Animal research and it's benefits to both humans and animals

Published on November 18, 2004 at 8:44 PM · No Comments

The CVMA supports the use of animal research when conducted in a responsible, humane manner for medical and scientific research where there are no non-animal alternatives. Federal law requires that animal testing be conducted before most clinical trials involving people are allowed.

Research animals are protected by a host of state, federal, and international laws. It is estimated that less than half-a-percent of research animals are dogs, cats, and primates. According to AMP, more than 95 percent of research animals are rats and mice bred for research studies.

In California, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science promotes the safe and humane treatment of research animals in hospitals, universities, and research centers statewide. Its Northern California chapter has more than 800 members, including veterinarians, researchers, and educators.

"Looking back at what has been accomplished makes us even more hopeful that animal research will continue to yield life-saving treatments for ourselves and our pets," said Dr. Klingborg.

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