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2008-08-29 WSJ examines concerns over large not-for-profit hospital system in southwestern Virginia 0 None
2008-08-29 Kansas American Indian tribe declares health care emergency, requests funds from IHS 0 None
2008-08-28 California health officials seek suspension of injunction against Medi-Cal reimbursement rate reduction 0 None
2008-08-28 Health care costs, other economic concerns prompt baby boomers to delay retirement 0 None
2008-08-28 Sen. Clinton expresses support for Presidential nominee Obama, discusses health care in convention speech 0 None
2008-08-28 Number, percentage of uninsured U.S. residents decreased in 2007, according to U.S. Census Bureau 0 4
2008-08-26 Alabama board approves plan to charge state employees for obesity, health problems 0 None
2008-08-26 Democratic National Committee approves platform with health care language; Obama campaigns in Iowa 0 None
2008-08-26 Blue Cross Blue Shield plans consider consolidation amid tightening managed-care market 0 None
2008-08-26 Uninsured U.S. residents will spend $30 billion out-of-pocket on health care this year, while receiving $56 billion in uncompensated care 0 None
2008-08-26 45 million Americans are uninsured 0 None
2008-08-26 The challenge of an ageing population 0 None
2008-08-26 CMS official expresses concerns with timeline, scope of Texas Medicaid overhaul plan 0 None
2008-08-26 Presidential candidates' positions on health and economic issues 0 None
2008-08-26 HHS releases proposed rule on conscientious objections that would protect providers who refuse to perform abortions 0 None
2008-08-25 New Zealand Ministry of Health increases funding to the very low cost access and zero fees for under sixes schemes 0 None
2008-08-25 Uninsured spend $30 billion out of pocket for health care 0 None
2008-08-25 Charity warns elderly still go hungry in hospital 0 None
2008-08-20 79 million adults with medical bill problems or medical debt in U.S. 0 None
2008-08-18 Wake Forest University launches major initiatives in bioethics 0 None
2008-08-13 Advisers to Presidential candidates discuss health care proposals during online debate 0 None
2008-08-13 More than a quarter of Hispanics in U.S. have no regular health care provider 0 None
2008-08-13 Increased coordination between CMS, IHS could improve quality of care for American Indians, GAO report finds 0 None
2008-08-13 22% of survey respondents have reduced number of physician visits to save money, survey finds 0 None
2008-08-13 Associations, trade groups offer members group-like health insurance 0 None
2008-08-13 New York Gov. Paterson proposes $1.04 billion in budget cuts, including $506 million to Medicaid 0 None
2008-08-13 California, health insurers reach agreement to reinstate coverage for some former members 0 None
2008-08-13 U.S. faces serious shortage of primary care physicians 0 None
2008-08-13 Study to look at health care system trust among Hispanics with HIV 0 None
2008-08-12 Virginia Hospital Center to launch $14 million new hospital information system 0 None
2008-08-12 NHS is a sickness system not a health system, according to new book 0 None
2008-08-11 Brits told by the NHS their lives will not be saved if the cost is too much 0 None
2008-08-11 Australian doctors call for a national immunisation register 0 None
2008-08-11 Launch of new codes of ethics and professional conduct for Australian nurses and midwives 0 4
2008-08-04 YMCA and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center offer free exercise program for cancer survivors 0 None
2008-08-04 Queensland health in bother again over employment of a foreign doctor 0 None
2008-08-04 U.S. EPA calls out nation's largest manufacturer of hospital disinfectants 0 None
2008-08-04 Concerns about possible cancer cluster prompts investigation of Gold Coast private hospital 0 None
2008-08-03 Hospital error resulted in 17 cancer patients wrongly told they were clear 0 None
2008-08-03 House votes to extend medical leave coverage for college students 0 None
2008-08-03 Court refuses to halt 10% cut to Medi-Cal payments for physicians, dentists 0 None
2008-08-03 Participation in Connecticut Charter Oak Health Plan off to slow start 0 None
2008-08-03 Kaiser roundup of health policy-related blog posts 0 None
2008-08-03 Presidential candidate Nader promotes single-payer health care plan 0 None


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