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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - August 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-08-31 Unpleasant short term side-effects of sunburn dont put off sun-seeking Brits 1 None
2010-08-31 Emergency department visits for concussions in young athletes on the rise 0 None
2010-08-31 GP training may accelerate improvement in physical functioning for patients with somatoform disorder 0 None
2010-08-31 Henry Schein to deliver health care supplies to victims of devastating floods in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-31 Over one-half of babies in poverty raised by mothers living with depression 0 None
2010-08-31 Seredor acquires South Florida-based operator of sleep diagnostic centers 0 None
2010-08-31 Study shows DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate improves skin appearance 0 None
2010-08-31 CPA and Nightingale launch interactive Personal Health Record portal 0 None
2010-08-31 UCI receives grant to promote patient-centered care 0 None
2010-08-31 First Edition: August 31, 2010 0 None
2010-08-31 New book explores history, benefits of tomato 0 None
2010-08-31 Nutritional recommendations for management of sarcopenia published 0 None
2010-08-31 Outpatient prevention programme by nurses reduces risk of recurrent complications in heart patients 0 None
2010-08-31 Burrill conference to provide insights into challenges and opportunities in personalized medicine 0 None
2010-08-31 AMGA announces participation of 19 health systems in ACO Development Collaborative 0 None
2010-08-31 NewYork-Presbyterian /Columbia sets up new Myelodysplastic Syndromes Center 0 1
2010-08-31 International Symposium to explore Hybrid approach for congenital heart disease 0 None
2010-08-31 Mandatory influenza vaccination for healthcare personnel needed 0 1
2010-08-31 Get With The Guidelines can improve quality of stroke care 0 None
2010-08-31 Final regulation to aid Veterans exposed to herbicides published in 'Federal Register' 0 None
2010-08-31 Clinical interventions useful in reducing reproductive coercion, unintended pregnancy: Study 0 None
2010-08-31 Greater clarity on legal implications of testing incapacitated patients for blood-borne viruses needed 0 None
2010-08-31 Prolonged exercise shows no evidence of cardiac fatigue: Research 0 None
2010-08-31 Death toll expected to rise as flooding subsides in some parts of Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-31 Marathon running does not cause sustained heart damage 0 None
2010-08-31 Fate of Vancouver's supervised injection facility uncertain 0 None
2010-08-31 Salmonella contamination drives retail sales of pasteurized shell eggs 0 None
2010-08-31 Detroit Medical Center's system-wide EMR helps save over $5 million in costs 0 None
2010-08-31 USAAC, HWCF enter partnership to support healthier lifestyle choices for young people 0 None
2010-08-31 American Institute of Biological Sciences and National Association of Biology Teachers announce partnership 0 None
2010-08-31 AHF online community grows to 100,000 0 None
2010-08-31 Hospital admissions in Australia due to atrial fibrillation triples 0 None
2010-08-31 Ten million face hunger in Central Africa; Niger flooding exacerbates food shortage, leaves 200,000 homeless 0 None
2010-08-31 Canadian minister travels to Mali, Mozambique to start rolling out Canada's G8 Muskoka Initiative 0 None
2010-08-31 Sutter Health collaborates with iTriage 0 None
2010-08-31 Uninsured Maine adults with mental illness struggle to get care; Florida continues to push to repeal reform 0 None
2010-08-31 Valley Presbyterian Hospital wins 'Best Hospital' designation for fifth consecutive year 0 None
2010-08-31 Liberal health reform group pushing hard to save lawmakers, Berwick won't disclose donors 0 None
2010-08-31 VA's liabilities grow as agency expands list of diseases linked to Agent Orange 0 None
2010-08-31 Medicare beneficiaries receive prescription drug cost relief under Affordable Care Act 0 None
2010-08-30 Many public hospitals face increasingly pressures; Nonprofit hospitals face uncertain futures 0 None
2010-08-30 Canada should publicly fund smoking cessation pharmacotherapies: CMAJ 0 None
2010-08-30 Study: Explosion of medical imaging due partly to overuse 0 None
2010-08-30 St. Mary's Medical Center to implement ProVation Order Sets customizable authoring and management solution 0 None
2010-08-30 U.N.-NGO conference on MDGs kicks off in Australia 1 None
2010-08-30 Record number taking anti-poverty programs, COBRA coverage alternatives examined 0 None
2010-08-30 Cognizant Communication launches 'Cell Medicine' open access journal 0 None
2010-08-30 Opinions: MDG progress; Drug patents; Aid for scientific research; Avoiding food crises; Hunger in India; U.S. commitments to PEPFAR, Global Fund 0 None
2010-08-30 Vision Facilities Management launches new 2-way communication interface with ECRI Institute 0 None
2010-08-30 Also in Global Health News: GM mosquitoes; Iodine deficiency in Nepal; South African health workers strike; Novartis to build vaccine plant in Brazil; Population control in Niger 1 5
2010-08-30 KHN's weekend update: Highlights from the Saturday and Sunday headlines 0 None
2010-08-30 BayCare Behavioral Health announces opening of Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center in Lutz 0 None
2010-08-30 KHN column: As reform improves the overall market, inefficient insurers could take hits 0 None
2010-08-30 Today's Opinions and Editorials: The costs of public employees' health benefits, more on Medicare Advantage, and will reform undermine medical innovation? 0 None
2010-08-30 Some small businesses look forward to health care tax credits 0 None
2010-08-30 Canada hosts 13th World Congress On Pain 0 None
2010-08-30 Health IT: New Medicaid rules, a race for meaningful use, fraud prevention 0 None
2010-08-30 AMA supports recommended medical loss ratio rules 0 None
2010-08-30 SearchAmerica announces launch of Data Breach Advance Response for hospitals 0 None
2010-08-30 PCEC coordinates free or low-cost prostate cancer screenings as part of PCAW 0 None
2010-08-30 Industry experts to share knowledge on benefits of GIS systems 0 None
2010-08-30 Mobile Health Expo conference program highlights international nature of mobile health 0 None
2010-08-30 Pharmacists play major role in improving patients' health: Survey 0 None
2010-08-30 First Edition: August 30, 2010 0 None
2010-08-30 Mobile Health Connectivity conference to take place October 25 - 27 in Chicago 0 None
2010-08-30 Children, teens need good health before the start of new school year, says medical director 0 None
2010-08-30 Elsevier launches SciVerse platform to encourage development of new search and discovery applications 0 None
2010-08-30 Cedillo vs. Health and Human Services case highlights failure of Vaccine Injury Compensation Program 0 5
2010-08-30 Ontario nurses look forward to work with Dr. Jeff Turnbull 0 None
2010-08-30 Environmental impact and health hazards of recycling e-waste 0 None
2010-08-30 First international technical conference for maternal health development 0 None
2010-08-30 Registered nurses win landmark victories over issue of missed breaks 0 None
2010-08-30 Strategy to overcome global shortage of medical staff 0 None
2010-08-30 CAMH welcomes Ontario's narcotics strategy to address inappropriate use of prescription opioids 0 None
2010-08-30 Independent drugstore lobby demands more 'transparency' for PBMs in pharmacy supply chain 0 None
2010-08-30 23rd ECNP Press conference on impact of circadian rhythms on human brain 0 5
2010-08-30 Health care-associated infections increase length of hospital stays 0 None
2010-08-30 23rd ECNP Congress press conference 0 None
2010-08-30 FRC Action PAC applauds Alaska's vote for parental notification rights to abortion 0 None
2010-08-30 ACTION Ontario encourages provincial narcotics strategy announcement 0 None
2010-08-30 US Oncology engages Milliman to develop physician-payer risk contracting model 0 None
2010-08-30 Midwest-based healthcare system selects Brainware Distiller for automation of Accounts Payable 0 None
2010-08-30 New campaign to create awareness on atrial fibrillation related strokes 0 None
2010-08-30 Queensland Health: neglect and red tape 0 None
2010-08-30 Malawi's President threatens to close newspapers, expel donors in response to reports of food shortages 0 None
2010-08-30 An overview of Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders 0 None
2010-08-30 CAMH to work on blueprint from Legislative Assembly's committee for mental health services 0 None
2010-08-30 MEND 7-13 Program improves obesity management in children 0 None
2010-08-30 Cummins Power to supply health care generator with OSHPD preapproval 0 None
2010-08-30 ACOs to offer better coordinate care for patients 0 None
2010-08-30 Shift to health from other sectors may breathe life into firm, city 0 None
2010-08-30 Weekend Update: Use of high deductible insurance plans rises; Rubio assails health law; Medicaid vs. schools 0 None
2010-08-30 Doctors' religious beliefs affect how they provide end-of-life care, Study finds 0 None
2010-08-30 Scientist suggests guidelines to safeguard physical health in college 0 None
2010-08-30 Asia-Pacific convention on osteoporosis management 0 None
2010-08-30 International conference to address clinical research in Europe 0 None
2010-08-30 CMA to improve reporting, accountability in entire health care system 0 None
2010-08-27 HHS awards University of Texas $2.7M for new Health Information Technology program 0 None
2010-08-27 Cameroon rolls out emergency cholera plan as region's outbreak continues 0 None
2010-08-27 Authorities arrest more than 80 people, seize 10 tons of counterfeit meds in E. Africa 0 None
2010-08-27 Issues in primary care: Medical homes and ethical concierge practices 0 None
2010-08-27 Health care spending falls; Drug and health care companies slow to advertise online 0 None
2010-08-27 Clinton condemns mass rape of women, children in Congo; U.N. investigation continues 0 4
2010-08-27 Insurers embrace GOP with campaign cash; Palin drives abortion wedge 0 None
2010-08-27 Pakistan floods displace 1M more, U.N. says 0 None
2010-08-27 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-08-27 Today's Opinions: Medicare illusions, small biz perks, abortion regs and more 0 None
2010-08-27 Simple medical exams recommended for school-age children 0 None
2010-08-27 Montana Gov. seeks cheaper drugs for residents; Legal immigrants may lose health insurace in Mass. 0 None
2010-08-27 Moody's reports negative outlook for not-for-profit hospitals 0 None
2010-08-27 Health care costs weigh on employers, jobless alike 0 None
2010-08-27 Obama administration touts federal efforts to combat health care fraud 0 None
2010-08-27 New alchemy module allows healthcare providers to verify, comply with state and federal prescription drug regulations 0 None
2010-08-27 Traumatic brain injury causes $6.8 billion worth of economic trauma in Texas 0 None
2010-08-27 New methodologies for protein measurement needed to address adulteration in infant formula and pet food 0 None
2010-08-27 Coke employees protest cancellation of employee health benefits without prior notification 0 None
2010-08-27 Research Roundups: Underinsured children; Hospital progress on electronic records; Federal officlals' work on comparative effectiveness 0 None
2010-08-27 Groups press Congress to end patients' wait for Medicare 0 None
2010-08-27 Elsevier, KIT sign MoU to provide developing country researchers access to ScienceDirect and Scopus 0 None
2010-08-27 Most home care clients rely on informal care from spouse or child 0 None
2010-08-27 Research: Impact of seafood components on human health 0 None
2010-08-27 APF offers actionable solutions to improve access to pain care 0 None
2010-08-27 Natural selection theory can explain evolution of eusocial behavior: Study 0 4
2010-08-27 First Edition: August 27, 2010 0 None
2010-08-27 Expansion of rapid response systems throughout the Veterans Affairs network can reduce morbidity 0 None
2010-08-27 Children and young people want greater involvement in healthcare consultations 0 None
2010-08-27 Thomson Reuters includes coverage in 15 more languages for Micromedex CareNotes patient education system 0 None
2010-08-27 Smoking among youth declines, but much more needs to be done 0 4
2010-08-27 Quantum Health on HIRC's list of leading disease management organizations 0 None
2010-08-27 Few US hospitals meet federal guidelines for 'meaningful use' in adoption of EHRs 0 None
2010-08-27 Assurant Employee Benefits announces new employee-paid, voluntary benefits 0 None
2010-08-27 Current dietary exposure to BPA through food packaging not a health risk: Health Canada 0 None
2010-08-27 National Association of Free Clinic available to uninsured residents in New Orleans 0 None
2010-08-27 MTBC ranked #1976 on 2010 Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies list 0 5
2010-08-27 Connectyx Technologies expands relationship with MASA for healthcare program 0 None
