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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - November 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-11-30 Deficit plans target politically-protected Medicare program 0 None
2010-11-30 Medical records and medical device interests gain attention from big names, congressional delegation 0 None
2010-11-30 Lame duck update: Congress delays Medicare payment cuts, fails to roll back health law's 1099 provision 0 None
2010-11-30 Health care models: Accountable Care Organizations, medical homes 0 None
2010-11-30 Medicaid cuts hurt Miss. Residents, Calif. appeals federal order to reduce prison population amid health concerns 0 None
2010-11-30 Goosby, Emanuel address progress, potential roadblocks ahead for introduction of microbicides in developing countries 0 None
2010-11-30 California's largest insurers fined nearly $5 million 0 None
2010-11-30 Today's OpEds: Transforming Cal. Safety Net; medical loss ratio; employee health benefits; nurses' role in future 0 None
2010-11-30 Queensland allied health workers go on strike over pay issues 0 2.5
2010-11-30 Internists plead Congress to avert scheduled Medicare SGR cut 0 None
2010-11-30 Canadians at increased risk for flu complications not aware of all the facts 0 1
2010-11-30 Ascension Health to deploy MedAssets' suite of charge integrity solutions 0 None
2010-11-30 Largest remote health monitoring project in the world launched in China 0 None
2010-11-30 RRIA adds ZixGateway Inbound email scanner for unsecure protected health information 0 None
2010-11-30 First Edition: November 30, 2010 0 None
2010-11-30 American Journal of Preventive Medicine delineates public health problem about caffeinated alcoholic beverages 0 None
2010-11-30 May Institute, Borders partner to raise funds for critical services during Benefit Days 0 None
2010-11-30 Plackers recommends simple steps to maintain healthy teeth, gums during stressful holiday season 0 None
2010-11-30 CompPartners, Emerald Claims Management partner to provide intake and triage services to injured employees 0 None
2010-11-30 Super-sized World conference to address national health crisis of obesity 0 None
2010-11-30 Methodist to develop national training center for treatment of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-11-30 Increased staffing enhances patient survival in medical ICU 0 None
2010-11-30 University Hospitals receives $42 million for cancer care 0 None
2010-11-30 Prescription rates for controlled medications double for teens, young adults 0 None
2010-11-30 Department of VA works to speed-up process to obtain health-care records 0 None
2010-11-30 Northern Hospital implements EMC and VMware solutions to virtualize and consolidate IT infrastructure 0 None
2010-11-30 BioTrends releases annual syndicated publication of CKD-ND patient charts 0 None
2010-11-30 AIDS Healthcare Foundation to participate in Members Project 0 None
2010-11-30 Finding underscores a large-scale challenge plaguing today's healthcare system 0 None
2010-11-30 New tool helps doctors gauge how well they care for people with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-11-30 Christiana Care earns NRC's 2010/2011 Consumer Choice Award as top hospital in Delaware region 0 None
2010-11-30 Majority of Americans and Canadians are getting enough vitamin D and calcium, says report 1 None
2010-11-30 Kaiser Permanente announces $10.5 million investment for Oakland community health needs 0 None
2010-11-30 State legislatures ask: Are insurers practicing medicine without a license? 0 None
2010-11-30 HP, Clinton Health Access Initiative collaborate to improve HIV testing and treatment of infants in Kenya 0 None
2010-11-30 Primary care physicians rank GSK's sales force number one 0 None
2010-11-30 Sante to break ground on second and third post hospital stay rehabilitation centers 0 None
2010-11-30 American Red Cross announces additional $2 million to combat cholera epidemic in Haiti 0 None
2010-11-30 Exergen introduces Virtual Classroom for training on temporal artery thermometry 0 None
2010-11-30 BCBSNC to implement Intelimedix's Tru:Insights employer group reporting tool 0 None
2010-11-30 Sinai Hospital's endocrinologist helps people to manage diabetes 0 None
2010-11-30 Amount of vegetables consumed in childhood correlated to arterial stiffness in adulthood 0 None
2010-11-30 Medisafe 1 to launch syringe locking device in Jerusalem hospital 0 None
2010-11-30 Nine out of ten of all primary care centers in Sweden prescribe physical activity 0 None
2010-11-30 Tips to encourage children to eat vegetables, fruits 1 None
2010-11-30 Washington Post examines development experts' reactions to draft QDDR 0 None
2010-11-30 Texas gives disability oversight to quasi-government authorities; Colorado rural ambulance services face crisis 0 None
2010-11-30 African Ministerial Conference concludes with health priority commitment 0 None
2010-11-30 Advanced Data Systems receives eHealthConnecticut REC Qualified Vendor status 0 None
2010-11-30 HPIC announces new project to build Afghan healthcare system 0 None
2010-11-30 GAVI says pentavalent vaccine price to fall, but $3.7B still needed to vaccinate children in developing countries 0 None
2010-11-30 Haiti requires additional trained nurses, doctors to address cholera epidemic, U.N. official says 0 None
2010-11-30 Support elusive for debt panel as Wednesday deadline nears 1 None
2010-11-30 Medicare advantage enrollees will see more changes to plans 0 None
2010-11-29 Tricare may raise fees; VA Medical Center uses telemedicine to trim costs 1 None
2010-11-29 Majority of African nations to miss MDG target on water, sanitation, UNEP says 0 None
2010-11-29 Groups sharpen distinctions on health reform repeal as court cases continue 0 None
2010-11-29 GlobalNet Services awarded $6.2M contract to support Agency Wide Business Objects Support project 0 None
2010-11-29 State lawmakers consider Medicaid changes 0 None
2010-11-29 MEDRAD launches VirtualCARE solution for Intego PET Infusion System 0 None
2010-11-29 ACO's raise hope but also questions 0 None
2010-11-29 KHN column: Replace the tattered Medicaid long-term care safety net 0 None
2010-11-29 Political cartoon: 'Attack Dog or Lapdog?' 0 None
2010-11-29 IMRISneuro sold to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center 0 None
2010-11-29 DR Systems ranked leading PACS vendor for large hospitals 0 None
2010-11-29 Nuance releases PowerScribe 360 radiology reporting and communications platform 0 None
2010-11-29 DICOM Grid releases ImageCare scalable cloud computing platform for medical imaging management 0 None
2010-11-29 Common, overprescribed drugs lead to election dopiness and immaturity 0 None
2010-11-29 Lilly selects Veeva CRM for global deployments 0 None
2010-11-29 First Edition: November 29, 2010 0 None
2010-11-29 DePuy Spine, Lanx, Medtronic, Zimmer Spine and Codman support NREF's post-residency clinical fellowships 0 None
2010-11-29 Weight Watchers introduces PointsPlus weight loss program in the U.S. 0 1.5
2010-11-29 Toshiba to showcase episode-based care solutions at RSNA annual meeting 0 None
2010-11-29 Baylor Health Care System receives $20 million to benefit transplantation initiatives 0 None
2010-11-29 QIAGEN to supply point-of-need molecular veterinary diagnostics for disease detection in emerging countries 0 None
2010-11-29 Grove School announces expansion of art therapy program 0 None
2010-11-29 Study reports increased CT usage in emergency departments 0 None
2010-11-29 Patients experience high levels of anxiety during diagnostic exam 0 None
2010-11-29 Jefferson Hospital offers shortest wait times for patients seeking kidney transplant: SRTR 0 5
2010-11-28 Lame duck session to include votes on Medicare 'doc fix,' health law's 1099 tax provision 0 None
2010-11-28 GE Healthcare highlights technologies to support healthymagination strategy at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-11-28 Health reform law facing showdown in courts, Congress 0 None
2010-11-26 Mach 7 Technologies releases Keystone Suite v11 Enterprise Imaging Platform 0 None
2010-11-26 Book on learning life's lessons 0 5
2010-11-26 CRE comments on Addiction's menthol cigarettes Supplement 0 None
2010-11-26 Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles wins Paradigm Award for labor excellence 0 None
2010-11-26 Health ingredients Europe 2010 global event to be held in Spain 0 None
2010-11-26 Circle social enterprise to run Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust in Huntingdonshire 0 None
2010-11-26 Canadian Red Cross announces First Responder Initiative for disaster response 0 None
2010-11-26 Study suggests less than 10% of UK adults with CAH receive specialist endocrine care 0 None
2010-11-26 Study indicates high self-rated lifetime prevalence of depression among psychiatrists 0 None
2010-11-26 High-quality information will create new dynamic between patients and providers, say experts 0 None
2010-11-26 Léger Marketing survey shows substance abuse problems are major concern for Quebecers 0 None
2010-11-25 Personalized oncology requires new paradigm for drug development, experts say 0 None
2010-11-25 Hospital errors in U.S. continue despite efforts: Study 0 None
2010-11-25 NSW emergency departments falling short on targets 0 None
2010-11-25 Biomedical Market Newsletter announces 20th year in business 0 None
2010-11-25 University of Liverpool and Laureate Online Education launch new Doctor of Education programme 0 3
2010-11-25 New study finds no decrease in patient harm at hospitals 0 None
2010-11-25 Immunity-enhancing probiotics may be the best line of defense for good health 0 5
2010-11-25 Laboratories obtain satisfactory scores in measuring heavy metals: Study 0 None
2010-11-25 Humanitarian benefits of rapid cholera vaccines deployment to at risk areas could be enormous 0 None
2010-11-25 UMDNJ researchers develop comprehensive strategy for recovery from smoking addiction 0 None
2010-11-25 New pediatric therapy centres in Westmount and Pointe Claire 0 None
2010-11-25 Kids who feel part of the team are more likely to stay active and healthy 0 None
2010-11-25 NAFC urges volunteers to register for free medical clinic in Charlotte 0 None
2010-11-25 WHO/UN-HABITAT report documents health disparities facing women in developing country urban areas 0 None
2010-11-25 Genzyme meets FDA consent decree by ending fill/finish activities in Allston plant 0 None
2010-11-25 Participation in Better Beginnings, Better Futures project improves social, academic functioning of children 0 None
2010-11-25 Weather associated with trauma admissions 0 None
2010-11-25 American Board Diplomat joins Ascendant Neuro for treating pain management 0 None
2010-11-25 Haiti cholera death toll increases, U.N. boosts estimate for number of expected cases 0 None
2010-11-25 DSM wins Most Innovative Health Ingredient Award 0 None
