Computer-based tools can help improve relationship between patients, healthcare workers

Published on March 17, 2011 at 5:10 AM · 1 Comment

A vast computer based glossary of healthcare terms culled from so-called e-health tools, medical news sites, telemedicine applications, home care-management systems, internet-based public health records, and even health-oriented and medical blogs could help improve the relationship between patients and healthcare workers, according to research published in the International Journal of Electronic Healthcare.

Computer scientist Juha Puustjärvi of Aalto University in Finland and pharmacist Leena Puustjärvi of The Pharmacy of Kaivopuisto in Helsinki explain how there is a growing desire to build on the patient's strengths, values and experiences in healthcare requires that the patient can obtain and understand available health information and make informed decisions about treatment in conjunction with healthcare workers. But, there is a problem. Although e-health applications provide patients and consumers with access to health information, each application is essentially a standalone system with its own internal systems for handling information.

In ongoing healthcare reforms that are taking place in many nations, there is an increasing need to control the cost of medical care as well as to promote patient-centred healthcare, the team says. "Patient-centred healthcare is an emerging e-health model that contributes to preventive medical care," they explain. "It optimises the healthcare system to focus on patient experience and outcomes for better health and well-being." Key to success of such as system is that healthcare workers, patients and their families have the ability to obtain and understand health information and services, and make appropriate decisions.

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  1. David Mendes David Mendes Portugal says:

    Nice post. As usual Finland positions itself has leader of the pack in what regards to applied innovation in both IT and Health Care.
    While most of the countries are still struggling with EHR implementations, Finland has put up a system that semantically is helping the patients to address their health condition.

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