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2004-11-29 Scientists have induced human insulin-producing cells of the pancreas to revert to islet precursor cells 0 None
2004-11-24 Scientists have given blind nerve cells the ability to detect light 0 None
2004-11-24 Scientists create world’s smallest test tube 0 None
2004-11-24 Crystals may help to revolutionise drug discovery 0 None
2004-11-23 Acid-resistant bug also alcohol-resistant 0 None
2004-11-19 Scientists have determined the crystal structure of a protein kinase C (PKC) isozyme 0 None
2004-11-18 Transport route explain why peanuts are one of the most allergenic foods 0 None
2004-11-16 Sequencing of human genetic code promises to usher in a new era of genetic medicine 0 None
2004-11-16 Fluorescent protein tool may speed identification of molecular changes that reveal cells' inner workings 0 None
2004-11-10 Sex genes of infectious fungus closely resemble human Y chromosome 0 None
2004-11-10 Stem cell gene linked to a portion of one of the most common childhood brain cancers 0 None
2004-11-09 Scientists have developed a fast and safe method for collecting heart stem cells from small amounts of biopsied heart tissue 0 None
2004-11-09 New strain of mice to study nicotine addiction 0 None
2004-11-09 Discovery of new gene that protects against lung cancer 0 None
2004-11-04 Sperm cells grown in laboratory culture 0 None
2004-11-04 Discovery of a new blindness gene 0 None
2004-11-04 Scientists recreate Roman skin cosmetics 0 None
2004-11-04 Scientists have found a fossil that explains the history of the nose 0 5
2004-11-02 Reproductive hormones have effects on all of these stages of brain growth and development 0 None
2004-11-01 Grant to develop high speed DNA sequence reader 0 None
2004-11-01 Cellular enzyme represents a potential new target for developing improved HIV drugs 0 None


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