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2008-08-31 Anti-itching drug clemizole shows promise against hepatitis C 0 4.2
2008-08-31 The BEAUTIFUL study: Ivabradine and the reduction of cardiovascular events 0 None
2008-08-31 The GISSI-HF trial: Effects of n-3 PUFA in 6,975 patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure 0 None
2008-08-31 Global study shows Telmisartan reduces outcome of cardiovascular death, heart attack or stroke 0 None
2008-08-28 Takeda and Affymax provide update for Hematide in chemotherapy-induced anemia 0 None
2008-08-28 Algeta reports positive phase II data on pain palliation with Alpharadin 0 None
2008-08-28 Uganda's Makerere University receives AMANET grant for malaria vaccine trial 0 None
2008-08-27 Protherics announces start of Prolarix phase 2 study in liver cancer 0 None
2008-08-26 Olive leaf extract (EFLA943) helps tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol 0 None
2008-08-25 Genmab announces four studies of ofatumumab in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2008-08-25 Infant deaths in clinical drug trials in India raise concern about ethical standards 0 None
2008-08-21 New vaccine to fight multiple influenza strains 0 None
2008-08-20 Addiction drug Vigabatrin proves successful in animal weight loss study 0 None
2008-08-20 Significant long-term benefit for low back pain revealed by major study 0 None
2008-08-20 Low-level exposure cadmium linked to emphysema 0 None
2008-08-20 Vitamin B supplements offer no protection from heart disease 0 None
2008-08-19 Inorganic arsenic may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-08-19 New reasons to avoid grapefruit juice when taking certain drugs 0 4
2008-08-19 Ultrasound imaging predicts heart attack risk 0 None
2008-08-19 One night without sleep increases chemical dopamine in the human brain 0 5
2008-08-19 Alexander Technique shows long-term benefit for low back pain 0 None
2008-08-19 Chewing gum speeds up recovery from colon surgery 0 None
2008-08-18 When the patient can't make the decision 0 None
2008-08-18 New sickle cell unrelated transplant trial 0 None
2008-08-18 Teens with poor sleep habits may have higher blood pressure 0 None
2008-08-18 Study looks at physician perspectives on surrogate decision making 0 None
2008-08-18 Antidepressants can affect a person's driving ability 1 None
2008-08-17 Antidepressants may impair driving ability 0 None
2008-08-17 Alternative vaccine strategy shows promise in prostate cancer patients 0 None
2008-08-14 Psychological stress and how it might affect allergy sufferers 0 None
2008-08-14 Chronic ear infections linked to increased preference for high-fat foods 0 None
2008-08-13 Monosodium glutamate linked to obesity 0 5
2008-08-13 Sexual dysfunction among older adults 0 None
2008-08-12 Massage speeds recovery after a sports injury 0 None
2008-08-12 Adverse events from antibiotics cause 142,000 emergency department visits per year in U.S. 0 None
2008-08-12 Study finds caregivers of spouses with dementia report sadness and loneliness 0 None
2008-08-12 Experimental chemo shows promise in treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2008-08-12 NCI awards Wilmot scientists $1.6 million to study lymphoma treatments 0 None
2008-08-12 Depression prompts thoughts of death in cancer patients 0 None
2008-08-12 Marriage may no longer be the healthier option 0 None
2008-08-11 PET scans spot signs of early Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-08-11 Running and regular exercise mean a longer life with fewer disabilities 0 None
2008-08-11 Subtle signs of Alzheimer's appear many years before symptoms appear 0 None
2008-08-11 Links found between built-environment and prevalence of overweight/obesity 0 None
2008-08-11 Low vitamin D levels substantially increase risk of death 0 None
2008-08-11 Designer RNA fights high cholesterol, medical researchers find 0 None
2008-08-11 Aspirin, acid-blocker a-day keeps GI bleeding at bay 0 None
2008-08-11 Researchers block damage to fetal brain following maternal alcohol consumption 0 5
2008-08-10 Clomifene citrate or unstimulated intrauterine insemination do not seem to improve fertility 0 None
2008-08-10 Early treatment key to combating hepatitis C virus 0 None
2008-08-10 Eating oily fish once a week may reduce age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2008-08-10 New study aims to help Latino HIV patients 0 None
2008-08-06 Medicinal cannabis effective for neuropathic pain in HIV 0 None
2008-08-06 Rituximab significantly reduces kidney injury in membranous nephropathy 0 None
2008-08-06 Brain imaging study shows context and personality are both key in understanding our responses to emotional facial expressions 0 None
2008-08-06 Alcohol consumption declining in U.S., according to new study 0 None
2008-08-06 Wheezing after early-life antibiotics: Blame the underlying chest infection more than the antibiotics 0 None
2008-08-06 Students with food allergies often not prepared 0 None
2008-08-06 Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) equally effective in patients with or without history of injection drug use 0 None
2008-08-05 Diet which includes fish prevents dementia and stroke 0 None
2008-08-04 Bionor Immuno trials new innovative therapeutic immunization designed to help existing HIV and AIDS patients 0 None
2008-08-04 Eating fish appears to lower risk of stroke in healthy seniors 0 None
2008-08-04 Depression hastens decline in cancer patients 0 None
2008-08-04 Dartmouth researchers question effectiveness of current movie-rating system 0 None
2008-08-04 Many cancer patients found to be using complementary and alternative methods 0 None
2008-08-04 Epilepsy drug gabapentin may reduce insomnia in recovering alcoholics 0 None
2008-08-04 Immune system protein accurate predictor of survival in pediatric septic shock 0 None
2008-08-04 Sleep apnea is an independent risk factor for all-cause mortality 0 None
2008-08-04 Adverse reactions to iodinated contrast media treated safely with commonly used medications 0 None
2008-08-03 Methadone shows promise against leukemia 0 5
2008-08-03 Immunotherapy shows promise in high-risk pediatric sarcomas 0 None
2008-08-03 Certain HIV treatment less effective when used with rifampicin-based anti-tuberculosis therapy 0 None
2008-08-03 Growth hormone reduces abdominal fat, cardiovascular risk in HIV patients on antiviral therapy 0 None
2008-08-03 Genetic defect in skin cells leads to neurodermatitis, hay fever and asthma 0 None


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