Conference to explore new discoveries about origins, diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus

Published on August 11, 2011 at 4:24 AM · No Comments

Topics to be covered at the conference include evaluating effective strategies for assessing tinnitus; various treatments such as cochlear implants, electric acoustic stimulation and sound therapy; how light affects tinnitus, as well as scientific advances on the physiological, neurochemical and biological mechanisms that cause tinnitus.

Edward Lobarinas, PhD, assistant research professor of communicative disorders and sciences, will present work he and colleagues at UB have done showing that two potassium ion channel modulators, called Maxipost and R-Maxipost, completely eliminated behavioral evidence of tinnitus in animals with drug-induced tinnitus. Further research is needed to determine if these compounds suppress other forms of tinnitus.

UB researchers also will present work on how hearing loss early in life affects sound tolerance, how the amygdala in the brain may influence the generation of tinnitus and how the auditory cortex in the brain of animal models is affected by the disorder.

Source: University at Buffalo

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