Contraception, Medicare, Medicaid hot-button topics in stump speeches

Published on April 16, 2012 at 7:51 AM · No Comments

Political news coverage included a fact check of a Mitt Romney claim and more on the stay-at-home mom controversy. 

CNN: Romney Courts Gun Owners And Pivots To General Election
Repeatedly invoking the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, Romney framed the 2012 election as a choice between his vision of limited government and the president's heavy-handed approach toward taxes and regulation. He also accused Obama of impinging on religious liberty by requiring faith-based employers to provide contraception in their insurance plans (Hamby, 4/13).

The Associated Press/MSNBC: FACT CHECK: Romney On Taxes, Education And More
[I]s President Barack Obama pushing Roman Catholics to "violate the tenets of their faith" with his expansion of mandatory contraception coverage?  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was on shaky ground Friday with his accusation about birth control, because Obama backed down from from forcing religious-affiliated employers to offer contraception coverage in a compromise devised to placate the church. ... Recently, the administration offered options to help insurers offset the costs of the coverage, perhaps by giving them credits against fees they have to pay under another part of the health care law (Woodward, 4/14).

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