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2012-01-31 Study looks at link between colon cancer and alcohol in subjects with family history 0 None
2012-01-31 Study finds lack of whole grain food consumption among teens 0 1
2012-01-31 The V Foundation for Cancer Research, PVH partner to offer new neckwear line 0 None
2012-01-31 Janssen, Orexo to end OX-CLI/OX-ESI research collaboration and license agreement 0 None
2012-01-31 Tobacco smoking may increase risk of esophageal cancer in Barrett's patients 0 None
2012-01-31 Musical training can avoid age-related hearing loss 0 None
2012-01-31 Tailored approach may help prevent heavy drinking in college students 0 None
2012-01-31 Abbott, DNDi partner to research on new treatments for NTDs 0 None
2012-01-30 Watson plans to establish Global R&D Technology Center in North Brunswick 0 None
2012-01-30 KineMed, Pfizer enter research collaboration on metabolic diseases 0 None
2012-01-30 Negative outlook need not have to be permanent in chronic melancholics 0 None
2012-01-30 Family participation in school-based interventions can help reduce problem behavior in teens 0 None
2012-01-30 Signs motivate more people to take the stairs 0 None
2012-01-30 Teens who drive with peers have increased risks of crashing 0 None
2012-01-30 People underestimate weight and overestimate height during research surveys 0 None
2012-01-30 Blood sugar self-monitoring has no benefit for diabetics not on insulin 0 None
2012-01-30 International Roadmap for TB Research outlines priorities 0 None
2012-01-30 IGC researcher awarded ERC Advanced Grant for tissue damage study 0 None
2012-01-30 Pleasurability of scratching for itch relief is related to body location 0 None
2012-01-30 Hard drug users in 50s more likely to die earlier 0 None
2012-01-30 SENP1 prevents STAT5 from becoming trapped in nucleus 0 None
2012-01-30 Researchers study new strategies to treat patients with influenza 0 None
2012-01-30 OHSU research sheds light on molecules involved in cardiorespiratory control 0 None
2012-01-30 Study finds protein's entwined arm movements may control fate of potentially toxic payload 0 None
2012-01-30 Infant studies show intuitive physics knowledge occurs soon after birth 0 None
2012-01-30 Study finds link between body clock hormone melatonin, type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-01-30 Differences in systolic blood pressure between arms indicate possibility of vascular risk, death: Study 0 None
2012-01-30 Susan Mallery finds breakthrough treatment for oral cancer 0 None
2012-01-29 DNA sequencing for difficult diagnoses of mitochondrial diseases may hit clinics soon 0 None
2012-01-27 Study shows grape seed extract kills head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells 0 None
2012-01-27 Researchers identify possible cause for loss of tumor suppressor genes 0 5
2012-01-27 Prevalence of oral HPV infection more common among men: Study 0 None
2012-01-27 Research!America profiles various U.S. states regarding global health R&D 0 None
2012-01-27 Study finds clear association between obesity and pain in 1M Americans 0 None
2012-01-27 Study shows lack of physical activity in 42% of adults with RA 0 None
2012-01-26 Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s disease research 1 4
2012-01-25 Panel releases draft priorities for comparative effectiveness research 0 None
2012-01-25 CHF associated with reduced patency after peripheral endovascular intervention 0 None
2012-01-25 College party hosts more likely to drink alcohol than attendees 0 None
2012-01-25 Studies identify factors that may lead teens to drive with multiple peer passengers 0 None
2012-01-25 Seattle Children's receives $5M gift from Ben Towne for pediatric cancer study 0 None
2012-01-25 Link between high fructose intake and cardiovascular risk in adolescents 0 None
2012-01-24 Studies indicate infant brains come equipped with knowledge of 'intuitive physics' 0 None
2012-01-24 Novel detection of ovarian cancer in early stages 0 None
2012-01-24 Brown fat burns in the cold and could hold key to burning excess fat: Study 0 None
2012-01-24 Experts comment on successful stem cell therapy for blindness 0 None
2012-01-24 Magic Mushroom’s compound may help in some mental disorders: Study 1 None
2012-01-24 Stem cells show promise in treating blindness 0 None
2012-01-24 Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium hosts research briefings 0 None
2012-01-24 Voluntary action by two research teams to halt work on H5N1 lauded 0 None
2012-01-24 Settling controversy surrounding bird flu research will not be easy 0 None
2012-01-24 Positive affect, self-affirmation help patients with chronic diseases to overcome obstacles 0 None