2010-08-27 Kaiser Permanente expands health plan availability through 0 5
2010-08-27 Premier healthcare alliance labor management program helps hospitals save over $120 million 0 None
2010-08-27 Study evaluates use of drought-tolerant maize in Africa 0 None
2010-08-27 Study: One in four kids underinsured before recession 0 None
2010-08-27 Scaled back premium increases allowed for Calif. insurer; Calif. lawmakers pass bills setting up exchange; Alaska approves Abortion Notification Initiative 0 None
2010-08-27 NPR: Some primary care doctors remain in solo practice 0 None
2010-08-27 Medicare expands coverage for tobacco-related counseling 0 None
2010-08-27 81% of physicians visited Health Care Professional content websites in first-quarter 2010 0 None
2010-08-27 Health Law factors into elections, but less than expected 0 None
2010-08-27 Kiehl's to introduce Photo-Age Corrector for treating UV damage on skin 0 3.7
2010-08-27 Today's Opinions: Sebelius on EMRs, primary care's role in reform and more 0 None
2010-08-27 Nationwide Children's Hospital designated as Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center 0 None
2010-08-27 KHN column: The new momentum behind electronic medical records 0 None
2010-08-27 KHN column: The medical loss ratio requirements are being carefully crafted 0 None
2010-08-27 Drought-tolerant varieties of maize could boost harvests in 13 African countries: Study 0 None
2010-08-27 Also in Global Health News: Disaster preparedness in Asian health sector; PEPFAR in Uganda; Malnutrition in Chad 0 None
2010-08-27 5 years after Katrina, Gulf area still struggles with access to quality health care, mental health counseling 0 None
2010-08-27 At least 3.5M Pakistanis have no access to clean water, raising risk for waterborne diseases 0 None
2010-08-27 $1.3 billion in Detroit hospital upgrades could drive up health costs 0 None
2010-08-27 BrainScope technology specifically identifies triage for Computed Tomography to ED patients 0 None
2010-08-27 Debt debate heats up as some dems dig in 0 None
2010-08-27 Dietary supplement to boost nitric oxide increases stamina during high intensity exercise: Research 0 3
2010-08-27 Sacramento event to honor 90th anniversary of women's suffrage amendment 1 None
2010-08-27 Employers packaging next year's benefits plans confront overhaul 0 None
2010-08-27 Spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries 0 5
2010-08-27 U-M researchers explore prevention measures, treatments for C. difficile infection 0 None
2010-08-27 Coalition of organizations request FDA to govern antibiotic usage in food animal production 0 None
2010-08-26 National Kickoff Classic partners with Close the Gap campaign to raise heart disease risk factor awareness 0 None
2010-08-26 Sanctions on Shalom Toowoomba nursing home due to inadequate aged care 0 2.3
2010-08-26 NSW bed sore death could have been prevented: Coroner 0 None
2010-08-26 AARP Report finds increase in brand-name drug costs outstrips inflation 0 None
2010-08-26 Health on the Hill – August 25, 2010 0 None
2010-08-26 Queen West Village Family Health Team to provide primary health care for community 0 None
2010-08-26 First World Congress on Ergothioneine to be held in Los Angeles, California in July 2011 0 None
2010-08-26 DMAHS awards four-year Medicaid utilization review contract to Permedion 0 None
2010-08-26 Aon Consulting survey finds increase in monthly COBRA contributions for terminated employees 0 None
2010-08-26 Health care in New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina 0 None
2010-08-26 CDC study examines cost of medical care, productivity losses associated with motor vehicle injuries 0 None
2010-08-26 23rd European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress to be held 28 Aug - 1 Sep 2010 in Amsterdam 0 None
2010-08-26 The Blood Alliance signs agreement to implement Interactive Softworks' software 0 None
2010-08-26 SNM supports U.S. Senate's introduction of CARE Act 0 None
2010-08-26 New article examines education practices, priorities for deaf-blind children 0 None
2010-08-26 MedeAnalytics announces latest release of Patient Access Intelligence solution 0 None
2010-08-26 Medical home model improves quality of healthcare, reduces cost: Geisinger study 0 None
2010-08-26 Tobacco companies use web 2.0 media to get around marketing restrictions 0 None
2010-08-26 CCEI to introduce professional development course to prevent Bloodborne Pathogens among children 0 None
2010-08-26 MIT's Technology Review announces 2010 TR35 annual list of young innovators 0 None
2010-08-26 AACN selects five new Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars through national scholarship program 0 None
2010-08-26 First Edition: August 26, 2010 0 None
2010-08-26 RAND Corporation study reveals shortage of anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists 0 None
2010-08-26 Veteran Affairs to use Redsense alarm to detect blood leakage during hemodialysis 0 None
2010-08-26 NYBC calls for blood donation in remembrance of 9/11 victims 0 None
2010-08-26 Tree Top enters Letter of Intent with WorldWithoutBlindness 0 None
2010-08-26 Psychiatric Foundation program recognizes PSE as innovator for addressing cognitive, behavioral disabilities 0 None
2010-08-26 Elsevier provides four key electronic textbook titles for UCI School of Medicine 0 None
2010-08-26 Role of doctors' religious faith and ethnicity in taking ethically controversial decisions during end-of-life care 0 None
2010-08-26 Medical errors cost hospitals $19.5 billion in 2008, says SOA report 0 None
2010-08-26 Lack of awareness among referring physicians limits intervention in venous system: MRG 0 None
2010-08-26 NCPA releases unbiased, detailed analysis of health care reform costs and benefits 0 2.3
2010-08-26 Transparency needed in administration of drug benefits by pharmacy benefit managers 0 None
2010-08-26 QMA delegation adopts motion to modernize physician-network relationship 0 None
2010-08-26 Saint Thomas Health Services to offer program for neurosurgical patients’ better care 0 None
2010-08-26 New test helps to measure smoker's mainstream smoke deliveries of select chemicals per cigarette 0 None
2010-08-26 N.C. Dept. of Corrections could cut inmate health care costs by requiring hospitals to bill Medicaid; Minn. lawmakers urge governor to seek enhanced Medicaid funds 0 None
2010-08-26 UNC Hospitals receives NCDR ACTION Registry-GWTG Silver Performance Achievement Award 0 None
2010-08-26 EHE International endorses lifestyle medicine competencies 0 None
2010-08-26 Lockheed Martin awarded contracts to accelerate advancement of Nationwide Health Information Network 0 None
2010-08-26 Rep. Gerry Connolly sees strong shift in public view of health reform 0 None
2010-08-26 IPS explores why some advocates say women-focused MDGs are missing the mark 0 None
2010-08-26 VCPI announces opening of 'The Center of Excellence for Post-Acute Care EMR' 0 None
2010-08-26 First online software to maintain dangerous chemicals’ database 0 None
2010-08-26 Prescription drug abuse soars despite state monitoring programs 0 None
2010-08-26 Sysmex announces 3-year sole source microscopic urinalysis contract agreement with Novation 0 None
2010-08-26 Medicare drug plan changes and prices could surprise seniors 0 None
2010-08-26 Cornerstone Healthcare Plus REIT acquires $14.75M inpatient rehabilitation facility in Dallas 0 None
2010-08-26 D.C. in front of the health reform curve, officials say 0 None
2010-08-26 Battle for public opinion of health overhaul continues in states 0 None
2010-08-26 Device firms skid as health IT looks to bright future 0 None
2010-08-26 Verizon and Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition enter new partnership to end domestic violence 0 None
2010-08-26 Today's Opinions: Applying comparative effectiveness research to a range of health indicators; Australia's model health care system; What about blocked stem cell research? 0 None
2010-08-26 Opinions: Health and agriculture; GHI's main ideas; Recommendations to improve Haiti's government; China and the Global Fund 0 None
2010-08-25 Department of Public Welfare saves taxpayers $690 million through cost-recovery efforts 0 None
2010-08-25 Improvement of postoperative care decreases myocardial ischemia and major cardiac events 0 None
2010-08-25 Fox Chase Cancer Center to host Philadelphia Chromosome Symposium 0 None
2010-08-25 PerfectServe launches new iPhone application for better clinical communications 0 None
2010-08-25 APWUHP implements ELDORADO's state-of-the-art Javelina solution 0 None
2010-08-25 ORLocate system designed to prevent medical errors in surgical procedures receives FDA clearance 0 3
2010-08-25 On Assignment Nurse Travel awarded contract to provide federal agencies with healthcare staffing services 0 None
2010-08-25 Health Net receives Merit Award in 19th annual National Mature Media Awards Program 0 None
2010-08-25 Congress members call for open and transparent oversight of Medicare 'competitive' bidding program 0 5
2010-08-25 HCCS releases new online compliance training course for nursing facilities 0 None
2010-08-25 Healthways, MedNetworks to apply science of social network mapping to improve well-being 0 None
2010-08-25 Employers see greater health care savings through dependent eligibility audits: Ceridian 0 None
2010-08-25 CHCA selects MedQuist to improve clinical documentation workflow 0 None
2010-08-25 GE aeroderivative gas turbine powers Texas Medical Center 0 None
2010-08-25 ARAMARK Education launches wellness, nutrition education program for school children 0 None
2010-08-25 MAXIMUS launches Meaningful Use Solutions to help states develop, implement EHR incentive programs 0 None
2010-08-25 The AFA, Fertility SOURCE partner to provide information on donor egg cycles for patients 0 None
2010-08-25 Healthland provides tools, services to help community hospitals meet ARRA requirements 0 None
2010-08-25 Administrative Law Judge recommends grant of Certificate of Need for Trinity Medical Center's relocation 0 None
2010-08-25 Six Sigma approach can help improve treatment process in ER: Research 0 None
2010-08-25 Interactive online education tool helps medical labs prepare for ISO 15189 accreditation 0 None
2010-08-25 Premier healthcare alliance introduces QualityAdvisor solution for hospitals 0 None
2010-08-25 REACH3 included as newest member of MGMA's AdminiServe program 0 None
2010-08-25 First Edition: August 25, 2010 0 None
2010-08-25 Kindred subsidiaries to acquire 5 long-term acute care hospitals from Vista Healthcare 0 None
2010-08-25 WHO grants prequalification status to pneumococcal vaccine, paving way for U.N. procurement 0 None
2010-08-25 USN and St. Rose introduce new accelerated bachelor's degree in nursing 0 None
2010-08-25 Current egg recall highlights shortcomings in food safety system, sets up call for Senate action in September 0 None
2010-08-25 FDA releases guidance on federal nutrition labeling requirements 0 None
2010-08-25 Northern Neurological Alliance launches website for patients with neurological conditions 0 None
2010-08-25 Pakistani President, State Dept. official discuss post-flood rebuilding 0 None
2010-08-25 TSI Healthcare recognized in 'HCI TOP 100’ 2010 annual listing 0 None
2010-08-25 VA launches new pilot in Indianapolis to improve delivery of Veterans health information 0 None
2010-08-25 Harvard Pilgrim CEO works to contain costs, negotiate with state insurance regulators 0 None
2010-08-25 New study finds walking, cycling results in lower levels of obesity and diabetes 0 None
2010-08-25 Pen-size plasma sterilization device 0 None
2010-08-25 Insuring your health: Health law requires continued coverage for patients in clinical trials 0 None
2010-08-25 Intermountain Healthcare chooses Optilink software to enhance nursing productivity management 0 None
2010-08-25 Water improves health and reverses aging process 0 None
2010-08-25 States look to slow spending, raise money and extend savings for Medicaid 0 None
2010-08-25 Improvement in mumps vaccine administration needed to prevent future outbreaks 0 None
2010-08-25 Healthcare Trust of America to acquire 228,870 square foot West Penn Allegheny Building for $41.34M 0 None
2010-08-25 Rock Sake traditional white spirits are gluten and sulfite free 0 5
2010-08-25 Fewer N.C. physicians seeing Medicare patients; Hospitals try to cut Medicare readmissions 0 None
2010-08-25 Health law continues to be embroiled in politics, though toned down 0 None
2010-08-25 Sheryl Crow Imaging Center opens in Los Angeles 0 None
2010-08-25 FDA recalls eggs in multi-state Salmonella outbreak 0 None
2010-08-25 Centice Corporation launches partner program for PASS Rx system availability 0 None
2010-08-25 Judge blocks federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2010-08-25 Louisiana Public Health Institute receives $2 million GE Foundation grant 0 None
2010-08-25 Some health overhaul policies good for consumers, bad for brokers 0 None
2010-08-25 CIMIT, Induct announce strategic alliance to implement Web-based innovation management system 0 None
