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RSSArchived Medical Research News Stories - December 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-12-30 Immunitor reports positive safety imm01 clinical trial against tuberculosis 0 None
2010-12-30 Fungus may provide clue about human response to changes in circadian rhythm 0 None
2010-12-30 How parents gauge level of ear pain in preverbal children 0 1
2010-12-30 New report evaluates rate of reinterventions, readmissions after initial AAA surgery 0 None
2010-12-30 Two out of three children experience cyber-bullying 0 None
2010-12-30 General anesthesia's similarities with and differences from sleep and coma 0 1.5
2010-12-30 Low levels of microbe-killing molecules improve survival rate of people with CGD 0 None
2010-12-30 Researchers study molecular mechanisms in early stages of IPN virus infection 0 None
2010-12-30 Indoor plants can contribute to patient well-being 0 None
2010-12-30 Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce inflammation, disease symptoms and cartilage degeneration 0 None
2010-12-30 Researchers to identify gene variants that cause ischemic stroke 0 None
2010-12-30 Neuroscientists say that general anesthesia is a reversible coma 0 None
2010-12-29 New study confirms pancreas disease infects horizontally from population to population in seawater phase 0 None
2010-12-29 CFTR protein regulates inflammation and cell death in emphysema, chronic lung diseases 0 None
2010-12-29 New study reports close association between obesity and fibromyalgia 0 None
2010-12-29 Controlling the amount of adipose tissue is key to combat obesity 0 None
2010-12-29 Florida Hospital, Sanford-Burnham and Takeda enter obesity research collaboration 0 None
2010-12-29 NEI awards Case Western Reserve $10M for study of retinal diseases 0 None
2010-12-28 Patients unresponsive to anti-anemia drug have higher risk of cardiovascular disease, death 0 None
2010-12-28 Study reports ROP18 protein protects parasite in host cell 0 None
2010-12-28 Fried fish consumption linked to high stroke rates: Study 0 5
2010-12-28 BIOMICs oversees SGIker DNA Bank to know genetic heritage of Basque lineage 0 None
2010-12-28 International reference standards for use of bone turnover markers in clinical studies recommended 0 None
2010-12-28 Epilepsy not getting the public attention and research funding it deserves 0 None
2010-12-28 U.S judge awards $11.7 million to DF/HCC for large-scale prostrate cancer research 0 None
2010-12-28 Biglycan protein offers potential therapy for muscular dystrophy 0 None
2010-12-27 Study sheds light on how bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics 0 None
2010-12-27 Researchers receive $6.78 million NIH grant for community-based study on heart disease 0 None
2010-12-27 Cancer survival rates improving 0 5
2010-12-27 Stress may boost memory: Study 0 None
2010-12-27 Placebos work 3 5
2010-12-27 New findings reveal long-term influences of infant formula composition 0 None
2010-12-27 New findings may solve mystery about how starvation hormone affects multiple biological systems 0 None
2010-12-27 Amygdala may contribute to rich, varied social life among humans: Scientists 0 None
2010-12-27 Researchers develop microfluidic device to orient hundreds of embryos for research 0 None
2010-12-24 Research reaffirms bovine TB's threat to humans, animals, and to international trade 0 None
2010-12-24 China emerging as world leader in stem-cell R&D 0 None
2010-12-24 Researchers study relationship between MITF, ATF2 in melanoma development 0 None
2010-12-24 Study shows vegetarian diet lowers blood, urine phosphorous levels 0 None
2010-12-24 InfraReDx to receive $862,000 as part of MLSC Tax Incentive Program 0 None
2010-12-24 Electronic health records have only limited effect on improving quality of medical care: RAND study 0 None
2010-12-23 Over 36,000 people visit interactive infection research exhibition in 2010 0 None
2010-12-23 Baylor Sammons Cancer Center, Sarah Cannon, and Virginia Cancer join Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium 0 None
2010-12-23 Delayed sex among couples leads to better marriages 0 None
2010-12-23 Scientists pinpoint brain site where leptin hormone may trigger onset of puberty 0 None
2010-12-23 Preoperative cerebral oxygen saturation could be a risk marker for adverse cardiac surgery outcome 0 None
2010-12-23 Most Australians don't approve of IVF or abortion for sex-selection 0 None
2010-12-23 Past experiences subconsciously influence behavior: Researchers 0 None
2010-12-23 People eating fried fish in stroke belt states more likely to die of stroke: Study 0 None
2010-12-23 Fraunhofer MEVIS initiates research partnership with ARTORG Center 0 None
2010-12-23 Discovery highlights potential to combat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2010-12-23 BioTime enters MTA with UC to make research-grade hES cell lines 0 2
