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2006-12-12 Breast cancer screening for under 50's of little benefit 0 None
2006-12-12 Epidurals affect how successful breastfeeding will be 0 None
2006-12-12 New vaccines against HPV could save hundreds of thousands of lives if delivered effectively 0 None
2006-12-11 New oral contraceptive not such a bitter pill 0 None
2006-12-06 Forget about being fat and just get fit! 0 None
2006-12-05 Case studies examine role of hormones, psychology in false pregnancy 0 None
2006-12-04 'Too thin' women much more likely to miscarry 0 None
2006-12-04 Mifepristone offers hope for breast cancer victims 0 5
2006-12-02 Some ob-gyns switching to cosmetic medicine clinics 0 None
2006-12-02 Traditionally low status of girls fueling child sexual abuse in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2006-12-02 Combination therapy shows improvement for breast cancer patients 0 None
2006-11-29 A good reason for women to be overweight? 0 None
2006-11-28 68,000 women a year die from botched abortions 0 None
2006-11-23 Incoming Congress should enact legislation to reduce abortion rate 0 None
2006-11-23 Nicaragua bans all abortions 0 None
2006-11-23 74 House members pressure Amnesty International to reject abortion proposal 0 None
2006-11-23 Birth rate among teens at record low and C-sections at record high 0 None
2006-11-23 Reproductive health agendas hampered by global focus on HIV/AIDS programs, controversies over abortion, other issues 0 None
2006-11-22 Oral contraceptives and IUDs protect against endometrial cancer 0 None
2006-11-20 HRT shows promise in helping visual memory of postmenopausal women 0 None
2006-11-19 Cigarette smoking and high HPV concentrations associated with greater risk of cervical cancer 0 None
2006-11-14 Oklahoma Health Board approves parental consent for abortion form; enforcement procedures unclear 0 None
2006-11-14 40% of U.S. women ages 18 to 75 know about human papillomavirus 0 None
2006-11-13 Older women also susceptible to eating disorders 0 None
2006-11-13 IVF success compromised by heavy smoking 0 None
2006-11-13 Distress, psychiatric syndromes, and impairment of function in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer 0 None
2006-11-02 For divorced women health pays the price ten years down the line 0 3
2006-11-01 HPV test is a better long-term predictor of cervical cell abnormalities than pap smear 1 None
2006-11-01 Environment the culprit in women's higher risk of MS 0 None
2006-10-31 Breast cancer patients may benefit from new accelerated treatment 0 None
2006-10-30 Teen births cost U.S. Government $9.1 billion in 2004 0 None
2006-10-30 USA Today examines issues Supreme Court will decide in challenge to federal abortion ban 0 None
2006-10-30 Oral contraceptives increase risk for breast cancer in some women 0 None
2006-10-30 Sequencing of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for early breast cancer 0 None
2006-10-25 Confusion abounds on how to treat the menopause 0 None
2006-10-24 Sens. Feinstein, Snowe ask FDA for safety review of silicone breast implant manufacturer's product application 0 None
2006-10-24 Issues like abortion rights highlight ongoing debates over judicial activism, restraint 0 None
2006-10-24 First research, treatment clinic for inflammatory breast cancer to open at University of Texas 0 None
2006-10-24 Amgen, Brigham and Women's Hospital, NIH to launch women's health genome study 0 None
2006-10-24 Increased access to contraception not linked to decrease in numbers of unplanned pregnancies, abortions 0 None
2006-10-24 Women feel less trusting at work than men do 0 5
2006-10-23 Overweight women more likely to have polycystic ovary syndrome 0 None
2006-10-23 Identifying breast cancer patients most likely to benefit from Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy after adjuvant radiation and Tamoxifen 0 None
2006-10-23 Older mothers cope just as well with a new baby 0 None
2006-10-23 Race is associated with unfavorable breast cancer tumor biology 0 None
2006-10-23 Wall Street Journal examines debate over alternative HRT to treat menopausal symptoms 0 None
2006-10-23 Independent groups to highlight abortion, other issues in Maryland U.S. Senate race 0 None
2006-10-23 New Jersey Assembly Committee approves bill requiring pharmacists to fill emergency contraception prescriptions 0 None
2006-10-23 Portuguese Parliament approves referendum on loosening abortion restrictions 0 None
2006-10-23 Early detection, treatment of breast cancer leading to declining mortality rates 0 None