2010-11-25 Media outlets continue to follow major HIV/AIDS developments this week 0 None
2010-11-25 Intelerad releases new embedded Multi-Method Reporting module for InteleOne, IntelePACS solutions 0 None
2010-11-25 Poor governance major cause of Africa’s water problems, AfDB report says 0 None
2010-11-25 Diogenes study investigates optimum diet composition for preventing, treating obesity 0 3.3
2010-11-25 Public health: Frequency of dialysis treatment questioned, chemotherapy drug shortages 0 None
2010-11-25 Middle East meeting addresses global food security 0 None
2010-11-25 Privacy complaint targets online health sites 0 None
2010-11-25 New insurers rule meets resistance from Florida, Iowa 0 None
2010-11-25 New drug research, incidence rates and Pope's comments brighten AIDS outlook 0 None
2010-11-25 Bio-Optronics to showcase workflow software solutions at RSNA annual meet 0 None
2010-11-25 Obama administration clashes with insurers over controlling costs 0 None
2010-11-25 USAID's Shah announces Bureau for Food Security; Bread for the World releases 2011 Hunger Report 0 None
2010-11-25 New report from anti-poverty coalition Ontario Campaign 2000 0 None
2010-11-25 ADS MedicsDocAssistant V.5.2 EHR achieves ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification 0 None
2010-11-24 Fla. GOP takes aim at health law; Hawaii considers cuts in mental health services 0 None
2010-11-24 Medicaid: Texas GOP activists push to drop the program; Fla. nurse practitioners vie for larger role 0 None
2010-11-24 End-of-life care raises difficult questions about quality issues 0 None
2010-11-24 Democrats, liberal groups urge GOP lawmakers who opposed health law now to reject federal insurance 0 None
2010-11-24 Poll shows majority favor health reform; N.Y. Democrat dares GOP to repeal law; Court allows legal challenge 0 None
2010-11-24 KHN column: If employers walked away from health coverage 0 None
2010-11-24 Today's OpEds: Medical students say don't repeal; 'Obamacare' waivers; The medical loss ratio; Medicare 'doc fix' 0 None
2010-11-24 CCCA to improve Indigenous health services with cultural competency training for NSW GPs and nurses 0 5
2010-11-24 Dr. Yves DeClerck honored as first recipient of Richard Call Family Endowed Chair 0 None
2010-11-24 Sheraton Denver to host Breakfast with Santa to help Ronald McDonald House 0 None
2010-11-24 First Edition: November 24, 2010 0 None
2010-11-24 Catholics for Choice comments on Vatican's clarification on condom usage 0 None
2010-11-24 Headline-grabbing offers may not best meet needs of Medicare Part D plan enrollees 0 None
2010-11-24 IAS calls on Burmese Government to reverse ruling to shut down charitable HIV/AIDS clinic 0 None
2010-11-24 Policy of routine error disclosure may minimize impact of medical errors 0 None
2010-11-24 Five technology-based high-tech ventures receive funding under QTDP grants 0 None
2010-11-24 Novel sharps disposal device reduces container-associated sharps injuries by 81% 0 None
2010-11-24 Scott & White Healthcare’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program receives AACVPR accreditation 0 None
2010-11-24 HOYA opens new Faculty Education and Experience Centre in Budapest 0 None
2010-11-24 On Thanksgiving Day never mind conflict with the in-laws; it's cake vs. cranberry, pie vs. wine 0 None
2010-11-24 Eating Disorder Hope partners with MyPyramid to help eating disorder sufferers 0 None
2010-11-24 CIHI study finds impact of H1N1 pandemic on Canadian hospitals 0 None
2010-11-24 Testing less frequently not a good way to economize for people living with diabetes 0 None
2010-11-24 IAS expresses mixed reaction to the Pope's comments on condom usage 0 None
2010-11-24 New book to prevent childhood obesity 0 None
2010-11-24 Insurers' stocks rise on new HHS rules designed to protect consumers, increase insurer spending on care 0 None
2010-11-24 AHF commends Congressman Rohrabacher for exposing AIDS funding grab by China 0 None
2010-11-24 Massachusetts makes drug and medical device company payments public 0 None
2010-11-24 National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action announce merger 0 None
2010-11-24 AP reports on 'significant' clarification of Pope's comments on condoms to prevent HIV 0 None
2010-11-24 More salt in many holiday meals, cardiologist warns 0 None
2010-11-24 Lifestyle-related diseases will be costly down the road; Americans rate their healthcare highly 0 None
2010-11-24 Study estimates cost savings associated with global polio eradication; global post examines vaccination efforts in Africa 0 None
2010-11-24 Health spending proposals, health law repeal divide lawmakers 0 None
2010-11-24 Two surveys show 'huge variation' in health costs in U.S. 0 None
2010-11-23 Insuring your health: Retirees can find insuring young adult children difficult 0 None
2010-11-23 Siemens receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Complete EHR certifications 0 None
2010-11-23 SAMHSA grants $14.4 million to help people in substance abuse treatment programs 0 None
2010-11-23 'Telehealth' devices allow patients to track illnesses from home 0 None
2010-11-23 Feds recover $3 billion in health care fraud and other settlements 0 None
2010-11-23 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan faces new lawsuits, GOP in Florida looks to malpractice reform to help draw doctors to Medicaid program 0 None
2010-11-23 Kansas hospitals report sharp increases in uncompensated care 0 None
2010-11-23 Government orders three Medicare advantage plans to stop marketing, enrolling new members 0 None
2010-11-23 ODS Security enters strategic partnership with TSSI 0 None
2010-11-23 Health on The Hill - November 22, 2010 0 None
2010-11-23 Today's Op-Eds: HMOs, the 'fixed' middlemen; you can't keep your coverage; the (in) effectiveness of medical cost control 0 None
2010-11-23 Striking nurses’ agenda backed by doctors 0 None
2010-11-23 CEO Cancer Gold Standard employee wellness program highlighted in Harvard Business Review 0 None
2010-11-23 UnitedHealthcare introduces Pharmacy Saver program to provide affordable prescription drugs 0 None
2010-11-23 Early diagnosis and treatment result in positive outcomes for RA patients 0 None
2010-11-23 Innovative new roles and occupations in health sector of the future 0 None
2010-11-23 Ergothioneine international congress 2011 to be held at UCLA 0 None
2010-11-23 NC family hopes to win Pepsi Refresh Project grant to fund research for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood 0 None
2010-11-23 Global initiative to eradicate polio could provide benefits of at least US$40-50 billion 0 None
2010-11-23 AMGA releases comments on draft criteria of ACOs credential 0 None
2010-11-23 Pope's statement on condoms to reduce HIV has potential to save tens of thousands of lives, says GAA 0 None
2010-11-23 HHS Secretary launches new application cycle for NHSC Loan Repayment Program 0 None
2010-11-23 CCSA releases Portfolio of Canadian Standards for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention 0 None
2010-11-23 Study examines nosocomial outbreak of influenza in Hong Kong hospitals 0 None
2010-11-23 2010 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing explores new collaborative opportunities 0 None
2010-11-23 IMSI presents OneList unified worklist at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-11-23 aAetna announces pilot with MCNT to improve diabetes care 0 None
2010-11-23 Ontario Cancer Plan third edition to address growing needs 0 None
2010-11-23 Medicalis to showcase Radiology Collaborative Workflow Solutions at 96th RSNA 0 5
2010-11-23 Pennsylvania's first reported flu-related death of 2010-11 flu season 0 None
2010-11-23 Rates of hospital emergency department use greater among women and low-income, older and rural Americans 0 None
2010-11-23 ADA systematic review provides nutrition practice guidelines to support people with diabetes 0 None
2010-11-23 TripleTree to host webcast on convergence of cloud computing and healthcare 0 None
2010-11-23 As hospital system expands, patients advocates worry 0 None
2010-11-23 Health workforce faces challenges with economic downturn, effort to improve quality of care 0 None
2010-11-23 WHO report calls for countries to improve access to health services 0 None
2010-11-23 'Don't litigate, innovate.' How to implement a fully funded alternative to the new health care overhaul – and it’s already in the law 0 None
2010-11-23 Explaining changes to Part D plans, fixing doctors' Medicare reimbursements, fighting hikes in long-term care insurance 0 None
2010-11-23 Health law repeal murky as groups press officials, target specific provisions 0 None
2010-11-23 Health groups urge restrictions on tobacco additives 0 None
2010-11-23 Medicare making changes to acknowledge telemedicine's growing use 0 None
2010-11-23 Arthritis Foundation, Covidien join forces to help Americans suffering from osteoarthritis 0 None
2010-11-23 Debt woes keep harsh guidelines aloft, forge unlikely alliances 0 None
2010-11-23 Mergers among hospitals and doctors spur consumer concerns, The NY Times reports 0 None
2010-11-22 First African tapped as new head of U.N. population fund 0 None
2010-11-22 New law's health insurance regulations could mean rebates for consumers 0 None
2010-11-22 HHS details health law MLR requirement: insurers must spend at least 80 percent on medical care 0 None
2010-11-22 UC San Diego designated as Blue Distinction Center 0 None
2010-11-22 The conservative way forward on health care 0 None
2010-11-22 Today's Op-Eds: The Ryan roadmap; Democrats and the doc fix; Health reform's failed promises; 'Don't litigate, innovate' 0 None
2010-11-22 North Sunflower Medical Center to deploy McKesson health IT solutions 0 None
2010-11-22 Big hospital clout dictates premiums 0 None
2010-11-22 Employers scrutinize dependents for health coverage 0 None
2010-11-22 States mull Medicaid cuts, dropout possibilities 0 None
2010-11-22 Research roundup: Health IT and malpractice; Wide variation in hospital rates; Income and insurance offerings 0 None
2010-11-22 Political cartoon: 'Waivers' 0 None
2010-11-22 KHN column: The Roadmap lives 0 None
2010-11-22 Cerner products achieve CCHIT Complete EHR certification 0 None
2010-11-22 Medworxx Bed Optimization System goes live across St. Michael's Hospital 0 None
2010-11-22 First Edition: November 22, 2010 0 None
2010-11-22 CDS introduces new genre to online learning content 0 None
2010-11-22 WHO's guidance to governments on ways to finance health care 0 None
2010-11-22 SIS perioperative modular EHR achieves ONC-ATCB meaningful use certification 0 None
2010-11-22 Perspectives on World Health Report 2010 0 None
2010-11-22 2011 RAC Summit prepares physicians for new audit landscape 0 None
2010-11-22 Military surgeons provide guidance on handling emergency blast injuries 0 None