2010-08-25 Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula to implement RelayHealth's HIE connectivity solution 0 None
2010-08-25 NPR: Technology can help seniors stay in homes 0 None
2010-08-25 Jordan Hospital receives approval to open new Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center 0 None
2010-08-25 CHI teams with BioFortis to focus on personalized healthcare initiatives for community hospitals 0 None
2010-08-25 NICE draft guidance rejects cancer drug bevacizumab 0 None
2010-08-25 American Medical Group Association to participate in COPD care management 0 None
2010-08-25 Getting the 4-1-1 on waiting times at the emergency room 0 None
2010-08-25 NTI’s EHR technology earns additional certification in CCHIT's Preliminary ARRA IFR Stage 1 program 0 None
2010-08-25 UT Southwestern University Hospital - St. Paul earns distinction as Primary Stroke Center 0 None
2010-08-25 Virginia Attorney Gen. approves stricter oversight on abortion clinics; Indiana fails to follow up inspection reports on nursing homes 0 None
2010-08-25 Also in Global Health News: IDUs in Kenya; Haiti recovery; Pandemic preparedness; Somalia hunger; HIV in Mozambique; Strengthening immune system against HIV 0 None
2010-08-25 Today's Opinions: Ryan's roadmap; Beware rising cost of workers comp 0 None
2010-08-24 Short period of excessive eating can have prolonged effects on health 0 None
2010-08-24 HHS releases new web tool for searching insurance coverage options 0 None
2010-08-24 Ocean Spray offers new dried fruit snacks 0 None
2010-08-24 Sporting activity is an important tool for enabling process of socialisation: Researcher 0 None
2010-08-24 A.D.A.M. releases 'Inside Out Health and Wellness' module of online resources for K-12 learners 0 None
2010-08-24 Streamline Health implements Audit Compliance for the Enterprise Solution at Children's National 0 None
2010-08-24 PHLBI announces launch of new website for patients 0 None
2010-08-24 First Edition: August 24, 2010 0 None
2010-08-24 Media detective programs allow children to resist messages encouraging alcohol and tobacco use 0 None
2010-08-24 Special empowerment program to promote confidence in diabetic children 0 None
2010-08-24 Abilities Expo to be held August 27-29, 2010 in Houston, Texas 0 None
2010-08-24 2010 Summit to focus on developing roadmap for personalized health care 0 None
2010-08-24 MIT symposium at ACS National Meeting to familiarize future scientists with unfamiliar public policy 0 None
2010-08-24 Canadian government to match private donations for Pakistan flood aid 0 None
2010-08-24 Consumer Driven Health Plans grow at 18.1% 0 None
2010-08-24 Consumers economizing on healthcare in ways that might be dangerous: Poll 0 None
2010-08-24 Highmark Foundation’s report documents status of safety net providers to improve health outcomes 0 None
2010-08-24 Merck and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commit additional $60M to support Botswana's ACHAP 0 None
2010-08-24 Premier Purchasing Partners announces new agreements for surgical mesh, biological mesh 0 None
2010-08-24 Queensway Carleton Hospital staff to protest against Liberal government's budget cuts 0 None
2010-08-24 Belgium GZA Hospital Group implements AeroScout's Temperature Monitoring solution 0 None
2010-08-24 As flood waters spread, international aid for Pakistan tops $800M, foreign minister says 0 None
2010-08-24 Humana and Availity deploy CarePrescribe to Kentucky Physicians at no charge 0 None
2010-08-24 Canadian Nurses Association to lead in development of national strategy for aging and health 0 None
2010-08-24 MWellA online community promotes awareness on mental disorders 0 None
2010-08-24 Amerinet helps Wenatchee Valley Medical Center increase contract maximization by 30 to 50% 0 None
2010-08-24 Emerson Ecologics announces new affiliation with PGI to provide optimal patient care 0 None
2010-08-24 University of Melbourne and Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute adopt BioEYES outreach program 0 None
2010-08-24 MHCC and PHS Community Services Society open Bosman Hotel Community in Vancouver 0 None
2010-08-24 Pressure BioSciences collaborates with LBNL to analyze microbe for oil spill clean-up 0 None
2010-08-24 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to drive consumption of health care services 0 None
2010-08-24 NCO Financial Investigative Services joins Medical Group Management Association as AdminiServe Partner 0 None
2010-08-24 Global eHIE system to provide medication histories to Inova Alexandria physicians 0 None
2010-08-24 UCLA study estimates number of California residents who lost health insurance during economic downturn 0 None
2010-08-24 Gold Standard/Elsevier launches consumer medication information in 12 foreign languages 0 None
2010-08-24 BTE, Leapfrog Group, and PROMETHEUS Payment support NBCH's eValue8 health plan evaluation program 0 None
2010-08-24 Midwest Employers Casualty Company introduces Safety Cornerstones Express program for Self-Insured Groups 0 None
2010-08-24 PCF to conduct special Charlie Wilson Concert to support fight against prostate cancer 0 None
2010-08-24 DoD Task Force reports rising incidence of suicide among military members 0 None
2010-08-24 CMAJ calls for new vision for health at Canada's federal level 0 None
2010-08-24 Polyphenols affect nutrient absorption: Study 0 None
2010-08-24 McKesson announces winners of 2010 Distinguished Achievement Awards program 0 None
2010-08-24 Gatherer Partnership to advance patient rehabilitation, conditioning techniques 0 None
2010-08-24 EPA selects Precision Antibody to develop monoclonal antibodies for 'Crypto' intestinal parasite 0 None
2010-08-24 NJIT researchers awarded 15 new U.S. patents for research programs 0 None
2010-08-24 Novartis presents 2010 Immunology prizes at 16th International Congress of Immunology in Kobe 0 None
2010-08-24 Doctors Care and Progressive Physical Therapy relocates Northeast Columbia center 0 None
2010-08-24 Disaster response strategies should address needs of people with disabilities and mental disorders 0 None
2010-08-24 INPUT releases new report on Electronic Health Record Incentive Funding and Certification Program 0 None
2010-08-24 Fla.'s Jackson Health System struggles with nursing home and hospital losses; Advocates push marijuana cultivation in Calif. 0 None
2010-08-24 Baltimore's new health commissioner: Technology can help fix public health challenges 0 None
2010-08-24 Cambridge Health Alliance to expand use of MedAssets' revenue cycle management solutions 0 None
2010-08-24 Aspen University lowers tuition for Master of Science in Nursing Program 0 None
2010-08-24 Experts examine COBRA subsidy program following its expiration 0 None
2010-08-24 Overutilization of medical imaging services increases unnecessary radiation exposure: Report 0 None
2010-08-24 Ethicon Endo-Surgery launches 0 4.7
2010-08-24 Children affected by Katrina still face emotional problems, study finds 0 None
2010-08-24 WHO calls on countries to prevent, control spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria 0 None
2010-08-24 Overhaul could vex both insurance executives and brokers 0 None
2010-08-24 HHS to offer $32 million to increase health care access for rural Americans 0 None
2010-08-23 Rural development in Australia 0 None
2010-08-23 Medica teams up with OptumHealth to deliver CDHPs to all commercial health plan customers 0 None
2010-08-23 'Village' movement and community health clinics offer alternative models of care 0 None
2010-08-23 Publix Super Markets to introduce flu immunization program 0 None
2010-08-23 San Antonio City Council passes new comprehensive smoke-free ordinance 0 None
2010-08-23 Today's opinions: More on the trustee's report, cutting the deficit 0 None
2010-08-23 Medical loss ratio rules for insurers could bring controversy to Sebelius' office 0 None
2010-08-23 JAFRA donates more than $100,000 to help SOS Children's Villages in Vietnam 0 None
2010-08-23 Health overhaul raises regulators' profiles, confuses consumers 0 None
2010-08-23 RelayHealth achieves full accreditation with ePAP from EHNAC 0 None
2010-08-23 Health law changes rules for docs with in-house imaging machines 0 None
2010-08-23 VNA clinical staff achieve CCP certification 0 None
2010-08-23 Obama administration rewriting medical privacy rules 0 None
2010-08-23 Readers of Modern Healthcare magazine name Obama as most powerful person in healthcare 0 None
2010-08-23 First Edition: Aug. 23, 2010 0 None
2010-08-23 Americans' confidence to access and pay healthcare services drops: Thomson Reuters Healthcare Survey 0 None
2010-08-23 NextGen Healthcare collaborates with clients for Primary Care Information Project 0 None
2010-08-23 AHRA announces third Patients First grant program to provide health care facilities 0 None
2010-08-23 Aetna offers Employee Assistance Program resources for flood-impacted members 0 None
2010-08-23 Intelerad to feature hospital solutions at AHRA annual meeting 0 None
2010-08-23 Health insurance for college students generating coverage, controversy 0 None
2010-08-23 Illinois launches health insurance program, California to follow suit 0 None
2010-08-22 Doctors using caffeine to work extended hours 0 None
2010-08-21 Regular workouts make women feel more stronger, healthier, confident, energized and accomplished 0 1
2010-08-21 American Red Cross Of Greater Cleveland invites nominations to 2010 'Hero Awards' 0 2
2010-08-21 NBA player Alonzo Mourning uses celebrity fame to fight kidney disease 0 1
2010-08-21 Twenty-five public health organizations file amicus brief against legal challenge from tobacco industry 0 1
2010-08-21 Sebelius turns political tables on GOP governors on Medicaid; Program's expansion will help homeless 0 None
2010-08-21 Sebelius to governors: Extra Medicaid money comes with a string attached 0 None
2010-08-21 U.S. Census Bureau features 'Immunization' on Profile America 0 None
2010-08-21 BIO applauds release of HHS Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise Review 0 None
2010-08-21 Interim Haiti Recovery Commission approves 29 rehabilitation projects for Haiti worth $1.6B 0 None
2010-08-21 Perry Ellis International launches corporate "Healthy Heart" initiative 0 None
2010-08-21 Henry Ford announces wine-themed evening to benefit West Bloomfield Hospital's Multidisciplinary Spine Program 0 None
2010-08-21 Donors announce new pledges for Pakistan flood relief 0 None
2010-08-21 HHS Secretary releases review of new federal approach to medical countermeasures 0 None
2010-08-21 Cornell University experts comment on recall of 380 million eggs 0 1
2010-08-21 Study suggests PFP programs can improve RTAT, enhance patient care 0 None
2010-08-21 'Avatar' botanical consultant to receive Paul Ecke Jr. Award of Excellence 0 None
2010-08-21 Data shows street outreach workers are effective in preventing youth violence 0 None
2010-08-21 Democrats move away from health cost pitch, focus on changing senior minds 0 None
2010-08-21 UNT Board of Regents approves new M.D. degree program at UNTHSC 0 None
2010-08-21 Canadian Red Cross announces new donation option for Pakistan's relief operations 0 None
2010-08-21 The Sprott Foundation donates $500,000 for Red Cross relief efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-21 Stanford Hospital installs high-definition monitors to enhance patient care 0 None
2010-08-21 Hillandale Farms of Iowa voluntarily recalls shell eggs 0 None
2010-08-21 U-M launches new program to prevent sports-related injuries 0 None
2010-08-21 Abt Associates to evaluate program to encourage healthier eating among lower-income Americans 0 None
2010-08-21 A.M. Best maintains negative outlook for health insurers due to impact of health care reform 0 None
2010-08-21 Pharma-Nutrition conference to highlight latest research on medical nutrition 0 None
2010-08-21 FDA issues update to nationwide Salmonella infected egg recall 0 5
2010-08-21 NHS Stop Smoking Services helps 373,954 people to quit smoking during 2009-10 1 None
2010-08-21 Elsevier Health Sciences and India's medical library consortium Helinet announce agreement 0 5
2010-08-21 SNI to release trademarked news reports to 400,000 medical professionals 0 None
2010-08-21 AHF thanks Obama for additional $5M, but says 'It isn't nearly enough' 0 None
2010-08-21 L.A. Fitness to open eighth sports club in Indiana 0 None
2010-08-21 Warner Bros recording artist to donate concert profits to BC Children's Hospital 0 5
2010-08-21 Experts explore factors contributing to global nurse faculty migration 0 None
2010-08-21 HHS unveils $1.9B strategy to better prepare for biological threats 0 None
2010-08-21 Updated 2nd edition of book on Graves' orbitopathy 0 None
2010-08-21 Clinica of Virginia signs contracts with major insurance providers 0 None
2010-08-21 New FDA laws on egg safety would have prevented salmonella outbreak, Feds say 0 None
2010-08-21 HCG Platinum improves formula of hormone diet product 0 None
2010-08-21 Cardinal DiNardo calls for support on 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' 0 None