2012-01-24 Five scientists named recipients of Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award for cancer research 0 None
2012-01-24 Scientists halt bird flu research for 60 days amid safety concerns 0 None
2012-01-24 Methylation also plays a significant role outside the nucleus 0 None
2012-01-24 RPB awards $220,000 to SUNY Downstate for eye research 0 None
2012-01-24 Novo Nordisk Type 1 Diabetes R&D Center to be established in Seattle 0 None
2012-01-24 High-fiber diet may raise risk of diverticulosis 0 5
2012-01-24 PERC-led study recognized as one of Canada's top achievements in health research 0 None
2012-01-24 Possible link between vascular lesions and Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-01-23 Study explores global rise of monogamous marriage as a dominant cultural institution 0 None
2012-01-23 Charité coordinates largest study in the world against common childhood cancer 0 None
2012-01-23 Study provides valuable information on which cancer patients might need help to quit smoking 0 None
2012-01-23 Small-group dynamics can alter expression of IQ in some susceptible people 0 5
2012-01-23 Alexithymia associated with depression in de novo PD patients 0 None
2012-01-22 A*STAR, GE Global Research join forces in integrated advanced medical imaging technologies 0 None
2012-01-22 Three-parent children may be born in near future in an effort to combat mitochondrial diseases 0 None
2012-01-22 SSRI use raises risk of fall among elderly with dementia: Study 0 None
2012-01-21 Proposed new definition may affect individuals who qualify for autism diagnosis 0 None
2012-01-21 Study evaluates whether PWB predicts negative affectivity in fibromyalgia 3 1.2
2012-01-21 Debate over publication of bird flu studies continues in journal opinion pieces 0 None
2012-01-21 Poor and uneducated smokers face difficulty in quitting 0 None
2012-01-21 NCI-funded project aims to shed new light on implications for bone metastasis in prostate cancer 0 None
2012-01-20 Retail pork products in the U.S. have higher prevalence of MRSA bacteria 0 None
2012-01-20 Ambiguity makes language more efficient 1 None
2012-01-20 Wave of physical inactivity could have a major long-term health impact 0 None
2012-01-20 Red wine could play a role in lowering risk of breast cancer 0 None
2012-01-20 Upper GI bleeding causes serious health problems in patients with kidney failure 0 None
2012-01-20 External stimuli control hormonal regulation of our eating behavior 0 None
2012-01-20 Study shows 50% reduction in blindness and severe visual loss in Denmark 0 None
2012-01-20 Positive economic outcomes of paid family leave for workers 0 None
2012-01-20 Study: Up to 30% of patients hospitalized after a stroke develop delirium 0 None
2012-01-19 Nurture plays an important role in cerebral cortex 0 None
2012-01-19 Proceedings from Workshop on Effective Use of Fluoride in Asia 0 None
2012-01-19 Talking and texting on a cell phone disrupt gait and memory recall 0 None
2012-01-19 Women aged 67 years with normal bone mineral density may not need screening again for 15 years 0 None
2012-01-19 Plate size does not help to curb energy intake or control portion sizes 0 None
2012-01-19 New research into treatment, prognosis and early detection of GI cancers 0 None
2012-01-19 Workers in newly renovated office buildings may receive higher doses of PFCs 0 None
2012-01-19 Researchers review landscape of smoking cessation over the past 20 years 0 None
2012-01-19 Economic burden of job-related injuries and illnesses in the U.S. 0 None
2012-01-19 Cognitive training increases openness to new experiences in older adults 0 None
2012-01-19 First study to look at nonverbal communication and race in older patients 0 None
2012-01-19 New hypothesis seeks to explain how stress can cause obesity 0 None
2012-01-19 First study to examine years of life lost in Brisbane climate change 0 None
2012-01-19 Live interactive consultations can improve clinical outcomes for patients 0 None
2012-01-19 Nearly 1 out of 7 Texas college students participate in Choking Game 0 None
2012-01-18 Sport can be effective in reducing reconviction rate of offenders 0 None
2012-01-18 Pediatric research project to expand data collection linked to newborn screening results 0 None
2012-01-18 Reverse integration and wheelchair athletes playing basketball 0 None
2012-01-18 New pathways in battle against obesity and other lifestyle diseases 0 None
2012-01-18 Ethanol, nonalcoholic compounds in red wine may reduce risk of vascular disease 0 None
2012-01-18 Insights into rates and impact of mTBI among military personnel in Iraq/Afghanistan 0 None
