Roundup: Calif. deciding on exchange name; Further scrutiny for Calif. adult day care eligibility; N.C. nurses embracing evidence-based practices

Published on September 27, 2012 at 12:10 AM · No Comments

A selection of stories from California, North Carolina and Minnesota.

Kaiser Health News: Branding Health Insurance Exchanges To Make The Sale
As states work to comply with the federal health care law, many are designing their insurance exchanges, where people will be able to shop for coverage. But just the word 'exchange' sounds to many like off-putting government-speak, and some states are eager to come up with a more appealing name for these new marketplaces. Peter Lee, who directs California's Health Benefit Exchange, says it's up for a new name, and he says they want it to sound fresh, dynamic and innovative (Bartolone, 9/25).

California Healthline: Oversight Hearing Examines CBAS Concerns
A member of the Assembly Committee for Aging and Long-Term Care asked that the state Legislative Counsel look into variation in eligibility approvals for the state's new adult day care program. That was one of many concerns raised during an Assembly oversight hearing yesterday examining the state's pending Oct. 1 implementation of much of its Community Based Adult Services program. Toby Douglas, director of the Department of Health Care Services, which is overseeing implementation of the CBAS program, answered a number of questions from legislators about the state's new program designed as part of a settlement of a lawsuit challenging the state's plans following elimination of the Adult Day Health Care program (Gorn, 9/25).

California Healthline: Developmental Center Bills On Governor's Desk
Two bills calling for changes in the way the state runs its developmental centers are waiting for the governor's signature. Both bills expedite a developmental center's report of any incident of resident harm or death and more clearly define the internal protection agency's responsibilities. The bills, by state Senators Mark Leno (D–San Francisco) and Carol Liu (D–Los Angeles) went to the governor's desk days after the release of a critical inspection report on the Sonoma Developmental Center. The report, made by the Department of Public Health, cited incidences of abuse, neglect, and lapses in care, according to Leslie Morrison of Disability Rights California (Nick-Kearney, 9/26).

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