Effects of Taser on human health

Published on May 18, 2007 at 11:07 PM · 4 Comments

Study coordinators measured cardiovascular and blood parameters before the exposure and for one hour after the exposure. Blood pressure and heart rate as well as calcium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate and lactate levels, and blood pH were measured. Systolic blood pressure decreased after the Taser, likely due to a heightened anxiety before the test. Other measures changed slightly, but there were no clinically significant or lasting changes in the subjects.

This study was funded by the National Institute of Justice. Phase two of the two-year study is already underway, testing the affects of Taser use on subjects who are under additional stress.

“In this phase, the sheriff department volunteers will be exercising to raise their heart rates prior to being exposed to the Taser. Most suspects are being pursued: running, driving fast, excited in some way. This study will monitor participant vital signs while looking at that piece of the puzzle,” said Vilke.

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  1. Tammy Slade Tammy Slade United States says:

    If an individual was struck by a taser on his chest in the region of where the heart is located, could this cause death?   My son was murdered and I believe he was struck in the chest by a taser which belonged to his cousin.  This cousin ordered the taser off the internet, I believe these devises are a wonderful devise when used by law enforcement.   However there should be some type of regulations as to who are able to purchase one.  Please email me to let me know if you believe my son could have died with a close contact of the the taser near his heart.  crsslade@yahoo.com

  2. Steve Steve United States says:

    There is nothing in this article about the effects of the Taser on the genitals, which is where it is most often applied. The device itself was modified by Taser International to fire the lower dart at the genitals specifically, spearing the testicles or penis more often than not, even when fired by Taser's own representatives. This is why police being Tasered in order to qualify to carry are shot from behind. I have heard of numerous lawsuits over complete impotence, castration, and total loss of use of and feeling in the genitals as a result of the Taser destroying the nerves, especially when used in the 'drive stun' mode.

    • Steve Steve United States says:

      You are out of your mind, Steve.  The genitals are not "speared" nor are they targeted by the Taser.  Castration?  From two tiny little metal leads?  Seriously?  I've never seen anyone tasered in the genitals.  You are writing your own fiction story here.

      I can only assume you are part of the thuggery that the tasers are designed to subdue.

  3. Ed Ed United States says:

    Is there any study or facts about tasers effecting someone memory.
    If someone was in a major accident and was combative with an officer (due to possible head injury), if a taser was used on an accident victim to subdue them is it possible to effect that victims memory of the accident and events leading up to the accident. The result of the victim being sore could be explained by the accident itself.

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