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2009-10-31 Conference to address the need for gender specific diagnostic strategies for women 0 None
2009-10-31 Study indicates possibility of a vaccine to prevent Group B Streptococcus infection 0 None
2009-10-30 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2009-10-30 Eisai reports global Phase III study results of eribulin mesylate 0 5
2009-10-30 Fourth annual 'Think Pink, Practice Pink' campaign to raise awareness and support a cure for breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-30 Risk of serious flu-related sickness far outpaces risk of injectable vaccine in pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-30 Leading gynecologist recommends flu shots for pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-30 USANA’s Active Calcium Chewable supplement improves bone health in young girls 0 None
2009-10-30 Women face higher risk of graft loss after liver transplantation compared to men 0 None
2009-10-30 Combination of psychiatric medication and depression linked to preterm delivery 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers report preclinical results of a novel PET biomarker designed to detect malignant breast tumors 0 None
2009-10-30 Women more likely to suffer from adverse drug reactions than men; proactive approach may help reduce problems 0 5
2009-10-30 PEM scanners outperform MRI in detecting breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-30 Risk of serious flu-related sickness far outpaces risk of injectable vaccine in pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-29 UNFPA maternal health conferences wrap up 0 None
2009-10-29 Novian Health and Rose Medical Center sign an agreement to provide Novilase laser treatment to treat breast lumps 0 None
2009-10-29 Conceptus reports clinical success of its Essure non-incisional permanent birth control procedure 0 None
2009-10-29 NCCN Guidelines for breast cancer does not recommend prophylactic mastectomy in women 0 None
2009-10-29 Bankruptcy Rescue to offer free Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing services for breast cancer victims 0 5
2009-10-29 Routine use of HRT increases longevity in postmenopausal women 0 None
2009-10-29 Study shows 62.2 percent of women turn to alternative therapies before medical treatments for infertility 0 None
2009-10-29 Researchers to study how microbial imbalances impact breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-29 Pregnant women with symptoms of depression have a stronger biological reaction to the seasonal flu vaccine 0 5
2009-10-29 Study links low maternal folate levels with attention-deficit/hyperactivity problems in children 0 None
2009-10-28 Fertility Centers of Illinois offers "baby or money back" program 0 None
2009-10-28 Enrollment for Phase 2 clinical study of NKTR-102 completed ahead of schedule 0 None
2009-10-28 Interlace Medical receives 510K clearance to market MyoSure Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System 0 5
2009-10-28 National Institutes of Health awards $735,000 grant for prenatal obesity and diabetes research 0 None
2009-10-28 Clinical results of INVO procedure for treatment of infertility announced 0 None
2009-10-28 Liquid-based cytology is not better than Pap tests for detecting cervical cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 Anxiety in pregnant women can impact babies' size and gestational age 0 None
2009-10-27 Global health promotion conference begins in Kenya, maternal mortality addressed 0 None
2009-10-27 More than 150 health ministers meet in Ethiopia to discuss maternal mortality 1 None
2009-10-27 Discovery of AVM can relieve pain due to chronic back pain and neurologic deficits 0 5
2009-10-27 Combination of treatments for breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Aquatrove Biosciences announces positive results from Conceive Plus study 0 5
2009-10-27 Child birth to be broadcast live 0 None
2009-10-27 African-American women have delay in follow-up after finding suspicious breast abnormality, says study 0 None
2009-10-27 Heart attacks in middle-aged women more common, says study 0 None
2009-10-27 Pregabalin reduces abdominal pain and improves sleep in women with adhesions 0 None
2009-10-27 New study provides insight into what women think on decision making with regard to breast cancer surgery 0 None
2009-10-27 Physicians launch SUCCEED, program for breast cancer survivors 0 None
2009-10-26 Congressional hearing addresses International Violence Against Women Act 0 None
2009-10-26 In the House, Democrats opposed to abortion threaten reform bill 0 None
