quality of life for elderly dementia patients 0 None
2011-05-09 MaxID wins 1000-unit sale of iDL500 multi-modal mobile computer in South Africa 0 None
2011-05-09 Period of observation can avoid unnecessary head CT scan use in children 0 None
2011-05-07 Study provides information about hematuria in microscopic urinalysis and urinary tract cancer 1 5
2011-05-07 Bruker launches MALDI Biotyper system for microbial identification at ECCMID 2011 0 None
2011-05-07 Objet's 3D printing dental solutions to be showcased at LMT LAB DAY West 0 None
2011-05-07 Epigenomics, Life Technologies enter supply agreement for second-generation colorectal cancer blood test 0 None
2011-05-07 Current Opinion in Immunology journal publishes Inovio's article on DNA vaccines 0 None
2011-05-07 Paragon's offerings and solutions to be showcased at EMC World Conference 0 None
2011-05-07 FDA approves expanded access to RX Acculink stent for clogged neck artery treatment 0 None
2011-05-07 iPads help minimize children's pain during procedures 0 None
2011-05-07 Study shows benefits and safety of pediatric contact lens wear 0 None
2011-05-07 Stenting is safe, effective and superior to balloon angioplasty for deep vein thrombosis treatment 0 None
2011-05-07 Regenstrief Institute, Indiana University partner to enhance health IT workforce 0 None
2011-05-07 New cardiac resynchronization therapy data in atrial fibrillation presented at Heart Rhythm 2011 0 None
2011-05-07 Study examines clinical, kidney morphologic features that predict favorable BP response to renal artery stenting 0 None
2011-05-07 MicroPhage receives FDA clearance for KeyPath MRSA/MSSA Blood Culture Test 0 None
2011-05-07 Abiomed presents PROTECT II study data in percutaneous coronary intervention at SCAI 2011 0 None
2011-05-07 SAHA and LAN partner to provide video language interpretation services 0 None
2011-05-07 Tufts Health Plan now covers SBi's STAR total ankle replacement system 0 None
2011-05-07 FDA approves Abbott's RX ACCULINK Carotid Stent System 0 None
2011-05-07 Roche seeks FDA clearance for fully automated Chlamydia and gonorrhoeae test 0 None
2011-05-07 Researchers establish new method to patch damaged heart with tissue-engineering platform 0 None
2011-05-07 New cardiac genetic testing guidelines for health care professionals 0 None
2011-05-06 FDA clears Solta Medical's new Clear + Brilliant laser aesthetic skin treatment 0 4
2011-05-06 DiagnoCure to showcase Previstage GCC Colorectal Cancer Staging Test at ASCRS meeting 0 None
2011-05-06 University of Oregon physicist to design fractal vision devices 0 None
2011-05-06 BSX announces international launch and first implant of new cardiac devices 0 None
2011-05-06 NYU, LaSalle University develop new effective asthma-related anxiety tool 0 None
2011-05-06 SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference to discuss clinical research best practices 0 None
2011-05-06 Boston Scientific provides new warranty program for CRT-D device to avoid phrenic nerve stimulation 0 None
2011-05-06 Shenzhen Wuzhou International introduces wide range of portable monitors and testers 0 None
2011-05-06 CAMH presents new Microvolt T-wave Alternans testing data at Heart Rhythm Society meeting 0 None
2011-05-06 VIMS develops new biosensor that can detect and track oil spills 0 None
2011-05-06 Scientists use new technologies to identify genetic cause of Kufs disease 0 None
2011-05-06 Protocols to determine when sexual assault kits need to be tested 0 None
2011-05-06 Ben-Gurion U. researcher receives Gates Foundation grant to develop fast, low-cost malaria device 0 None
2011-05-06 U.S. Army and VA team up to provide simulation-based training for medical staff 0 None
2011-05-06 Combined ultrasound and pre-operative MRI cost effective for evaluating rotator cuff tears 0 None
2011-05-06 Elsevier introduces new online exam preparation tool for UK Medical Schools 0 None
2011-05-06 AdvanSource Biomaterials enters multi-year supply agreement with global coated medical devices company 0 None