2010-08-21 Reform law causing students, insurers to examine college health plans 0 None
2010-08-21 WHO calls upon countries to be alert to antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2010-08-21 FDA warns of typhoid fever through frozen mamey fruit pulp 0 None
2010-08-21 Center for Health Sciences to offer certificate program in Phlebotomy 0 5
2010-08-21 Assurant health cutting jobs ahead of health reform implementation 0 None
2010-08-21 Long-term exercise reduces chronic musculoskeletal pain: Research 0 5
2010-08-21 EMR tracking system improves follow-up of abnormal Pap tests: Study 0 None
2010-08-21 What hospital consolidation means for the cost of an MRI 0 None
2010-08-21 National essay writing contest on obesity for teenagers 0 None
2010-08-21 Study finds experiences of parenthood are different for male and female scientists 0 None
2010-08-21 Cholera outbreaks on the rise, WHO expert says 0 3
2010-08-21 Prescription opioids can be gate way to illicit drug addiction: Study 0 None
2010-08-21 Turner Construction receives contract to modernize St. Mary's Hospital for Children 0 None
2010-08-21 CDC says teen vaccination rates up but should go higher 0 None
2010-08-21 Palliative care prolongs metastatic lung cancer patient’s life: Study 0 None
2010-08-21 Research Roundup: Lowering malpractice costs; Advance care planning limitations; Consumers review their own health care 0 None
2010-08-21 Nine Canadian banks accept donations in support of Red Cross relief efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-21 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware selects Highmark as affiliation partner 0 None
2010-08-21 California radio report examines end of life care 0 None
2010-08-21 Disability discrimination claims increase 0 None
2010-08-21 N.C. Blue requests 7 percent rate hike 0 None
2010-08-21 Feds to revamp bioterrorism and flu plans 0 None
2010-08-21 State Roundup: Hospital safety, infant mortality, immigration and more 0 None
2010-08-21 Today's Opinions: Florida's medical association; Massachusetts' politics; Medicine and money 0 None
2010-08-21 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-08-20 New plans for uninsured off to slow start 0 None
2010-08-20 Colleges say new health law may imperil student policies 0 None
2010-08-20 New law offers hope for homeless health care 0 None
2010-08-20 Hay Group's survey reports positive news for health insurance employee compensation in 2011 0 None
2010-08-20 SUNY Downstate Medical Center to provide content from 'Lippincott's Nursing Procedures and Skills' to nurses 0 None
2010-08-20 Washington's adult smoking rate drops to 14.8%, but smokeless tobacco use is on the rise 0 None
2010-08-20 U.S. boosts aid relief to Pakistani flood victims; U.N. donors meet about funding 0 None
2010-08-20 First Edition: August 20, 2010 0 None
2010-08-20 Commonwealth Employment Relations Board rules that Cambridge Health Alliance violated state labor law 0 None
2010-08-20 Report says developing countries remain unprepared for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment 0 None
2010-08-20 AARP commends opening of enrollment for 'Illinois Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan' 0 None
2010-08-20 On World Humanitarian Day, media outlets report on rise in violence toward relief workers 0 None
2010-08-20 Many ED patients could have been treated in an urgent care center: Study 0 None
2010-08-20 Study finds evidence that single-disease initiatives may compromise fragile health systems in low-income countries 0 None
2010-08-20 Obama Administration struggles to soothe health reform concerns; Insurance Commissioners issue rules 0 None
2010-08-20 HealthPartners receives grant to study primary care clinics' transformation to health care homes 0 None
2010-08-20 Bavarian Nordic comments on Obama Administration's revised strategy for medical countermeasures 0 None
2010-08-20 Study finds Hispanics, Asians less likely to receive liver transplants 0 None
2010-08-20 Pennsylvania receives over $2 million federal grant for development of home visiting programs 0 None
2010-08-20 Study shows disparities in asthma ER visits between African Americans and whites 0 None
2010-08-20 AHF commends Sen. Bill Nelson for urging Senate colleagues to address funding shortfall in ADAP 0 None
2010-08-20 Integra LifeSciences opens new Center for Research, Education and Training in Irvine, California 0 None
2010-08-20 Cedars-Sinai opens Advanced Heart Failure Unit in California 0 None
2010-08-20 California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approves revisions to Heat Illness Prevention Standard 0 None
2010-08-20 Experts discuss role of technology and innovation in healthcare industry 0 None
2010-08-20 San Antonio to implement comprehensive smoke-free ordinance 0 None
2010-08-20 Chicago-based pasteurized eggs producer increases production following recall of salmonella-infected eggs 0 None
2010-08-20 Ohio appeals court reinstates claim that diet drug Redux should not have been marketed 0 None
2010-08-20 Neuroscientist conducts free webinar to highlight children’s vision problems 0 None
2010-08-20 FDA releases statement on urgent nationwide egg recall 0 None
2010-08-20 University of California, Irvine launches new Clinical Research Certificate Program 0 None
2010-08-20 Cancer patients may live longer with palliative and hospice care services: Study 0 None
2010-08-20 Northwestern Mutual launches Disability Income Insurance Knowledge Center 0 None
2010-08-20 Afghanistan, African countries lead global food insecurity list 0 None
2010-08-20 CMS: Seniors will see modest increase in Medicare drug premiums but improved benefits 0 None
2010-08-20 Report: Diabetes costs account for nearly a quarter of all hospital spending 0 None
2010-08-20 Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation to support 2010 National PF Week 0 None
2010-08-20 Palliative care recipients live longer and in less pain, study finds 0 None
2010-08-20 Moderate alcohol in family setting can prevent young people from binge drinking: Study 0 None
2010-08-20 Business Group: Large employers grappling with health law changes 0 None
2010-08-20 Grand Junction, Colorado: Still the health care poster child 0 None
2010-08-20 SIGVARIS joins Vascular Disease Foundation's National Corporate Round Table 0 None
2010-08-20 After multiple medevac crashes, NTSB wants increased safety technology 0 None
2010-08-20 The Center for Pediatric Dentistry opens in Seattle on September 1, 2010 0 None
2010-08-20 Hospitals seek to end emergency room violence 0 None
2010-08-20 SAMHSA provides guidance for NREPP program submission 0 None
2010-08-20 Schwarzenegger announces Calif. health IT network plan 0 None
2010-08-20 Cetero Research expands Clinical Dermatology and Transdermal Delivery System services 0 None
2010-08-20 Quality issue roundup: J & J revamping controls; The odds for orthopedic surgery; Automatic prescription refills and patient compliance 0 None
2010-08-20 KHN column: For cost control, vouchers and Medicare don't mix 0 None
2010-08-20 Today's Opinions: Vouchers and Medicare; The shortage of doctors; Eliminating health system's disparities; Protecting cancer patients 0 None
2010-08-20 First Edition: August 19, 2010 0 None
2010-08-19 Stars line-up for Stand Up To Cancer's translational research initiative 0 None
2010-08-19 Novartis sales representatives increase calls to healthcare providers by 7%: SDI report 0 None
2010-08-19 Elsevier, ASRT partner to provide CT modules through Mosby's Imaging Suite for technologists' education 0 None
2010-08-19 Velocity Technology Solutions to host and manage back office applications at St. Charles Health System 0 None
2010-08-19 NAFC to sponsor free medical clinic for uninsured Gulf Coast area residents 0 None
2010-08-19 South Korea and Republika Srpska continue cooperation in modernization of hospitals 0 None
2010-08-19 Helping Hand for Relief and Development raises appeal to $5 million for Pakistan flood disaster 0 None
2010-08-19 Playing percussion leads to unusual injury: Report 0 None
2010-08-19 Wis. pushes to expand Medicaid funding for contraceptives, Minnesota encourages 'medical homes,' Md. settles nursing home payment case 0 None
2010-08-19 General Physics to provide AAR/IP to gauge overall response to H1N1 outbreak 0 None
2010-08-19 Effects of illegal drugs on health 0 4.2
2010-08-19 LIJ Medical Center achieves zero central-line infection rate in SICU 0 None
2010-08-19 Second round of abstract submission for International Symposium on MR-guided Focused Ultrasound 0 None
2010-08-19 Study quantifies risk for gastrointestinal illness due to E. coli bacteria at inland beach 0 None
2010-08-19 Many nurses are benefiting from online education through The College Network 0 None
2010-08-19 Protection from unrealistic claims of Direct to consumer genetic tests needed 0 None
2010-08-19 Asian Americans still face barriers to quality healthcare, say researchers 0 None
2010-08-19 Labor groups, abortion activists push candidates; Ruling veils political donors 0 None
2010-08-19 Two-day LEAN training course for healthcare professionals 0 None
2010-08-19 Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network recognized for 20 years of service 0 None
2010-08-19 Study finds burnout progressively develops among medical students 0 None
2010-08-19 PTSF releases white paper outlining recommendations for development of trauma center in Pennsylvania 0 None
2010-08-19 Hospitals grapple with increasing ER visits; LA officials order changes to boost patient safety; Mass. nurse fired after reporting problem 0 None
2010-08-19 State insurance regulators approve guidelines for health plans' spending 0 None
2010-08-19 Bridge for cross-cultural cancer education 0 None
2010-08-19 Assessment of critical illness during Emergency Medical Services care 0 None
2010-08-19 Policy restrictions for certain medications lead to decreased drug use and substantial savings for insurers 0 None
2010-08-19 Competitive forces against globally collaborative science 0 None
2010-08-19 Study outlines recommendations for prevention, management of health epidemics 0 None
2010-08-19 World MRSA Day kick-off event in Chicago on October 1, 2010 0 None
2010-08-19 Experts debate government's decision to ring fence NHS funding 0 None
2010-08-19 Small businesses wrestle with what health reform will mean for them 0 None
2010-08-19 Health insurance costs rise sharply for unemployed as COBRA subsidy ends 0 None
2010-08-19 Grants infuse health centers with more money to build, bolster services 0 None
2010-08-19 What do we call nurses with doctorates? And other quality issues 0 None
2010-08-19 Kansas Health Policy Authority awards HMS contract to conduct Medicaid Subrogation Services 0 None
2010-08-19 Mass. regulators reach rate hike accord with one more insurer 0 None
2010-08-19 Closure of Vancouver General Hospital's outpatient Domestic Violence Program puts vulnerable women at risk 0 None
2010-08-19 New 'Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database' tracks published epidemiologic and real world exposure studies 0 None
2010-08-19 Laid-off workers lament conclusion of COBRA subsidy 0 None
2010-08-19 UnitedHealthcare to donate $1.95 million for Walking Paths Program 0 None
2010-08-19 Reuters examines measles outbreaks in Africa 0 None
2010-08-19 Behavioral Innovations includes In-home Autism Treatment programs in ABA services at San Antonio 0 None
2010-08-19 Apex EDI introduces Preferred Solutions Partner Program 0 None
2010-08-19 Broadband could be boon for rural clinics 0 None
2010-08-19 State Department report documents U.S. efforts to expand developing countries' access to safe drinking water, sanitation 0 None
2010-08-18 China PharmaHub and Chengdu Yongkon Pharmacy sign cooperation agreement 0 None
2010-08-18 BBC reports on efforts to broaden access to childhood vaccines 0 None
2010-08-18 Opinions: Aid to Pakistan; Criteria for effective aid 0 None
2010-08-18 Also in Global Health News: Global Fund in El Salvador; World Bank investment in Nepal; Bed nets in Africa; Ukraine caps grain exports 0 None
2010-08-18 Today's Opinions: Medicare's legacy and future; Missouri vote on health mandate; Overhaul predictions 0 None
2010-08-18 NASA to host LAUNCH: Health forum focusing on health issues 0 None
2010-08-18 Holzer Consolidated Health System deploys CareTech Solutions Service Desk 0 None
2010-08-18 NASN encourages parents to vaccinate their children against meningococcal disease 0 None
2010-08-18 Capella University introduces new DNP degree 0 None
2010-08-18 Addus HomeCare awarded new contracts in North Carolina 0 None
2010-08-18 Pharmacies in Massachusetts to make available lock boxes for sale 0 None
2010-08-18 Serious funding shortfalls jeopardize UNICEF's humanitarian operation in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-18 Use of multi-payer portals for community-focused Medicaid organizations to be highlighted at MMIS Conference 0 None
2010-08-18 Medical Transcription Industry Association to change name to Clinical Documentation Industry Association 0 None