2006-10-22 Wyo. Gubernatorial Candidate Hunkins will seek abortion ban if Roe overturned, mandate 25-year sentences for assaults on pregnant woman 0 None
2006-10-22 Estonia's total fertility rate increasing in part because of Government program encouraging women to give birth 0 None
2006-10-20 Study shows women need and want to protect themselves against violence as they get older 0 None
2006-10-19 Idaho woman files lawsuit over Ortho Evra patch 0 None
2006-10-19 French policies subsidizing generous maternity leave, child-care allowances fuel rising birth rate 0 None
2006-10-19 Black women in Chicago more likely to die from breast cancer than white women 0 None
2006-10-19 African Union adopts reproductive health rights policy 0 None
2006-10-19 All women in U.S. should have right to quality health care, breast cancer screenings 0 None
2006-10-19 Japanese Government considers supporting assisted reproductive technologies 0 None
2006-10-18 Benefits of breast cancer screening questionable 0 None
2006-10-17 Contraceptive options in the U.S. examined 0 None
2006-10-17 Los Angeles Times examines Proposition 85 0 None
2006-10-17 Vitamin D may slow down breast cancer 0 None
2006-10-16 Abortion-rights, women's groups endorse Massachusetts Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Patrick 0 None
2006-10-16 Advocacy group asks FDA to launch criminal investigation of allegedly withheld data on silicone breast implant application 0 None
2006-10-16 New Jersey law for postpartum depression screening 0 None
2006-10-16 Violence against women 'severe, pervasive' worldwide 0 None
2006-10-16 Michigan Gubernatorial candidate DeVos 'thrilled' if state could enforce abortion ban 0 None
2006-10-16 Scalia says Liberal Judges have improperly established abortion rights 0 None
2006-10-16 Oregonian examines debate over State initiative that would require parental notification for teenagers ages 15 to 17 seeking an abortion 0 None
2006-10-05 Socioeconomic improvement for poor women has little effect on risk of delivering low-birthweight infants among blacks 0 None
2006-10-05 Health department for four Michigan counties overcharged low-income women for contraceptives 0 None
2006-10-05 Female circumcision banned in Indonesia at physician level 0 None
2006-09-26 'Neglect,' not biology, kills 1 in 20 women in Africa 0 None
2006-09-21 Nitric oxide helps pregnant women with hypertension 0 None
2006-09-21 Fatty fish provides significant protection against renal cancer 0 None
2006-09-20 Women feel thin models are more elegant, interesting and pleasant 0 None
2006-09-20 Sen. Kerry says language used by both sides in abortion-rights debate often 'misleading and unconstructive' 0 None
2006-09-20 Pennsylvania Senate candidate Casey says Democratic Party becoming more open to those opposing abortion rights 0 None
2006-09-20 Women who quit smoking during pregnancy less likely to remain nonsmokers because of concerns about weight 0 None
2006-09-19 Women should eat more fatty fish - lowers risk for renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2006-09-18 Breast cancer incidence is lower for Latinas 0 None
2006-09-18 House Democrats introduce bill that aims to reduce unintended pregnancies, abortions 0 None
2006-09-18 Michigan Bills introduced that would require girls to receive HPV vaccine before sixth grade 0 None
2006-09-18 Black women living in South Carolina are more likely to develop cancers 0 None
2006-09-18 Chilean Appeals Court suspends Government plan to distribute emergency contraception at no cost to girls 0 None
2006-09-18 Women in Government back cervical cancer vaccine for sixth graders 0 None
2006-09-18 UK abortion rates rise despite easy access to morning-after pill 0 None
2006-09-14 Primary election results for races involving women's health issues 0 None
2006-09-13 Australia's Foreign Minister to review ban on foreign abortion services funding 0 None
2006-09-12 Breast and ovarian cancers linked by heredity - women need to know their risks 0 None
2006-09-12 Too many babies too close together can shorten a woman's life 0 None
2006-09-12 Childless women run the risk of earlier death 1 None
2006-09-11 Pregnant women with fatty, high-caloric diets increase fetal risk for liver disease, obesity, diabetes 0 None
2006-09-11 Pregnancy centers opening near abortion clinics offer sonograms, other services to pregnant women 0 None
2006-09-11 Eight California physicians investigated for allegedly purchasing IUDs from unlicensed vendors 0 None
2006-09-11 Black women should get mammograms, enroll in clinical trials, take other measures to prevent breast cancer 0 None
2006-09-11 World leaders must to do more to address the needs of migrant women 0 None
