How Elvis would have looked at 70

Published on January 10, 2005 at 5:24 AM · No Comments

On the eve of what would have been the 70th birthday of Elvis Presley, scientists have created a computer-generated image of how the King would have looked today if he were still alive.

As the legend lives on with the re- release of Jailhouse Rock to co- incide with the anniversary, the psychologists and computer scientists at the University of St Andrews have created an image of what might have been.

The image, created using the latest in computer technology, shows the King as a 70 year old with his trademark raven mane intact. The singer died aged 42 twenty-seven years ago. Had he lived, he would have been 70 tomorrow (Saturday 8th January 2005).

Dr Bernard Tiddeman and Professor David Perrett use ‘ageing’ software to reproduce the natural effects of aging, taking into account changes in skin texture, hairline and hair colour.

The process of ageing was mimicked by changing the texture and shape of the original image to simulate the changes in the skin that would occur between the ages of 40 and 70.

The team have previously created aged images of Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, who both suddenly died at a young age. Last year, they created an image of how John Lennon might have looked had he lived to be 64.

Though a previous aged image of Elvis illustrated a grey haired King, there was no attempt made this time to change the hair colour.

Professor Perrett commented: “In the newly generated image there was no attempt to change the appearance of the hair. Indeed Elvis in common with many celebrities may have chosen to use artificial hair and hair colour. While plastic surgery is often used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the underlying skin texture and blotchy appearance may still give away the age of a person's face.”

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