2010-12-23 Researchers identify new regulator that play a critical role in B cell development 0 None
2010-12-23 Fried fish consumption may increase risk of stroke 0 None
2010-12-23 Research: Arsenic trioxide may benefit individuals with connective brain tumors 0 None
2010-12-23 New method predicts outcome of bleaching treatment for teeth 0 None
2010-12-23 Certain drugs may block tumor host interactions but do not destroy cancer cells 0 None
2010-12-23 Patients with over expression of P-Rex1 protein are more likely to develop cancer metastasis 0 None
2010-12-23 New study reveals statin therapy linked to reduced postoperative mortality 0 None
2010-12-23 Photon-based radiation therapy may result in better survival rate in patients with spinal-cord tumor 0 None
2010-12-23 Genetic variant of brain receptor molecule may contribute to impulsive behavior 0 None
2010-12-23 Researchers discover protein that suppresses melanoma progression 0 None
2010-12-23 NCI grants U-M Cancer Center $10.7M for study of colorectal and pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-12-23 Loyola researcher receives $1.3 million NIH grant to study key heart protein 0 None
2010-12-23 Minorities with MS may face risk of developing depressive symptoms 0 None
2010-12-22 Novel method to analyze fatigue through speech 0 5
2010-12-22 People with high RBC folate levels more likely to have two tumor-suppressing genes 0 None
2010-12-22 Researchers identify class of drugs that can promote RBC formation in anemic patients 0 None
2010-12-22 Study finds specially designed probiotic can prevent obesity 0 None
2010-12-22 Gene changes during brain development can lead to male genitalia formation in female embryo 0 None
2010-12-22 Ketamine tried on college students in experiments sparks outrage 0 5
2010-12-22 NIH Clinical Center opens doors to Damon Runyon Clinical Investigators 0 None
2010-12-22 Ability to recognize and remember faces peaks at age 30 to 34 0 None
2010-12-22 Top ten advances in cardiovascular, stroke research in 2010 0 None
2010-12-22 Understanding partners' shopping behavior can help relieve stress at stores 0 None
2010-12-22 Canadians with lung, breast, colorectal or ovarian cancer have higher survival rate 0 None
2010-12-22 Researchers receive $100,000 NFL grant to study tissue engineering for spinal injuries 0 None
2010-12-22 New research sheds light on how neurons make connections with one another 0 5
2010-12-22 Merrion, Novo Nordisk enter Collaboration and Option agreement for GIPET technology 0 None
2010-12-22 Spinal Botox injection reduces pain 1 None
2010-12-22 Prenatal iron-folic acid supplementation increases intellectual, motor function in children 0 None
2010-12-22 Men above age 75 with high-risk prostate cancer often under-treated 0 None
2010-12-22 Altering balance among immune system cells could hold potential for T2D-associated inflammation treatment 0 4
2010-12-22 Popular Science magazine honors ONR-funded researchers on 2010 'Brilliant 10' list 0 None
2010-12-22 Moderately and morbidly obese drivers face increase risk of death during severe vehicle crashes 0 None
2010-12-22 Smoking can increase pain severity in cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-22 Exercise and Vitamin D supplementation most effective in reducing fall among seniors 0 None
2010-12-21 High LSC scores associated with adverse outcomes in AML patients 0 None
2010-12-21 New genetic alteration predisposes individuals to Cowden syndrome 0 None
2010-12-21 Presence of CTCs may predict disease recurrence in patients with neck and head cancer 0 None
2010-12-21 Echinacea only offers modest benefit in common cold: study 0 None
2010-12-21 Working more closely with community will make research more meaningful, say Johns Hopkins faculty 0 None
2010-12-21 Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Mount Sinai collaborate to evaluate anti-fibrotic effects of Galectin-targeting compounds 0 None
2010-12-21 USC researchers analyse radon levels in Galicia secondary schools 0 None
2010-12-21 Whites with mutations more likely to be susceptible to cocaine abuse 0 None
2010-12-21 Investigator to receive AGA-General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition Research Scholar Award 0 None
2010-12-21 Study provides evidence on prevalence of two separate mosquito species which carry malaria parasite 0 None
2010-12-21 Invitations open for fourth annual Young Investigator Grant for Probiotics Research 0 None
2010-12-21 Researchers present definitive explanation of how fibrotic cells destroy human liver 0 None
2010-12-21 Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation names first recipients of Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists 0 None
2010-12-21 The Lewin Group to perform two-year study on health outcomes in children with ASD 0 None