2006-09-11 Validation of a tool for identifying women at high risk for hereditary breast cancer 0 None
2006-09-11 Physical activity increases breast cancer survival 0 None
2006-09-07 Thyroid cancer among women in the U.S. has increased 0 None
2006-09-07 Czech Government has not fully answered charges of forced sterilizations of Romany women 0 None
2006-09-05 New research could help women facing high risk of stillbirth 0 None
2006-09-05 Hearing loss in older women linked to hormone replacement therapy 0 None
2006-09-01 Is psychotherapy the answer for menopause? 0 None
2006-09-01 All pregnant women have at least one kind of pesticide in their placenta 0 None
2006-09-01 Obstetric fistula: Guiding principles for clinical management and programme development 0 None
2006-08-31 Prenatal diagnostic tests have low risk of miscarriage 0 None
2006-08-30 Obese women in the UK should be refused IVF treatment 0 None
2006-08-30 South Florida Sun-Sentinel profiles Florida's crisis pregnancy centers 0 None
2006-08-30 Kaiser report summarizes editorials on approval of nonprescription plan B sales to women over age 18 0 None
2006-08-30 Challenges parents, physicians face in addressing HPV vaccine 0 None
2006-08-29 Obesity affects survival odds for ovarian cancer 0 None
2006-08-24 Opponents of abortion rights launch initiatives to increase number of crisis pregnancy centers in Black, Latino inner cities 0 None
2006-08-24 A look at available birthing methods 0 None
2006-08-24 Women's health policy highlights 0 None
2006-08-24 Florida abortion provider Pendergraft appeals license suspension 0 None
2006-08-17 Mammography: Current nationwide capacity adequate, but access problems may exist in certain locations 0 None
2006-08-16 Breast cancer sufferers experience more side effects from chemo than previously thought 0 None
2006-08-14 Majority of pregnant women with depression not receiving treatment 0 None
2006-08-07 Diethylstilbestrol-exposed women at greater risk of developing breast cancer 0 None
2006-08-02 Smoking interacts with genetic risk factors in the development of rheumatoid arthritis among older Caucasian women 0 None
2006-08-02 Labour induced in the morning means fewer complications 0 None
2006-07-26 Taking multivitamins around time of conception reduces preeclampsia risk 0 None
2006-07-26 Understanding postpartum depression critical to improving care for mothers and infants 0 None
2006-07-25 Insufficient evidence exists to support the use of complementary and alternative therapies to relieve menopause 0 None
2006-07-25 Estrogen and testosterone combination to treat menopause may increase risk of breast cancer 0 None
2006-07-19 Nipple piercing and breastfeeding 0 1
2006-07-19 Calcium supplementation during pregnancy for preventing hypertensive disorders and related problems 0 None
2006-07-18 Pregnancy resource centers misleading teenagers 0 None
2006-07-18 Women who are overweight at the age of 18 have a higher risk of dying young 0 None
2006-07-18 Breast cancer doesn't have to mean losing your breast 0 None
2006-07-18 New hope for women with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2006-07-17 Water aerobics is the preferred therapy for lower back pain relief during pregnancy, research shows 0 None
2006-07-17 Weight loss and dementia in women 0 None
2006-07-17 Women who develop dementia start to lose weight a decade earlier 0 None
2006-07-12 Morning sickness - a form of protection for mother and baby 0 5
2006-07-12 Weight gain, particularly after menopause, is associated with increased risk of breast cancer 0 None
2006-07-12 Female stroke risk reduced by healthy living 0 None
2006-07-10 Healthy living prevents ischemic stroke 0 None
2006-07-10 Women receive lower-quality heart attack care than men 0 None
2006-07-06 Early menopause on the cards for childhood cancer survivors 0 None
2006-07-06 Obese women at greater risk of disease and death 0 None
2006-07-04 86 percent higher risk of death for extremely obese women 0 None
2006-07-04 Health risks for women who are extremely obese underestimated 0 None
2006-07-03 Listeriosis and pregnancy 0 5
2006-06-28 Study examines women with symptoms of urinary incontinence 0 None
2006-06-27 Vaccine no replacement for Pap test 0 None
2006-06-26 Pre-scan warnings would have caused extra distress say women with problem fetuses 0 None
2006-06-20 Two year wait for breast cancer test results drives women to consider radical surgery 0 None
2006-06-20 Too much night light raises breast cancer risk 0 None
2006-06-18 Study links depression in women with chronic pain to greater incidence of disability 0 None
2006-06-18 Menopausal women don't get enough guidance on treatment options 0 None
