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2006-10-31 Hospital strapped for cash may offer radiotherapy facilities to pets 0 None
2006-10-30 Former HHS Secretary Thompson says states will take lead on health care reform 0 None
2006-10-30 Utah receives poor marks for adolescent vaccination, women's cancer screenings 0 None
2006-10-30 Proposal to construct Department of Veterans Affairs medical facility in South Carolina might delay Omnibus Bill 0 None
2006-10-30 Health care IT bill could increase costs by $416 million 0 None
2006-10-30 Texas Comptroller calls for immediate end to social services contract citing mismanagement 0 None
2006-10-30 TennCare expanding efforts to acquire deceased beneficiaries' estates 0 None
2006-10-30 Most U.S. residents do not examine source, date of health care data posted online 0 None
2006-10-26 Massachusetts Attorney General sues low-cost health insurer alleging unfair practices 0 None
2006-10-26 Washington, D.C., hospital house call program provides care for elderly residents 0 None
2006-10-26 More hospital patients visited by 'hospitalists' rather than family physicians 0 None
2006-10-26 Interpretation services would cost Connecticut Medicaid $4.7 million annually 0 None
2006-10-25 No operation unless smokers quit 0 None
2006-10-24 Consumer-driven health plans appear to reduce costs, but some plan beneficiaries forgo needed medical care 0 None
2006-10-24 PBM Medco Health Solutions agrees to settle Medicare fraud, kickback allegations for $155 million 0 None
2006-10-24 Health officials announce physician quiz campaign to help reduce medical errors 0 None
2006-10-23 Wall Street Journal examines concerns over limits of HIPAA Medical Privacy Rule 0 None
2006-10-23 Sen. Grassley seeks funding extension for hospitals to ensure Medicare reimbursements reflect local wages 0 None
2006-10-22 Maryland to reinstate Medicaid program for legal immigrant children, pregnant women 0 None
2006-10-22 Medicare cuts to wheelchair reimbursements prompt opposition from lawmakers, suppliers 0 None
2006-10-22 Kaiser Permanente ordered to reinstate benefits it illegally canceled 0 None
2006-10-22 More than 600,000 Medicare prescription drug benefit beneficiaries must apply for low-income subsidy 0 None
2006-10-22 Lower employer health insurance coverage fuels rising number of uninsured 0 None
2006-10-19 Columnist explores reasons for discrepancy in U.S., foreign health spending, related life expectancies 0 None
2006-10-19 Competition in health care industry can help reduce costs 0 None
2006-10-19 Louisiana residents open to reforming or eliminating charity hospital system 0 None
2006-10-19 Hospitals taking steps to limit ED patient 'boarding' 0 None
2006-10-19 Despite aging U.S. population, few physicians specialize in treatment for the elderly 0 None
2006-10-19 Blue Cross of California settles patient accusations that it systematically canceled policies 0 None
2006-10-17 Racial disparities in preventive health care persist 0 None
2006-10-17 Hospitals lack clearly defined guidelines for medical interpretation services 0 None
2006-10-17 New Jersey Governor authorizes commission to study hospitals 0 None
2006-10-17 Hospitals reduce elderly mortality rate, though gap between best, worst hospitals in U.S. widened in 2005 0 None
2006-10-17 Check out hospital rating before checking in 0 1
2006-10-16 270,000 low-income Medicare beneficiaries in California will be assigned new prescription drug plans 0 None
2006-10-16 Group Health will reduce premiums for Washington State-subsidized health plan for low-income residents 0 None
2006-10-16 Many health care organizations have employee retention issues 0 None
2006-10-16 Outpatient surgery centers 'poised to outnumber' general hospitals 0 None
2006-10-16 Increased oversight, other efforts have reduced improper Medicare payment claims by $1.3B 0 None
2006-10-16 Few doctors have implemented, effectively use electronic health records 0 None
2006-10-16 Virginia Supreme Court launches State mental health law review 0 None
2006-10-16 U.S. consumers' health care concerns 0 None
2006-10-16 Few candidates discuss health care in detail as part of campaigns 0 None
2006-10-05 New York State law prevents new CDC testing recommendations from being implemented 0 None
2006-10-05 More 'eco-friendly' hospitals being built 0 None
2006-10-05 USA Today examines debate surrounding New Jersey bill (S 494) 0 None
2006-10-05 New Mexico considers expanding Medicaid enrollment after containing costs in recent years 0 None
2006-10-05 U.S. still leader in medical innovation 0 None
2006-10-05 Rent increase for New York City HIV/AIDS welfare housing 0 None
2006-10-05 Proposed changes to Ryan White CARE Act would harm treatment efforts among HIV-positive Latinos 0 None
2006-10-05 Nursing schools reject increased number of applicants over lack of faculty members 0 None
2006-10-05 Elderly patients in the UK demeaned by hospital staff 0 None
2006-10-03 CQ's Carey addresses health IT legislation, House approval of HSA expansion, Medicare payment cuts, Ryan White CARE Act reauthorization 0 None
2006-10-03 Massachusetts announces universal health care coverage premium rates that are expected to cost the state 10% less than previous estimates 0 None
2006-10-03 Adequate resources, trained staff lacking for pediatric emergency care 0 None
2006-10-03 Democrats focus on income gap, health care costs in election campaigns 0 None
2006-10-03 New York State to receive $1.5B to improve Medicaid 0 None
2006-10-03 More medical students enter dermatology, leave other specialties 0 None
2006-10-03 HHS says New Orleans-area health care reform proposal needs revising 0 None
2006-10-03 Massachusetts health insurance mandate does not include children 0 None


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