2010-12-21 Alion awarded $1.4M Army contract to develop affordable robotic prosthetic device 0 None
2010-12-21 Wellcome Trust awards additional £390,000 for investigation of Allergen Delivery Inhibitors 0 None
2010-12-21 Use of metaphors may help doctors to recruit low-income people for cancer clinical trials 0 1.5
2010-12-21 Recent study finds racial and ethnic minority smokers of menthol cigarettes have lower quit rate 0 None
2010-12-21 ExonHit awarded QTDP grants for AclarusDx and EHT 107 programs 0 None
2010-12-21 Training more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs in treating tennis elbow 0 None
2010-12-21 New research sheds light on complex regulatory pathways for effective innate immune system 0 None
2010-12-21 Autistic children are unable to search effectively for objects in real-life situations 0 None
2010-12-21 Biogen Idec acquires Neurimmune subsidiary 0 None
2010-12-21 Treatment with acid-suppressive drugs associated with increased risk of pneumonia 0 None
2010-12-21 Researchers show how malaria parasites infect red blood cells, impede blood flow to organs 0 None
2010-12-21 Echinacea may have minimal impact in relieving common cold 0 None
2010-12-21 Study reveals nasal congestion can be a sign of severe asthma 0 None
2010-12-20 DNA tunneling detector embedded in a ‘Nanopore’ 0 None
2010-12-20 Eating in front of computer linked to weight gain: Study 0 4
2010-12-20 Proteins that unlock the mystery of over 100 brain diseases 0 5
2010-12-20 Hyperpriming in early stages of Alzheimer's disease explained 0 None
2010-12-20 Exciting progress made in MS research during 2010 0 4.5
2010-12-20 Health Care at Home: Trends and issues 0 5
2010-12-20 PwC: Top Health Industry Issues of 2011 0 None
2010-12-20 U of A student wins annual master's thesis competition for research on light-sensitive drug for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-20 Researchers demonstrate that monensin antibiotic prevents prostate cancer cell growth 0 3.5
2010-12-20 Sanofi-aventis, Oxford University to conduct multi-phase oncology research in India 0 None
2010-12-20 Avila, sanofi-aventis enter global alliance to discover targeted covalent drugs for treatment of cancers 0 None
2010-12-20 Researchers examine socio-economic consequences of hypersomnia 0 5
2010-12-20 Study finds second skin barrier structure may play a role in eczema development 0 5
2010-12-20 Research: Beetroot juice may allow patients with heart and lung-conditions to enjoy more active lives 0 5
2010-12-19 Improved brain-machine technologies 0 None
2010-12-19 Completely fearless woman stirs scientific interest 0 5
2010-12-17 Early intervention can improve core symptoms of ASD in young children: Study 0 None
2010-12-17 NIAID renews funding of PRIME to develop mathematical models to study influenza infection 0 None
2010-12-17 Diagenic, Pfizer enter collaboration to identify biomarkers in early stages of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-12-17 23andMe project aims at validating highly scalable pharmacogenomics research 0 None
2010-12-17 Study highlights death or rehospitalization rates for Medicare beneficiaries with ischemic stroke 0 None
2010-12-17 Ischemic stroke patients at substantial risk once leaving the hospital: Study 0 None
2010-12-17 Researchers contribute important expertise to new landmark study of medulloblastoma 0 None
2010-12-17 Researchers discover new way to prevent spread of cancer 0 None
2010-12-17 Research project examines unfamiliar space to make it 'older person-friendly' 0 None
2010-12-17 Gene variant affects brain function long before brain begins accumulating amyloid: Study 0 None
2010-12-17 City Tech Nursing Professor provides community-based care plan to study difference in health outcomes 0 None
2010-12-17 'Histone code' needs to be used with caution 0 None
2010-12-17 Whitehead Institute Founding Member named recipient of 2011 Warren Triennial Prize of MGH 0 None
2010-12-17 Catalyst receives $4.0M milestone payment from Pfizer under hemophilia Factor VIIa program 0 None
2010-12-17 MDA awards Repligen $1.4M for research of new compound with therapeutic potential for SMA 0 None
2010-12-17 Merck, sanofi-aventis enter global cancer research and development agreement 0 None
2010-12-17 Researchers discover new molecular mechanism of Alzheimer's disease through protein interaction 0 None
2010-12-17 Pediatric cancer researchers study medulloblastoma for new treatment 0 None
2010-12-17 Study: Natural high hemoglobin levels safe for kidney disease patients on dialysis 0 None
2010-12-17 Over quarter million women who gave birth in hospitals had pre-existing diabetes or developed gestational diabetes 0 None
2010-12-16 Study reveals immune cell provides new therapeutic strategy for SLE 0 None
2010-12-16 Genetic breakthrough in lung cancer 0 None
