Low-cost concierge care, social media among changes in practice of medicine

Published on December 12, 2012 at 3:24 AM · No Comments

News outlets examine trends such as doctors' use of social media to explore medical information and the growth of relatively low-cost concierge medicine, where patients may pay $50 a month for unlimited doctors' visits and calls.

Medscape: Oncologist, Primary Care Physicians Don't Tweet
One in 4 physicians uses social media either daily or multiple times a day to scan or explore medical information, and 14 percent contribute daily, according to a survey of 186 oncologists and 299 primary care physicians. However, the surveyed physicians selectively use social media. For example, only 33 of the 485 total respondents (6.8 percent) use Twitter, which was dwarfed by the 252 (52 percent) who use online physician-only communities such as Sermo, Ozmosis, medical society membership sites, and Medscape Connect (Mulcahy, 12/10).

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