2010-11-22 SESCAM selects WeatherBug weather monitoring solution for emergency services operations 0 None
2010-11-22 Epilepsy Foundation Northwest adds Alaska to territory 0 None
2010-11-22 Parties to WHO FCTC strengthen tobacco-control efforts worldwide 0 None
2010-11-22 Rush to merge doctors and hospitals is raising consumers' concerns 0 None
2010-11-21 Mass. and Minn. officials struggle with controlling health costs, guaranteeing quality 0 None
2010-11-21 NSW nurses to strike on Wednesday 0 None
2010-11-21 Growing emergency room ‘access block’ problem in Australian hospitals 0 2
2010-11-20 U.S. federal court sanction lawyers at Gibson Dunn for abusive questioning in Ecuador environmental contamination 0 3
2010-11-20 Physicians and consumers agree on quality of hospice and amount of service, reveals survey 0 None
2010-11-20 Lotsa Helping Hands' new feature connects community members to healthcare nonprofit organizations 0 None
2010-11-20 Guardian recognized as one of leading U.S. dental insurance carriers for second consecutive year 0 None
2010-11-20 'Vulnerably housed' people have same severe health problems as homeless people 0 None
2010-11-20 Lower VAT on alcohol served in pubs may deliver health benefits 0 None
2010-11-20 Dollar General joins St. Jude Children's Hospital for Thanks and Giving campaign 0 None
2010-11-20 CRE pleased with FDA's attention to DQA petition 0 None
2010-11-20 Consumers want healthier menu items, but do not order them 0 None
2010-11-20 Novartis gender discrimination case settlement final hearing on November 19 0 None
2010-11-20 Assessment by nurse practitioner satisfies patients with back problems: Study 0 None
2010-11-20 Dr. Gupta interviewed for upcoming segment of World Progress Report 0 None
2010-11-20 First international study to examine human developmental effects of environmental exposure to e-waste 0 None
2010-11-20 Humana delivers one millionth meal in Well Dine food program 0 None
2010-11-20 CMS notifies Health Net about intermediate sanction on compliance with Part D requirements 0 None
2010-11-20 University of Leicester holds first Doctoral Inaugural Lectures 0 None
2010-11-20 Gore joins vascular, endovascular leaders to honor physicians receiving annual recognition 0 None
2010-11-20 Northeast Ohio receives over $497 million in community benefits from Cleveland Clinic 0 None
2010-11-20 CBS Sports to feature CMC and LifeShare Of The Carolinas 0 None
2010-11-20 Nephrologist’s care reduces ESRD development during first year of dialysis: Study 0 None
2010-11-20 ACLJ files amicus brief with federal court in Florida on behalf of 63 Congress members 0 None
2010-11-20 Ontario's doctors congratulate inaugural class of PAs at McMaster University 0 None
2010-11-20 Comprehensive guide to current practice of intraoperative neurophysiology 0 5
2010-11-20 BCIA issues statement regarding CPSC's assertion on safe babywearing 0 None
2010-11-20 ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs as high as six to one 0 None
2010-11-20 New treatment model to incorporate systematic depression screening at primary care visits 0 None
2010-11-20 People to get free vision rehabilitation surgeries with launch of 2010 China-Africa Brightness Action 0 None
2010-11-20 Action Alliance to address preventable public health tragedy of suicide 0 None
2010-11-20 HRSA awards $8 million for Community Health Center Cooperative Agreements 0 None
2010-11-20 Russian-trained microbiologist recommends tips for consumers to achieve effective results from probiotics 0 None
2010-11-20 CAP offers complimentary EHR support services for members 0 None
2010-11-20 ECRI Institute PSO enters agreement with Tennessee Center to provide patient safety services 0 None
2010-11-20 CVS Caremark Customer Care team ranked second in the world for Best Customer Service 0 None
2010-11-20 High court's statement about intent a win for life insurance consumers, says Coventry 0 None
2010-11-20 NCL applauds FDA's decision on reformulation of alcoholic beverages 0 None
2010-11-20 Tips to maintain an upperhand on bedbugs 0 None
2010-11-20 Harvard researcher to receive 2010 Naomi Berrie Award from Columbia University Medical Center 0 None
2010-11-20 SENSA CARES launches Share Because You Care charity contest 0 1
2010-11-20 Gore sponsors EVEResT Lunch Symposium 0 None
2010-11-20 Simple strategies to cope with holiday stress 0 None
2010-11-20 Social limitation troubles teens with food allergies: Study 0 None
2010-11-20 People with heart disease, diabetes or cancer believe economic downturn hurts their health: Poll 1 None
2010-11-20 Eastern Virginia professor says average doctor may be toting new pocket-sized ultrasound machine 0 None
2010-11-20 Psychiatric hospitalization rate decreases among adults with schizophrenia treated with INVEGA SUSTENNA: Study 0 5
2010-11-20 Survey examines Canadians' overall view of health care system 0 None
2010-11-20 Beacon Partners announces results of ARRA Preparedness and Sustainability study 0 None
2010-11-20 Removal of tobacco displays changes young people's attitude to smoking 0 None
2010-11-20 Palmetto GBA to cover PTNS therapy for patients with overactive bladder 0 None
2010-11-20 Atria Senior Living unveils new activities guide for employees living, working in Life Guidance Neighborhoods 0 None
2010-11-20 New international guidelines launched to protect health workers against HIV, TB 0 None
2010-11-20 Study sheds light on poorly understood aspect of interaction of HIV with natural killer cells 0 None
2010-11-20 Older adults with low sodium experience increased rates of fractures, falls: Study 0 None
2010-11-20 Franklin ranked among top 10 hospitals in New York State for joint replacement 0 None
2010-11-20 David Foster, TELUS announce partnership to increase organ donor awareness in Canada 0 None
2010-11-20 GRRL Tech offers students career insight into STEM industries 0 None
2010-11-20 NJBIZ selects AHM as fifth fastest growing company 0 None
2010-11-20 HRSA awarded $1.6M in grants to support Hepatitis C Treatment Expansion Initiative 0 None
2010-11-20 IPC acquires hospitalist practice of HOWM 0 None
2010-11-20 Containers to Clinics opens pilot health facility in Haiti 0 None
2010-11-20 MEDSEEK clients awarded Strategic Communications eHealthcare Leadership Awards 0 None
2010-11-20 Researchers develop social competence curriculum for autistic children 0 None
2010-11-20 MHD signs agreement with Riverside Medical for integrated healthcare delivery system 0 None
2010-11-20 Doctors provide tips to protect children from seasonal flu 0 None
2010-11-20 New initiative to help improve oral health for North Carolina children 0 None
2010-11-20 MedSynergies receives gold-level award for website design 0 None
2010-11-20 Thorax Institute presents 18-year experience with SynCardia Artificial Heart at Acute Cardiac Care meeting 0 None
2010-11-20 Evelyn Y. Davis gifts $100,000 to Swedish Medical Center 0 None
2010-11-20 Tackling physical, mental health of prisoners would improve public health, researchers say 0 None
2010-11-20 PIPC's white paper provides guidance in defining CER procedures 0 None
2010-11-20 One-third of malaria-endemic countries are complying with WHO malaria drug efficacy monitoring standards, report says 0 None
2010-11-20 Repeal, replace and revise are the new health overhaul buzzwords as congressional power changes hands 0 None
2010-11-20 Study highlights poor outcomes for patients with ESRD admitted over weekend 0 None
2010-11-20 GE Healthcare Canada wins ITAC 2010 Company of the Year Award 0 None
2010-11-20 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada receives award for Our Health Connects Us campaign 0 None
2010-11-20 Health industry players offer insights, expectations about overhaul's impact 0 None
2010-11-20 Insurers payments to hospitals vary significantly by region 0 None
2010-11-20 No agreement on health cost containment at bipartisan commission 0 None
2010-11-20 SuccessEHS Mobile EHR for iPhone helps secure access to critical data 0 5
2010-11-20 States focus on Medicaid budget challenges 0 None
2010-11-20 Senate acts on Medicare doctor pay fix 0 None
2010-11-20 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-11-20 A hospital chiefs tough task in tough times: cut costs, improve quality 0 None
2010-11-19 CMS grants Qutenza J-code to NeurogesX 0 None
2010-11-19 State roundup: California PPOs 'low marks'; Geriatric nursing; Physician shortages 0 None
2010-11-19 Political cartoon: Mayberry R.F.D.? 0 None
2010-11-19 U.S. falling short of its goals to improve access to clean water, sanitation worldwide, report says 0 None
2010-11-19 World Bank report examines member banks' response to global economic downturn, highlights effect on global poverty 0 None
2010-11-19 Today's OpEds: Opposing views on hospital medical errors; lesson for Andy Harris; Dems and abortion 0 None
2010-11-19 AARP urges Idaho to put families, children & elderly ahead of special interests when tackling budget woes 0 None
2010-11-19 Task Force for National Conference on Diabetes issues Call to Action to improve diabetes care 0 None
2010-11-19 HHS, AARP to provide tips for seniors to stay healthy during flu season 0 None
2010-11-19 Substance abuse treatment facilities offering nicotine replacement therapy increased by 6%: Report 0 None
2010-11-19 Report examines how health care reform affects personal costs, coverage, quality of service 0 None
2010-11-19 MedStart Summer Enrichment Program helps students better understand medical conditions: Studies 0 None
2010-11-19 SAMHSA: 4.8% U.S. adults suffer from serious mental illness 0 None
2010-11-19 ENERCA network organizes European Symposium on rare anemias 0 None
2010-11-19 New handbooks provide health benefits information to Veterans 0 None
2010-11-19 New report highlights need for improved safety measures in organ procurement travel 0 None
2010-11-19 DCR to present data on DaVita Cathaway program at ASN Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-19 BioSpace Hotbed campaign promotes life science organizations 0 None
2010-11-19 Prescription abandonment can undermine medical treatment, increase healthcare costs 0 None
2010-11-19 Study finds average health insurance deductible grows to $1,200 as employer costs grow too 0 None
2010-11-19 ProvenCare to focus on potential problems in lung cancer patients 0 None
2010-11-19 Mass. regulators and nursing homes fight inappropriate medicating; officials deal with Hawaii doctor shortage 0 None
2010-11-19 Study: Hospitals use clout to jack up prices 0 None
2010-11-19 Medicare committee recommends expensive drug for some prostate-cancer patients 0 None
2010-11-19 Fla. Republicans want flexibility; facing shortfall, Idaho looks to volunteers; Mass. dental audit reveals millions in wasted funds 0 None
2010-11-19 Crescent Healthcare to open infusion pharmacy in New Jersey 0 None
2010-11-19 Kansas Attorney General-elect announces plans to fight health law in court 0 None