2010-08-18 WFNS launches 'World Neurosurgery' journal 0 None
2010-08-18 PBM Medco invests in comparative-effectiveness, safety research firm 0 None
2010-08-18 LCA-Vision, Fisher House Foundation partner to ease burdens of wounded heroes 0 None
2010-08-18 First Edition: August 18, 2010 0 None
2010-08-18 Medical Mutual of Ohio to receive prestigious C. Everett Koop National Health Award for 2010 0 None
2010-08-18 North Carolina Healthcare Information Exchange to be launched 0 None
2010-08-18 Study finds pharmaceuticals as a two-tier market for producing 'lemons' and serious harm 0 5
2010-08-18 Hospitals should inform patients about availability of insurance coverage for breast reconstruction: New law 0 None
2010-08-18 Red Cross and Canadian International Development Agency deploy $1M in emergency supplies to Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-18 Patients concerned over ability to access own medical records 0 None
2010-08-18 Policies, practices concerning MRSA differ among acute-care hospitals in the U.S.: Researchers 0 None
2010-08-18 Live call-in program to focus on how state budget cuts affect health care services 0 None
2010-08-18 Equatorial Guinea launches cholera, measles vaccination campaign to improve health services 0 None
2010-08-18 Polls: Health care 'very important' in midterms; Voters look at Medicare cuts to reduce deficit 0 None
2010-08-18 CLASS Act has potential to transform long-term care financing to insurance-based system: PPAR 0 2.3
2010-08-18 USAID, NASA, NIKE and State Department partner to address humanity's sustainability challenges 0 None
2010-08-18 Uniform adoption of national HIV quality performance measures needed 0 None
2010-08-18 Consortium on Aging created at The University of Texas Health Science Center 0 None
2010-08-18 California Telehealth Network launched 0 None
2010-08-18 AACR opens nominations for awards recognizing excellence in cancer research 0 None
2010-08-18 HDVI's Medical Records Collection and Analysis system integrated with DST Health Solutions' CareAnalyzer 0 None
2010-08-18 Tips for safe exercising in the heat 0 None
2010-08-18 MERI designated as Simulation Center of Excellence in State of Tennessee 0 None
2010-08-18 SAGE to launch European Edition of 'Foot & Ankle Specialist' 0 None
2010-08-18 Trauma center care cost-effective for all patients: Report 0 None
2010-08-18 Review on energy drinks that claim athletic performance enhancement 0 None
2010-08-18 Florida doctors struggle to meet new standards for electronic records; Arizona faces sharp cuts in residency-training programs 0 None
2010-08-18 Smoking rates among teenagers drop after illegalizing cigarette sales to under 18s 0 None
2010-08-18 Activists sue for documents detailing downfall of St. Vincent's Hospital 0 None
2010-08-18 Hearing loss in adolescents on the rise 0 None
2010-08-18 Iyengar yoga program improves quality of life for breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-08-18 Sec. of State Clinton discusses Global Health Initiative 0 None
2010-08-18 Dysphagia impacts length of hospital stay and prognosis 0 None
2010-08-18 Virginia creates health law panel, groups prepare for overhaul changes 0 None
2010-08-18 Cigna lobbies to define medical loss ratio on insurers' terms 0 None
2010-08-18 Insurer mounts offensive and defensive strategies on health law 0 None
2010-08-18 Pharmacy drug information confusing or lacking, study says 0 None
2010-08-18 Recession led to cuts in health system use 0 None
2010-08-18 Biomet provides explanation to FDA regarding marketing rights for Signature Personalized Patient Care system 0 None
2010-08-18 HHS awards $1 million grants to state insurance regulators 0 None
2010-08-18 Cancer is the world's top 'economic killer,' report finds 0 None
2010-08-18 Health on the Hill – August 16, 2010 0 None
2010-08-17 Bid to save the Gulgong Hospital 1 None
2010-08-17 President Clinton praises Starkey Hearing Foundation for global initiative to help the world hear 0 None
2010-08-17 Merck's SIMPONI anti-TNF therapy now reimbursed in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Alberta 0 None
2010-08-17 HealthGrades honors Eastern Long Island Hospital with Outstanding Patient Experience Award 0 None
2010-08-17 First Edition: August 17, 2010 0 None
2010-08-17 MIT implements Aircuity's OptiNet ventilation measurement system to analyze indoor environment quality 0 None
2010-08-17 Economically dependent males likely to cheat female partners: Research 0 None
2010-08-17 European Cancer Cluster Meeting 2010 to be held September 15-17 in Oslo, Norway 0 None
2010-08-17 Air quality along US Gulf Coast improves after stoppage of oil leak 0 None
2010-08-17 Chemistry Industry Association of Canada urges caution when interpreting biomonitoring studies 0 None
2010-08-17 PRA International to host audio conference on CV drug development strategy 0 None
2010-08-17 U-M's program of full disclosure, compensation for medical errors decreases new claims, costs: Study 0 None
2010-08-17 Employers can play key role in promoting better health: Report 0 None
2010-08-17 Natick VNA offers checklist to help patients make informed choice of home health care provider 0 None
2010-08-17 Hospitals save $284 million through Premier's Quality Connect quality improvement program 0 None
2010-08-17 Emdeon and Noridian Mutual Insurance enter strategic relationship 0 None
2010-08-17 Simple, low-cost interventions reduce most common hospital-acquired infections 0 None
2010-08-17 Black AIDS Institute launches BTAN program to care for Black Americans with HIV 0 None
2010-08-17 Depressive Cognition Scale questions can detect cognitive symptoms of early depression 0 None
2010-08-17 Report cards, disclosures readied or deleted on hospital infections in some states 0 None
2010-08-17 BrickHouse Security, National Kidney Registry implement real-time GPS tracking system for organ shipment 0 None
2010-08-17 Springer to publish ASENT's Neurotherapeutics journal 0 None
2010-08-17 IBCERCC to improve existing research programs for breast cancer 0 None
2010-08-17 Medical Protective and AAFPRS create new insurance program for facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons 0 None
2010-08-17 Springer's article wins American Psychological Association award 0 None
2010-08-17 Capario releases Portal 3.6 revenue cycle management solution 0 None
2010-08-17 KGMA demonstrates Ingen's Oxyview product line to military medical professionals 0 None
2010-08-17 Hospitals address slashed payments, technology investments and rehospitalizations 0 None
2010-08-17 Beaver Medical Group expands range of ophthalmological services at Banning Specialty Care Center 0 None
2010-08-17 FDA considers dropping Avastin approval, approves five-day emergency contraception pill 0 None
2010-08-17 ZHRK negotiates to acquire controlling interest in Weifang Municipal Hospital 0 None
2010-08-17 AACR invites application for carcinoid and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor research grant 0 None
2010-08-17 Innovative programs help blunt problems caused by primary care shortage 0 None
2010-08-17 Albert Einstein College of Medicine named 1 of 5 Nathan Shock Centers 0 None
2010-08-17 States scrambling to ensure they comply with health reform law 0 None
2010-08-17 HHS awards States $46 million to oversee health insurance premium increases 0 1
2010-08-17 Insurance industry looks to make lemonade from health reform 0 None
2010-08-17 As EMR vision takes shape, doctors brace — especially those who are late in their careers 0 None
2010-08-17 Ill effects of methamphetamine 0 4
2010-08-17 Global vaccine sales up 16% in 2009, report says 0 None
2010-08-17 QuadraMed, CPMRC partner to provide integrated EHR solution with evidence-based content 0 None
2010-08-16 Doctors online 5 2.3
2010-08-16 Shah discusses foreign aid efficiency 0 None
2010-08-16 Washington Post: Debate over whether big health systems help cut costs 0 None
2010-08-16 Also in Global Health News: Hunger in Guatemala; Flooding worsens Niger's food crisis; 'New Delhi' gene name concerns 0 None
2010-08-16 Politics and Health Reform: Democrats, Republicans trying to sway seniors 0 None
2010-08-16 State Roundup: Elderly inmates burden cash-strapped states; Drew University in LA faces financial troubles; Florida doctors opt not to break ties to AMA 0 None
2010-08-16 Today's Opinions: Challenges for independent Medicare board; Lack of independent analysis of Medicare finances; Medical schools shouldn't fear restrictions on ties to industry 0 None
2010-08-16 KHN column: Medicaid cutbacks not the same as private insurance rescission 0 None
2010-08-16 PALS to host book club author reception to help seniors develop relationships 0 None
2010-08-16 Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities event to provide free medical, dental services in five cities 0 None
2010-08-16 Medforma unveils new Internet-based wellness platform 0 None
2010-08-16 First Edition: August 16, 2010 0 None
2010-08-16 Residents use gardening as recreation tool to improve quality of life 0 None
2010-08-16 MSC Care Management announces launch of new web site 0 None
2010-08-16 August is National Immunization and Cataract Awareness Month 0 None
2010-08-16 Retirees give thumbs up to health insurance exchanges 0 None
2010-08-16 Kaiser Permanente uses integrated care delivery model to aid mothers understand benefits of breastfeeding 0 None
2010-08-16 8th Annual Medical Innovation Summit to highlight breakthrough technologies for treating obesity, diabetes 0 None
2010-08-16 Pathology experts meet to at SESPM to update new advances in breast surgery 0 None
2010-08-16 Johns Hopkins Professor develops ‘CAPABLE’ study to identify solutions on health challenges 0 5
2010-08-16 International community must approach cancer as a global health priority 0 None
2010-08-16 Canada's low deceased organ donation rate not due to lack of public support 0 None
2010-08-16 Phenomenon to block thoughts of cigarette unwittingly triggers a subsequent increase: Study 0 None
2010-08-16 Exercise can ease arthritis pain 0 5
2010-08-16 Washington Hospital's Stroke Program receives Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award 0 None
2010-08-16 Obama reschedules meeting with state insurance regulators 0 None
2010-08-16 SAS and EHFCN collaborate to promote awareness on healthcare fraud 0 None
2010-08-16 Opinions: PEPFAR funding; Aid in Africa; Obama, human rights 0 None
2010-08-16 Delegates explore agricultural cooperation, expanded ties at two-day China-Africa Agricultural Forum 0 None
2010-08-16 Medicare fraudsters shift targets a la "whack-a-mole" 0 None
2010-08-16 Medicare disability recipient dies of brain tumor after having coverage interrupted 0 None
2010-08-16 Treatment for diabetics cost U.S. hospitals 25% more than stays for non-diabetics 0 None
2010-08-16 Research Roundup: Disabled Medicare Enrollees' challenges; Increasing ER visits; costs/benefits of Part D 0 None
2010-08-16 U.S. officials probing payments by drug and device makers to doctors overseas 0 None
2010-08-16 U.S. increases Pakistan flood aid contribution; Sen. Kerry to visit flood-hit Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-13 The federal health IT push remains in the spotlight 0 None
2010-08-13 Play It Safe Concussion Care Solution to use Axon Sports CCAT for Baseline testing 0 None
2010-08-13 Insurers defend less generous policies, medical loss ratio definitions; Obama to talk with insurance commissioners 0 None
2010-08-13 Four Mass. hospitals investigate trashing of patient health records, Calif. employers worry about workers using marijuana on job 0 None
2010-08-13 Travelers launches MedFirst to address new combination of risks in medical technology industry 0 None
2010-08-13 Obama Administration should adopt new regulations to insulate Americans from rate increases: Consumer Watchdog 0 None
2010-08-13 Arizona lawmakers challenge health overhaul 0 None
2010-08-13 UT System Board of Regents approve plans for new University Hospital at UT Southwestern Medical Center 0 None
2010-08-13 Today's opinions: Rep. Ryan's plan to aid Medicare; The burden on health law supporters in Va.; Evaluating Medicare actuary's estimates 0 None
2010-08-13 Hospitals' 'bad debts' grow as even insured patients have trouble paying medical bills 0 None
2010-08-13 KHN column: Medicaid rescissions worse than private insurers 0 None
2010-08-13 ACAM, AAEM sign agreement to host joint conference in Portland 0 None
2010-08-13 Five tips for seniors researching MA or Medigap plan options 0 None
2010-08-13 Activists, care providers, patients protest against Senator Nelson's silence on AIDS drug program 0 None
2010-08-13 Canadian Red Cross ramps up relief efforts in flood ravaged Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-13 Management of therapy-resistant schizophrenia 2 None
2010-08-13 THN President applauds FTC, State enforcement officials for crackdown on insurance scammers 0 None
2010-08-13 Validare achieves national certification from ACCME for medical education program 0 None