2010-12-16 Gene variant linked to liver cirrhosis in Caucasians 0 None
2010-12-16 Liver cancer in cirrhotic patients effectively treated with radiofrequency ablation 0 None
2010-12-16 Some cancers more prevalent in the wealthy 0 None
2010-12-16 Akonni receives $150,000 Phase I NSF grant to assess feasibility of developing lab-on-a-film microarray device 0 None
2010-12-16 GSK to deploy BioClinica's Trident IWR system across Phase I-IV clinical trials 0 None
2010-12-16 Discovery Labs awarded NIH Fast Track SBIR grant for developing aerosolized KL4 surfactant for RDS 0 None
2010-12-16 Omega-3 EPA or combination of EPA and DHA provide clear antidepressant benefits 0 2.3
2010-12-16 Second brain death exam impacts organ donation rates 0 None
2010-12-16 Living near freeway linked to increased risk of autism 0 None
2010-12-16 Oxygen Biotherapeutics and SMP sign Binding Letter of Intent for joint chronic ischemic wound research 0 None
2010-12-16 Boehringer Ingelheim's selection of development candidate triggers € 6.5 million milestone payment to Orexo 0 None
2010-12-16 Study finds that immobilization devices significantly reduce braking response time 0 None
2010-12-16 MDA commits to invest funds in FSMA Quinazoline Program 0 None
2010-12-16 Scientists demonstrate similarity between individual development and phylogeny in level of gene expression 0 None
2010-12-16 Study describes CC3/TIP30 protein regulate metabolic adaptation of tumor cells to glucose limitation 0 None
2010-12-16 UT Southwestern and Rabin Medical Center enter innovative 5-year affiliation agreement 0 None
2010-12-16 Three million Western Europeans suffer from critical limb ischemia 0 None
2010-12-16 Study reports protective shield fluoride on teeth is 100 times thinner 0 None
2010-12-16 Zenobia, Lundbeck enter research collaboration for LRRK2 Parkinson's disease target 0 None
2010-12-16 New study records show dementia residents seek hospice benefit 0 None
2010-12-16 Adimab initiates new independent research collaborations with Eli Lilly, Genentech, and Human Genome Sciences 0 None
2010-12-16 Phoenix-area Mexican students experience acculturation stress related to discrimination 0 None
2010-12-16 Systematic study on protein-protein interfaces explain "promiscuous" phenomena of its binding 0 None
2010-12-16 Study finds occurrence of infection following surgical procedures 0 None
2010-12-16 New study says celiac disease patients should go on gluten-free diet 0 5
2010-12-16 BioPontis Alliance, Merck enter innovative strategic agreement in translational drug research 0 None
2010-12-16 PRA CRO opens new Phase I facility in Prague 0 None
2010-12-16 New finding sheds light on how HIV eludes treatment by mutating 0 None
2010-12-16 Research: Stem cell culture on soft substrate maintain homogeneous pluripotent colonies 0 None
2010-12-15 Almonds can help treat, prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease 1 None
2010-12-15 Protein p53 plays crucial role in coordinated growth of organ parts 0 None
2010-12-15 PharmaNet launches Initiator and PKS technology platforms to improve clinical study timelines 0 None
2010-12-15 Demand for clinical research professionals double 0 None
2010-12-15 Innovative research investigates importance of reading to newborns in the NICU 0 None
2010-12-15 Early intervention for children with autism improves I.Q., language and social skills 0 4
2010-12-15 Domainex wins 2010 Genesis Life Science Innovation and Enterprise Programme Of The Year Award 0 None
2010-12-15 Yorkshire Cancer Research to grant over GBP1.26 million for research at universities of Leeds and Sheffield 0 None
2010-12-15 CTT, Bayer sign Research and License Option Agreement 0 None
2010-12-15 Echo acoustic liquid handler improves discovery of potential therapeutics 0 None
2010-12-15 DSM licenses c-LEcta's alcohol dehydrogenases for enzyme screening programs 0 None
2010-12-15 Study broadens understanding of role of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations in AML 0 None
2010-12-15 Study suggests unexpected role for NLRP3 protein in cancer vaccine development 0 None
2010-12-15 Reuters looks at cost-effectiveness of pursuing malaria vaccine, eradication 0 None
2010-12-15 Angiogenesis inhibition is a validated strategy for cancer therapy 0 None
2010-12-15 German Research Foundation opens four new research units 0 None
2010-12-15 Hemispherx granted extension to modify Ampligen NDA for CFS indication 0 None
2010-12-15 BUSM awarded NCI EDRN, DOD grants to develop novel procedures for early detection of lung cancer 0 None
2010-12-15 UCSF scientists explain why oligodendroglioma is more responsive to therapy than other brain tumors 0 5
2010-12-14 Study links large waistline to increased risk of heart problems and type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-12-14 DARPA awards Pulmatrix $5.7 million grant to advance iCALM therapies 0 None
