Atkins announces new low-carbohydrate frozen pizzas

Published on May 26, 2004 at 6:21 AM · No Comments

Atkins Nutritionals announced today the introduction of a new line of controlled-carbohydrate frozen pizzas. Atkins Quick Quisine(TM) Pizza is available in three varieties and will be distributed nationwide by Sara Lee Foods. "As Americans change the way they think about nutrition, it is critical that low-carbohydrate food products deliver what they promise," said Matt Wiant, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. "These products must not only taste good but they must also be designed to support scientifically proven nutritional approaches such as Atkins. A simple claim of low-carb on the label doesn't make a food product good for the consumer. It was for this very reason that our food scientists and the team at Sara Lee Foods worked for months to ensure that the new pizza line was absolutely compatible with the Atkins Nutritional Approach."

According to, pizza has been the most popular dish in America for the past 50 years and may be the one truly global food, with variations served in more countries worldwide than any other type of food. With the demand for new low-carb foods at an all-time high, pizza was an inevitable choice. "Atkins is committed to educating consumers about the health benefits of controlled-carbohydrate nutrition," said Wiant. "But we also want consumers to have the tools they need to make their lifestyle enjoyable and packaged foods are part of that. Since pizza is such a popular part of the traditional American diet, we were excited about producing a low-carb alternative." "Though we encourage consumers to eat whole foods," said Colette Heimowitz, vice president of education and research for Atkins, "we realize that consumers need a broad range of food options in order to stick with their long-term weight management and health goals. So, even if they don't have time to cook a healthy, low-carb meal and have to prepare a packaged product, they can trust that product will fit into their lifestyle if it carries the Atkins A."

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