Fact checker skewers attack ads 'based' on CBO report on health law

Published on February 9, 2014 at 12:31 PM · No Comments

The first ads are already out based on the Congressional Budget Office report on the health law's impact on the labor market, and the Washington Post's Fact Checker finds plenty of distortions. Meanwhile, the White House seeks to persuade Americans that it's a good thing if the health care law means they can work less.

The Washington Post's The Fact Checker: The First Attacks Based On The CBO Report On Obamacare And Workers
The Congressional Budget Office report on the impact of the Affordable Care Act was released on Tuesday, and already we have the first attack ads. The Fact Checker devoted one column to explaining what the CBO's report actually meant. But we have long learned that all the fact checks in the world won't stop politicians if they think an attack line moves voters. So how do these early attacks fare? ... But in the meantime, "costs jobs" attacks are going to keep earning Three Pinocchios (Kessler, 2/7).

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