Soluble Therapeutics to introduce high-throughput second viral coefficient determination system

Published on October 9, 2012 at 7:07 AM · No Comments

Birmingham-based Soluble Therapeutics, Inc, today announced the official launch of its high-throughput second viral coefficient determination system, HSC™ Technology, at the IBC BioProcess International Conference in Providence, RI October 8-12.

HSCTM Technology  was developed by Dr. Bill Wilson, former Chairman, Chemistry Department at Mississippi State University, and former NASA astronaut, Dr. Larry DeLucas, Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Doctors Wilson and DeLucas have collaborated for the last two decades on the development of the HSC™ Technology.

"Conventional methods used to identify formulations promoting solubility and stability of proteins often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Dr. Joseph N. Garner, CEO, Soluble Therapeutics. Inc. "HSC™ Technology accelerates the formulation process, achieving in a month what can take a team of scientists a year or longer to achieve. Since significantly less protein is required for optimization, HSC™ is an incredibly efficient way to get past the formulation bottleneck."

Companies developing biotherapeutics face the challenge of keeping therapeutic proteins soluble and stable at high concentrations. The HSC™ system helps researchers and manufacturers overcome this challenge by reducing time and costs, while accelerating the progression of candidates through the development pipeline.                               

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