2010-11-19 IPS explores what efforts to reduce U.S. federal deficit could mean for global health funding 0 None
2010-11-19 KHN column -- the Texas Medicaid scenario: Why it's never going to happen 0 None
2010-11-19 Berwick's first hearing marked by strong defense of health law, GOP 'relative gentleness' 0 None
2010-11-19 Bipartisan task force recommends Medicare and Medicaid overhaul 0 None
2010-11-19 Cholera confirmed in Florida woman who traveled to Haiti 0 None
2010-11-19 Expert panel to endorse newly approved therapeutic vaccine for advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-19 Health law revision suggestions pour in from lawmakers, groups 1 None
2010-11-19 Kent, Women & Infants hospitals unveil FAST rapid response programs 0 None
2010-11-19 GWCI join forces with Banca Civica to fight cancer in Washington, D.C. 0 None
2010-11-19 Americans' confidence in health care system lower than other industrialized counties, study finds 0 None
2010-11-19 KHN column – The Medicare doc fix: Physicians again are staring into the abyss 0 None
2010-11-19 Today's Op-Eds: The ObamaCare suit; Fixing physician pay; A federal takeover of Medicaid; Cues from Britain 0 None
2010-11-19 Clinical trial results of ArterX presented at Veith Meeting 0 None
2010-11-18 Bed shortages plague Queensland public hospitals 0 None
2010-11-18 University of Missouri researchers find key to combating medication non-adherence 0 None
2010-11-18 COPD both a burden and a loss 0 None
2010-11-18 Community education shortens onset to hospital arrival times for patients with chest pain 0 None
2010-11-18 Good Garage Scheme launches new initiative for garage owners 0 None
2010-11-18 57 million Americans have prediabetes: Study 0 None
2010-11-18 NTU to develop Five Peaks of Excellence under 5-year strategic plan 0 None
2010-11-18 Call for more transparency and improvements to drug safety in Canada 0 None
2010-11-18 Technogym launches first U.S. wellness center 0 None
2010-11-18 CDS implements eRAD's ASP hosted teleradiology software solution 0 None
2010-11-18 Study reveals higher levels of body fat among South Asian children living in the UK 0 None
2010-11-18 Health literacy leads to less hospitalization for heart failure 0 None
2010-11-18 Urgent action needed to address urban health inequities 0 None
2010-11-18 Despite progress in testing Americans for HIV, lack of federal/private insurance impedes expansion 0 None
2010-11-18 Ontario physicians produce positive results using EMRs 0 None
2010-11-18 PAREXEL reaches milestone in early phase studies 0 None
2010-11-18 MFA reports that senior and Medicaid markets drive health enrollment gains 0 None
2010-11-18 Back pain sufferers get quicker diagnosis and treatment when examined by Nurse Practitioner 0 None
2010-11-18 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society releases new volume of annual series 0 None
2010-11-18 BayCare receives SAMHSA grant to develop VFCN network 0 None
2010-11-18 Colo. nurse practitioners struggle for recognition, reimbursement; Mass. struggles with health care access 0 None
2010-11-18 CMS issues new rules to protect patients' right to choose visitors during hospital stay 0 None
2010-11-18 National leaders to formulate recommendations for high-value health care system 0 None
2010-11-18 Health Net partners with DoD for Major Depression Disease Management Program 0 None
2010-11-18 US has highest out-of-pocket costs and most complex health insurance 0 5
2010-11-18 Survey finds concern over regulatory compliance as major challenge to Life Sciences industry 0 None
2010-11-18 March of Dimes reports decline in Colorado’s premature birth rate 0 None
2010-11-18 PerformRx awarded pharmacy benefit management contract by California DGS 0 None
2010-11-18 Report plus Great American Smokeout offer reasons to quit, renew tobacco prevention efforts 0 None
2010-11-18 UC Berkeley receives $16.5 million to support three research centers to examine children's health 0 None
2010-11-18 First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research kicks off in Switzerland 0 None
2010-11-18 Cholera case confirmed in Dominican Republic; Haitian protestors blame U.N. peacekeeping troops for cholera outbreak 0 None
2010-11-18 Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation launches projects to improve care, reduce cost 0 None
2010-11-18 Doctor groups urge Congress to grant temporary reprieve from Medicare payment cuts 0 None
2010-11-18 Insurer news: 2010 could be record profit year; Anthem settles underpayment cases 0 None
2010-11-18 Benefits: OMB recoups $687 million across agencies, including Medicare; Department of Labor sues businesses for withholding employee money 0 None
2010-11-18 Scorecard: How health industry PACs placed their election bets 0 None
2010-11-18 New deficit report recommends seniors pay more for Medicare 0 None
2010-11-18 Berwick's big day: Senators will grill CMS administrator 0 None
2010-11-18 Study shows end-of-life care varies widely 0 None
2010-11-18 FDA warns manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages 0 None
2010-11-18 Administration unexpectedly expands bonus payments for Medicare advantage plans 0 None
2010-11-18 States consider options for funding Medicaid 0 None
2010-11-18 Hospice or hospital? Where you die depends on where you live 0 None
2010-11-18 Deficit panel recommends ways to curb Medicare, Medicaid costs 0 None
2010-11-18 Krieger Eye Institute at Sinai Hospital opens new center for treatment of retinal diseases 0 None
2010-11-18 New Medicare/Medicaid projects aimed at cheaper, better care 0 None
2010-11-18 Health care CEOs highest paid, Wall Street Journal survey finds 0 None
2010-11-17 Lawmakers elbow for influence as they return to Capitol Hill 0 None
2010-11-17 Prime Healthcare announces acquisition of Alvarado Hospital 0 None
2010-11-17 U.N. report highlights gaps in global social security programs, including health care 0 None
2010-11-17 GST debates continue & heath reforms come under threat 0 None
2010-11-17 Low back pain care initiated with chiropractic doctor saves 40% on health care costs 0 5
2010-11-17 AACN endorses intraosseous vascular access 0 None
2010-11-17 Health professionals invited for 1st Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting 0 None
2010-11-17 St. Jude organizes tobacco cessation program for cancer survivors who smoke 0 None
2010-11-17 Combination of two devices increases long-term survival in cardiac arrest patients 0 None
2010-11-17 School vending machines influence dietary intake of students 0 None
2010-11-17 AMIA's Annual Symposium provides informatics program for work force 0 None
2010-11-17 Study finds interrupted sleep as a burden borne disproportionately by women 0 None
2010-11-17 8 states get better grade on 2010 March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card 0 None
2010-11-17 Better strategies beyond the legal arena needed to prevent sexual abuse among children and teens 0 None
2010-11-17 Pilot registry to identify AEDs in the community 0 None
2010-11-17 Survey on palliative care for patients with dementia 0 None
2010-11-17 New method to improve coordinating care in children with chronic conditions 0 None
2010-11-17 Food allergies may lead to 'kissing' allergies 0 4
2010-11-17 HealthGrades evaluates nation's top-performing hospitals in organ transplantation 1 None
2010-11-17 Public Health Law Network receives $95,000 grant to develop legal training curriculum for NACCHO 0 None
2010-11-17 Canada recognizes Nov. 18 as Antibiotic Awareness Day 0 None
2010-11-17 New educational campaign provides information to Alzheimer's caregivers 0 None
2010-11-17 CQ Today examines prospects for foreign aid reform in 112th Congress 0 None
2010-11-17 Dartmouth Atlas Project releases new report on cancer care 0 None
2010-11-17 Faster FDA action against alcoholic energy drinks needed 0 None
2010-11-17 John Muir Health opens The Hofmann Family Patient Care Tower 0 None
2010-11-17 HCI unveils next-generation technology platform for fraud, waste, and abuse prevention and detection 0 None
2010-11-17 Health officials gather in Uruguay to discuss WHO anti-smoking treaty 0 None
2010-11-17 Metallic particles in smoke from fireworks affect human health 0 None
2010-11-17 One in seven Medicare patients harmed by problems in hospital, HHS report finds 0 None
2010-11-17 FDA partners with CDC to kick off Get Smart about Antibiotics Week 0 None
2010-11-17 Kansas may join health lawsuit; 71 lawmakers from 26 states ask to file brief to support law 0 None
2010-11-17 Maine has most improved health care quality; Kansas needs more dentists 0 None
2010-11-17 Medicare roundup: Payment cuts irk healthcare industry; officials mull new prostate-cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-17 Officials look to 2 states for advice on setting up exchanges; other health overhaul news 0 None
2010-11-17 New safety reporting website for electronic health records launched 0 None
2010-11-17 Berwick to testify for the first time as Medicare/Medicaid chief 0 None
2010-11-16 Changes to flexible spending accounts; High co-pays prompt abandoned prescriptions 0 None
2010-11-16 Nevada AG files antitrust lawsuit against health care merger 0 None
2010-11-16 Republicans confront realities of health overhaul, position themselves in Congress 0 None
2010-11-16 Omron supports American Heart Association's educational initiatives for hypertension treatment 0 None
2010-11-16 Reuters reports on PLoS medicine series on water, sanitation 0 None
2010-11-16 States seek ways to balance Medicaid budget, contemplate dropping out of program 0 None
2010-11-16 Insuring your health: Many individual health policies do not cover pregnancy 0 None
2010-11-16 KHN column: Health care – tell us the truth before you tell us why you are right 0 None
2010-11-16 Today's Op-Eds: Congress needs conservative leadership; reviving tort reform; can states afford to drop Medicaid? 0 None
2010-11-16 Hospital upgrades: Promises to keep 0 None
2010-11-16 BUSM professor wins 2010 Maurice Wood Award for Lifetime Contribution to Primary Care Research 0 None
2010-11-16 Study confirms healthy lifestyle has the biggest impact on cardiovascular health 0 5
2010-11-16 HUPTI's first group of patients complete prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-16 Stanford Hospital offers iPads to enhance patient experience 0 None
2010-11-16 Lancet World Report details new U.S. Global Development Policy, Global Health community's reaction 0 None
2010-11-16 Employees' perks for healthy behavior will increase next year 0 2
2010-11-16 Employees will see changes in 2011 health benefits 0 None
2010-11-16 As Congress heads into lame-duck, repeal of 1099 reporting provision likely 0 None
2010-11-16 Medicare open enrollment period starts today 0 None
2010-11-16 Study finds significant variability in CPR quality between day and night 0 None