2006-06-14 More women than men are working weekends 0 None
2006-06-09 PATH to pave the way for cervical cancer vaccines in the developing world 0 None
2006-06-08 Black women twice as likely to get aggressive breast cancer 0 None
2006-06-07 Black women twice as likely to get aggressive breast cancer 0 None
2006-06-07 Pre-menopausal changes in bone structure may contribute to fracture risk 0 None
2006-06-07 Black women have fewer breast cancers than white women, but their mortality is worse 0 None
2006-06-06 Bill Gates puts his money where his mouth is again 0 None
2006-06-06 New cervical cancer vaccine offers women 100% protection 0 None
2006-06-04 Just a few extra pounds increases women's risk of reflux 0 None
2006-06-01 Moderate alcohol intake helps women think 0 None
2006-05-31 Epidemic of domestic violence affecting women physically and mentally 0 None
2006-05-30 Working too much as bad as smoking for pregnant mums 0 None
2006-05-30 Abortion pill a big hit in Britain 0 None
2006-05-25 IVF puts woman and fetus at risk of placenta disorder 0 3
2006-05-24 Too little sleep makes women fatter 0 None
2006-05-23 Computer-based screening may encourage discussions about domestic violence 0 None
2006-05-23 Comprehensive care for complex, high-risk pregnancies 0 None
2006-05-23 Women who pile on the kilos more at risk of breast cancers 0 None
2006-05-23 Total versus subtotal hysterectomy for benign gynaecological conditions 0 4
2006-05-17 Wake-up call - the cost of caffeine in pregnancy 0 None
2006-05-17 New hope for women trying to conceive 0 None
2006-05-16 Inducing labor increases risk of developing chorioamnionitis 0 None
2006-05-16 Labor can be longer for obese pregnant women 0 None
2006-05-16 Women advised to lose weight before getting pregnant a second time 0 None
2006-05-16 Life course social roles and women's health in mid-life 0 None
2006-05-15 Juggle that career mum, you'll be healthier in the long run! 0 None
2006-05-11 Study examines antidepressant therapies for pregnant women 0 None
2006-05-10 Testosterone patches help women with under-active pituitary glands 0 None
2006-05-10 When it comes to mothers and babies, top spot to be is Sweden 0 None
2006-05-10 Breast cancer may be on the rise in U.S.-based Latinas 0 None
2006-05-09 Long-term estrogen therapy may be related to a higher risk of breast cancer 0 None
2006-05-09 Many pregnant not tested for HIV 0 None
2006-05-08 Study shows rapid return to menstrual flow once oral contraception stopped 0 None
2006-05-08 Breast removal not the only treatment option for non-invasive breast cancer 0 None
2006-05-08 Breast conserving surgery is a good option for early breast cancer 0 None
2006-05-03 Premenstrual syndrome and self-policing: constructing and deconstructing premenstrual distress in lesbian and heterosexual relationships 0 None
2006-05-01 Combo of testing and vaccines a winner in fight against cervical cancer 0 None
2006-04-26 Osteoporosis could be caused by factors other than declining estrogen levels 0 None
2006-04-26 Preconception health care should be part of routine medical visits 0 None
2006-04-26 Preconception health care should be part of routine medical visits 0 None
2006-04-26 Expert says fetuses cannot feel pain and fetal pain relief is not required during abortions 0 None
2006-04-25 Doctors show concern over rising preterm births 0 None
2006-04-25 American women and girls not getting enough calcium 0 None
2006-04-24 Breast cancer survivors turning their backs on recommended mammograms 0 None
2006-04-23 HRT can reduce heart attacks by about one-third in women under age 60 0 None
2006-04-19 Long or short intervals between pregnancies associated with poor perinatal outcomes 0 None
2006-04-11 Estrogen therapy increases the risk of blood clots in some women 0 None
2006-04-10 Access to breast cancer wonder drug will depend on where you live 0 None
2006-04-07 Early transition to menopause may increase risk for first onset of depression 0 None
2006-04-05 Menopause linked with the onset of depression 0 None
2006-03-28 Depression and urinary incontinence go hand in hand 0 None
2006-03-27 Treatment of uterine (endometrial) cancer by laparoscopy gives better patient quality of life 0 None
2006-03-27 Patient oriented breast cancer dictionary of terms for doctors 0 None
2006-03-27 Intravaginal surface electromyography (SEMG) being used to treat vaginal pain 0 None
2006-03-27 African conference to look at preventing postpartum hemorrhage deaths 0 None
2006-03-21 Breast symmetry can be early indicator of breast cancer 0 None
2006-03-21 Combining old with new could resolve fertility problems 0 None