2009-10-26 Cook Medical launches FluoroSet for accurate fluoroscopic evaluation results 0 None
2009-10-26 Clinical study to evaluate potential new approaches for early detection of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-26 Canadian cardiologists, oncologists team up to fight breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-26 Rates of binge eating among adult women identical across race but not among college age women 0 None
2009-10-24 Race to raise awareness about breast cancer at the Pyramids of Giza 0 None
2009-10-24 Report on health insurance reform to support women with breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-24 Cleavage rejuvenation, Botox Breast Lift and Awake-Breast Augmentation - are they safe? 1 None
2009-10-24 Rocawear joins Susan G. Komen for the Cure movement in reclaiming women from breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-24 Pregnant women unsure about getting H1N1 flu shot, shows new survey 0 5
2009-10-24 Egypt Race for the Cure supports breast cancer programs 1 5
2009-10-24 Hair & Makeup Artist Network teams up with UBCF to support women afflicted with breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-23 Nutri5, an effective natural product for the relief of menopausal symptoms 0 3.7
2009-10-23 Exposing pregnant women to chemotherapy does not affect the foetus 0 None
2009-10-23 Dig Pink Volleyball Breast Cancer Awareness campaign to raise $1 million in support of breast cancer research 0 None
2009-10-23 Combination treatement for IVF patients may eliminate vaginal bleeding 0 None
2009-10-23 Early diagnostic for ovarian cancer to be developed 0 None
2009-10-23 Adjuvanted and non-adjuvanted H1N1 vaccines safe for pregnant women, say Canadian experts 0 None
2009-10-22 FMWC partners with SOGC and SCC to launch Pap test campaign 0 None
2009-10-22 First clinical trial to test a weight maintenance program for obese pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-22 San Francisco merchants' initiative for breast cancer research and awareness 0 None
2009-10-22 Obese women retain half of post pregnancy weight 1 None
2009-10-22 Pregnant women who are lesbians are not receiving the same care as other mothers-to-be: Study 0 None
2009-10-22 New study on the factors that determine development of posttraumatic stress disorder 0 None
2009-10-22 Researchers develop a non-invasive test to help assess embryo viability for IVF 0 None
2009-10-22 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals reports positive results from Phase II trial of bavituximab 0 None
2009-10-22 Study results of PTH1-34 oral parathyroid hormone presented 0 5
2009-10-22 Breast cancer brought to the forefront of public discussion in the Middle East 1 None
2009-10-22 GlaxoSmithKline's CERVARIX recommended by CDC for protection against cervical cancer 0 None
2009-10-22 Bioidentical Hormones for breast cancer prevention 0 None
2009-10-21 Maternal smoking may increase the level of distress of newborns, says study 0 None
2009-10-21 £17,000 grant to university researcher for breast cancer research 0 None
2009-10-21 New tools needed to identify men and women at risk for the most aggressive cancers 0 None
2009-10-21 Interim study analysis comparing MENOPUR with rFSH in GnRH Antagonist IVF cycles 0 None
2009-10-21 STR genotyping and p57 immunohistochemistry used to distinguish hydatidiform moles 0 None
2009-10-21 No significant differences in pregnancy outcomes with different progesterone formulations 0 None
2009-10-21 Study finds lung scintigraphy more reliable than CTA for pulmonary embolism diagnosis in pregnant patients 0 None
2009-10-20 Human Rights and Oversight to hold a hearing on international violence against women 0 None
2009-10-20 Complimentary book for fertility patients placing first fertility cycle order 0 None
2009-10-20 Women without HOXA13 gene mutation need not be subjected to X-rays 0 None
2009-10-20 Alberta revises its cervical cancer screening guideline 0 None
2009-10-20 IntegraMed America expands its Attain IVF treatment financing offerings 0 None
2009-10-20 Highly educated women deal less well with psychological aspects of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-20 Link between stress reduction and increase in pregancy rate established 0 None
2009-10-20 PhRMA report says nearly 1,000 life-changing medicines for diseases affecting women in development 0 None
2009-10-20 Right combination of estrogen and SERM can reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-10-20 UT student receives fellowship grant for pre-eclampsia research 0 5
2009-10-19 Walgreens, aVinci Media launch initiative for breast cancer awareness, raises more than $50,000 0 None