2010-08-13 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge initiative announces four new challenges 0 None
2010-08-13 ISW calls upon states to consider community-based programs as treatment for sex offenders 0 None
2010-08-13 Challenges in interrelated disciplines of information governance in effective e-Health systems 0 5
2010-08-13 First Edition: August 13, 2010 0 None
2010-08-13 Magnet hospitals don't provide better working conditions for nurses than non-magnet hospitals: Study 0 None
2010-08-13 General Dynamics awarded $80.3M contract to support HHS Early Retiree Reinsurance Program 0 None
2010-08-13 Sinai Hospital announces driver evaluation and rehabilitation training program for elderly drivers 0 None
2010-08-13 Insurers' actions mirror credit card companies' interest rate increases ahead of new consumer rights 1 None
2010-08-13 University of Alberta and Health Canada announce study on Residential Indoor Air Quality 0 None
2010-08-13 National organization releases “Lessons from the Frontlines” report on H1N1 0 None
2010-08-13 Research reveals self-care improves healing experience 0 None
2010-08-13 MedAssurant enters agreement with NCQA to develop new measures of healthcare quality 0 None
2010-08-13 Floods: U.N. issues $459.7M appeal for Pakistan, China concerned about disease outbreaks after mudslides 0 None
2010-08-13 Companies reorganizing under Chapter 11 battle with former employees over lifetime health benefits 0 None
2010-08-13 European Association of Urology to publish first case series on RALP 0 None
2010-08-13 Kibow to support KDAE week for educating policymakers about kidney disease 0 None
2010-08-13 NAC to deliver education program on asthma management for youth 0 None
2010-08-13 Mass. docs will soon track patients who abuse prescription drugs; Wis. Catholic Church employees now eligible for birth control 0 None
2010-08-13 The Australian examines development of low-cost water purifiers by Indian companies 0 None
2010-08-13 Education and screening of pregnant women recommended for prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 0 None
2010-08-13 Prices drop for PBMs; Pharmacy lobby opposes survey regarding Medicaid prices 0 None
2010-08-13 Visiting Nurse Service of New York to acquire 'Lombardi' Program from St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center 0 None
2010-08-13 GOP Rep. Ryan potential 'foil' for Obama; Candidates consider reform's role in races 0 None
2010-08-13 WHO releases H1N1 Emergency Committee roster 0 None
2010-08-13 Mobile and free clinics provide low cost medical care to uninsured patients 0 None
2010-08-13 Insurers, small businesses and ER care all affected by overhaul 0 None
2010-08-13 American Society of Hematology offers recommendations to propel collaborative research in regenerative medicine 0 None
2010-08-13 Polls show public confusion continues regarding new health law 0 None
2010-08-13 FTC works to crack down on health care 'discount' plans 0 None
2010-08-13 Today's Opinions: Health law's effect for Democrats; Canadians' view; Cutting Medicare costs; The health issue in Tenn. Governor's race 0 None
2010-08-12 Nightingale to provide AIM Health Group with enterprise EMR and practice management solution 0 None
2010-08-12 Survey finds high level of noncompliance with PPE protocols among safety professionals 0 None
2010-08-12 First Edition: August 12, 2010 0 None
2010-08-12 Nurses' Voices project covers oral history of nursing, development of new nursing practices 0 None
2010-08-12 VSee, Mandy Moore, Nothing But Nets, and UN Foundation partner for video townhall on malaria in Africa 0 None
2010-08-12 NYBC calls for blood donations 0 None
2010-08-12 CHA supports FTC's efforts to eliminate fraudulent marketing of discount health care programs 0 None
2010-08-12 Entry deadline for second annual CLIO Healthcare Awards extended to August 27, 2010 0 None
2010-08-12 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Report for July 2010 0 None
2010-08-12 Health Net Foundation, Health Net of California to provide $7M to keep Central Valley clinics open 0 None
2010-08-12 ER visit rates increase at twice growth rate of population 0 None
2010-08-12 Eastern Pennsylvania Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association launches response team with Amish community 0 None
2010-08-12 HFMA identifies seven competencies for promoting integration between hospitals, physicians 0 None
2010-08-12 Komen Advocacy Alliance thanks Congress for 6-month extension of enhanced federal funding for Medicaid 0 None
2010-08-12 Synutra responds to infant formula allegations 0 2
2010-08-12 Some Mass. residents fight individual mandate for health insurance, N.J. delays implementation of law requiring outpatient mental-health treatment 0 None
2010-08-12 The Whole Child Pediatrics improves patient experience with Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistants 0 None
2010-08-12 Alliance Surgical Distributors aligns surgeons, promotes orthopedic implant negotiation to reduce healthcare cost 0 None
2010-08-12 Bristol-Myers Squibb, ACTF announce enhanced agreement to support ADAPs 0 None
2010-08-12 HIV patients want docs to pay attention to other health conditions exacerbated by HIV 0 None
2010-08-12 Idaho Department of Health and Welfare awards HMS two cost containment contracts 0 None
2010-08-12 Healthcare professionals need to develop empathic skills: Tischler's book on mental health 0 None
2010-08-12 LCA launches “National Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil” to raise awareness 0 None
2010-08-12 LSI announces success of Pro Bono Program to educate foster parents on child health 0 None
2010-08-12 TriZetto announces general availability of health benefits administration and incentive management software 0 None
2010-08-12 Elsevier launches Malaria Nexus resource to benefit malaria researchers worldwide 0 None
2010-08-12 Tips to prevent back pain for frequent laptop users 0 None
2010-08-12 Hospital staph infection rate drops as national prevention effort steps up 0 None
2010-08-12 What doctors say and what patients hear may be entirely different things 0 None
2010-08-12 Report: Top insurance execs pulled in nearly $200 million in compensation last year 0 None
2010-08-12 Latest health overhaul repeal petition gains GOP leadership backing 0 None
2010-08-12 Obama signs bill giving states $16 billion in enhanced Medicaid payments 0 None
2010-08-12 RadNet completes acquisition of Health Diagnostics' New Jersey subsidiary 0 None
2010-08-12 Nurses increasingly the target of violence; Texas nurse case settled 0 None
2010-08-12 MedThink Connect Web online communications tool enables face-to-face interaction with experts 0 None
2010-08-12 Oral sex becomes common activity among young women: Study 2 3
2010-08-12 States consider how best to spend extra Medicaid funds 0 None
2010-08-12 Merging hospitals irk locals in Boston, Orlando 0 None
2010-08-12 More Medicare Part D checks in the mail 0 None
2010-08-12 AHF led sustained advocacy campaign leads to BMS's offer of discounts in AIDS drug pricing 0 None
2010-08-12 A day in the life of a 'mega' free clinic 0 None
2010-08-12 Critics question Berwick's ties to think-tank donors 0 None
2010-08-12 Health on the Hill - August 11, 2010 0 None
2010-08-12 Today's Opinions and Editorials: The importance of following health reform's plan and more about 'death panels' 0 None
2010-08-11 Rural health suffering in Australia 1 4
2010-08-11 Mental health bill for 2008 was $5.3 billion: Report 0 None
2010-08-11 Healthcare professionals should use arts, humanities to improve mental healthcare practice: New book 0 None
2010-08-11 A.D.A.M. launches innovative [email protected] app in partnership with Highmark 0 None
2010-08-11 Central Logic to host annual symposium to explore nuances of patient transfer center management 0 None
2010-08-11 Quality of translations of clinical trial consent forms questioned 0 None
2010-08-11 Survey shows strong interest in video games, virtual reality environments for doctor training 0 None
2010-08-11 Emergency departments not crowded with non-urgent patients: Report 0 None
2010-08-11 Third round of tax-free $250 rebate checks mailed to eligible Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2010-08-11 Major bone-related meetings to take place in Valencia, Spain in March 2011 0 None
2010-08-11 Sypol launches workplace health package for small- and medium-sized enterprises 0 3
2010-08-11 Rates of ED visits increase among adults with Medicaid: Study 0 None
2010-08-11 NMDP applauds introduction of 'Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Reauthorization Act of 2010' 0 None
2010-08-11 OHCA applauds Congress for taking action to pass vital Medicaid relief 0 None
2010-08-11 MAXIMUS Long-term Care Solutions to help states address growing numbers of people with disabilities 0 None
2010-08-11 UC Health University Hospital to incorporate MRO's ROI technology with existing EMR system 0 None
2010-08-11 Study shows health care-associated invasive MRSA infections decrease among patients 0 5
2010-08-11 NextGen Healthcare receives ACCME accreditation 0 None
2010-08-11 San Antonio Community Hospital completes system-wide conversion to Masimo rainbow technology 0 None
2010-08-11 AACN endorses new clinical practice guidelines developed by Renal Physicians Association 0 None
2010-08-11 Methodist Healthcare System to implement TeleTracking Technologies' RadarFind RTLS 0 None
2010-08-11 Premier international conference to highlight understanding of cancer disparities 0 None
2010-08-11 N.Y. Attorney General investigates health care credit cards for possible 'predatory health care lending' 0 None
2010-08-11 U.S. Senators introduce legislation to encourage R&D aimed at neglected pediatric diseases 0 None
2010-08-11 Stanford Hospital & Clinics establishes Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Clinic at Salinas Valley Memorial 0 None
2010-08-11 Telemedicine helps care for seniors, while pediatricians increasingly care for young adults 0 None
2010-08-11 Payment practices investigated; Texas docs team with hospitals on payment reform 0 None
2010-08-11 Medical error tab nearly $20 billion; Study says Catholic hospitals give better care 0 None
2010-08-11 Cogent Healthcare announces new hospital medicine affiliation with Allegiance Health 0 None
2010-08-11 Insuring your health: Health law expands Medicare coverage of preventive care 0 None
2010-08-11 House returns from recess to vote on extra Medicaid help for states 0 None
2010-08-11 Dems continue push to sell health reform's benefits, GOP pushes back 0 None
2010-08-11 Medicare cuts could take greater toll on not-for-profit hospitals 0 None
2010-08-11 One in five Americans visited ER in 2007 0 None
2010-08-11 WHO declares end of H1N1 pandemic 0 None
2010-08-11 Smile Pink campaign encourages women, men to support early breast cancer testing 0 3
2010-08-11 Agencies probe Merck for foreign anti-bribery law violations 0 None
2010-08-11 Mindfit brain fitness program helps frail seniors walk faster 0 None
2010-08-11 State News: Ex-Anthem Blue Cross president speaks out; Clinics to fill in N.M. primary care gap 0 None
2010-08-11 Opinions: HIV prevention research; Foreign aid; Sanitation; Aid, self-reliance 0 None
2010-08-11 Today's Opinions and Editorials: Bringing down health care costs; More on the Medicare trustees report 0 None
2010-08-10 CADTH Review Panel releases recommendations for Biologic Response Modifier Agents for Adults with RA 0 None
2010-08-10 Water Pik sets up online community to support portfolio of oral health, shower head and sinus health products 0 None
2010-08-10 Language Line University offers new scalable online training tool for medical interpreters 0 None
2010-08-10 First Edition: August 10, 2010 0 None
2010-08-10 Nautilus announces conviction of exercise equipment counterfeiters 0 None
2010-08-10 UHC awards 3-year single-source agreement for support services to Sodexo 0 None
2010-08-10 Census Bureau releases schedule for 2009 income, poverty and health insurance estimates 0 None
2010-08-10 Vanguard adds Arizona Heart Hospital to Abrazo Health Care system 0 None
2010-08-10 SAMHSA survey highlights extent of underage alcohol consumption 0 None
2010-08-10 AHF launches new ad campaign 'President Obama, The War on AIDS Has Not Been Won' 0 None
2010-08-10 America's leading universities offer online degree, certificate programs 0 None
2010-08-10 Thomson Reuters earns Communication Seal from DALBAR for Personal Health Insights 0 None
2010-08-10 HSA urges Vancouver General Hospital to maintain outpatient Domestic Violence Program 0 None
2010-08-10 Study: Training reduces occupational injuries among home health aides 0 None
2010-08-10 Beryl Institute publishes White paper on patient experience from different healthcare organizations 0 None
2010-08-10 DSS research survey reveals relationship between engagements, health literacy 0 None
2010-08-10 Surveillance systems find no major disease outbreaks since Haiti quake; Media examine aid disbursements 0 None