2010-11-16 IFPA announces winner of Under the Spotlight Award for psoriasis documentary 0 None
2010-11-16 National campaign to highlight significance of antibiotic resistance 0 None
2010-11-16 Health researchers to address mental health concerns at world conference 0 None
2010-11-16 Mobile phones aid in health firm's promotion 0 None
2010-11-16 CMS awards $230M task order contract to CSC 0 None
2010-11-16 Children's Hospital pediatric immunologist collaborates with European gene therapy researchers to study WAS syndrome 0 None
2010-11-16 City, national leaders to develop policies to improve health of city dwellers 0 None
2010-11-16 Study discovers health care gap in treating young patients with thyroid cancer 0 None
2010-11-16 As VA touts quality of system, study shows no difference in mortality rate 0 None
2010-11-16 Reducing salt intake can enhance health of young adults in future: Research 0 None
2010-11-16 Universal Health Services acquires Psychiatric Solutions 0 None
2010-11-16 Large tobacco companies fight tougher restrictions around the globe 0 None
2010-11-16 Leaders speak at Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health conference 0 None
2010-11-16 Sen. Lugar highlights potential bioterrorism threat posed by unsecured medical facilities in East Africa 0 None
2010-11-16 Report shows spells of poverty may have lifelong health implications for children 0 None
2010-11-16 Pawlenty seeks to stop health law as he eyes presidency 0 None
2010-11-16 Medicare cuts looming for doctors; Debt panel's health suggestions questioned 0 None
2010-11-16 Millions of Americans suffer unnecessarily with itchy, gritty, watery eyes, say allergists 0 None
2010-11-16 Texas Republicans talk tough about dropping Medicaid; other states consider steep cuts 0 None
2010-11-16 Medicare's annual open-enrollment period starts in Idaho 0 None
2010-11-16 Republicans increase challenges to health law, repeal rhetoric 0 None
2010-11-16 HHS seeking to publish new health insurance data 0 None
2010-11-16 BIDMC, IPFnet to conduct clinical trials for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2010-11-15 Physician-owned hospitals gear up to fight health law restrictions 0 None
2010-11-15 Cholera deaths in Haiti top 900; U.N. appeals for $164m to deal with outbreak that could affect 200,000 0 None
2010-11-15 State roundup: Colorado high-risk insurance pool; Ariz. and Mich. medical marijuana issues; high-deductible insurance 0 None
2010-11-15 KHN column: For health overhaul, implementation is now job one 0 None
2010-11-15 National health disparities conference wraps up with creative approaches, expectations for new healthcare reform 0 None
2010-11-15 MEDecision earns NCQA Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set Software Certification 0 5
2010-11-15 MedClean enters distribution agreement with SunBelt 0 None
2010-11-15 Autonomy introduces Meaning Based Healthcare platform 0 None
2010-11-15 First Edition: November 15, 2010 0 None
2010-11-15 Graphic images of negative consequences of smoking have greatest impact on smokers 0 3
2010-11-15 50% of nut allergic patients not able to recognize nut types 0 None
2010-11-15 Study finds asthma care inferior 0 None
2010-11-15 ATA publishes 'A blueprint for telerehabilitation guidelines' 0 None
2010-11-15 Study analyzes neurological recovery after hypothermia treatment in cardiac arrest patients 1 1
2010-11-15 AHA/ASA announce need for comprehensive hospital certification program for heart and stroke care 0 None
2010-11-15 Best ways for proper disposal of unused medicines 0 5
2010-11-15 Thomson Reuters releases results of annual study identifying top U.S. hospitals for inpatient cardiovascular services 0 None
2010-11-15 New York Times examines aid effort challenges for slow-moving disasters with a focus on Pakistan 0 None
2010-11-15 Findings reveal potential cause of lower survival from nighttime in-hospital cardiac arrest 0 None
2010-11-15 Reproductive health forum in Ghana addresses unsafe abortions in Africa 0 None
2010-11-15 Health IT reshaped veterans health; What will it do for 'mobile telephony'? 0 None
2010-11-15 ICS/LABA combination therapy increases asthma-related pharmacy cost 0 3
2010-11-15 Health law expected to boost Medicaid enrollees in managed care 0 None
2010-11-15 Study shows patient-specific factors delay skin cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-15 Medtronic Eureka medical technology innovation portal launched 0 None
2010-11-15 Members of Congress and economists to submit arguments in states' suit against health law 0 None
2010-11-15 Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute implants VAD device to help individuals with advanced heart failure 0 None
2010-11-15 Support for comparative effectiveness research is gaining momentum, experts say 0 None
2010-11-15 Insurers consider shake-ups to business models under health law 0 None
2010-11-15 Healthcare costs rise for people insured through an employer 0 None
2010-11-15 State roundup: Calif. speeds ahead on health reform; Nebraska abortion provider expanding clinics; Ky. hospital merger 0 None
2010-11-15 States and providers threaten to drop Medicaid; shortage of providers threatens Medicaid managed-care networks 0 None
2010-11-15 Governors line up against the health overhaul 0 None
2010-11-15 Republicans take hard line, look for Democrat health law repeal allies 0 None
2010-11-15 Baucus to offer bill to amend business provision in health law 0 None
2010-11-14 Pneumonia Report Card shows prevention, treatment tools not widely adopted in countries where disease kills most children 0 None
2010-11-14 U.N. agencies, Rotary International launch mass polio immunization campaign in Central Africa 0 None
2010-11-14 UAS Laboratories acquires outstanding shares of APN Labs 0 None
2010-11-14 Lawsuits scaring Australian doctors away: Study 0 None
2010-11-12 Pennsylvania health giant reports $93 million profit as outpatient demand surges 0 None
2010-11-12 Research roundup: Doctors' industry ties; Patient safety and residents' hours; Designing a medical home 0 None
2010-11-12 States' woes spur Medicaid drop-out talk 0 None
2010-11-12 Changes to flexible spending accounts raise concerns 0 None
2010-11-12 EMS World Magazine announces winners of 2010 Top Innovation Awards 0 None
2010-11-12 First Edition: November 12, 2010 0 None
2010-11-12 Progressive report recommends new practices to manage errors in HIT systems 0 None
2010-11-12 Plant-based respiratory allergies on the rise due to climate change 0 3
2010-11-12 LUHS executive named Joan L. Shaver Illinois Outstanding Nurse Leader 0 None
2010-11-12 MEDecision publishes e-book to support PCMH implementations 0 None
2010-11-12 Five Grand Challenges for Earth system 0 None
2010-11-12 Eight students to receive Hartford Doctoral Fellowship in geriatric social work 0 None
2010-11-12 Working of doctor's office 0 None
2010-11-12 EBS-RMSCO develops integrated solution to enhance service delivery 0 None
2010-11-12 Garden State Pain and Radiology Centers announces migration to eRAD's integrated RIS/PACS 0 None
2010-11-12 DOD-funded METRC consortium receives $38.6 million grant to improve care for wounded service members 0 None
2010-11-12 Mutual accountability on women's and children's health goals essential to Millennium Development Goal success 0 None
2010-11-12 New leaders in Congress called upon to fix restrictions on flexible spending accounts 0 None
2010-11-12 Survey highlights complex ethical issues confronting physicians 0 None
2010-11-12 American healthcare system not as safe as thought 0 None
2010-11-12 Employer-based insurance, funding to states among future implementation issues 0 None
2010-11-12 Neuropsychologist advices soldiers struggling with mild traumatic brain injury 0 None
2010-11-12 Vascular Quality Improvement Initiative expands SVS' focus on clinical outcomes 0 None
2010-11-12 Not enough doctors for primary care medical homes 0 None
2010-11-12 SU2C to receive second CLIO Healthcare Award 0 None
2010-11-12 Docs continue to worry about Medicare payment cuts while CMS updates ratings for Medicare Advantage plans 0 None
2010-11-12 Senator calls for air pollution test in Chicago 0 None
2010-11-12 FDA unveils graphic anti-smoking warnings for cigarette packages 0 None
2010-11-12 Trimega Laboratories achieves Investors in People accreditation 0 None
2010-11-12 Chili pepper-shaped wrist bands raise $5.6 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 0 None
2010-11-12 Drug industry roundup: Fosamax trial focuses scrutiny on osteoporosis drugs; What about $4 generics; Recalls undermining confidence 0 None
2010-11-12 IBM enters agreement with Central Norway Regional Health Authority to support healthcare system 0 None
2010-11-12 Seven stages of Alzheimer's disease 0 3.8
2010-11-12 GOP prepares to grill Berwick at Senate hearing next week 0 None
2010-11-12 New report highlights effectiveness of bed rest for pregnant women 0 None
2010-11-12 Lancet series focuses on chronic diseases, development 0 None
2010-11-12 Brass products in plumbing systems leach high levels of lead into drinking water 0 None
2010-11-12 Advocacy groups and politicians stake out health overhaul strategies in the changed political landscape 0 None
2010-11-12 Debt panel's draft would take on Medicare, raise Social Security age 0 None
2010-11-12 IPC The Hospitalist Company announces acquisition of Zenith Hospitalists 0 None
2010-11-12 Advocates prepare to challenge GOP on health law 0 None
2010-11-12 Veterans and caregivers face ongoing challenges 0 None
2010-11-12 ESMO-symposium to highlight recent advancement in cancer biology 0 None
2010-11-12 WHO annual global TB report released 0 None
2010-11-12 33rd CTRC-AACR Symposium to feature breast cancer research 0 None
2010-11-12 Insurance commissioners: Miss. Head calls changes 'mind boggling' and partly 'socialist'; anthem challenges Maine superintendent's no-profit ruling for individual plans 0 None
2010-11-12 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces first large-scale diabetes initiative to develop self-management program 0 None
2010-11-12 Comparative effectiveness push tailed by controversy, distrust 0 None
2010-11-12 New A.D.A.M. Health Navigator for hospital, healthcare websites 0 None
2010-11-12 Calif. nurses emerge as political force; Iowa official under fire for strict policy on nursing home inspections; new 'homey' facilities for seniors increasing 0 None
2010-11-12 Kaiser Permanente announces 2011 plans for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries 0 None
2010-11-11 Mobile health summit ends 0 None
2010-11-11 G20 summit opens in Seoul; development plan announcement expected 0 None
2010-11-11 Australian Defence Force suffers from shortage of medical officers 0 None
2010-11-11 First Edition: November 11, 2010 0 None
2010-11-11 Multi-tiered effort reduces drinking on college campuses 0 None