2009-10-19 24 Hour Data to support breast cancer awareness, to donate 5% of its October sales to NBCF 0 None
2009-10-19 Mothers receiving HAART less likely to transmit HIV virus to their newborns through breastfeeding 0 None
2009-10-19 Hygeia questions the recently issued state bid notification for breastpumps 0 5
2009-10-15 National Women's Law Center reports how insurance industry discriminates against women 0 5
2009-10-15 Purina Cat Chow's initiative for breast cancer awareness 0 None
2009-10-15 Samsung launches campaign to support breast cancer care and prevention 0 None
2009-10-15 Five research teams receive $2.4 million to help breast cancer survivors 0 None
2009-10-15 Abortions worldwide decline, unsafe abortions kill 70,000 women annually, report says 0 None
2009-10-15 Blocking folic acid action during early pregnancy leads to increased risk of abnormalities in growing baby 0 None
2009-10-14 Medications to reduce folic acid during pregnancy increase the risk of abnormalities in fetus 0 None
2009-10-14 Women with breast cancer can improve their mental health through Transcendental Meditation technique 0 None
2009-10-14 O-Cedar's initiative for breast cancer awareness 0 None
2009-10-14 New diagnostic technology to detect breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Novasys Medical's Renessa named the most promising new product for 2009 0 None
2009-10-14 Abortion law will cause serious and irreversible harm to teens: ACLU 0 None
2009-10-13 Breast tenderness indicates increased cancer risk among women on combination therapy 0 None
2009-10-13 PPAP honors women's health advocates 0 None
2009-10-13 Renowned physicians encourage women to go for regular breast examinations 0 None
2009-10-13 Acupuncture can help prevent caesarean delivery 0 5
2009-10-12 American Airlines Admirals Club's initiative to support breast cancer awareness 0 None
2009-10-12 Researchers identify genes that play a role in the development of endometrial cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 Link between high fat diet during pregnancy and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in child discovered 0 None
2009-10-12 Xoft to showcase a variety of investigational IORT oncology applications at ACS Annual Congress 0 None
2009-10-12 OptumHealth’s conference to focus on advancements in fetal diagnosis and treatment 0 None
2009-10-12 Breast cancer patients who achieve pathological complete response have better outcomes 0 None
2009-10-12 Vaccination against HPV will help decrease cervical cancer death rate in India 0 None
2009-10-12 Public forum and scientific workshop on women's health issues 0 None
2009-10-12 Socioeconomic and geographic disparities in the use of breast-conservating therapy 0 None
2009-10-12 Women with increased levels of M-llerian inhibiting substance are at risk of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 Women who take fertility drugs are at greater risk to develop thyroid cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 Women with deleterious gene mutation diagnosed with breast cancer earlier than their previous generation 0 None
2009-10-09 INVO Bioscience announce the birth of the first baby conceived by the INVO procedure and INVOcell device 0 None
2009-10-09 Stein Mart to donate $100,000 to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure 0 None
2009-10-09 Breast cancer misinformation prevalent among U.S. young women; promotes unnecessary fears 0 None
2009-10-09 New soy germ-based ingredient improves menopausal symptoms 0 4
2009-10-09 'Tens of thousands' of pregnant Indian women die from 'preventable causes,' report says 0 None
2009-10-09 DuoFertility helps women to conceive naturally without IVF 0 None
2009-10-09 Study finds BSGI to be a cost-effective breast diagnostic imaging modality 0 None
2009-10-08 Development of lab-on-chip system for breast cancer detection and therapy 0 None
2009-10-08 Specialists unanimously agree needle biopsy as 'best practice' for breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2009-10-08 BC Cancer Agency scientists find major breakthrough in breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-08 More than 2m infants, women die from childbirth annually, study says 0 None
2009-10-08 Genomic Health to present study results of Oncotype DX multi-gene expression test 0 None
2009-10-07 Research study to determine association of CYP2D6 variation with tamoxifen therapy 0 None
2009-10-07 Researchers tune Diffuse Optical Tomography for early detection of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-07 Uterine artery embolization proves to be better than laparoscopic occlusion of uterine arteries in treating fibroids 0 4