2010-12-14 60% of Americans concerned about negative health impact of beverages 0 1
2010-12-14 Series of papers highlights challenges with moving African-developed drugs, technology forward 0 None
2010-12-14 Pruritic nodules and aluminium allergy arise after vaccinations or treatments for allergies 0 None
2010-12-14 Scientists perform metagenomic analysis of bacterial immune system for personalized oral health care 0 None
2010-12-14 Lack of 'systematic reviews' in stroke research lead to waste of time, resources 0 None
2010-12-14 We live longer, but not healthier 0 None
2010-12-14 American Epilepsy Society recognizes neuroscientist for basic science advances 0 None
2010-12-14 EHSI negotiates potential option agreement with Regenetech for Rotary Cell Culture System 0 None
2010-12-14 New collaboration to develop vaccine to prevent malaria parasite from entering human liver 0 None
2010-12-14 Even small amount of alcohol increases chances of developing cancer 0 None
2010-12-14 Beta-catenin protein plays a key role in development of stem cells in acute leukaemia 0 None
2010-12-14 National Institutes of Health honors Nevada nursing professor with $377,000 for ischemia study 0 None
2010-12-14 ACCESS receives $6.7M NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award 0 None
2010-12-14 BUSM professor wins 2010 Van Slyke Award for seminal contributions to laboratory medicine 0 None
2010-12-13 Research: Kidney disease caused by autoimmune disease lupus may be twice as lethal in children 0 None
2010-12-13 Apartment living exposes kids to more second-hand smoke 0 None
2010-12-13 Alzheimer’s research update 0 None
2010-12-13 Gray’s Anatomy: Grey area for medical students! 0 None
2010-12-13 Fat or obese – What’s in a name? 0 None
2010-12-13 Indian study confirms vitamin D deficiency as risk factor for hip fracture 0 None
2010-12-13 TRL, Anaphore partner to develop novel protein therapies for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-12-13 Inimex, SARomics Biostructures achieve scientific milestone in IMX942 IDR collaboration 0 None
2010-12-13 Women & Infants Hospital participates in new fertility drug study 0 None
2010-12-13 Infinity extends global strategic alliance with Mundipharma for development, commercialization of IPI-926 0 None
2010-12-13 ORNL's software scans molecular databases, may help scientists to develop new drug treatments 0 5
2010-12-13 First-ever Prophylactic Cancer Vaccine Conference to be held in Tempe, Arizona 0 None
2010-12-13 Scientists discover key molecular events in immune system that contribute to inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2010-12-13 FDA issues final guidance for public's comments at advisory committee meetings 0 None
2010-12-13 New study says boxers are at substantial risk for acute injuries to head, heart, and skeleton 0 None
2010-12-13 UAB researchers pinpoint protein that causes nephrotic syndrome 0 3
2010-12-10 Medication for depression ended before recommended time 0 None
2010-12-10 Weightlifting may help prevent lymphedema following breast cancer treatment 0 None
2010-12-10 Repeated cerebral trauma in boxing career may result in boxer's dementia 0 None
2010-12-10 Social activities most promising in prevention of depression among older adults 0 5
2010-12-10 Accovion establishes two additional subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and in Russia 0 None
2010-12-10 Depression treatment may help obese women to lose weight 0 None
2010-12-10 Simple molecular sensor color test to determine safe fluoride levels 0 5
2010-12-10 Exposure to tobacco smoke causes immediate damage leading to serious illness or death 0 None
2010-12-10 Low phosphate diets may increase dialysis patients' risk of premature death 0 None
2010-12-10 Researchers target MIC-1 protein to halt growth of melanoma tumors 0 None
2010-12-10 Researchers find new light-activated platinum-based compound to kill cancer cells 0 None
2010-12-10 Silencing the TLR4 gene can prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients 0 None
2010-12-10 Older people living in racially segregated neighborhoods have higher chance of developing cancer: Study 0 None
2010-12-10 Some key molecular events in immune system contribute to inflammatory bowel disease: Scientists 0 None
2010-12-10 Researchers verify several factors associated with increased risk of brain metastases in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-09 New three-drug combination may be effective for newly diagnosed blood cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-12-09 Warfarin may not be beneficial to some patients with atrial fibrillation: Researchers 0 5
2010-12-09 Vibrio cholerae evolves two new mechanisms to cause similar disease 0 None
2010-12-09 Divorce: men get fitter women fatter! 0 None
2010-12-09 Ingenuity Systems and CLC bio collaborate to provide interoperability between software solutions 0 None
