RaySearch releases version 2.5 of RayStation treatment planning system

Published on January 12, 2012 at 5:35 AM · No Comments

RaySearch Laboratories AB (STO:RAYB) announces that version 2.5 of RaySearch's RayStation® treatment planning system has been released for clinical use in Europe and USA and is pending regulatory approval in Canada. The new version includes a wide range of new features and improvements.

RayStation® 2.5 includes all of RaySearch's market-leading optimization algorithms for VMAT, IMRT and 3D-CRT alongside a comprehensive set of tools for traditional 3D-CRT planning. This means that the system can be used clinically for treatment planning of all various treatment modalities of photon therapy. RayStation® 2.5 also has full support for combining all of these techniques in the same treatment. In addition, the new version includes improvements of RaySearch's unique multi-criteria optimization (MCO) solution for IMRT. This highly intuitive tool lets the clinician evaluate the impact of changing different treatment priorities in real-time, which has a large potential to speed up the time-consuming treatment planning optimization process. The MCO solution has been developed in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA.

From the start, RayStation® was designed to handle 4D adaptive radiation therapy and the new release includes groundbreaking features in this field. Using advanced deformable registration algorithms, RayStation® 2.5 allows the users to perform dose tracking. This offers the possibility to perform accurate dose accumulation of any delivered or planned dose to any patient geometry using any combination of CT, MR, PET and 4D-CT data sets. RayStation® is the first treatment planning system that lets the clinicians monitor the impact of a changing patient geometry as the treatment progresses, and seamlessly adjust the treatment in the same system. The dose tracking functionality has been developed in collaboration with Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada and is available for installation in Europe but is pending regulatory clearance in USA and Canada.

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