2010-11-11 Howza launches 'I choose to live' music video to increase awareness of impact of diabetes 0 None
2010-11-11 New model of care for rural-dwelling adults 0 None
2010-11-11 Gallup and Healthways releases U.S. Well-Being Report for October 2010 0 None
2010-11-11 PPH uses Xenex PX-UV disinfection system to destroy microorganisms causing HAIs 0 None
2010-11-11 MobileHelp introduces new mobile Personal Emergency Response System 0 None
2010-11-11 Hospital for Special Surgery presents advantages of specialized disease center for comprehensive lupus care 0 None
2010-11-11 Physical activity level decreases among college students 0 4
2010-11-11 Students perceive beer cans packaged and displayed in university colors as less dangerous 0 None
2010-11-11 AMA, MOAA call upon Congress to protect health care for America's military families and seniors 0 None
2010-11-11 40% of older Americans skip doses or do not take medications 0 None
2010-11-11 HHS unveils new bolder tobacco control strategy 0 None
2010-11-11 Ethical dilemmas in supporting drug detention centers 0 None
2010-11-11 Healthcare cost climbs for people with employer-sponsored health insurance: Thomson Reuters index 0 None
2010-11-11 Poll finds Americans' conflicting views about public health system 0 None
2010-11-11 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids issues statement on national tobacco prevention strategy 0 None
2010-11-11 New national strategy to end tobacco addiction 0 None
2010-11-11 Political ideology plays larger role than party affiliation on issue of public perception about health disparities 0 None
2010-11-11 Butte radiologist settles lawsuit against St. James Healthcare 0 None
2010-11-11 TFAH's new report on flu finds higher hospitalization rates among African Americans 0 None
2010-11-11 German Genetic Diagnostics Act in need of amendment 0 None
2010-11-11 ASN convenes Renal Week 2010 0 None
2010-11-11 Researcher finds new way to analyze biopsies from heart transplant patients 0 None
2010-11-11 Resistance exercise may promote better cardiovascular health 0 None
2010-11-11 New Desktop medicine model helps physician to implement disease prevention 0 None
2010-11-11 University at Buffalo smoking cessation researchers applaud federal plans on new cigarette labeling 0 None
2010-11-11 ESC emphasizes simple measures for diabetic patients to slow-down CVD progression 0 None
2010-11-11 Dana-Farber lends iPads to cancer patients to help them pass the time in clinic 0 None
2010-11-11 MCAN invests $4 million to improve asthma management in four high risk cities 0 None
2010-11-11 Legacy applauds HHS and FDA for new tobacco control strategic action plan 0 None
2010-11-11 Experts call for global agriculture reform to ensure food security as two rice conferences open 0 None
2010-11-11 Health insurance open season questions? Here are some answers 0 None
2010-11-11 Supported by emerging markets, General Electric healthcare raises growth projection to 10% per year 0 None
2010-11-11 Health law or no, most businesses likely to keep offering insurance 0 None
2010-11-11 Sen. Mcconnell to file amicus brief in support of health law challenge 0 None
2010-11-11 BCBS of Michigan alleged to have crushed pilot physical therapy program it saw as competition 0 None
2010-11-11 Ban on potential toxic ingredients in toys needed 0 None
2010-11-11 Study: Big employers unlikely to drop insurance under health law 0 None
2010-11-11 Guardian examines former Pres. Bush's reflection on PEPFAR in new memoir 0 None
2010-11-11 Pres. Obama discusses U.S.-Indonesia partnership that includes improving health, science 0 None
2010-11-10 GOP lawmakers push health law investigation, Democrats consider revisions and legacy 0 None
2010-11-10 Elsevier partners with APM to publish Psychosomatic journal 0 None
2010-11-10 Computer helps doctors make cost-saving decisions 0 None
2010-11-10 5 questions: Should a hospital develop an ACO? 0 None
2010-11-10 Researchers find text messages to HIV patients improve adherence, health outcomes in Kenya trial 0 None
2010-11-10 Ky. Health Plan audit; employee costs in Massachusetts; state reform implementation politics 0 None
2010-11-10 CDC report: 50 million Americans uninsured 0 None
2010-11-10 Mont. Medicaid managed care plan chills health industry 0 None
2010-11-10 Opinions: G20 development approach; defense of DDT for malaria control; U.S. foreign aid; human trafficking 1 None
2010-11-10 Stafford Hospital inquiry looks into “human rights” violations in care 0 None
2010-11-10 RadarFind to provide real-time locating distributed sensor network to VHA's 1,400 member hospitals 0 None
2010-11-10 Elsevier to support MSF through 'The Great Giveback' campaign 0 None
2010-11-10 ICSI launches new initiative to save health care imaging costs, improve patient care 0 None
2010-11-10 Study shows dogs attack children's face, eyes 0 None
2010-11-10 Hospitals need to work more to prevent heart attack deaths: Study 0 None
2010-11-10 City and State officials, AHHE leaders to discuss quality of care for Hispanics 0 None
2010-11-10 Conference of The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics to focus on health disparities 0 None
2010-11-10 First Edition: November 10, 2010 0 None
2010-11-10 Genpact to implement process optimization programs for Manipal Health Enterprises 0 None
2010-11-10 Psychologists find stress is taking physical and emotional health toll on family and children 0 None
2010-11-10 Supreme Court rejects early request to review health overhaul 0 None
2010-11-10 Regional workshop to discuss diarrheal disease solutions for Asia 0 None
2010-11-10 States slash budgets for tobacco-prevention programs; Florida lawmakers consider Medicaid revision; Md. to probe nonprofit mental health clinic 0 None
2010-11-10 Pres. Obama emphasizes U.S.-Indian partnerships to track, fight diseases 0 None
2010-11-10 Virtual world of SL improves quality of life for people with disabilities, shows article 0 None
2010-11-10 Depression in nursing home residents often unrecognized 0 None
2010-11-10 Experts develop new screening test to detect dementia in elderly patients 0 None
2010-11-10 mHealth Alliance annual summit kicks off with $1M HP donation, discussion of improving maternal, child health 1 None
2010-11-10 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to honor LA BioMed researcher 0 None
2010-11-10 Popular antimicrobial chemicals may not be safe for human health and environment 0 5
2010-11-10 IMNG partners with Pure Incubation to launch new product resource guide 0 None
2010-11-10 Researchers estimate increasing trend of hyperuricemia among adults, senior citizens 0 None
2010-11-10 Miriam Hospital receives NIH grants to improve HIV treatment for jail inmates 0 None
2010-11-10 Families fight to care for disabled kids at home after they reach the age of 21 0 None
2010-11-10 ECRI Institute introduces CT Radiation Dose Safety Review service to reduce risk of excessive radiation 0 None
2010-11-10 Americans to get needed help to quit smoking through federal health care law: New report 0 None
2010-11-10 Children unhappy with school and home lives more likely to drink and engage in sexual behavior 0 None
2010-11-10 Special Surgery investigators to present future of clinical care at ACR annual meeting 0 None
2010-11-10 Cholera confirmed in Haiti's capital as health ministry says outbreak has killed 544 so far 0 None
2010-11-10 Flu vaccination programs can protect employee health, save businesses money 0 None
2010-11-10 World Lung Foundation report highlights prevalence of acute respiratory infections worldwide 0 1
2010-11-10 Sec. Clinton calls for G20 to address gender issues 0 None
2010-11-10 Education can help prevent preterm birth 0 None
2010-11-10 Patient satisfaction vital to establish an accountable care organization 0 None
2010-11-10 Insurance premiums rise, high-deductible plans increase, health costs can lead to elder bankruptcy 0 None
2010-11-10 Senior Scientific receives QTDP grants for cancer detection and treatment 0 None
2010-11-10 Common foot disorders more prevalent among African Americans 0 None
2010-11-10 Health reform policy: Flexible spending, device taxes and waivers 0 None
2010-11-10 Investigations examine Medicare’s dialysis system, CT scanners and drugs 0 None
2010-11-10 Republicans' committee plans take shape amid health reform questions 0 None
2010-11-10 Survey says majority of voters want some or all of health law repealed 0 None
2010-11-10 Doctor ties to drug companies decline, but remain high, survey finds 0 None
2010-11-10 Federal inspectors crack down on corrupt drug company executives 0 None
2010-11-10 Doctors urge Congress to delay pay cuts — again 0 None
2010-11-10 Gov't health IT spending attracts investments from all over 0 None
2010-11-09 Nursing homes fear Medicaid cuts under GOP-led House 0 None
2010-11-09 Insuring your health: OTC medicines cut from 2011 flexible spending accounts 0 None
2010-11-09 Poll: Economy -- not health law -- topped voters' concerns 0 None
2010-11-09 Health advice on NHS website saves £44 million per year 0 None
2010-11-09 First Edition: November 9, 2010 0 1
2010-11-09 Changes in Medicare policies may hamper supply of power wheelchairs 0 None
2010-11-09 Study says looking older does not necessarily point to poor health 0 None
2010-11-09 Excessive texting and networking raise new health concerns for teens 0 None
2010-11-09 Late retirement or cancellation of compulsory retirement needs to be encouraged 0 None
2010-11-09 Data breaches of patient information cost healthcare organizations $6 billion annually 0 None
2010-11-09 New study highlights benefits of 100% juice 0 None
2010-11-09 Psychologists discover that social interaction influences individual's sensitivity to physical pain 0 None
2010-11-09 American Specialty Health wins Silver California Fit Business Award for fourth time 0 None
2010-11-09 'Why to quit' strategy effective in smoking cessation ads 0 None
2010-11-09 Endeca, eHealth Ontario partner to implement chronic disease management system 0 None
2010-11-09 Chemicals lining food wrappers migrating to humans 0 None
2010-11-09 Only 50% of lung cancer patients in England are getting lifesaving surgery 0 None
2010-11-09 New research shows psychoprophylaxis can help tocophobic men 0 None
2010-11-09 Dorland Health launches Professional Patient Advocate Institute 0 None
2010-11-09 Mobile technology improves diagnosis and treatment for mothers, newborns and children 0 None
2010-11-09 Consumption of in-shell pistachios can reduce overall calorie intake 0 None
2010-11-09 Fake antimalarial medications uncovered across Ghana 0 None
2010-11-09 Patients undergoing THR likely to have serious falls than orthopedic procedure 0 None
2010-11-09 AHF joins breakthrough research for HIV control 0 None
2010-11-09 Africare announces $1.42M grant from ExxonMobil for battle against malaria in Africa 0 None