2010-08-10 Older Americans suffer from full-blown depression: Report 0 None
2010-08-10 Survey shows web users access social media sites in emergency situations 0 None
2010-08-10 Calif. considers reduction in funding for home care aides; Ill. union workers strike over health issues at uranium conversion plant 0 None
2010-08-10 HHS: $250 million in grants available for New Access Points for delivery of primary health care services 0 None
2010-08-10 UT Southwestern enters partnership with Sun Yat-sen University to promote scientific research 0 5
2010-08-10 Computerized warning system alerts harmful drug orders for older hospital patients 0 None
2010-08-10 Oil rig workers access healthcare via telemedicine 0 None
2010-08-10 ADA updates position paper on children’s healthy behaviors 0 None
2010-08-10 Lancet World Report examines how U.N. Women agency will work to address global health issues 0 None
2010-08-10 Nat'l Health Services Corps spending more to increase primary care docs in underserved areas 0 None
2010-08-10 AFA updates free educational teleconference service for dementia 0 None
2010-08-10 Virginia Attorney General, Governor talk health reform mandate; Missouri vote still reverberating 0 None
2010-08-10 H1N1 pandemic could be declared over soon, WHO's Chan says 0 None
2010-08-10 Social media can complicate but also improve hospital care 0 None
2010-08-10 Pay-for-performance makes its way into dialysis clinics 0 None
2010-08-10 Reports warn of new costs, gaps unfilled in health overhaul 0 None
2010-08-10 Ikaria announces voluntary recall of INOMAX DS drug-delivery system in US and Canada 0 None
2010-08-10 House members returning for vote on extra Medicaid help 0 None
2010-08-10 DOJ likely to intervene in St. Jude heart device kickback lawsuit 0 None
2010-08-10 Private sleuths take time referring fraud cases to Medicare 0 None
2010-08-10 Increase of alcohol taxes can reduce alcohol-related deaths 0 None
2010-08-09 South Australia budget cuts would mean loss of 4,000 health jobs 1 None
2010-08-09 U.N. says nearly 14M Pakistanis affected by floods 0 None
2010-08-09 Insurers to help doctors, hospitals buy health IT 0 None
2010-08-09 Measurable medical errors cost U.S. economy $19.5 billion in 2008: Report 0 None
2010-08-09 Also in Global Health News: Food production and climate change; Poverty and hunger in India; Composting toilets in Malawi 0 None
2010-08-09 KHN column -- Senate dysfunction and health care cost control: In private sector we trust? 0 None
2010-08-09 Today's OpEds: U.S. vs. Nordic health care; Medicare solvency; Patients and health costs; Mystery of ACOs 0 None
2010-08-09 Lowell PHO implements MedVentive's technology to manage risk, quality performance 0 None
2010-08-09 First Edition: August 9, 2010 0 None
2010-08-09 Pharmacy Network transaction connectivity links myMatrixx, Starr Comprehensive Solutions at Texas A&M System 0 None
2010-08-09 China Jo-Jo Drugstores announces new store openings 0 None
2010-08-09 Study: Catholic, other church-owned health systems show more efficient care than for-profit health systems 0 None
2010-08-09 New Irish collaborative seaweed cultivation project 0 None
2010-08-09 Obama: Health reform law boosts future of Medicare 0 None
2010-08-09 Active outreach may enhance kids’ ability to get health insurance 0 None
2010-08-08 Mental health debate continues 7 5
2010-08-07 ONA-PCE announces list of endorsed candidates for November General Election 0 None
2010-08-07 Skilled Healthcare Group files Motion for Mistrial on grounds of juror misconduct 0 None
2010-08-07 Hospital revenue cycle leaders establish protocols for responding to RACs 0 None
2010-08-07 Affordable Care Act improves strength of Medicare, Social Security: Report 1 5
2010-08-07 Myths and realities of Medicare bidding program for durable medical equipment 0 5
2010-08-07 mGive, disaster relief partners launch campaigns to aid flood-affected victims in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-07 Dr. Afar opens new dentistry office in North Hollywood, offers special promotion for new patients 0 None
2010-08-07 Health Net Federal Services to sponsor AMVETS Symposium 0 None
2010-08-07 ADA commends U.S. Senate on reauthorization of child nutrition programs 0 None
2010-08-07 Chicago's mold count increases to 49,789, says allergist 0 None
2010-08-07 New superfood Ideal Omega Taste launched with free 'Omega Ice Cream' giveaway 0 None
2010-08-07 Ideasbynet to lend support for World Mental Health Day 0 None
2010-08-07 MDinsight clinical quality system to help hospitals, physicians achieve meaningful use requirements 0 None
2010-08-07 Shlomo Melmed appointed to Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee 0 None
2010-08-07 Donate Life California's list of organ and tissue donors increases to seven million 0 None
2010-08-07 President Obama issues Proclamation recognizing National Health Center Week 0 None
2010-08-07 OptumHealth offers unlimited lifetime benefit for specific coverage in excess loss insurance policy 0 None
2010-08-07 Pres. Obama announces nominees for two USAID leadership posts 0 None
2010-08-07 Clinical trials in Asia, Africa confirm safety, effectiveness of rotavirus vaccine 0 None
2010-08-07 SAMHSA accepts applications for Prevention Fellowship Program 0 None
2010-08-07 More ERs examine how to incorporate palliative care, change 'culture of care' 1 5
2010-08-07 Will health savings trickle from your paycheck to social security? 0 None
2010-08-07 Forum sets goal for achieving widespread adoption, meaningful use of EHRs by 2014 0 None
2010-08-07 Dr. Robert Mondavi offers new patients special promotion in dental care 0 None
2010-08-07 Driving for Quality Care petition tour for securing stable Medicaid, Medicare funding 0 5
2010-08-07 Tufts University faculty debunks common dental myths 0 2
2010-08-07 Health reform law update: State lawsuits, implementation efforts attract attention 0 None
2010-08-07 Boston Globe examines rise of polio in Tajikistan, other pockets of world 0 None
2010-08-07 UnitedHealth Group launches new initiatives to enhance broad portfolio of EHR-related programs 0 None
2010-08-07 Ongoing diabetes education continues to deliver better health results: Study 0 None
2010-08-07 Scientists develop hand prosthesis that eases phantom pain 0 5
2010-08-07 Upbeat Medicare solvency report quickly finds doubters 0 None
2010-08-07 Senate gives final passage to state aid bill, House summoned for Tuesday vote 0 None
2010-08-07 AMA says most doctors at some point face malpractice lawsuits 0 None
2010-08-07 Text4baby messaging program wins HHSinnovates award 0 None
2010-08-07 Private firms take up torch of health IT push 0 None
2010-08-07 Obama Administration awards $159.1 million in grants for nurses, geriatric care workers 0 None
2010-08-07 Walgreens launches Pharmacy Chat for 24/7 online access 0 None
2010-08-07 Blue Cross of Massachusetts agrees to reduce dramatic rate increases 0 None
2010-08-07 Health reform provisions on abortion, IRS reporting requirements stirring up Capitol Hill 0 None
2010-08-07 From Florida to Oregon, Medicare Advantage's benefits – and cuts – vary 0 None
2010-08-07 Funk Out Cancer to raise money, awareness for research at University of Wisconsin 0 None
2010-08-07 College of Nursing awarded $753,817 grant to provide education in nursing leadership 0 3
2010-08-07 BCF publishes two new patient publications 0 None
2010-08-07 State news: Kansas facing Medicaid shortfall; Indiana to expand coverage for low-income adults; Maryland's medical home experiment 0 None
2010-08-07 Research Roundups: Expanding Medicaid; More spending doesn't reduce mortality; Colonoscopy cost effectiveness; Kids, asthma and access to care 0 None
2010-08-07 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-08-07 Today's OpEds: Reform battles, state challenges to law loom over elections 0 None
2010-08-06 First Edition: August 6, 2010 0 None
2010-08-06 State Department employees face 'stigma' for seeking mental health help 0 None
2010-08-06 Study uncovers leading causes of non-fatal injuries among older adults in China 0 None
2010-08-06 VA commits last of its Recovery Act funds to increase access to health care, services to Veterans 0 None
2010-08-06 Select Medical teams up with Baylor, joint venture to provide quality health care 0 3.5
2010-08-06 Recession pushes cancer patients to forego treatment 0 None
2010-08-06 AAHSA applauds Senate's passage of legislation on increasing Medicaid funding 0 None
2010-08-06 Ingenix CareTracker practice management, EHR system available to Federally Qualified Health Centers 0 None
2010-08-06 Nemours applauds Senate for passing bi-partisan Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 0 None
2010-08-06 Search for meaning in Missouri's rejection of health law provision 0 None
2010-08-06 Lawmaker questions regulators about preventive-care provisions in health law 0 None
2010-08-06 Knapp Medical Center improves hospital's clinical performance with QualityConnect's QualityAdvisor program 0 None
2010-08-06 Death rates of patients who have heart bypass surgery drop: AHRQ 0 None
2010-08-06 Research shows variations in care that kidney disease patients receive before starting dialysis 0 None
2010-08-06 Need for trained medical professionals to treat medical emergencies in high school athletes 0 None
2010-08-06 GAO: Medicaid managed care contracts need better CMS oversight 0 None
2010-08-06 CDS introduces new course on brain injury into its curriculum 0 None
2010-08-06 Electronic health records improve patient outcomes: FSMB 0 None
2010-08-06 HHS Secretary announces $159.1M in grants to health care workforce training programs 0 None
2010-08-06 New York Attorney General investigating health care credit cards 0 None
2010-08-06 States consider how likely Medicaid funding could affect budgets 0 None
2010-08-06 Senate passes Medicaid assistance bill; House to return for vote 0 None
2010-08-06 Penn. enrolls more than 1,000 in new state high-risk pool; Wisc. cuts $625M from Medicaid while increasing coverage 0 None
2010-08-06 House to return after Senate approves extension of enhanced Medicaid funds 0 None
2010-08-06 EMRs bring new risks as national push ramps up 0 None
2010-08-06 NAEDI aims to correct survival gap in cancer diagnosis 0 None
2010-08-06 Free clinic in D.C. draws more than 1,000 patients 0 None
2010-08-06 Medicare solvency still troubled, despite new health law 0 None
2010-08-05 First Edition: August 5, 2010 0 None
2010-08-05 FDA issues comprehensive evaluations that address key objectives of agency's public health mission 0 None
2010-08-05 New article highlights importance of patient safety features in design of IV needleless connectors 0 None
2010-08-05 New study reinforces need for national catastrophic drug plan in Canada for cancer patients 0 None
2010-08-05 Stand Up To Cancer movement unveils display window in Rockefeller Plaza 0 None
2010-08-05 Widespread sexual violence, human rights abuses in DRC linked with physical, mental health outcomes 0 None
2010-08-05 State of Missouri votes to pass Health Care Freedom Act 0 None
2010-08-05 New study on decision making for infants with complex life threatening illnesses 0 None
2010-08-05 CNA commends CMA for new report on health-care transformation 0 None
2010-08-05 USP advances new labeling requirements to prevent errors in administration of injectable medications 0 None
2010-08-05 Anthem launches new integrated approach to health, disability and absence management 0 None
2010-08-05 Primary care practices recognized with Priority Health Quality Awards 0 None
2010-08-05 EBRI publishes detailed summary of consumer-driven health plans 0 None
2010-08-05 MHPA responds to GAO report on Medicaid managed care rates 0 None
2010-08-05 UCI School of Medicine's incoming students to receive iPad tablet computer as part of iMedEd Initiative 0 None
2010-08-05 Project for improving nurses' assessment skills to detect and alleviate delirium symptoms 0 None
2010-08-05 Diabetes Self-Management Training helps to prevent complications in pre diabetes patients 0 None
2010-08-05 Americans stop seeking medical care for recent illness, survey reveals 0 None
2010-08-05 PFF announces introduction of Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Enhancement Act in US Senate 0 None
2010-08-05 ACI points to importance of supervision, storage to ensure safe use of household cleaning products 0 None
2010-08-05 Western Dental Services opens new office in Porterville to provide dentistry services 0 None
2010-08-05 Study finds higher concentration of endocrine disrupting compounds in indoor air 0 None
2010-08-05 Sterling Health Plans selects MedAssurant's Prospective Advantage solutions 0 None
2010-08-05 Healing Touch helps to restore normal energy balance 0 None
2010-08-05 Researchers map malaria parasite P vivax; Nearly 3B people at risk of infection in 2009 0 None
2010-08-05 Study finds proximal prayer may help another person's healing 0 None
2010-08-05 Foam in helmets, armor can cause injury 0 None
2010-08-05 Kaiser Permanente funds 700 grants targeting critical health issues in communities 0 None