2006-03-21 Breasts that are uneven appearance could be a predictor of breast cancer 0 None
2006-03-21 Mastectomy does not necessarily affect quality of life 0 None
2006-03-17 African American women urged to confront colorectal cancer 0 None
2006-03-14 Pregnancy complications increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2006-03-13 Social isolation and low mood accelerate coronary disease in women 0 None
2006-03-13 Dental professionals can play a pivotal role in detecting and reporting violence against women 0 None
2006-03-09 Using makeup to cover a severe facial blemish may not improve the quality of a woman's life 0 None
2006-03-09 Maternal depressive symptoms at 2 to 4 months post partum and early parenting practices 0 None
2006-03-08 New findings on antidepressants during pregnancy are reason for caution, not alarm 0 None
2006-03-08 Deodorants - a risk factor for breast cancer? 0 None
2006-03-07 Pre-eclampsia kidney disease link 0 None
2006-03-07 Diet puts pregnant women at risk 0 None
2006-03-06 Women say a good marriage is not about money 0 None
2006-03-05 Breast screening means thousands get unnecessary and invasive treatment 0 None
2006-03-01 Hubbies commitment key to wives' happiness 0 None
2006-03-01 Surgically menopausal women are at increased risk for low sexual desire 0 None
2006-03-01 Possible link between breast cancer and aluminum salts in deodorants 0 None
2006-02-23 New tool helps predict pregnancy outcomes 0 None
2006-02-22 Stress in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage 0 3.7
2006-02-21 More time exercising not intensity results in long-term weight loss 0 None
2006-02-21 Persistent fatigue immediately following birth may be the best predictor of postpartum depression 0 None
2006-02-21 Calcium and Vitamin D helps reduce risk of hip fractures in older women 0 None
2006-02-20 Nicotine patch and group support may be the best combination for helping women in public housing to stop smoking 0 None
2006-02-17 Cooking on wood stoves affects women in developing countries 0 None
2006-02-16 Estrogen therapy does not reduce the risk of heart attack in healthy postmenopausal women 0 None
2006-02-16 Central adiposity, regional fat distribution, and the risk of cholecystectomy in women 0 None
2006-02-16 Succes of pilot scheme means women in the UK will be offered abortions at home 0 None
2006-02-16 Calcium and Vitamin D supplememts of limited benefit to older women 0 None
2006-02-12 Changes in the tissue environment of the breast that occur after pregnancy promote the metastasis of breast tumor cells 0 None
2006-02-09 First solid data on health effects of a low-fat diet 0 None
2006-02-09 Older women who simply reduce the amount of total fat in their diet won't generally lower cancer risk 0 None
2006-02-07 Women more sensitive to pain during periods of low estrogen 0 None
2006-02-07 Advocacy groups unite to make lung cancer in women a top priority 0 None
2006-02-05 First description of female-specific Ischemia Syndrome 1 None
2006-02-05 Kegel exercises reduce urinary incontinence in women 0 None
2006-02-05 Memory loss and menopause 1 5
2006-02-02 Women pregnant with girls experience more severe asthma symptoms 0 None
2006-02-02 Women with low estrogen levels more sensitive to pain 0 None
2006-02-02 Pregnancy does not provide protection against depression 0 None
2006-01-26 Breast ducts - A new site for cancer treatment! 0 None
2006-01-26 Warning of risk of from vaginal oestrogen 0 None
2006-01-26 New kit checks on womens' chances of conceiving 0 None
2006-01-25 Anxious fathers make caesareans more painful for mothers 0 None
2006-01-25 Contraceptive pills do not lead to major weight gain 0 None
2006-01-25 Women with endometriosis undergoing IVF benefit from treatment with GnRH agonists 0 None
2006-01-25 Pelvic floor muscle training helps reduce urinary incontinence in women 0 None
2006-01-25 Perineal massage helps childbirth 0 None
2006-01-25 Guidelines for International Breast Health and Cancer Control 0 None
2006-01-25 Inducing labor shows some benefits in cases of premature water break 0 None
2006-01-18 Increased attention should be paid to incontinence 0 None
2006-01-18 Online breast cancer support groups work 0 None
2006-01-16 Armpit odour can make apparent women’s fertility 0 None
2006-01-10 Why do teenage girls turn their back on playing sport? 0 None
2006-01-10 Talking about postnatal depression 0 None
2006-01-10 More women need to know about folic acid's ability to prevent birth defects 0 None
2006-01-02 Eating disorders linked to perinatal complications 0 None


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