2010-11-09 GE Healthcare announces collaboration with The Health Management Academy 0 None
2010-11-09 European study indicates cardiovascular deaths can be avoided through better preventative care 0 None
2010-11-09 Valley Anesthesiology Consultants' mobile services division receives AAAHC accreditation 0 None
2010-11-09 Medisafe 1 website highlights ways to prevent incorrect medications 0 None
2010-11-09 Food security conference in The Hague concludes with suggestions for U.N. climate negotiations to incorporate agriculture 0 None
2010-11-09 Letter asks G20 leaders to support financial transactions tax to help developing countries 0 None
2010-11-09 Interleukin Genetics receives two grants under QTDP program to advance obesity, osteoarthritis genetic research 0 None
2010-11-09 Insurer news: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to play 'significant' role in VA. implementation; Cigna report lauds consumer-directed plans 0 None
2010-11-09 Firms pursue new digital technologies to meet stimulus- and health law-fueled provider demand 0 None
2010-11-09 Feds crack down on fraud by issuing new Medicaid rules, helping medical students catch fraud 0 None
2010-11-09 Duke focuses on community health in N.C.; Baltimore mental health agency's practices raise questions; Mass. clinic’s efforts to curb diabetes highlighted 0 None
2010-11-09 Seniors need to check options as Medicare advantage plans change, drop out 0 None
2010-11-09 CHCF invests $10-million to improve health care in California 0 None
2010-11-09 Children of deployed parents more likely to suffer mental health problems 0 None
2010-11-09 Employers struggle with increasing costs to insure workers 0 None
2010-11-09 Teens abuse prescription drugs more than illegal drugs 0 None
2010-11-09 Hospitals in Tennessee, Oregon invest in new growth 0 None
2010-11-08 Doctors abandon traditional practice for concierge medicine, hospital employment 0 None
2010-11-08 Government cutting premiums for Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan 0 None
2010-11-08 Conservatives' conflict: Try for health law repeal – or revision 0 None
2010-11-08 Republicans talk strategy to repeal – or revise – health law 0 None
2010-11-08 Health reform updates: Biotech grants, privacy issues and birth control coverage 0 None
2010-11-08 Pres. Obama, Indian PM Singh announce partnership to improve global food security 0 None
2010-11-08 Assaults on Victoria’s heath workers to be punished more severely under new laws 0 None
2010-11-08 Flaws in the selection process of surgical specialists 0 None
2010-11-08 On health law, election postmortems continue 0 None
2010-11-08 HHS cuts premiums for some high risk pools 0 None
2010-11-08 KHN column -- Attacking the health law: The GOP's confusing and incompatible arguments 0 None
2010-11-08 Political cartoon: 'Prescription Medicine" 0 None
2010-11-08 MedCath to sell Texsan Heart Hospital 0 None
2010-11-08 First Edition: November 8, 2010 0 None
2010-11-08 U.N. Human Development Report finds significant quality of life gains among many developing countries over last 40 years, but gaps persist 0 None
2010-11-08 West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust selects Carefx Fusionfx clinical portal 0 None
2010-11-08 Officials discuss HIV/AIDS in Caribbean during PANCAP meeting 0 None
2010-11-08 Global food security fund announces $97M in grants for Ethiopia, Mongolia, Niger 0 None
2010-11-08 HHS gives states technical guidance for Medicaid system while some video game companies start to focus on medical field 0 None
2010-11-08 Riding an elevator with Boehner: What would you say? 0 None
2010-11-08 Grubb & Ellis Healthcare REIT II announces acquisition of Athens Long-Term Acute Care Hospital 0 None
2010-11-08 Maine requests exemption from federal law, Southern Calif. hospital pays $5 million to resolve charges of false Medicare claims 0 None
2010-11-08 Screening heavy smokers for lung cancer reduces chance of death, federal study finds 0 None
2010-11-08 Industry experts speculate, strategize on what election means for business and reform 0 None
2010-11-08 Medicare announces contracts for competitive bidding on equipment while docs worry about payment cuts 0 None
2010-11-08 Party leaders stake out individual positions for new debate on health overhaul 0 None
2010-11-08 Prophylaxis can prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting 0 None
2010-11-08 Risk pools, drug prices and other issues in health law implementation 0 None
2010-11-08 Rcopia-MU certified as EHR Module by CCHIT 0 None
2010-11-08 Military leaders look for way to cut health care costs 0 None
2010-11-08 Sandata announces patent for new caregiver location monitoring solution 0 None
2010-11-08 Medicaid pooled trusts keep seniors out of nursing homes 0 None
2010-11-08 Home health, other Medicare providers face pay cuts 0 None
2010-11-08 Health care industries have mixed reaction to health reform 0 None
2010-11-08 AHRQ grants $34 million to prevent healthcare-associated infections 0 None
2010-11-08 AccuVein receives QTDP grant for AV300 vein illumination system 0 None
2010-11-08 How much did health care votes cause democratic defeats? 0 None
2010-11-08 Telegraph examines upcoming African mobile health summit 0 None
2010-11-08 What's next for health law? Repeal efforts, 'compromise,' congressional conflict 0 None
2010-11-08 Transcript: Boehner and Obama on election results and health law 0 None
2010-11-08 GOP prepares to challenge health law on federal, state levels 0 None
2010-11-08 Hospitals in Florida, New York try new ways to boost finances 0 None
2010-11-08 Research Roundup: Basing insurance on results, not cost; Americans skeptical of public health efforts; seniors' comprehensive care 0 None
2010-11-08 Walgreens pushes stronger primary care role for pharmacists 0 5
2010-11-07 GOP focusing in on health law fight as part of the effort shifts to new Republican governors 0 None
2010-11-07 APP Drug Hotline to assist healthcare professionals with shortage issues 0 None
2010-11-07 Mass. focuses on containing health care costs, Gov. Schwarzenegger seeks to expand coverage of uninsured in Calif. 1 None
2010-11-07 Al Jazeera examines international trade agreement negotiations, access to generic medicines in low-income countries 0 None
2010-11-07 KHN column: Health care cost control is hard, and humbling 0 None
2010-11-05 Bendigo hospital debate escalates to political level 0 None
2010-11-04 First Edition: November 4, 2010 0 None
2010-11-04 Higher-quality medical care in the U.S. than in England, says study 0 None
2010-11-04 Stereotaxis receives $1.5 million in grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Most kidney care providers opt to participate in new Medicare 'bundled' payment system: Study 0 None
2010-11-04 SandlotConnect attains 1.5 million patient records to provide HIE in Texas 0 None
2010-11-04 NextGen Inpatient Clinicals version 2.4 earns CCHIT Certified 2011 Inpatient EHR designation 0 None
2010-11-04 Kidney disease registry could help clinicians to evaluate treatment strategies for CKD patients 0 None
2010-11-04 RF Surgical introduces new RF Assure Detection platform 0 None
2010-11-04 New findings on mitochondrial haplogroups associated with successful aging to be presented at ASHG Meeting 0 5
2010-11-04 Picis introduces charge capture solution for oncology treatment centers 0 None
2010-11-04 CMS establishes new national reimbursement rate for technical component of mobile cardiovascular telemetry 0 None
2010-11-04 Beginner's guide to cancer 0 None
2010-11-04 PA Insurance Department awarded $2M federal grant to design health insurance information exchange 0 None
2010-11-04 Study concludes organic vegetables does not contain healthful antioxidants 0 None
2010-11-04 Jefferson professor named 'Physician of the Year' by CancerCare 0 None
2010-11-04 Rescu receives $50,000 grant to teach 22 minute CPR course to high school students 0 None
2010-11-04 HRSA awards grants to develop new approaches for organ donation 0 None
2010-11-04 Endocrine Society unveils new guideline on endocrine and nutritional management of post-bariatric surgery patients 0 None
2010-11-04 VA awards QuadraMed $211M contract to implement Quantim Coding, Compliance and Abstracting solution 0 None
2010-11-04 Georgia Tech hosts symposium to discuss sickle cell disease 0 None
2010-11-04 Acceleron receives grants for five projects under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Study links positive well-being to higher telomerase activity 0 None
2010-11-04 AAPC launches beta version of Health Plan Policy Search Tool 0 None
2010-11-04 Florida to drop 350 uninsured HIV/AIDS patients from drug program; Ore. and Wash. set up enrollment periods for children's insurance; Calif. gets federal grant to update Medicaid program 0 None
2010-11-04 Medicare reimbursement cuts lead to decline in unnecessary or inappropriate care 0 None
2010-11-04 During stop in Papua New Guinea, Secretary Clinton promotes women's rights 0 None
2010-11-04 Republican leaders say health law repeal is 'a top GOP priority' 0 None
2010-11-04 GOP claims Statehouse victories that could set back health law implementation 0 None
2010-11-04 Michigan BCBS sued for second time over hospital contracts 0 None
2010-11-04 Republicans look to use majority for health overhaul repeal, plan vote 0 None
2010-11-04 SPRC receives funds from SAMHSA to focus on populations at high risk for suicide 0 None
2010-11-04 With newly-elected governors, GOP gains clout to fight health reform law 0 None
2010-11-04 Economy saps hospital's earnings as patients avoid treatment 0 None
2010-11-04 Insurers post strong earnings, but investors wary of health law rules 0 None
2010-11-04 Affymax receives $244,479.25 in funding under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Doctor payment rates cut again under new Medicare rules 0 None
2010-11-04 Votes for -- or against -- health overhaul no help for many Dems 0 None
2010-11-04 The GOP scores big wins in mid-term elections 0 None
2010-11-04 Today's Op-Eds: What the GOP can do with 'Obamacare' and more about the doctor shortage 0 None
2010-11-03 First Edition: November 3, 2010 0 None
2010-11-03 MGH implements Mobile Aspects' RFID enabled supply automation system 0 None
2010-11-03 GTx receives $1.2 million under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 IU's cost-saving model of home-based care management for low-income older adults earns recognition 0 None
2010-11-03 Study examines factors that play a role in older adult's transition to disability, illnesses and injuries 0 None
2010-11-03 Radiation oncologist says radiation quality assurance practices need to be standardized 0 None
2010-11-03 Northumbria University to host workshop on space exercise countermeasures and post mission rehabilitation 0 5
2010-11-03 New primary care models needed to improve care and outcomes for older adults 0 None