2010-08-05 Healthcare professionals to share therapeutic hypothermia knowledge at 'Cool It' program 0 None
2010-08-05 Penn. effort fades to override cuts to family planning; Ill. faces budget cuts to health care; Mich. focuses on high cost of chronic disease 0 None
2010-08-05 Senate Democrats hang hopes for state Medicaid money on Maine Republican votes 0 None
2010-08-05 West Michigan Business Review names DCC as 2010 Michigan Innovator 0 None
2010-08-05 Amputation can be prevented when patients are treated by podiatric physicians: Study 0 None
2010-08-05 Harden Healthcare acquires Voyager HospiceCare, combined company to provide healthcare services in 13 states 0 None
2010-08-05 Missouri voters reject health reform law's 'individual mandate' to buy insurance 0 None
2010-08-05 Pakistan floods prompt food shortages, devastate farmland 0 None
2010-08-05 ECRI Institute and Silverchair relaunch AHRQ's updated NGC, NQMC Web sites 0 None
2010-08-05 HGC publishes guidelines to protect people using DIY genetic tests 0 None
2010-08-05 Study says quality not hurt when nurse anesthetists work without doc guidance 0 None
2010-08-05 Canadian physician organization: Country's health system needs to be 'massively transformed' 0 None
2010-08-05 Consumer, insurers prepare as more health law provisions will take effect next month 0 None
2010-08-05 FDA to crack down on devices; Big pharma places riskier bets on biologics 0 None
2010-08-05 One of health care's remaining frontiers: Health information exchange 0 None
2010-08-05 Florida orders company to stop selling unauthorized health insurance 0 None
2010-08-05 Andy Griffith Medicare ad prompts showdown with GOP 0 None
2010-08-05 Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at UT Southwestern attains National Cancer Institute designation 0 None
2010-08-05 Tips for healthy eating at college 0 None
2010-08-05 Americans continue to get fatter, CDC finds 0 None
2010-08-05 Hospital advertising spending remains strong in Dallas region 0 None
2010-08-05 Roche inaugurates National Infusion Site Awareness Week to promote diabetis management 0 None
2010-08-04 Fractures are major concern for U.S. high school athletes: Study 0 None
2010-08-04 First Edition: August 4, 2010 0 None
2010-08-04 AMA selects NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management for new online platform 0 None
2010-08-04 Number of Cyberchondriacs increase to 175 million: 2010 Harris Poll 0 None
2010-08-04 USN-DAAT to collect unused, expired prescription and OTC drugs from public 0 None
2010-08-04 New law to increase employment-based coverage for children 0 None
2010-08-04 MCOL releases new Accountable Care Learning Kit CD-ROM 0 None
2010-08-04 Paoli Hospital granted Level II Trauma Center Accreditation status 0 None
2010-08-04 Bill Gates to keynote at 2010 mHealth Summit 0 None
2010-08-04 NYT: Rep. Ryan's 'sweeping agenda' includes revising Medicare 0 None
2010-08-04 Special issue on new developments in vestibular rehabilitation 0 None
2010-08-04 WHO provides medicines, related health supplies to flood-affected areas in Pakistan 0 None
2010-08-04 Senate vote on Medicaid help for states delayed because of cost underestimate 0 None
2010-08-04 Powered by Medicare Advantage, Humana profits jump 21% in second quarter 0 None
2010-08-04 Senate Dems circulate new version of proposal to extend enhanced federal Medicaid payments 0 None
2010-08-04 Mass. towns find savings in municipal-based health insurance plans; Conn. hospitals' earnings improve; Free dental clinic in Virginia 0 None
2010-08-04 MMIC Group expands insurance services to long term care providers 0 None
2010-08-04 Judge gives the go-ahead to Virginia's health overhaul challenge 0 None
2010-08-04 Study analyzes prevalence of pediatric patient-safety events at hospitals 0 None
2010-08-04 GTCR, Dale Wolf partner to create Jessamine Healthcare 0 None
2010-08-04 GE and Intel create new health IT venture focused on home-based care 0 None
2010-08-04 Foreign doctors provide care as good as that of Americans, study finds 0 None
2010-08-04 Spectrum Health selects Aternity FPI Platform for strategic end user experience management initiatives 0 None
2010-08-04 CRICO/RMF achieves highest level of accreditation 0 None
2010-08-04 Administration touts Medicare savings report; Republicans complain it misleads seniors 1 None
2010-08-04 New health law is uncharted terrain for administration, insurers 0 None
2010-08-04 Children's hospitals, other medical centers now eligible for discounted drugs in Medicaid 0 None
2010-08-04 Study solves puzzle behind different types of skin cancer on different body parts 0 None
2010-08-04 New York lawmakers trying to revive 9/11 health care bill 0 None
2010-08-04 Dendreon to implement Pilgrim's Deviation and Corrective and Preventive Action management system 0 None
2010-08-04 International conference to discuss research, unresolved issues of sickle cell disease 0 None
2010-08-04 Senate to debate bill to stop violence against women 0 None
2010-08-04 Hospitals, docs adopting health IT ahead of schedule 0 None
2010-08-04 SVH launches Guiding Stars nutrition guidance program 0 None
2010-08-04 Missourians vote today on health reform ballot initiative 0 None
2010-08-04 Insuring your health: Rating your doctor 0 None
2010-08-04 Asian ministers review MDGs progress 0 None
2010-08-04 Opinions: AIDS 2010; Clean water, sanitation; Russia's HIV/AIDS epidemic; Financial tax; Medical abortion in developing countries 0 None
2010-08-04 SCA enters into joint venture with West Coast Endoscopy Center to provide management solutions 0 None
2010-08-04 Today's OpEds: WSJ on Virginia court ruling; Health law politics; For-profit insurers; Mass. doc shortage; Physician errors 0 None
2010-08-04 One-on-one talk with therapist reduces peer aggression 0 None
2010-08-03 Master model to track mercury movement from original emission source to humans 0 None
2010-08-03 ImpactRx launches smart-phone application for physicians 0 None
2010-08-03 Advocate Health Care deploys Fusionfx physician portal 0 None
2010-08-03 Dental school students receive grants for showing outstanding leadership abilities 0 None
2010-08-03 First Edition: August 3, 2010 0 None
2010-08-03 Entomology 2010 to take place December 12-15 in San Diego, California 0 None
2010-08-03 AHF praises NJ for saving drug program, criticizes BMS for refusal to cut prices for ADAPs 0 None
2010-08-03 Health and Safety Watch launches new website to help Canadians access health-related information 0 None
2010-08-03 Molina Healthcare provides low interest loan to California Childrens Academy 0 None
2010-08-03 HSA Bank condenses process for online enrollment 0 None
2010-08-03 Combat veterans face challenges at high rates than non-veterans: Research 0 None
2010-08-03 Massage therapy student volunteers to help Bayada Regatta 0 None
2010-08-03 U.S. Department of Justice seeks permanent injunction against N.Y. food processor over listeria contamination 0 None
2010-08-03 Proposed settlement does not cover underpaying professional provider claims: Federal court 0 None
2010-08-03 Elsevier makes available key articles in support of World Breastfeeding Week 2010 0 None
2010-08-03 Hospitals, health systems select Service Line Analytics solution from MedAssets 0 2.5
2010-08-03 VA removes signature requirement for online submission of 10-10EZ 'Application for Health Benefits' 0 None
2010-08-03 Implementing CRM program to dentistry may reduce human errors: Study 0 5
2010-08-03 Retail-inspired audit program increases patient satisfaction 0 None
2010-08-03 Parents need to protect their children's health before sending them back to school: ACEP 0 None
2010-08-03 AIBS event facilitates biologist interaction with members of Congress 0 None
2010-08-03 Prognosis Health Information Systems, Excellence in Healthcare partner to improve meaningful use criteria 0 None
2010-08-03 Study on substance abuse patterns, treatment needs among minority groups 0 None
2010-08-03 RIT professor designs database with physician input and novel eye-tracking techniques 0 None
2010-08-03 UnitedHealthcare partners with New England Patriots to help people live healthy 0 None
2010-08-03 Iowa Department of Human Services awards CSG contract for HIPAA compliance management services 0 None
2010-08-03 TFAH commends U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee's $1.27B approval for prevention and public health 0 None
2010-08-03 White House predicts overhaul will save $8 billion for Medicare by the end of 2011 0 None
2010-08-03 Life insurance company introduces Productivity Solutions program for disability, healthcare management 0 None
2010-08-03 Study finds hunger as a serious risk factor for long-term poor health among children, youth 0 None
2010-08-03 Hospitals participate in CMS "pay-for-reporting" program 0 None
2010-08-03 New, improved ClinicTools now available 0 None
2010-08-03 Pennsylvania to open high-risk insurance program for uninsured individuals with pre-existing medical conditions 0 None
2010-08-03 IU receives NSF awards to lead two high-speed international network services 0 None
2010-08-03 White House report predicts immediate health law benefits for Medicare's solvency; GOP lawmaker reacts 0 None
2010-08-03 Enzo Clinical Labs appointed as participating laboratory in Empire BlueCross BlueShield provider network 0 None
2010-08-03 Republicans plan to block health law by withholding implementation funds 0 None
2010-08-03 Sebelius tries to soothe state worries about health reform 0 None
2010-08-03 Free health clinic planned for D.C. area; University of Kansas to study Indian health; Ga. weighs health needs of older prisoners 0 None
2010-08-03 Federal judge says Virginia challenge to health reform law may proceed 0 None
2010-08-03 GE, Intel enter joint venture to create new healthcare company 0 None
2010-08-03 Senate FMAP vote expected this evening 0 None
2010-08-03 Patients' requests to doctors receive varied responses 0 None
2010-08-03 World Breastfeeding Week highlights benefits to infant, child nutrition, health 0 None
2010-08-03 East Africa declared polio-free again after outbreak 0 None
2010-08-03 Tongue piercing can result in serious injury: Research 0 None
2010-08-03 'Medical homes' bolster primary care and cut emergency costs 0 None
2010-08-03 Doctor discounts for the asking 0 None
2010-08-03 As e-prescribing becomes more popular, hurdles to adoption persist 0 None
2010-08-02 Hospitals seek new ways to streamline care 0 None
2010-08-02 Tips for caregivers to better manage their loved one's health care 0 None
2010-08-02 Lakeview Health System selects Lawson Software's multiple enterprise software solutions 0 None
2010-08-02 NYU PRC receives $3.2M award to establish Comparative Effectiveness Research Program 0 None
2010-08-02 Senate may vote today on extending extra Medicaid funds 0 None
2010-08-02 The NoliWhite Group launches innovative process to integrate iPad on hospital construction sites 0 None
2010-08-02 Today's OpEds: Medicaid and the safety net; Health reform law's impact on long-term care and health costs 0 None
2010-08-02 Take Care Health Systems applauds US Senate for declaration of National Convenient Care Clinic Week 0 None
2010-08-02 KHN column: Why the health reform repealers are wrong 1 None
2010-08-02 NFF awarded $1M to improve financial health of local community organizations 0 None
2010-08-02 Keane Optimum 3.1 receives Preliminary ARRA IFR Stage 1 certification 0 None
2010-08-02 Highmark Caring Place announces launch of enhanced website to assist families in need 0 None
2010-08-02 Rethink Autism, eSchool News offer webinar to show how schools can save costs using new technology 0 None
2010-08-02 First Edition: August 2, 2010 0 None
2010-08-02 Singapore Ministry of Health awards Accenture with contract to implement NEHR system 0 None
2010-08-02 DR Walk-in Medical Center at Union Square for quality health care 0 None
2010-08-02 Inpatient rehab helps patient to regain functions lost from injury, illness 0 None
2010-08-02 Jenkins wins three man weight loss challenge by Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet weight-loss regimen 0 None
2010-08-02 GRS announces Martin as European General Manager, Executive Vice President of Global Development 0 None
2010-08-02 Financial shortcomings in healthcare industry declines DR, CR purchase 0 None
2010-08-02 Nutritional labeling, point-of-purchase signs influence healthy food choices: Study 0 None
2010-08-02 Health Care Politics: parties dispute tax reporting requirement; administration woos seniors with new Ad 0 None
2010-08-02 Scottsdale Healthcare surgeon elects as new president for ASMBS 0 None
2010-08-02 Store-and-forward telemedicine as effective as in-person evaluation for planning ear surgery: Study 0 None
2010-08-02 RANZCR optimization training workshop enables radiation dose reduction in adult scans 0 None
2010-08-02 An overview of IntraHealth-UNC Summer Fellows Program 0 4
2010-08-02 Aetna offers two RHP plans for companies in need of health care cover 0 None


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