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2008-08-29 Medicare overpaid for prescription drugs with new generic versions because of delay in incorporating new prices into payment calculations 0 None
2008-08-29 Infectious Disease Research Institute receives $6.3 million NIAID grant to study TB vaccine 0 None
2008-08-28 Barr receives U.S. approval for generic Razadyne tablets 0 None
2008-08-28 New beta-blocker for heart disease and angina 0 None
2008-08-28 FDA grants IND for Davanat to treat breast cancer patient 0 None
2008-08-28 Thiazolidinediones - diabetes drugs carry significant cardiovascular risks 0 None
2008-08-27 Gleevec receives FDA priority review for gastrointestinal stromal tumors after surgery 0 None
2008-08-27 FDA grants CLIA waiver to American Bio Medica for drug test 0 None
2008-08-27 Drug Lucentis to save eyesight of thousands in the UK 0 None
2008-08-26 Stanford University to limit pharmaceutical industry financing of CME 0 None
2008-08-26 Stanford Medical School severely restricts industry funding of continuing education for physicians 0 5
2008-08-26 Lack of oversight by CMS to ensure private Medicare drug plans have anti-fraud programs in place 'risks significant use of funds,' according to GAO 0 None
2008-08-26 FDA issues new rules on product warning label updates for pharmaceuticals, medical devices 0 None
2008-08-26 Galapagos acquires structure-based drug discovery from Sareum 0 None
2008-08-25 AIDS Healthcare Foundation blasts GlaxoSmithKline print advertisements that promote fear of HIV treatment 0 None
2008-08-25 NicOx updates on PF-03187207 and research collaboration with Pfizer 0 None
2008-08-24 FDA approves Nplate (romiplostim), first bone marrow stimulator for chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura 0 None
2008-08-24 Cymbalta approved in Europe for generalised anxiety disorder 0 None
2008-08-24 OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals' OGX-011 granted FDA fast track status 0 None
2008-08-20 Warning issued on dangers of diabetes drug Avandia 0 None
2008-08-20 Eli Lilly acquires SGX Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2008-08-18 First drug for Huntington's disease approved for use in the U.S. 0 None
2008-08-18 Actavis receives approval of generic Wellbutrin in U.S. 0 None
2008-08-18 Pancreatitis link to Gardasil to be investigated by the TGA 1 5
2008-08-18 Breakthrough drug FT-11 has the potential to end the need for dialysis in kidney disease 0 3.5
2008-08-17 Researchers create synthetic heparin 0 None
2008-08-17 FDA approves tetrabenazine for Huntington's disease 0 5
2008-08-13 FDA approves Gilead's antiretroviral Viread for hepatitis B 0 None
2008-08-13 Isis Pharmaceuticals trials C-reactive protein drug 0 None
2008-08-13 Diakron licenses anticoagulant drug candidate from Merck 0 None
2008-08-13 NanoBio vaccine for hepatitis B shows promise 0 None
2008-08-12 Adalat XL Plus approved in Canada 0 None
2008-08-12 New drug targets main culprit in common colds 0 None
2008-08-12 Oxygen Biotherapeutics develops gel version of Oxycyte for treating surface wounds 0 None
2008-08-11 Viread approved for chronic hepatitis B 0 None
2008-08-11 GSK begins shipments of Fluarix and FluLaval to U.S. customers for 2008-2009 flu season 0 None
2008-08-11 NanoViricides reports HIVCide-I significantly superior to current anti-HIV three drug cocktail standard 0 None
2008-08-11 Boxed warnings now on popuar sleeping pill Stilnox 0 5
2008-08-10 Watson Pharmaceuticals announces limited recall of Fentanyl transdermal patches 0 None
2008-08-10 FDA warns consumers about Baltimore Medicine Shoppe pharmacies 0 None
2008-08-08 Cancer Research UK expresses 'deep concern' on kidney cancer drug decision 0 None
2008-08-05 Chlamydia treatment in UK pharmacies will deliver convenient care for patients 0 None
2008-08-05 FDA approves seasons influenza vaccines 0 None
2008-08-05 Chlamydia antibiotic available over-the-counter in the UK 0 None
2008-08-04 Lilly reaffirms $3.00 per share purchase offer for SGX Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2008-08-04 FDA changes policies regarding advisory committees 0 None
2008-08-03 Abbott Labs agrees to settle lawsuit over antiretroviral Norvir pricing 0 None
2008-08-03 Fatal flaws in the way new drugs are tested and marketed 0 None
2008-08-03 Merck announces significant price cuts on two of its AIDS drugs, Stocrin and Isentress 0 None


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