2010-12-09 Hamilton Thorne launches new Stiletto laser for regenerative medicine and stem cell research markets 0 None
2010-12-09 Nacalai to distribute Techulon's Glycofect Transfection Reagent platform products in Japan 0 None
2010-12-09 Registered dietitians practice what they preach 0 None
2010-12-09 Study to develop ways to track individual's exposure to traffic pollution 0 None
2010-12-09 Childhood maltreatment more strongly associated with current psychiatric symptoms than military sexual stressors 0 None
2010-12-09 Ameco Medical to commence clinical trials for PNT procedure's reimbursement approval 0 None
2010-12-09 New finding could help identify individuals with abnormal brain function 0 None
2010-12-09 Results of proteomics study performed utilizing plasma samples from ADNI now available 0 None
2010-12-09 New study shows how meditators don't ponder pain 0 None
2010-12-09 Study shows living in walkable neighborhood enhances individual's quality of life 0 None
2010-12-09 Weifang Shengtai holds unveiling ceremony for 'Joint University-Business Community Program' with HUT 0 None
2010-12-09 Researchers develop statistical model to predict severity of seasonal influenza 0 1
2010-12-09 Health2 Resources provides strategic research, analysis for ACCC project 0 None
2010-12-09 Focused intervention on core social deficits of ASD in toddlers improves social, communication skills 0 None
2010-12-09 Study: States fund majority of human embryonic stem cell research conducted in the US 0 None
2010-12-09 Creation of two-father offspring in mice, a step toward preserving endangered species 0 None
2010-12-09 Cellectis bioresearch announces winner of The Genome Customization Award 0 None
2010-12-09 St. Jude Medical announces advanced technologies for streamlined workflow in EP lab 0 None
2010-12-09 Weightlifting program does not increase risk of lymphedema in breast cancer survivors 0 None
2010-12-09 Agilent, UC Davis to develop MassCode PCR technology for identifying food-borne pathogens 0 None
2010-12-09 Research findings could lead to new therapies to correct neurological disorders 0 None
2010-12-09 European researchers develop new form of therapy for Alpha-mannosidosis 0 None
2010-12-09 Cranberry juice consumption does not reduce urinary tract infections 0 1
2010-12-09 Study: Adding community features to online health programs could reduce attrition 0 None
2010-12-09 Researchers find weak association between parent-child dietary intake 0 None
2010-12-09 Poorly educated people more likely to be admitted in hospital with chronic heart failure 0 None
2010-12-09 Home health care technology could help patients improve their health, overall well-being: Study 0 None
2010-12-09 ADHD, developmental RD have common genetic influences: Study 0 None
2010-12-09 NIH to create new translational science center 0 None
2010-12-08 Medulloblastoma subtypes are separate diseases with different origins 0 None
2010-12-08 Low and high vitamin D levels may increase frailty in older women 0 None
2010-12-08 Researchers develop imaging technology that can accurately identify prostate cancer 0 3
2010-12-08 Study shows testing between colonoscopies helps detect CRC, advanced tumors 0 None
2010-12-08 Memorial Medical Center selects Mobile Aspects iRISecure Tissue Tracking solution 0 None
2010-12-08 Cipher Phase 3 dermatology study uses MedAvante Centralized Ratings 0 5
2010-12-08 AMGA, AMGF announce grantees in COPD Best Practices Learning Collaborative 0 None
2010-12-08 SORIN uses KIKA's advanced EDC platform to evaluate effectiveness of Heart Valves 0 None
2010-12-08 Study finds wide variability in ethics board practices 0 None
2010-12-08 34% of Britons put getting cancer down to fate 0 None
2010-12-08 Integrating smoking cessation treatment with mental health care improves abstinence rates in PTSD veterans 0 None
2010-12-08 Frequent sexual intercourse improves marital satisfaction for neurotic newlyweds 0 None
2010-12-08 Bioengineers explain why some neurons die sooner than others in brains of AD patients 0 None
2010-12-08 Mobility plays a significant role in healthy ageing 0 None
2010-12-08 Sleep deprivation eliminates fear-associated memories 0 None
2010-12-08 New research shows high academic grades in schools lead to better health 0 None
2010-12-08 Loss of healthy bacteria may contribute to increasing rates of depression, say researchers 0 None
2010-12-08 Novel drug therapy treats brain diseases 0 None
2010-12-08 Ultraviolet light activates enzyme that helps skin cancer cells survive, proliferate: Researchers 0 None
2010-12-08 UC researchers launch clinical trial to study post-stroke brain injury 0 None
2010-12-08 Research to improve prognosis for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-12-08 Case Western Reserve School of Medicine researchers receive NIH grant for four research endeavors 0 None
