Viewpoints: Romney's 'repeal and replace' pledge; 'Socialized medicine' in the U.S.; Pros and cons of expanding Medicaid

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Arizona Republic: Health-Care Lessons From Colorado?
According to published reports, three of the five hospitals treating those wounded in the Colorado theater shooting have pledged to reduce or eliminate the victims' medical bills. Not only that, but millions have been donated to defray the costs. ... It's a little different for people who have the bad luck simply to get sick (E.J. Montini, 8/3).

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Health Exchange Questions Linger
For all of the daunting information technology challenges this project involves, creating buy-in from the consumers and businesses who will purchase coverage through the exchange beginning in 2014 is the most important task of all. ... While department officials deserve credit for setting up advisory groups and holding meetings around the state, important details have yet to be finalized or communicated clearly. It's understandable that with scant months before the November deadline, the chamber and other stakeholders are growing anxious (8/2).

Bloomberg: When A Mammogram Is Riskier Than Cancer
What we know is that screening helps women older than 40, with greater benefit for those over 50. Yet women of all ages should be made aware of mammography's risks. Doctors who favor screening should not be afraid to discuss its limitations openly and honestly. Patients expect it and will thank us for it (Handel Reynolds, 8/2).

The New York Times: Was This Death Really Unavoidable?
An article in The Times on Sunday recounted in jarring detail the tragic death of a young woman, an aspiring novelist named Sabrina Seelig, at a hospital in Brooklyn five years ago. Ms. Seelig's family is convinced she was a victim of medical lapses and errors, and troubling details emerged during a malpractice trial this spring. Nevertheless, the trial jury decided that neither the hospital nor an emergency room doctor or nurse had been negligent (8/2).

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