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2006-07-31 Bird flu doing the rounds again in Thailand 0 None
2006-07-31 Thailand says Laos to blame for spread of bird flu 0 None
2006-07-30 Polio making a comeback 0 None
2006-07-27 Teen in Thailand dies from bird flu caught from fighting cockrel 0 None
2006-07-27 Simple policies could control a smallpox epidemic 0 None
2006-07-26 Thailand confirms case of human infection with H5N1 avian influenza 0 None
2006-07-25 Lassa fever reported in Germany 0 None
2006-07-25 Distribution of more than 18 million malaria bednets in Africa 0 None
2006-07-24 Global early warning system for zoonoses launched 0 5
2006-07-24 Inadequate hospital hand hygiene is spreading MRSA 0 2.3
2006-07-24 Combating Campylobacter with common sense 0 None
2006-07-21 Research offers new hope in helping elderly fight infections 0 None
2006-07-20 New laser test screens for Hepatitis B 0 None
2006-07-19 Cleaning water at household is best diarrhea prevention 0 None
2006-07-19 The fight against zoonotic pathogens around the world 0 None
2006-07-18 FDA approves fully automated screening tests for hepatitis B surface antigen 0 None
2006-07-18 Clinton Foundation seals deal in Nigerian AIDS fight 0 None
2006-07-17 India develops local bird flu vaccine 0 None
2006-07-17 [email protected] 0 None
2006-07-17 77 die from rare tropical disease on island paradise 1 None
2006-07-17 Indonesia struggles as death toll from bird flu reaches 42 0 None
2006-07-13 Suspect chicken smuggled in from China may have been eaten 0 None
2006-07-13 Defra invites tenders for avian influenza vaccine 0 None
2006-07-12 Predicted Hantavirus risk in 2006 for the Southwestern U.S. 0 None
2006-07-12 Being a whistle-blower in China could mean going to jail 0 None
2006-07-11 Partners team up in Kenya to fights measles and malaria 0 None
2006-07-10 West Nile virus makes its 2006 arrival in Arizona 0 None
2006-07-10 Male circumcision the key to controlling the spread of AIDS in Africa 0 None
2006-07-10 Bird flu still expanding in Africa - disease widely checked in Europe but could pose threat for years 0 None
2006-07-10 Latest 'mad cow' in Canada was pregnant 0 None
2006-07-10 First case of bird flu in Spain 0 None
2006-07-10 A honey of a cure 0 None
2006-07-09 New aspect of prion disease - agent causes heart damage 0 None
2006-07-05 UK sexually transmitted infections on the rise 0 None
2006-07-05 Syphilis, chlamydia and herpes on the rise in the UK 0 None
2006-07-04 Indonesia confirms 52nd human case of bird flu 0 None
2006-07-03 Cost-effectiveness of treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2006-07-03 Indonesia struggling to cope as death toll from bird flu reaches 40 0 None
2006-07-03 Bird flu appears again in South African ostriches 0 None
2006-07-03 More birds with H5N1 found in China but details are guesswork! 0 None
2006-07-03 Enter hospital at your peril! 0 None


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