2010-11-03 Diverse Surgeons Initiative addresses lack of minority surgeons in academic field 0 None
2010-11-03 Lifestyle changes and natural supplements can control blood sugar levels 0 None
2010-11-03 Quantros Indicator Scorecard provides rate-based metrics on adverse medical events 0 None
2010-11-03 APS summit focuses on Antiphospholipid Syndrome research 1 None
2010-11-03 City of Butler declares November as Home Care and Hospice Month 0 None
2010-11-03 Fall prevention tool kit effectively reduces falls of older patients in hospitals 0 None
2010-11-03 Labor-HHS bill to provide 3.2% increase in fiscal year 2011 for NIH 0 None
2010-11-03 Dangerous weight gain may be caused by compulsive overeating and ideal holidays 0 None
2010-11-03 School meal programs keep children healthy 0 None
2010-11-03 CareView System improves patient experience at Saline Memorial Hospital 0 None
2010-11-03 Veterans deserve best health care coverage 0 None
2010-11-03 Study reveals positive correlation between specialty nursing certification and workplace empowerment 0 None
2010-11-03 Health Affairs recognizes U-M leadership in implementing Value-Based Insurance Design 0 None
2010-11-03 Electrophysiology Innovations Congress EP Innovations 2010 to highlight treatment of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-11-03 Systagenix introduces world's first rapid point of test in wound care 0 None
2010-11-03 People hospitalized after stroke on a weekend more likely to die: Study 0 None
2010-11-03 Arthritis Foundation urges FDA to expeditiously create regulatory pathway for biosimilars 0 None
2010-11-03 Amgen outlines key recommendations for implementing approval pathway for biosimilars 0 None
2010-11-03 Strengthening influenza vaccination programs may help states improve coverage against pandemics 0 None
2010-11-03 Risk of dying 24% greater if patient first stops at non-trauma center 0 None
2010-11-03 Eliminating copayments for high-value prescription drugs improves employees' adherence to treatment regimens 0 None
2010-11-03 Accreditation Canada releases 2010 Report on ROPs to improve quality and patient safety in health services 0 None
2010-11-03 Immense potential for digitized personal health records in chronic disease management 0 None
2010-11-03 U.S. models of primary care improves quality of life in older patients with multiple chronic conditions 0 None
2010-11-03 Dementia patients should receive high-quality palliative care 0 None
2010-11-03 CVS Caremark supports FDA pathway for approval of biogeneric options 0 None
2010-11-03 Clinton highlights U.S. commitment to strengthening health systems, food security in Cambodia during Asia-Pacific tour 0 None
2010-11-03 Johns Hopkins assists with establishment of Malaysia's first private graduate medical school and teaching hospital 0 5
2010-11-03 IRIN examines MSF'S concerns over U.S. food aid for malnourished children under age 2 0 None
2010-11-03 Tests show Haitian cholera strains match ones from South Asia, CDC says 0 None
2010-11-03 South Dakota passes strong smoke-free law 0 None
2010-11-03 Three states to cast ballots on health insurance mandate; Others consider abortion and marijuana questions 0 None
2010-11-03 Waters launches new program to support scientific innovation 0 None
2010-11-03 Staff member of U.S. preventive services task force quits over cancelled meeting 0 None
2010-11-03 Brain Research Foundation presents Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award to Abbott 0 None
2010-11-03 Opinions: Call for African companies to engage in health goals; holistic approach to development 0 None
2010-11-03 Races sometimes hinging on health law issues go down to the wire 0 None
2010-11-03 Endologix implants Ventana stent graft for endovascular repair at Auckland City Hospital 0 None
2010-11-03 Health reform law: Tax credits may boost coverage; rationing still hot word 0 None
2010-11-03 Insuring your health: Seniors should consider changes in Medicare Part D plans 0 None
2010-11-03 UK watchdog agency to lose power to reject new drugs 0 None
2010-11-03 Decisions on health law's fate start today as GOP seems poised for gains 0 None
2010-11-03 Seniors play powerful role in today's elections 0 None
2010-11-03 Guardian's Katine project coverage concludes 0 None
2010-11-03 Health IT: Apps; Competitive contracts; Electronic medical records 0 None
2010-11-03 Medicare Roundup: Courts widen coverage of skilled care; experts give enrollment advice 0 None
2010-11-03 Today's Op-Eds: Birth control coverage, 'free' medical care, profitable nursing homes 0 None
2010-11-02 PAC points finger at British Labour party for health inequalities 0 None
2010-11-02 Debt panel on hold until election cycle ends 0 4
2010-11-02 PCIS releases ClaimsVISION SaaS delivered claims administration system 0 None
2010-11-02 INX completes unified communications and data network for major North Texas healthcare provider 0 None
2010-11-02 Huron acquires Click Commerce to expand research technology footprint 0 None
2010-11-02 First Edition: November 2, 2010 0 None
2010-11-02 VA begins distributing disability benefits to Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange 0 None
2010-11-02 Autism Consortium begins new therapeutic initiative on Translational Medicine 0 5
2010-11-02 CareChex releases new study on University Hospital Care in the U.S. 0 None
2010-11-02 Elekta presents solutions for ultimate precision in cancer care at ASTRO Meeting 0 None
2010-11-02 WHO names Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit as 'collaborating center' 0 None
2010-11-02 LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans awarded top Psychiatric Services honor 0 None
2010-11-02 AEHN awards document management services contract to WorkflowOne 0 None
2010-11-02 Provident launches Principals Fund I with $25 million of committed capital 0 None
2010-11-02 Canadian campaign highlights importance of communication between patients and providers 0 None
2010-11-02 GW School of Nursing receives full accreditation from CCNE 0 None
2010-11-02 Experts discuss latest advancements in gynecological diseases at 2nd China Research Forum 0 None
2010-11-02 Older adults are three times as likely to die following ground-level fall 0 None
2010-11-02 Women neglect long-term care planning 0 None
2010-11-02 GI Dynamics to participate in 2010 Medical Innovation Summit 0 None
2010-11-02 New REACT medical trial for early diagnosis of lung cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Ceremonial groundbreaking for new Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center 0 None
2010-11-02 Health law challenges: Birth control, grandfathering, state's exchanges 0 None
2010-11-02 AAAOM, NCCAOM respond to report on cause of deaths due to improper acupuncture treatments 0 2.5
2010-11-02 House win would give GOP the ways, means to roll back health law 0 None
2010-11-02 LCA releases 2010 National Report Card on Lung Cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 Minn. will accept federal assistance, Tenn. tackles burgeoning drug abuse problem 0 None
2010-11-02 Medicare cuts become hot topic in mid-term election campaigns 0 None
2010-11-02 More companies push employee wellness programs 0 None
2010-11-02 AMA head predicts "catastrophe" if physician Medicare pay isn't fixed 0 None
2010-11-02 Kenya first of four countries to launch UNICEF, partners initiative aimed at PMTCT of HIV 0 None
2010-11-02 Zynx Health's clinical support solution receives US patent 0 None
2010-11-02 WHO Director-General in Pakistan to monitor flood relief, polio vaccinations 0 None
2010-11-02 Insurers want out of low-income segment of Medicare Part D market 0 None
2010-11-02 House takeover would give GOP ways to attack health law 0 None
2010-11-02 White House Health Advisor Emanuel visits U.S. government-funded health programs during 3-nation African trip 0 None
2010-11-02 ISHIB releases new recommendations to manage hypertension in African Americans 0 None
2010-11-02 Media outlets look ahead to Obama's trip to India 0 None
2010-11-02 MedCath completes sale of Heart Hospital of Austin to St. David's Healthcare Partnership 0 None
2010-11-02 PharmaTrust signs agreement with Sagamok community to provide MedCentre 0 None
2010-11-02 3 states to vote on health insurance mandate 0 None
2010-11-02 Races make final health overhaul messages clear as Election Day nears 0 None
2010-11-02 Thomson Reuters launches Pharmacy Xpert dashboard to manage medication therapy 0 None
2010-11-02 Health law, elections trigger questions about Medicare payment issues 0 None
2010-11-01 AHRQ: Hospital admissions for adverse drug reactions have doubled 0 None
2010-11-01 Open enrollment brings higher premiums for 2011 0 None
2010-11-01 Insurance costs continue to surge 0 None
2010-11-01 Planning Accountable Care Organizations 0 None
2010-11-01 Today's OpEds: Health law and private insurance; Corporate wellness programs; Geriatric mental health 0 None
2010-11-01 Political cartoon: 'Buzzsaw' 0 None
2010-11-01 HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley to implement REACH3's CRM solution 0 None
2010-11-01 LHC Group enters joint venture with Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center 0 None
2010-11-01 Edleun acquires three child care centres in Alberta 0 3
2010-11-01 PreViser releases new web-based tool for oral health 0 None
2010-11-01 First Edition: November 1, 2010 0 None
2010-11-01 Catalina Marketing's blueprint can help shoppers to make positive choices in nutrition, lifestyle management 0 None
2010-11-01 BetterRxCard helps McLennan County residents save on prescription drugs 0 None
2010-11-01 Global Genes Project launches new campaign to create awareness about rare diseases 0 None
2010-11-01 Seven tips for navigating Medicare maze 0 5
2010-11-01 Wireless test solutions company LitePoint joins Continua Health Alliance 0 None
2010-11-01 American Psychological Association blocking therapists from learning effective treatments for PTSD 0 None
2010-11-01 AXIOM releases HIPAA 5010 compliant version of TransSend 0 None
2010-11-01 Compli announces strategic alliance with Wallace Welch & Willingham 0 None
2010-11-01 Diabetes Research Institute kicks off 'Be Part of the CURE' online campaign 0 None
2010-11-01 Intentional foreign body ingestion results in over $2 million hospital costs: Study 0 None
2010-11-01 UCSD announces agreement with PHP to develop UC San Diego Proton Therapy and Research Center 0 None
2010-11-01 New PHQ-9 screening test evaluates major depression in adults 0 None
2010-11-01 Child Life Program organizes Halloween celebration for children undergoing treatment 0 None
2010-11-01 Gottlieb Hospital nurse raises $2,000 to fight breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-01 Health politics: Some Dems Who Voted For Law Struggling; GOP's Post-Election Strategy 0 None


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