Stakeholder associations offer limited support for 'Enroll America' efforts

Published on March 15, 2013 at 8:59 AM · No Comments

CQ HealthBeat reports that insurers, hospitals and trade groups are offering only "limited interest" in the campaign to educate Americans about the health law's coverage expansion. Meanwhile, other supporters are backing the grassroots effort to keep the Obama administration's agenda -- including the Medicaid expansion -- on track.

CQ HealthBeat: Associations Barely Opening Their Wallets For Enroll America Campaign
Judging by their trade groups, insurers and hospitals are showing limited interest in funding a nongovernmental enrollment campaign that could be critical to the success of coverage expansion under the health care law next year. But officials spearheading the Enroll America campaign were upbeat Wednesday about the money they will have to wage a strong education and enrollment effort this summer (Reichard, 3/14).

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