2010-12-08 Reduced salt intake prevents serious threats in diabetic patients 0 None
2010-12-08 Children's Hospital LA investigators elected into the Society for Pediatric Research 0 None
2010-12-08 NIH awards Scripps Research $2.35M to study new treatment for obesity 0 None
2010-12-08 One Lambda, Luminex renew 10-year human leukocyte antigen technology development partnership 0 None
2010-12-07 Psychotic depression: the reason for treatment failure with antidepressants 0 3.5
2010-12-07 Humble aspirin reduces cancer death rates 0 5
2010-12-07 Fluxion Biosciences announces launch of new BioFlux 1000Z system for live cell imaging 0 None
2010-12-07 FEI launches Magellan extreme resolution scanning electron microscope for life science imaging 0 None
2010-12-07 Mental Health Research Network receives grant to create data resource for mental health researchers 0 None
2010-12-07 Encouraging GenVec RSV vaccine program data presented at International Respiratory Syncytial Virus Symposium 0 None
2010-12-07 Selcia's radiochemistry facility granted GMP certificate 0 5
2010-12-07 32% of UAE residents could have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020 0 None
2010-12-07 Adverse birth outcomes partially explain epilepsy mortality 0 4
2010-12-07 Apexigen enters collaboration with Centocor R&D for antibody discovery 0 None
2010-12-07 New ways to identify patients most likely to respond to cancer vaccine treatment 0 None
2010-12-07 Reason behind recurrence of CLL in lymph nodes and bone marrow after chemotherapy 0 None
2010-12-07 Major depression reduces success rate of quitting smoking 0 None
2010-12-07 Low dose of aspirin reduces occurrence of several common cancers: Study 0 5
2010-12-07 New analysis shows that common diseases are not lined to genetic factors 0 3
2010-12-07 Early physical therapy associated with fewer subsequent injections, surgery, physician visits: Study 0 3
2010-12-07 People suffering psychotic disorders 12 times more likely to commit suicide 0 None
2010-12-07 Restless legs syndrome during pregnancy may reappear later on 0 None
2010-12-07 CSC's Leading Edge Forum: Disruptive technologies to reshape delivery of healthcare 0 None
2010-12-07 Data analysis reveals significant risk factors for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy 0 None
2010-12-07 Study: Mixing exenatide with insulin provides better blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2010-12-07 Secondhand smoke in the home may cause ear infections in children: Study 0 None
2010-12-07 Researchers examine relationship between childhood obesity, physical activity 0 5
2010-12-07 Drug prescribed for Parkinson's disease may also treat restless leg syndrome: MCG researchers 0 None
2010-12-07 Investigator recommends screening mammogram during first week of menstrual cycle 0 None
2010-12-07 Positron achieves highest possible compliance notice from Nuclear Regulatory Commission 0 None
2010-12-07 Patients with rheumatoid arthritis face high risk of heart attack 0 None
2010-12-06 Tapping young people's usage of online social networks could help control rise in HIV: Study 0 None
2010-12-06 Alexithymia associated with insecure attachment styles, emotional trauma: Research 0 3.2
2010-12-06 Risk of heart attack increases soon after RA diagnosis: Research 0 None
2010-12-06 Researchers show link between accepting family attitudes, behaviors towards LGBT children 0 None
2010-12-06 Study confirms importance of EEG as diagnostic tool in ICU 0 1
2010-12-06 Incidence of EPTS in children with TBI more than twice the rate in adults: Study 0 None
2010-12-06 Scientists show how brain's architecture makes our view of world unique 0 None
2010-12-06 Study compares efficacy of two treatments for iron overload caused by chronic transfusion therapy 0 None
2010-12-06 Study: Research findings may help identify drugs to encourage myelin repair in MS patients 0 4
2010-12-06 Research reveals new standard treatment options for various forms of lymphoma 0 4
2010-12-06 Patients with H1N1 flu die due to over-reactive immune response: Research 0 None
2010-12-06 Seasonal light cycles can affect development of babies' specific brain function: Study 0 5
2010-12-06 Researchers adapt gene chip microarray technology to study glycans 0 None
2010-12-05 Quit smoking to lift mood: Study 0 None
2010-12-05 New drug for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma shows promise 0 3.5
2010-12-05 Multiple sclerosis therapy breakthrough with stem cells 0 4.5
2010-12-04 Seven studies on Oncotype DX breast cancer test to be presented at 33rd CTRC-AACR SABCS 0 None
2010-12-04 Study reveals higher mortality rate among veteran status epilepticus patients 0 None
2010-12-04 Increase in suicide rates underestimated 0 None
2010-12-04 Chaperone protein study could lead to effective therapies for Alzheimer's, neurological disorders 0 4
