Types of Fibrosis

Type Most common location(s) Circumscription Cellularity Vascularity and nature of vessels Appearance of collagen Elastic fibers
Nuchal fibroma Nuchal region No Very low Very low Bundles of fibers Scant
Collagenous fibroma Shoulder girdle, extremities Yes, by macroscopic appearance, but microscopically infiltrative Increased but generally low Low Scant or absent Amorphous
Fibroma of tendon sheath Distal extremities, especially the hand Yes Low to high Moderate to high, with some slitlike vessels Amorphous Absent
Scar Variable Variable Low to high Variable Amorphous Scant to absent
Elastofibroma Subscapular chest wall No Low to moderate Low Amorphous Abundant and abnormal
Desmoid-type fibromatosis Abdominal wall, shoulder girdle Yes, by macroscopic appearance, but microscopically infiltrative Moderate Moderate, mildly dilated Amorphous Absent
Keloid Upper part of back, deltoid, presternal, ear lobes No Some fibroblasts Low Amorphous thick eosinophilic bundles Scant or Absent

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Last Updated: Feb 1, 2011

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