2011-05-06 Redfox, Microsoft and Elsevier introduce new e-learning netbook for nurses 0 None
2011-05-06 BD MAX Open System for molecular testing launched in Europe 0 None
2011-05-06 LRMC selects Allscripts as health information technology partner 0 None
2011-05-06 FDA approves Medtronic's two new dual-electrode leads for cardiac resynchronization therapy devices 0 None
2011-05-06 Quest Diagnostics' Simplexa C. difficile test is now available in Europe 0 None
2011-05-06 Keller Medical's silicone breast implant delivery device receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-05-06 Cook Medical introduces new Formula renal stent at SCAI 2011 0 None
2011-05-06 Caldera's Desara Mini implant for Stress Urinary Incontinence receives CE Mark certification 0 None
2011-05-05 Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s polycarbonate gives innovative sinus therapy device strength and striking color 0 None
2011-05-05 Increasing prevalence of hypertension boosts growth for blood-pressure monitors in BRIC countries 0 None
2011-05-05 COIN hosts nanobiotechnology event on nanomedicines and the regulatory path 0 None
2011-05-05 Angel Medical Systems to present observations of ischemic events detected using permanently implanted intracardiac ST-segment monitor in high risk CAD patients 0 None
2011-05-05 Surgeon turns inventor to improve recovery from rotator cuff injury 0 None
2011-05-05 How to choose a microarray service provider 0 None
2011-05-05 Synthetic blood saves life 2 5
2011-05-05 Medical-grade polycarbonate exhibits excellent retention of mechanical properties after gamma irradiation 0 None
2011-05-05 Fluidigm ships over 1 billion microscopic NanoFlex valves 0 None
2011-05-05 Biosense Webster enters new agreement with Stereotaxis to deploy Odyssey products 0 None
2011-05-05 The Miami Project, InVivo Therapeutics collaborate to develop novel spinal cord injury treatments 0 None
2011-05-05 Sonography can effectively diagnose Juvenile Inflammatory Arthritis 0 None
2011-05-05 New test can diagnose deadly human fungal infections 0 None
2011-05-05 Study demonstrates value of MicroPulse technology for diabetic macular edema treatment 0 None
2011-05-05 Two breast cancer genomic tests produce broadly similar results for high and low-risk patients 0 None
2011-05-05 Cosmofrance introduces Dermasculpt microcannula for painless cosmetic injections 0 None
2011-05-05 EraGen workshop to address two topics on real-time PCR-based viral monitoring tests 0 None
2011-05-05 Rural Doc becomes federally certified to use electronic health records 0 None
2011-05-05 Chest CT more effective for preoperative cardiothoracic surgery patients 0 None
2011-05-05 New technique can reveal fat distribution in healthy human brain 0 None
2011-05-05 Odyssey Thera receives US patent for application of contextual high-content assays to diverse biological events 0 None
2011-05-05 New poll: 57% of women believe mammograms should start at age 40 0 None
2011-05-05 MARs technique improves capture, interpretation of full-body MRIs 0 None
2011-05-05 Secretary of State Clinton launches collaborative mobile application to advance maternal health 0 None
2011-05-05 Missouri S&T's cottony glass material may heal open wounds 0 None
2011-05-05 Cameron Health completes enrollment in subcutaneous implantable defibrillator pivotal study 0 None
2011-05-05 MiMedx introduces AmnioFix Nerve Wrap for use in surgical procedures 0 None
2011-05-04 New non-invasive blood test may detect early stage Alzheimer's 0 5
2011-05-04 Breast shields can protect women from radiation exposure during CT exams 0 None
2011-05-04 DaVita completes nationwide rollout of wireless Internet access at dialysis treatment clinics 0 None
2011-05-04 Cardiac Dimensions initiates two CARILLON device trials in Functional Mitral Regurgitation 0 None
2011-05-04 Almac launches six enzyme screening kits 0 None
2011-05-04 Top 10 gadget gifts for Mother's Day 2011 0 None