2012-01-18 No significant change in prevalence of obesity in the U.S. 0 None
2012-01-18 SERI researchers receive NEI grant to understand origins of eye allergies 0 None
2012-01-18 Inmates with severe mental illnesses alone have lower rates of recidivism 0 None
2012-01-18 Innovative computer algorithm identifies clinically prognostic marker for cancer 0 None
2012-01-18 Sleep strongly 'protects' negative emotional response 0 None
2012-01-18 Alnylam sues Tekmira over LNP-formulated siRNA molecules 0 None
2012-01-17 Rumor-mongering can prevent exploitation and lower stress 0 None
2012-01-17 Vitamin D provides no relief from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2012-01-17 Choosing the right plate size and color could help you eat less 0 None
2012-01-17 Risk factors associated with increased likelihood of long-term disability in older people 0 None
2012-01-17 Alcohol-dependent Americans more likely to seek treatment than South Koreans 0 None
2012-01-17 Study finds wide disparity in melanoma mortality rates by education 0 None
2012-01-17 Study finds high hospital-patient acceptability of nurse-delivered SBIRT 0 None
2012-01-17 Older adults with dementia can benefit from exergames 0 None
2012-01-16 Source of infantile epilepsy found in a gene 0 None
2012-01-16 Hormone that burns energy discovered 0 None
2012-01-15 New research reveals legacy of lead from old inner city roads a major source of airborne contamination 0 None
2012-01-13 Agilux implements Thermo Watson LIMS for bioanalytical services 0 None
2012-01-13 FDA under scrutiny for appointment of 3 scientists with ties to industry 0 None
2012-01-13 Scientists identify chemical signals that promote aggregation in roundworms 0 None
2012-01-13 Age, marital status affect risk of going on medical leave or disability pension 0 None
2012-01-13 PLoS ONE journal publishes UVM team's study, Positivity of the English Language 0 None
2012-01-13 Study shows how brain reconfigures its connections to minimize distractions 0 None
2012-01-13 Research finds sex ratios influence financial decisions 0 None
2012-01-13 Mass media information may turn out to be of help for health 0 None
2012-01-13 Processed meat consumption linked to pancreatic cancer 0 None
2012-01-12 Sign language helps deaf people to pick up on body language 0 None
2012-01-12 Racial discrimination may impact your health and wellness 0 None
2012-01-12 Genetic link to prostate cancer discovered 0 None
2012-01-12 Workers who witness incivility towards colleagues feel negative emotions 0 None
2012-01-12 New research project in rehabilitation 0 None
2012-01-12 Scientists discover how sense of touch is wired in skin and nervous system 0 2.3
2012-01-11 Scientists investigate specific role of IT neurons in 3D perception 0 5
2012-01-11 Research into ground-breaking treatment for bowel cancer 0 None
2012-01-11 Findings support 'medical home' movement to improve health outcomes 0 None
2012-01-11 Chemical preservative in cosmetics can interrupt neurological development 0 None
2012-01-11 Prevalence of cirrhosis may climb among older Americans 0 None
2012-01-11 Study reveals trend in which US risks losing innovative young researchers 0 None
2012-01-11 Novel nanosensors can lead to fewer experiments on animals 0 None
2012-01-11 JoVE, Medicine X partner to report emerging technologies in healthcare 0 None
2012-01-11 UCSF, Sanofi enter $3.1 million collaboration to identify diabetes drug targets 0 None
2012-01-11 Brief adherence programs improve diabetes test results and depression symptoms 0 None
2012-01-11 Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation names 18 new Fellows 0 None
2012-01-11 IUPUI launches Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science 0 None
2012-01-11 Tobacco more harmful to lungs than marijuana 0 5
2012-01-11 Physiological impact of hurt feelings 0 None
2012-01-11 Tesco selects Cancer Research UK as Charity of the Year in 2012 0 None
2012-01-11 Warwick researchers and Canadian scientists partner in new project on antibiotic resistance 0 None
2012-01-11 New UC San Diego-Roche Extending Innovation Network program launched 0 None
2012-01-11 Cognitive performance declines more rapidly as age increases 0 None
2012-01-10 Cancer cells feed on sugar-free diet 0 None
2012-01-10 Grief and heart attacks linked: Study 0 None
2012-01-10 ADHD diet: Review of studies 0 None
2012-01-10 Anxiety and depression linked to computer games 0 4
2012-01-10 Link between loss of loved one and heart attack 0 None
2012-01-10 Delaying hypertension treatment in diabetic patients for up to a year is unlikely to be harmful 0 None
2012-01-10 New evidence on heading and risk of brain injury in soccer 0 None
