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2007-09-29 Health care interventions that tackle health disparities 0 None
2007-09-27 Polyclinics not the answer to improving care in London 0 None
2007-09-27 Agfa HealthCare finalizes implementation of fully integrated cardiology suite at Belgian Hospital 0 None
2007-09-26 Lean manufacturing principles boost efficiency at rural hospital 0 5
2007-09-25 WHO essential emergency training to save lives and prevent disability 0 None
2007-09-25 USC receives $7.5 million for Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Minority Health 0 None
2007-09-25 The value of preventive health services in the U.S. 0 None
2007-09-25 Increasing elderly population poses huge challenges in cancer care 0 None
2007-09-25 Care by a hospital-based general physician strongly associated with shorter length of hospital stay in patients 0 None
2007-09-25 The cancer burden in the developing world 0 None
2007-09-24 The cost and value of that annual preventative health check up 0 4
2007-09-24 New Australian initiative to combat shortage of pathologists, radiologists 0 None
2007-09-18 Unanticipated consequences of healthcare information technology 0 None
2007-09-18 Giving voice to registered nurses' decisions to work 0 None
2007-09-18 Hospital comparison web sites can be misleading 0 None
2007-09-17 GP performance related payments for tackling heart disease are too complex 0 None
2007-09-14 Agfa HealthCare signs multi-million dollar five-year radiology informatics agreement with Adventist Health System 0 None
2007-09-12 Uninsured community health center patients often have difficulty accessing specialty services 0 None
2007-09-12 Immigrants and health care: sources of vulnerability 0 None
2007-09-11 U.S. has highest level of health spending compared to other OECD countries 0 None
2007-09-11 Health spending in OECD countries in 2004 and trends in the health of older Americans 0 None
2007-09-11 Premiums increased at slowest rate since 1999 0 None
2007-09-11 Maximizing opportunities for personalized treatment 0 None
2007-09-05 Clinical handover at the patient's bedside key to improving safety in hospitals 0 4
2007-09-05 Has NHS programme for reforming doctors' training lost its way? 0 None
2007-09-03 PACE program helps seniors to live independently 0 None


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