2009-10-07 Minimally invasive sling operations for stress urinary incontinence found promising 0 None
2009-10-07 Combination of leukemia and breast cancer drugs inhibits cancer progression 0 None
2009-10-07 Research and development using stem cells from menstrual blood helps fight against breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-07 USAID grants over $10.5 million for fight against malaria 0 None
2009-10-07 HRT may increase urinary incontinence in postmenopausal women 0 None
2009-10-07 Scrapbooking Marathon to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research 0 None
2009-10-07 Health experts examine maternal mortality in Africa at conference 0 None
2009-10-07 Liquorice consumption linked to shorter pregnancies and adverse affect on child's intelligence and behaviour 0 None
2009-10-06 ACC responds to queries regarding a study published on-line 0 None
2009-10-06 Lady Foot Locker's initiative for breast cancer awareness 0 None
2009-10-06 Gannett launches breast cancer awareness campaign for NBCF 0 None
2009-10-06 Researchers identify that KLF17 gene with Id1 gene can regulate breast cancer metastasis 0 None
2009-10-06 New method to predict risk of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-06 Kevetrin reduces tumor volume by 72%: Cellceutix 0 5
2009-10-06 Eat strawberries to improve cholesterol levels 0 None
2009-10-06 More efforts needed to present breast reconstruction options to all patients: Study 0 None
2009-10-05 Uncontrolled maternal asthma during pregnancy increases the likelihood of the child developing asthma 0 None
2009-10-05 NC State researchers help design affordable sanitary pads from local, organic materials 0 None
2009-10-05 Bon-Ton Stores to conduct “Shop for a Cure” event to support breast cancer research 0 None
2009-10-05 Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada calls for national Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day 0 None
2009-10-05 CIBC supports breast cancer initiative in Canada 0 4
2009-10-03 EMCOR Group's employees wear Pink Hard Hats to support Breast Cancer Awareness 0 None
2009-10-03 FHC launches its second-generation female condom in the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-03 Study to determine vitamin D's effectiveness in pregnant women with asthma 0 None
2009-10-03 Declining support for abortion, national survey reveals 0 None
2009-10-03 U.N. Security Council adopts resolution condemning sexual violence 0 None
2009-10-03 Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles effective for older women with urinary incontinence 0 4
2009-10-03 66 percent of women unaware about accreditation of breast care centers: ACoS survey 0 None
2009-10-03 TIME examines breastfeeding in the Philippines 0 None
2009-10-03 Mothers must heal physically and psychologically from the first stillbirth before conceiving again 0 None
2009-10-03 NEDD9 protein stimulates aggressive metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-03 FDA approves Bayer's IUD Mirena for treating heavy menstrual bleeding 0 3
2009-10-03 Breast milk should not be stored and fed later 2 4.3
2009-10-03 Cybex International to raise funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 0 1
2009-10-03 Study reveals disproportionately higher rate of primary c-sections among African-American women 0 None
2009-10-03 American Airlines' initiative to fight breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 House Democratic leaders work to bridge divisions in ranks 0 None
2009-10-01 Democrats shoot down Republican abortion amendment, others pass 0 None
2009-10-01 HRA Pharma launches its new generation emergency contraceptive in Europe 0 None
2009-10-01 New website launched provides details on breast cancer risks faced by younger women 0 5
2009-10-01 Women create nationwide movement to eradicate breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 New molecular imaging technique raises hope for common malignant female tumor 0 None
2009-10-01 Treating mothers for mild gestational diabetes reduces infant deaths and birth-related complications 0 None
2009-10-01 Retailers join to support breast cancer research 0 None
2009-10-01 Treatment of gestational diabetes benefits both infant and mother 0 None
2009-10-01 Exercise may help reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-10-01 Social environment plays vital role in breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 New research shows link between maternal tobacco use and psychotic symptoms 0 None


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