2012-01-10 Scientists help explain how brain locates images that look like faces 0 None
2012-01-10 Study demonstrates that individuals can eat out and still lose weight 0 None
2012-01-10 Females can manipulate sex of their offspring 0 None
2012-01-10 CNBG, Aeras reach final agreement to develop new TB vaccines 0 None
2012-01-09 The sharpness of the brain dulls beyond 45: Study 0 None
2012-01-09 Novel class of nanoparticles hold promise as a potential vehicle for drug delivery 0 None
2012-01-09 Novel target in artery plaque identified as potential therapeutic intervention 0 None
2012-01-09 Clear link between marijuana use in young males and cyclic vomiting syndrome 0 None
2012-01-09 Genentech, Xenon partner to discover and develop novel pain relieving medicines 0 None
2012-01-09 Middle-aged adults with diabetes have time to learn how to control hypertension 0 None
2012-01-07 Trail of research that led to discovery of aspirin's role in prevention of first heart attack 0 None
2012-01-07 Silence completes siRNA research work with AstraZeneca, MedImmune 0 5
2012-01-07 AnaptysBio enters new strategic alliances for antibody discovery 0 None
2012-01-07 Major tobacco company manipulates data on effects of additives in cigarettes 0 None
2012-01-07 Breckenridge submits Paragraph IV certifications for seven ANDAs 0 None
2012-01-07 Smokers conceal smoking status from health care providers 0 None
2012-01-07 Study on benefits of Brain Wave Vibration meditation method 0 None
2012-01-06 Mate preferences hover just outside of conscious awareness: Study 0 None
2012-01-06 Successful integration of care of technology-dependent child into family life helps families function better 0 None
2012-01-06 Many studies do not upload results in website 0 None
2012-01-06 UNC HIV researcher Cohen discusses his work, HPTN 052 0 None
2012-01-06 Scripps professor receives pair of notable grants to study kinesin 0 None
2012-01-06 Many Americans support investment in health research: Poll 0 None
2012-01-06 Researchers produce chimeric monkeys with six distinct genomes 0 None
2012-01-06 Study brings to light physiological, cognitive differences of political left and right 0 None
2012-01-06 Researchers discover that flatworm lacks centrosome 0 None
2012-01-06 LCA calls for more aggressive integration of imaging advances and biomedical research 0 None
2012-01-06 Royals designated hitter to receive 47th annual Hutch Award 0 None
2012-01-06 Two non-profit organizations to address critical shortage of funding for pediatric cancer research 0 None
2012-01-06 New laboratory approach could aid brain recovery 0 None
2012-01-06 Colorful food fare is more appealing to children than adults 0 None
2012-01-05 Ipsen, Oncodesign partner to discover and develop LRRK2 kinase inhibitors against PD 0 None
2012-01-05 IARS celebrates 90 years of support of anesthesia-related research 0 None
2012-01-05 Researchers urged to differentiate between two bladder cancer subtypes in their studies 0 None
2012-01-05 MCW professor to receive American Association of Anatomists' Basmajian Award 0 1
2012-01-05 Researchers estimate cost and impact of disabilities on finances of disabled people 0 None
2012-01-05 Study: Drug research often suppressed 0 None
2012-01-05 Driving in the mid-lane helps pensioners stay safe 0 None
2012-01-05 Study assesses reasons for continued lack of success in prevention, control of Lyme disease 0 None
2012-01-05 UCSD scientist honored for Down syndrome research 0 5
2012-01-05 Study finds increase in incidence and prevalence of IBD 0 None
2012-01-04 Re-admission rates high among U.S. heart attack patients: Study 0 None
2012-01-04 Task force identifies key themes and challenges in critical care research 0 None
2012-01-04 Yale study questions accuracy of relying on patient death rates to compare hospital quality 0 None
2012-01-04 One-third of NIH-funded trials remain unpublished 51 months after completion 0 None
2012-01-04 Chronic missed naps could put toddlers at risk for mood-related problems 0 None
2012-01-04 Researchers discover a way to make cigarette smoking less toxic 0 None
2012-01-04 Bingo enhances cognitive performance in people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease 0 3
2012-01-03 Researchers evaluate sexual activity and satisfaction in older women 0 None
2012-01-03 Positive link between physical activity and academic performance of children 0 2
2012-01-02 Sex, race and dementia may influence risk of mortality in patients with PD 0 None
2012-01-02 Sleep apnea may impact health of young diabetics 0 None
2012-01-01 Soon therapies may be guided by genetic blueprints 0 None


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