2011-05-04 SWI is a powerful tool for characterizing early stroke in patients 0 None
2011-05-04 ChipDX identifies gene expression signature in early-stage breast tumors 0 None
2011-05-04 FDA clears Sectra's digital mammography system 0 None
2011-05-04 Health IT can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce environmental savings 0 None
2011-05-04 New online tool can help evaluate and improve emergency communications 0 None
2011-05-04 MDCT arthrography better than MR arthrography for diagnosing glenoid rim osseous lesions 0 None
2011-05-04 Boston Scientific reports first use in Europe of Blazer Open-Irrigated Catheter 0 None
2011-05-04 Peripheral venous catheters cause over 10% of catheter-related bloodstream infections 0 None
2011-05-04 Invention of optogenetics sheds light on how brain works 0 None
2011-05-04 Immunetics receives NIH grant for new confirmatory test trial in Chagas' disease 0 None
2011-05-04 3M launches new Mobile Physician Solution 0 None
2011-05-03 Nonin Medical introduces new Xpod family for device manufacturers 0 None
2011-05-03 First implantation of WiCS wireless cardiac pacing system performed in Germany 0 None
2011-05-03 Vidyo, American Well partner to enable Online Care services 0 None
2011-05-03 Germ Genie is also effective against C.difficile infection 0 5
2011-05-03 Calcium and vitamin D intake before bone density test can reduce risk of osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-03 Pelvic imaging using CT exams are not necessary for VTE diagnosis 0 None
2011-05-03 Retina Implant's second clinical trial initial findings presented at ARVO 2011 0 3.5
2011-05-03 MRI can effectively determine patients with endometrial and cervical cancers 0 None
2011-05-03 Paulig Eye Surgery Center provides non-invasive alternative to keratoconus patients 0 5
2011-05-03 Astex earns GBP5.9 M milestone payment from GSK for fragment-based screening platform 0 None
2011-05-03 Chromatrap Pro-A Spin Columns improve ChIP assay performance 0 None
2011-05-03 Tecnologie Avanzate, Naviscan sign deal to distribute PET scanner in Italy 0 None
2011-05-03 Guided Therapeutics launches LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan 0 None
2011-05-03 Doctors should consider catheterization for diagnosing children with heart defects: AHA 0 None
2011-05-03 First cryoablation procedure using new mapping catheter performed at Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital 0 None
2011-05-03 Cyberonics initiates first implant of AspireSR product in epilepsy patients 0 None
2011-05-03 Bruker launches new FastScan Atomic Force Microscope 0 None
2011-05-03 Simbionix to exhibit new training simulator for pelvic floor repair at ACOG 0 None
2011-05-03 New non-invasive device can measure brain's precise temperature 0 None
2011-05-03 Lupus Foundation of America introduces new Web site 0 5
2011-05-03 FDA clears ITI's FilmArray RP assay for respiratory virus detection 0 None
2011-05-03 FDA approves Achieve Mapping Catheter for use in first patient procedure 0 None
2011-05-02 InTouch Health launches RP-Xpress telemedicine device 0 None
2011-05-02 Sorin introduces new VascuClear device for clinicians 0 None
2011-05-02 USPSTF recommendations negatively impact yearly mammograms among 40-49 year old women 0 None
2011-05-02 NCRP workshop on CT use in emergency medicine is now available through JACR May issue 0 None
2011-05-02 Northern California hospitals are new subscribers to MD Ranger's comprehensive toolkit 0 None
2011-05-02 SIS designated as preferred vendor by Anesthesia Quality Institute 0 None
2011-05-02 PET-CT exams can diagnose 'cognitive reserve' in early-onset AD 0 None
2011-05-02 New method helps scientists to determine specific protein molecular structure 0 None
2011-05-02 Porter Adventist Hospital introduces new institute for robotic surgery 0 None
2011-05-02 CT with 3D scanning can effectively identify contraband smuggling 0 None


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