2010-12-04 MDS Foundation: Significant advances made in understanding, treating MDS, AML 1 None
2010-12-04 Event reporting prevents medication errors in primary care: Study 0 None
2010-12-04 IDRI receives $790,200 BARDA grant to develop pandemic flu vaccine 0 None
2010-12-04 New standard treatment for early stage breast cancer 0 4
2010-12-04 BRI enters 3-year partnership with Roche to develop human immunology programs 0 None
2010-12-04 Review shows need for standardized approach to outcome assessment in breast reconstruction 0 None
2010-12-04 Gene mutation can lead to different mental illnesses when influenced by same environmental factor 0 None
2010-12-04 Electronic cigarettes are potentially harmful, researchers say 0 1
2010-12-03 International project on equitable distribution of health resources and priorities within global health 0 None
2010-12-03 Mothers exposure to farm animals and cats during pregnancy lowers risk of atopic dermatitis in children 0 None
2010-12-03 Alcohol treatment services underused due to perception of negative stigma 0 None
2010-12-03 Individually tailored dietary treatment for acutely hospitalized elderly reduces mortality 0 None
2010-12-03 Scripps scientists find way to transform mature human cells into stem cells 0 None
2010-12-03 Doctors still prescribe higher-dose menopausal hormone therapy pills 0 None
2010-12-03 New study offers hope for children with MPS I genetic disorder 0 None
2010-12-03 Study raises questions about therapeutic use of botulinum toxin A 0 None
2010-12-02 World's first handheld sensor for measuring optical density 0 None
2010-12-02 ROCHE, Baylor Research Institute partner in human immunology research 0 None
2010-12-02 Type 2 diabetics who consume alcohol at increased risk for blurry vision 0 None
2010-12-02 New clue in leukemia mystery 0 5
2010-12-02 Study finds higher mortality risk from early heat waves in summer 0 None
2010-12-02 AVMA condemns actions of animal rights activists against UCLA research neuroscientist 0 5
2010-12-02 HSS creates Center for Musculoskeletal Outcomes and Patient Oriented Research 0 None
2010-12-02 Most low birth weight survivors grow up to become productive adults 0 None
2010-12-02 Argonne researchers awarded 65 million hours of computing time on Blue Gene/P supercomputer 0 None
2010-12-02 New clues on surviving to be 100 years old 0 None
2010-12-02 One-third of LGBT youth attempt suicide 0 5
2010-12-02 Lipids react and change to bacterial stimulus, trigger cell's immune response 0 None
2010-12-02 Inserting plant's clock gene could replace circardian clock defect in humans 0 None
2010-12-02 More effective treatment for severe form of influenza 0 None
2010-12-02 Worm eggs may heal ulcerative colitis: Research 0 4
2010-12-02 Researchers identify blip in gene that causes JMP syndrome 0 None
2010-12-01 Finger length may predict prostate cancer 0 5
2010-12-01 Breast cancer breakthrough 0 None
2010-12-01 Researchers show an oncolytic virus switches off cancer cell survival signal 0 5
2010-12-01 Dec. 1 news from RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-01 DecisionView releases StudyOptimizer 4.2 patient enrollment planning, tracking and forecasting solution 0 None
2010-12-01 Genes linked to one-night stands and acts of infidelity 0 4
2010-12-01 Report on public health in an era of genomic and personalized medicine 0 None
2010-12-01 Study explores beauty discrimination in hiring process of labor market 0 None
2010-12-01 Military deployment influences sleep quality and quantity 0 None
2010-12-01 'Margaret Foti Award' for best thesis in translational oncology established 0 None
2010-12-01 New study evaluates use and safety of complementary medicine for children's asthma 0 None
2010-12-01 Not all HIV viruses are bad for the immune system 0 None
2010-12-01 Anacor, UCSF and NYBC collaborate to discover drug therapies for river blindness 0 None
2010-12-01 USC purchases WaferGen SmartChip system for Molecular Pathways and Drug Discovery center 0 None
2010-12-01 Men with long index fingers at lower risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-01 Aushon, LightArray enter strategic partnership to provide multiplex biomarker products and services in China 0 None
2010-12-01 Icagen, Pfizer select novel compound for further clinical development in Nav1.7 program 0 None
2010-12-01 PhRMA reports 100 new medicines and vaccines in development for HIV/AIDS 0 5
2010-12-01 Migraine headache with aura increases risk of stroke among women: Research 0 2
2010-12-01 Research on patients' immune system may lead to new diagnostic tool for HIV treatment 0 None
2010-12-01 Scientists create couch potato mouse model to study muscle function 0 None
2010-12-01 Study finds boosting glucose levels can reduce aggressive behavior 0 None


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