Viewpoints: Obama's 'ideological gymnastics;' Health law's promise of mental health parity; Perry's 'platitudes' on care in Texas

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Sacramento Bee: Health Reform Will Benefit Millions Of Californians
What does the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act mean for millions of Californians? If you're a 40-year-old single working mother with three kids – it means a lot. With a family income of $64,000, she's not poor but would be challenged to pay the $14,200 annual premium it would cost her for a family health plan (Peter V. Lee, 7/10).

The Wall Street Journal: An Organ 'Donor' Revolution
With all eyes fixed on the Supreme Court's recent health-care decision, a life-saving development swooped in under the radar: It is now legal to compensate bone-marrow donors. This represents a triumph for the 2,000-3,000 people with cancer and blood diseases who die each year while awaiting a marrow transplant (Sally Satel, 7/9).

Miami Herald/McClatchy Newspapers: Florida Loses Another Ridiculous Legal Battle
A Miami federal judge has struck down the new law prohibiting Florida doctors from discussing gun ownership with their patients. The ruling extends the legal losing streak of Gov. Rick Scott and right-wing lawmakers, who have set a pathetic record for unconstitutional bills. Written by the National Rifle Association, the so-called Firearm Owners' Privacy Act would have prevented concerned physicians from asking patients about guns kept in their houses. It's a reasonable query in domestic situations in which children might be at risk (Carl Hiaasen, 7/9).

Politico: Congress Must Stop Automatic Spending Cuts
Congress has now begun to focus on the automatic reductions in spending -; or sequester -; due to take effect in January because the legislators did not achieve the deficit-reduction goal they set for themselves in the 2011 bipartisan Budget Control Act. This is good news ... the sequester would cut overall domestic spending by about 8 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office. ... Even an 8 percent cut, though, would cause severe harm to many of the investments most critical for our country's long-term economic growth. Close to 700,000 young children and mothers would lose nutrition assistance they need to remain healthy. … The National Institutes of Health would issue about 700 fewer grants to medical researchers and up to 1,500 grants would be cut from the National Science Foundation (OMB Acting Director Jeffrey Zients, 7/10).

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